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Frasi con abhorrent (in inglese)

1. All speculation is abhorrent to me.
2. The taking of life is both abhorrent.
3. He stood in disbelief aghast, amazed, and abhorrent.
4. I find the thought of instilling fear in you abhorrent.
5. The cold, empty Lutheran churches were abhorrent to her.
6. It's abhorrent what has happened to this mortal child.
7. Looked inside of MY heart and saw what was absolutely abhorrent.
8. The truth would be especially abhorrent to the brain drug junkie.
9. And although divorce is a legal measure it is still abhorrent to God.
10. To think of a creature living in it forever is abhorrent to good judgment.
11. Why try to hide her body when he already knew just how abhorrent it was?
12. He regarded me with a look of affection that made him almost abhorrent to me.
13. Josephus describes the destruction of Jerusalem as an event tragic and abhorrent.
14. Opposition to the country’s abhorrent Apartheid Policies also meant that South.
15. South Africa’s forty five odd years of abhorrent Apartheid rule were forgotten.
16. Of course, the most abhorrent and devastating of wars have all resulted from nothing.
17. The idea that the government could capture them and use them against their will was abhorrent.
18. The broken blade sank deep and Conan's arm was released as the abhorrent mouth gaped as in agony.
19. He hoped Desa thought he was shuddering because he also thought it was such an abhorrent concept.
20. Nothing beyond what anybody else with absolutely no connection to that abhorrent trade would know.
21. Abortion is an abhorrent, horrible procedure as any doctor or nurse who has ever performed can attest.
22. To do these things in the character of a traitor was abhorrent to his nature and terrible to his feelings.
23. They were shunned by their own community for their apparently abhorrent anti-Semitic act, and were now doing time.
24. He gloated over every abhorrent adjective in the description, and identified himself with every witness at the Inquest.
25. They cannot swim — in fact, water is an abhorrent medium for them — so they could not have rescued Sylvie themselves.
26. The State to which Ulysses refers is of course a monarchical State, and the idea of democracy is abhorrent to Shakespeare.
27. And at last among the lichen-grown ruins of their city only a single shape lurked, a stunted abhorrent perversion of nature.
28. He will then find his body as an abhorrent record of all his misdeeds that makes his shame and humiliation increase more and more.
29. Through his panic, Scott could smell its breath, its sweat--it was the same abhorrent smell that had been hanging over the town all afternoon.
30. She seemed awfully angry to White Fox, who was still seeking to comprehend his friend’s disturbing behavior, and his abhorrent appearance—and that smell.
31. He surmised my secret, and has presumed ever since upon the claim which he has upon me, and upon his power of provoking a scandal which would be abhorrent to me.
32. He surprised my secret, and has presumed ever since upon the claim which he has upon me and upon his power of provoking a scandal, which would be abhorrent to me.
33. His nostrils flared, and he heard the extra fear in her voice as she admitted she’d come from the town which had been cleansed for its abhorrent act of sabotage.
34. One of the most repugnant and abhorrent acts of terrorism and ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the four years of conflict occurred towards the end of the war near Srebrenica.
35. This might be some diabolical trap planned by Tarascus, but plunging headlong into a snare was less abhorrent to Conan's temperament than sitting meekly to await his doom.
36. In those abhorrent features the outlaw's dilated eyes seemed to see, like a shadow in the madness that enveloped him, a faint and terrible resemblance to the slave Thoth-amon.
37. The steps were carven each with the abhorrent figure of the Old Serpent, Set, so that at each step he planted his heel on the head of the Snake, as it was intended from old times.
38. I don’t know about your own personal opinions on the subject, Admiral, but I find the fact that the United States still practices and enforces racial segregation truly abhorrent.
39. This will no doubt be welcomed by those Nationalists in the Province, who have long aspired to such an outcome, but may, at first sight, be thought to be abhorrent to the Unionists.
40. With his sensitive disposition I could imagine, however, that scandal would be abhorrent to him, and I realized that he would not take me into his confidence until no other course was open to him.
41. One of the first rocket ships to arrive on the planet, Milt would witness the complete transformation of the untainted sphere into the abhorrent, festering museum of human discharge it would become.
42. Nor ought we to marvel if all the contrivances in nature be not, as far as we can judge, absolutely perfect; as in the case even of the human eye; or if some of them be abhorrent to our ideas of fitness.
43. These are the abhorrent base human acts resulting from the choice to manipulate intellectual and emotional experiences which manifest as intellectual, emotional and behavioural perversions against Self and others.
44. While our ways are abhorrent to you they are sweet to those we serve, who indwell us with the power to change the hearts of men to the selfish pursuits of their own minds, as it should have been from the beginning.
45. I am suffering, I am perishing — save me! The slanderer, the intriguer, notorious for the immorality of his tendencies, has entangled me in his snares and I am undone! I am lost! But he is abhorrent to me, while you!.
46. The Romans, they feared, would use an uprising, any disturbance of their dictatorial status quo, as they had many times in the past, to upbraid their truculent subjects additionally, in their sullen acquiescence to the rule of this abhorrent invader.
47. In fact, he had repeatedly been approached by women trying to seduce him, but he found that type of behaviour abhorrent which had led all his fellow officers to realise the extent of his pride and consummate chastity, and that he would never succumb to illicit acts.
48. It was evident that to his intensely aristocratic nature this discussion of his intimate family affairs with a stranger was most abhorrent, and that he feared lest every fresh question would throw a fiercer light into the discreetly shadowed corners of his ducal history.
49. These are the abhorrent base human acts resulting from the personal choice to mix the desire to manipulate human base instincts, expressed through base thoughts, feelings, behaviours and content of speech, with the higher human constructs of intellect, cognition and emotion.
50. Witness the white bear of the poles, and the white shark of the tropics; what but their smooth, flaky whiteness makes them the transcendent horrors they are? That ghastly whiteness it is which imparts such an abhorrent mildness, even more loathsome than terrific, to the dumb gloating of their aspect.
51. How could I, a normal boy from the Beirut suburbs, a boy destined for the traditional path no matter how much I might stray in youth, how could I feel this warmth for a man who could as easily kill me stone dead as look at me? Breakfast almost became a dread moment, a mixture of the sublime and the abhorrent.
52. I could also add a fourth reason, a sentimental one rather than a practical one: we are humanists at heart and this business of wars, massacres, famines and general abuse and exploitation of the lower classes by a small class of nobles is abhorrent to our society, which highly prizes individual rights and promotes the equality of all, irrespective of race, sex or social rank.
53. His philosophy contributed in no small measure to bringing about a peaceful transformation in South Africa and in healing the destructive human divisions that had been spawned by the abhorrent practice of apartheid…I called him the sacred warrior because of the manner in which he combined ethics and morality with a steely resolve that refused to compromise with the oppressor.
54. At first I observed these abhorrent atrocities only at a distance,.
55. As her mind cleared, she suddenly had an abhorrent thought, what if… Kyle? she called out weakly,.

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