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Pale en una oración (en ingles)

I grew pale.
A pale light.
He looks pale.
her pale eyes.
He turned pale.
I look so pale.
She looked pale.

Abbo, the pale.
Her pale face,.
He was very pale.
They turned pale.
McManus was pale.
She too was pale.
His face was pale.
a long pale tongue.
He was pale when.
Katy had gone pale.
She was very pale.
"Am I very pale?".
His face grew pale.
She was still pale.
His face went pale.
Pale, but peaceful.
'Bêlit!' yelled Tito, paling.
The stars were paling in the east.
Multars eyes went wide, his face visibly paling.
"Hmm?" said Twoflower, still looking at the paling stars.
And again as I walk'd the beach under the paling stars of the morning.
The noise followed Conan as he rode westward beneath the paling stars.
Tess felt her cheek paling; Izz was right; of course there must be three.
"Well, it's this way, Your Lordship—" began Casey, and stopped, paling.
Will eyed the door, the tents, the dark, the sky with new light paling it.
It was a considerable paling but nevertheless it wasn't a fierce reaction.
Do you think— she began, paling as she thought of the mills and store.
‘Well, it’s this way, your Lordship—’ began Casey, and stopped, paling.
� Nancy�s chuckle stopped when she started stepping out of her bed, her face paling.
He stood across from Sophie, whose face was already paling with the hint of exhaustion.
I could never help it, even when you were married to Phil,’ Len said, his face paling.
Knowlan watched the man’s hands knot upon his breeches, thick knuckles paling at the agony.
They stood alone at the foot of the great wall, the paling stars overhead and the naked desert about them.
Nicolas saw the look of horror on her face and looked up with her, his face paling beneath bright red scratches.
He soaked in the shock that swept across their faces and his grin grew in sync with the paling of both of them.
As the circumstances of my fall came back into my confused brain, I looked up in terror, expecting to see that dreadful head silhouetted against the paling sky.
There was no reply from the tourist, and when the wizard craned around he was horrified to see Twoflower looking up at the paling stars with an odd smile on his face.
A slight tremble passed through her body, moving the feathers on her hat, and a sudden paling of her face indicated her surprise at the revelation and its implications for her reluctance to answer the questions.
Amanda and Irma had no trouble squirming under the broken paling of a fence and creeping through bushes to the roadside a few hundred metres away, but Violet was neither so flexible nor slim, and became wedged between two stout wooden planks.
37 And he said to the multitudes When you see the clouds appear from the west straightway you say that there comes rain; and so it comes to pass; And when the south wind blows you say that there will be heat; and it comes to pass; And when the evening is come you say It will be fair weather for the heaven has become red; And in the morning you say Today there will be severe weather from the redness Of the heaven is paling; you hypocrites you know to examine the face of the P.
Then quite a group of boys and girls—playmates of Tom's and Joe's—came by, and stood looking over the paling fence and talking in reverent tones of how Tom did so-and-so the last time they saw him, and how Joe said this and that small trifle (pregnant with awful prophecy, as they could easily see now!)—and each speaker pointed out the exact spot where the lost lads stood at the time, and then added something like "and I was a-standing just so—just as I am now, and as if you was him—I was as close as that—and he smiled, just this way—and then something seemed to go all over me, like—awful, you know—and I never thought what it meant, of course, but I can see now!".
She paled a.
The man paled.
His face paled.
His suntan paled.
The room paled.
His face paled.
’ Her face paled.
She had paled and.
Manny Leiber paled.
before this ray paled.
The man visibly paled.
He paled visibly and.
His face paled and smiled.
later, her face paled out.
hundred torches paled them.
Max paled and said nothing.
Wang Susu paled immediately.
She paled and almost fainted.
Bateman paled at that sight.
Len paled and shook his head.
As it was, she simply paled.
But his face was very paled.
Neva and Colette paled with.
Jimmie’s face paled slightly.
It paled the lanterns a little.
She paled behind her foundation.
Kathy paled, and gasped in horror.
His face paled to a sickly grey.
Her face pales.
Her face pales as she clings to the seat.
Phoebus rising pales the sky around her,.
‘And still it pales in comparison to you.
But even that pales in comparison with Italy.
Prudence’s face pales as if lit by too much sun.
Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason,.
Even if she were still around, she pales in comparison to you.
Don Juan, the hero of the play, while he pales somewhat before.
The understanding of the physical universe pales in comparison.
thirty- eight years of my life but that pales in comparison to getting.
don't actually end up using; however, the time wasted doing this pales into.
Each of these options pales in comparison with mounting one covered with ice.
draw meaning from its memory, even if the memory is vague and pales with each.
That’s a big number, yet it pales in comparison to the more than $8 trillion U.
Plastic pales and wooden broom handles scraped along the floor, then tomb silence.
given to them utterly pales into insignificance when it compared to an eternal life of.
them utterly pales into insignificance when it compared to an eternal life of torment in.
Smack dab after, and I have to say, Trent so pales in comparison in the kissing department.
5 trillion—a substantial sum, but it pales in comparison with those of paper-based assets.
My disaster, which resulted in some compensation to me, pales in comparison to his efforts.
After having lived through the losses I have suffered, losing a boyfriend pales in comparison.
It pales compared to the WILL HE ? This is because people value the results more than the way.
Even your own highest concept of love on the human level pales in comparison to the Divine love.
search engine and everything else to drive traffic to their site, that pales in comparison to the.
Colin pales, helplessly looking over at Andy who’s still waiting at the other side of the portico.
What to do with him now? His head lolls, his mouth opens, his eyelids loosen, his eyes stare, his skin pales.
Aesop’s tale of the dog in the manger pales in comparison to the selfish self-destructiveness of the Romans.

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