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    1. To be honest, you don’t see cops much walking the beat around Juneau

    2. He remembers when they used to race and Fumai always beat him

    3. “I can hear what you’d call the heart beat of the electricity

    4. Venna was beat from a party the week before and missed breakfast altogether, then went up to shower

    5. Great lanes were cleared thru it and ships beat their way along them

    6. He'd always wanted to be a monster since he was little, but Peter had gotten his head beat with the reality stick one too many times (that's what Ma called her favorite cane) and he knew a panhandler was all he'd ever grow up to be

    7. A beat passes as they walk

    8. He’d beat himself up for not singing enough sometimes, especially when he got strep throat

    9. A beat as they look at one another

    10. A beat passes while John soaks in this revelation

    11. He looks at John a beat to let that sink in

    12. “Do you believe that?” he asked, feeling his heart beat a thousand times

    13. A beat, then he breaks out into laughter

    14. A beat as they admire the sky

    15. This isn't my beat, it's my estate

    16. "We'll find a way to beat this stupid criminal trash

    17. We'll beat them

    18. No, as Angels they could give themselves the ability to breath underwater so they dropped down into a brightly lit grotto in the reef blow them that was sending up the rhythm of quite a party beat

    19. I see a courageous woman who has been through some extremely trying times and not let them beat her down … I see a woman who, despite her having achieved the age of fifty-three, is still attractive and, more importantly, interesting to be with

    20. He was a martial artist, a champion, no-one could beat him

    21. void, combining it with the driving base line of fundamental creation that beat at His

    22. ‘You stay there, Stephen, you look dead beat

    23. He and his wife became parents a few months ago and he frequently turns up to rehearsals looking dead beat after a lousy night with the baby

    24. He knew they would have to completely sterilize the planet to beat them

    25. When he did he was beat, this wasn't the way he kept his personification

    26. She had the patience to stop and explain a word now and then, but Klowee would often beat her to the answer, and in a way a three year old was likely to understand

    27. He was really beat as dark approached

    28. They were interestingly high on the beat aspect of their music

    29. she waited out the beat of that well remembered, drum tight fist,

    30. in time to the beat of Barry Ryan’s

    31. Jesus will not return and somehow beat into submission all that do not follow Him

    32. Small black eyes lift, twitching, nervy, as a beat box

    33. and they shall beat their swords into plowshares,

    34. not as long as a heart beat within me

    35. The first couples in the tent found it too damp for sleep, so Alan was beat when it was his first turn to stand watch

    36. Sitting in the hip-hop shadows of the bass beat,

    37. Meanwhile Alan beat the rest of it to paste with the root end of the club

    38. ‘Anyway, I could always beat you

    39. ‘Berndt, take your wife and beat some sense into her

    40. "Alan's still nervous about his old religious thing, but yeah, I could go for it if Yarin's willing and he's not too beat when he's done with those tenks

    41. My heart misses a beat - has something happened to Alastair? Reality prosaically reminds me that even if there had been an accident, Karen would not be calling me

    42. The sun beat down on my stinging forehead and from somewhere nearby I thought I saw Alexis wave but then he swam from view

    43. ” They answered with loud shouts as they beat their spears against their shields

    44. Lucy had never bought into the concept that art or music could change lives or move mountains, but with every hook and drum beat, with every lilting nuance of the boy’s soft voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively that she had to download the song immediately

    45. Ken and Lucy rocked back and forth in time to the gentle, spiritual beat, mouthing silent words as the boy’s perfect voice soared in over the bass lines, the guitars and the unearthly breath of synthesised melody

    46. With every drum beat, with every up lift of note and every harmonised chord it felt as if her skin was being flayed from her bones

    47. My heart beat fast as I pinned

    48. 'We are a tough team to beat

    49. A popular beat hit thumped

    50. My heart beat in the same irregular way as it did on the

    1. " He flew into the air and could feel Kerubiel's light beating hot on his scales

    2. Ackers clutched his heart in fear, as if he could try and stop it from beating out of his chest

    3. Brentford beating Arsenal in the FA Cup, maybe? No

    4. world constricted to a space just big enough to hold the sound of his rapidly beating

    5. "Occasionally there are orders now for living organs, live beating hearts to be removed and filmed for the pleasure of the client

    6. He bends to pick up a long stick and starts beating idly at the nettles standing harmlessly along the fence line

    7. Burn said, "The fuck was he beating you for?"

    8. I awoke to the sound of the door being unlocked and, although it was agony to move now that my limbs had stiffened after the beating, I managed to kneel and cover my nakedness with the bottom of my blood-spattered tee-shirt

    9. He whistled once and one of the other guards, one of the men who took part in my methodical beating the previous evening, came and stood in the doorway, pointing his gun at me

    10. I was still dazed from the beating

    11. During the beating that I had taken that previous night, the words of Robbie’s boss stuck firmly in my head, words about Crusades and vengeance

    12. Over the first few days, as my body healed after the beating and I grew more confident, I noticed some subtle changes in the sound of the place

    13. In spite of my slow recovery from the beating, with the aches and bruises still smarting but fading, I was now eager to be up and off every morning and every evening

    14. To watch your soul-brother take a beating for some off-hand remark or imagined slight, is to have your heart cut, slice by slice, into ribbons

    15. We first joined with them again a couple of days into the New Year, and saw upon them the tell-tale marks of a similar beating

    16. Another beating might be our last

    17. At that moment Sons’ heart stopped beating and Son felt the pain of

    18. beating yourself up about the problems or what’s

    19. A little pulse started beating in her head as the adrenalin prepared her body for flight or fight

    20. How this man could have withstood the beating his skin had taken was beyond imagination

    21. had woken up with a beating heart to the harsh

    22. "How can you even think such a thing and just sit there dry eyed, telling me you've killed our son like you would tell me a remote probe went dead!" She went into a hysterical fit of tears, beating her fists against his shoulders

    23. ‘And you can just stop beating yourself up

    24. Outside the window, I can hear the sound of rain beating against the glass … it sounds horrible but accentuates the cosiness in here

    25. Sally could feel her heart beating rapidly, she moved forward to the inner cave

    26. That winter was full of beating winds and horizontal rain

    27. After another engaging but ultimately unsuccessful foray into the beating heart of Saturday night, Tom spent a quiet Sunday afternoon lazing in the summer sun in a local park

    28. they even found out ways of beating the casinos!

    29. black boots suddenly went into overdrive, slashing and beating at

    30. they compared the time of his beating to the time of

    31. The beating of her heart would comfort and calm the tiny animal, and her body heat would eventually warm it up

    32. beating of our hearts

    33. It was lead by men beating drums, and large bronze tubes that sounded like gongs

    34. I don't mean to keep beating this into your head, Well, but I want you to

    35. “Join the Guardians?” Alistair asked, just beating Tom to the

    36. about the fire beating tambourines and small

    37. setting fire to wagons and beating any who resisted

    38. A reduction in the noise of rain beating against the window caught his attention

    39. Heart beating fast, he set off again

    40. ‘What? Beating her up?’

    41. out before school and hand over their money to avoid the beating

    42. The doctor can feel Helen's heart beating against his upper arm as she presses herself into him

    43. made beating the shit out of Johnny the Killer—a guy mind you that has never

    44. room I could hear the beating begin

    45. … rain beating against the window – yuk! What a way to wake up! … this is supposed to be summer? Come on, Anna … out of bed … brrr, it’s chilly out here

    46. Safely inside she closed the door and tried to lock his dancing eyes away, but the feeling she’d received when he said he was just next door, still had her heart beating out of control

    47. His heart beating

    48. think he’s beating his secretary?”

    49. Her soft command shut Roman’s eyes, his heart beating nervously

    50. beating yourself up over it

    1. He beats you

    2. John stares at the President for a couple of beats

    3. John beats his fist on the hood of the state trooper’s car

    4. Bolt looks nervously about, beats a hasty retreat from the photo shop

    5. the host beats head and frantic limb

    6. She paused a few beats, then said, "I think we should start with where he's going

    7. and the shape of her bones, counts the beats

    8. My heart beats with the restless pulse of a long cicada night,

    9. on the path, with the sounds of bass beats

    10. Never again would she see the inside of a five-star restaurant or dance the night away to the latest drum n’ bass beats in the Department of Tunes nightclub

    11. As soon as she realised what she was doing her legs turned to jelly, her heart skipped several beats, and she could feel herself glowing all over with beads of perspiration

    12. Of course, nothing beats tradition

    13. Govind's pulse had crossed 130 beats a minute

    14. jelly, her heart skipped several beats, and she could feel herself

    15. Maggie spots Billy and waves as she beats a hasty retreat and helps with the serving

    16. Leona is burning up as her heart races up to and beyond one hundred and fifty beats per minute

    17. In between charges the nurses compress her chest, counting out the rhythm of life in beats delivered by the heels of their hands

    18. "Hm, nothing beats having a hot cup of cocoa filled with marshmallows resting by the fireplace,” Julia said

    19. Nobody beats the snot out of Nathalia

    20. approaching hoof beats and turned to see who he

    21. bird searching for its roost and the steady hoof beats of

    22. And if he beats me, the strokes won’t have much force

    23. “There’s no law governing what’s done to me? Tragus beats me daily without cause

    24. Very little beats this simple method of seeing what needs to

    25. Patrice beats helplessly against Jayson’s chest as he slams into her

    26. Count the beats until you reach ten

    27. Now, count ten beats in the thumb alone

    28. Count ten beats and

    29. then shift your attention to your middle finger and count ten beats there

    30. But when one man kills, wounds, beats, or defames another, though he to whom the injury is done suffers, he who does it receives no benefit

    31. plugged into some electronic version of life that beats the hell out of opium, so not going out a lot

    32. 'It certainly beats the city

    33. He even beats out Stephen Hawking

    34. determined pursuit of higher profits by corporate interests at the expense of increasing numbers of underemployed (American) Workers forced to compete against cheap(er) labor from burgeoning Third World populations, whose (own) increasing demands for jobs are further reducing domestic salaries, (if salary is the appropriate word), paid to workers whose wages (that‘s better!) barely places many above the poverty line (although I suppose it beats living in the streets)

    35. His greatest merit, machismo beats reason, had become the key to his critical

    36. My mouth hung open and I felt my heart race at a thousand beats a second

    37. My heart skipped a few beats at the sound of the word mommy

    38. Each float had on its back either live music or enormous speakers and trailing behind, hundreds danced to hip swaying Latin beats encouraged by young people in colorfully fringed costumes, shaking maracas to the beat

    39. “Nothing beats a ball of string or a trail of bread crumbs,” joked the doctor

    40. ) Nothing beats a good piece of ass

    41. skipped several beats and a shiver ran up my spine

    42. “Nothing beats a good sardine,” noted Dawley, as he made up a couple of plates of quick food

    43. This sure beats cruise ships, he thought sardonically

    44. Molo could only nod in mute acceptance and walk behind the Pilgrim, the sound of his feet sinking in the desert sand, keeping pace with the beats of his heart

    45. Picked up by the beats, passed

    46. Enilia's heart skipped several beats and she stretched her neck to see better

    47. Her heart skipped several beats

    48. Her heart skipped several beats as she started to realize what he had said

    49. petite sneakers to the beats coming out of the truck

    50. Still the forest was nothing but a shadow in the southeastern horizon, but still it made her heart skip several beats in pure exuberance

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    beat musical rhythm rhythm cadence measure meter metre heartbeat pulsation pulse round beatnik exhaust tucker tucker out wash up amaze baffle bewilder dumbfound flummox get gravel mystify nonplus perplex pose puzzle stick stupefy vex beat out crush shell trounce vanquish circumvent outfox outsmart outwit overreach beat up work over scramble pulsate quiver pound thump flap drum thrum tick ticktack ticktock bunk all in bushed dead throb vibration tired weary worn out fatigued blow strike stroke hit punch post walk precinct batter cudgel knock buffet conquer defeat rout win outdo surpass forge break hammer stamp palpitate vibrate flutter