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    win over

    1. To hear a tocsin being sounded in your dream indicates that you will win over an argument

    2. If only you’d tried a little harder to win over the affections of the Golden Arrows in your time, you wouldn’t have been locked up

    3. ” Amaranthe tapped a spoon and tried to think of a tactic to win over this man

    4. You could always win over the teachers with that tongue, but not me

    5. If he could get one of Hollowcrest’s generals on his side, maybe he could win over other men from that list

    6. Notably, they used some memorable lies to win over doubters, fabricating claims that babies ripped out of hospital incubators and left to die

    7. Bush procured that sensational win over an Europeanized Kerry in spite of an undeniable and, in my view, shameful machination of the United Nations, which is in disrepute because of scandals such as the oil for food program, and the media that has become, from beginning to end, the “misinformation column” for the Democrat candidate’s campaign

    8. He turned sharply to the right to win over conservatives

    9. in his attempt to win over Junya, Junya felt himself in the same situation

    10. The Light will always win over the Dark

    11. It was said or implied, most notably by the playwright Aeschylus in his play The Persians, that freedom would win over despotism

    12. Yet females also use sex as a bartering tool to win over the allegiance of multiple males

    13. As for opponents who are not average? You two could win over any three of the highly exceptional dragons working in the crater right now, and might survive against five, but that circle of nine would still obliterate you in a moment

    14. the SELF, and of its ability to win over and dominate our negative side that

    15. Who cared as long as it’s magic would help win over the men due to be coming under his command

    16. trust that it is possible for love to win over hatred, rather than vice versa

    17. can help us effectively win over the unconscious hatred that human existence

    18. Annuity – collecting one’s win over several years instead of asking for a lump

    19. Besides, couldn’t the worst of fears be readily addressed to win over the recalcitrant? Committed as he was to Gautam’s cause and sensing his son’s apathy, the minister would advise Gautam to assuage his brat to ease his way

    20. competition is to win over the customers

    21. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to eat healthily, just imagine that by eating this food you will become incredibly healthy, and more desirable in the eyes of the one you want to win over

    22. Home-cooked meals always win over eating out

    23. He knew he now had to win over his

    24. Darwin over the line had come at the end of a long watch

    25. Wireless networks will always win over wired ones, in the end, simply because it

    26. You may be able to gain momentary control over your feelings, but they will eventually win over you because they are you

    27. I am not saying that the United States attacked Pearl Harbor but rather that the Japanese were provoked into attacking in order to win over the people of the United States for entry into World War II

    28. It would be quite a complex scheme or conspiracy just to win over the affections of Lady Jane, if those were his true intentions

    29. There is the fear the off’s will win over the on’s

    30. “I’ll certainly work to win over the

    31. We must win over those populations if we are to obliterate the communist threat to Southeast Asia

    32. It was if the power that be had change their tactics and were trying to win over Charles’s favour; but Charles was not having any of it, as they had already pissed him off

    33. Charles had managed to win over everyone’s attention and they listened with great interest, while taking notes

    34. Paul lived in constant fear, but he hoped that with one of his inventions, he could someday win over his father‘s love and respect

    35. Vaidehi(grinning): you think you can win over us (she uses her hypnotizing powers): now hand over that book to us immediately

    36. In fact, it was the purity of her heart which has made her envious of her as she knew she could win over anyone with her pure heart

    37. Apollo expected to win over Athena, driving her to the ground with brute force, and perhaps would have, had he not been attacked from

    38. have? Speaking of peace and love may win over the ignorant, but

    39. “Their God is trying to win over the world’s population by grandstanding

    40. exaggerated claims to win over customers and prospects

    41. Only in this way of smooth withdrawal will you be able to win over your negative thought

    42. “You know my firm became a force to reckon with and that took me back to square one to win over Ruma’s mind to retain her love

    43. He sought to win over the compliance of the Musalmans by deriding the Jews and the Christians, the way a father harps on his hurt on account of his elder siblings to gain his youngest progeny’s sympathy

    44. Never mind, it had always been the electoral calculus of the Congress party that given the caste divisions in the Hindu majority, politically it pays to cater to the Muslim religious proclivities to win over their votes en block

    45. They seek to win over both with persistence of a kamikaze

    46. Of the enormous ability that a woman has to transform a man into either a beast or, to the contrary, into a hero that can win over maternal power?

    47. In my dialog with the SELF I can learn how to win over cancerous substances and how to allow more space for vital processes that increase my being, that help me reach a fullness of existence, and that are gifts not just for me but for the whole Universe

    48. The hero in the film “Star Wars” is constantly invited to use the force and not hatred, if he wants to win over evil and over those who express it

    49. , but finally you have to ACT and win over your fears

    50. renting lists to win over prospects and grow a customer base can work

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