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Welfare en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Our concern for the welfare.
  2. Cat Welfare Society of Israel.
  3. Not only will the welfare.
  4. And a single mother on welfare.
  5. Promote the general welfare and.
  6. Welfare of the people comes first.
  7. Greece and its Animal Welfare Act.
  8. We’re concerned for your welfare.
  9. I think nearly all the welfare.
  10. And the welfare of men lies in life.
  11. I have nothing but your welfare in.
  12. Animal welfare activists have tried.
  13. The rich see it as a welfare economy.
  14. We must leave now! The welfare of.
  15. Nations have evolved into welfare war-.
  16. You will look to her welfare, of course.
  17. Dangerous to your own honor and welfare.
  18. Originally founded as the Junior Welfare.
  19. Comment on the Italian Animal Welfare Act.
  20. History has shown that a welfare state is.
  21. My only concern was for the welfare of my.
  22. If they don’t get jobs, they get welfare.
  23. I will repeat, Hanor’s welfare is still.
  24. He didn‘t have his hand out for a welfare.
  25. The aim of his life is his personal welfare.
  26. He must sacrifice himself for their welfare.
  27. But the point concerns men and their welfare.
  28. They advised her to enrol in a social welfare.
  29. Welfare of the General's Renaissance of Hatred.
  30. Wolfi was concerned for the welfare of the women.
  31. As a result, the general welfare has flourished.
  32. She has to have a link with you for their welfare.
  33. Animal welfare campaigners fear that if the blood.
  34. But after attainment they act with the welfare of.
  35. The animal welfare act has the following drawbacks:.
  36. Still, our guest was concerned for Jimmy’s welfare.
  37. But my main concern now, is for Rose and her welfare.
  38. Now America is trying to outlaw all forms of welfare.
  39. Gilla snorts at him for putting that before my welfare.
  40. Fine, I’ll clean up after that welfare cunt!.
  41. Ants care for the increase and welfare of their slaves.
  42. Their welfare pleased him, and their cares distressed;.
  43. In addition, this Organization Does Animal Welfare Work.
  44. She felt responsible for her niece's welfare and future.
  45. This may be because the country‘s animal welfare laws.
  46. They have quite as much at stake in the Church's welfare.
  47. She came because of concerns for Kyrin’s welfare though.
  48. Her welfare, whatever it involved, was his mission in life.
  49. When they did, they went on welfare, under a different name.
  50. Florida finally tried drug testing those on welfare in 2012.
  51. Her first priority was the welfare of the people of Kendra.
  52. There was a time when the Church was the welfare for people.
  53. He was concerned about her welfare but said he couldn’t.
  54. Child welfare, such as taking your children to the doctors.
  55. Altruism is the unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
  56. That would be consistent with promoting the general welfare.
  57. We were concerned for your welfare during the struggle above.
  58. Now, there are many out there who are legitimate welfare.
  59. It will take care of you, of your needs, and of your welfare.
  60. My welfare and that of the passengers around me is vouchsafed.
  61. My acceptance of the responsibility for this girl’s welfare.
  62. The welfare state is not really about the welfare of the masses.
  63. So it’s no surprise that welfare workers would try to force.
  64. She had put her own happiness before the welfare of the company.
  65. That and welfare were off limits to the police, but Big Jim had.
  66. We join hands only for the public welfare and the general safety.
  67. It is allowable only when it promotes the welfare of the governed.
  68. Ancey tried to insist, that priests threaten the welfare of women.
  69. Mother had tried to drag me into the welfare office but I refused.
  70. Uh-hum, what about animal welfare protections for Rocky? asked.
  71. Most on welfare are white, mostly recently divorced single mothers.
  72. I am his father; I care for his welfare, and it is my duty to care.
  73. What’s wrong, Raven? He seemed to be concerned over my welfare.
  74. I greeted Frik with a friendly smile, and inquired about his welfare.
  75. We should have ability to filter these advices for personal welfare.
  76. Every black community going back to 1784 had welfare based on morals.
  77. I would’ve struggled on somehow living off welfare and food stamps.
  78. Oxholm and Drumtone were concerned for the welfare of the Maegar Clan.
  79. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom.
  80. Report on the Administration of the Fire Services Welfare Fund for the.
  81. She went to the social welfare office in the town accompanied by Sarah.
  82. A ceaseless working together of its members for the welfare of the sex.
  83. I will come as promised, and I'll call it a welfare check, he said.
  84. It is better for his personal welfare for him to submit, and he submits.
  85. The welfare of the captives became a low priority as the war progressed.
  86. It felt more like a place where a social welfare case might hang out.
  87. Put the welfare of your family first_, and stop fretting about yourself.
  88. The Cat's Protection and Welfare Society: Known as Cat-PAWS and based in.
  89. It only bolsters her concern for the welfare of her region, added Bjorn.
  90. The government must co-operate more with rescue centres and animal welfare.
  91. Alcuin, servant of the servants of God, wishes you eternal welfare in Christ.
  92. From the site: As a leader in parrot conservation and welfare, the World.
  93. And one more thing: companies shouldn’t expect any more corporate welfare.
  94. The one thing welfare does not do is stop or discourage people from working.
  95. Paphiakos & CCP Animal Welfare: Based in Paphos, this charity offers a wide.
  96. Are all liberals stupid or just the ones in charge of our welfare systems?
  97. European Parliament‘s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals.
  98. So it is simple greed, denial, and cruelty that keeps a welfare nation going.
  99. The father is supremely interested in the progressive welfare of his progeny.
  100. Many foreign animal welfare organizations are attacked and the work of these.

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