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Frasi con detestable (in inglese)

1. The most detestable of all.
2. Abominable: That which is filthy; detestable.
3. I think preying on other people is detestable.
4. He flung my hand away as though it were a detestable fly.
5. It's just detestable! They seem to have forgotten the Lord.
6. For, he said, there is nothing so detestable as London in May.
7. Oh, what a detestable crew they are, these mercenary speculators!.
8. It has become the intoxicated slave of its own detestable ingenuity.
9. The manner in which they refer to ME, is detestable and it must stop.
10. To complete the unpleasantness of his position the weather was detestable.
11. Why was Molech detestable? He required that you offer your firstborn child.
12. Oh, he was detestable! She swung round on her heel and marched into the house.
13. The paper? That new, detestable paper, which might deprive her of everything.
14. He was absolutely, on this occasion, a living, detestable, dangerous presence.
15. Petersburg were detestable; and that he would be glad to know if I was in want of anything.
16. He only looked at him, and quietly smiled his detestable cunning smile in the other's face.
17. You read in the Old Testament that Israel is told to not offer to the detestable god Molech.
18. The universal response was, that the fare was detestable, and that they wanted to be set free.
19. The consciousness of her detestable power was noticeable in her face and the whole of her figure.
20. I went to school with him--he was a Glen boy, you know--and he was a most detestable little prig even then.
21. The detestable maxim, Live on the enemy! produced this leprosy, which a strict discipline alone could heal.
22. As it was, he took her words for a covert judgment, and was certain that she thought his sketch detestable.
23. Accursed: Doomed to destruction and misery; separated from the faithful; detestable; having the stain of sin.
24. You wouldn't think that I should cry at anything Joseph could say; but he and Hareton are detestable companions.
25. You wouldn’t think that I should cry at anything Joseph could say; but he and Hareton are detestable companions.
26. My people find slavery detestable, but I refuse to think poorly of good Pjodarr and his master until they give me reason.
27. A mercenary soldier was disgusting to our senses; was odious and detestable to the eye of reason, republicanism and religion.
28. And the more detestable his actions are to the citizens the more satellites and the greater devotion in them will he require?
29. Rituals of the Baal involved detestable practices, including prostitution, homosexual acts, and the human sacrifice of children.
30. It had glistened with blubber as it ran off, oozing into the red, the oiliness of it greasing the chin and chest of the detestable man.
31. John Lateran, and Peppino, called Rocca Priori, convicted of complicity with the detestable bandit Luigi Vampa, and the men of his band.
32. Yes, they have pointed the finger at all these perverse doctrines and are unsettled by all these detestable traditions, for they are The Called Out.
33. My reason is now free and clear, rid of the dark shadows of ignorance that my unhappy constant study of those detestable books of chivalry cast over it.
34. Wellington, oddly ungrateful, declares in a letter to Lord Bathurst, that his army, the army which fought on the 18th of June, 1815, was a detestable army.
35. No, sir, I never will consent to rush into the polluted, detestable, distempered embraces of the whore of England, nor truckle at the footstool of the Gallic Emperor.
36. Epanchin was to find the prince surrounded by a whole assembly of other guests—not to mention the fact that some of those present were particularly detestable in her eyes.
37. It was not for conquest, or for redress of inquiry, but to impose a Government on France, which she refused to receive; an object so detestable, that an avowal dare not be made.
38. I hated him, I feared him, he was a stranger to me; nevertheless, at this moment, how powerfully the emotion and passion of this detestable man, this stranger, was re-echoing within me!.
39. So far as institution and formation with relation to man are concerned, monasteries, which were good in the tenth century, questionable in the fifteenth, are detestable in the nineteenth.
40. At what cost had she poured out her detestable story? The degradation which had been harboured in her soul like a sunken vessel and with a great tug at its lashings raised from the murky depths.
41. Five years later he was as convinced of this fact as ever, although the very thought of it was detestable to him, and although he did not remember the name of Natalia Vasilievna but with loathing.
42. He had seen a golden opportunity to attack -- perhaps kill -- the detestable Thlayli and Blackavar, together with their one companion -- who seemed to be lame -- and bring the doe back to the Council.
43. The prince, on the contrary, thought everything foreign detestable, got sick of European life, kept to his Russian habits, and purposely tried to show himself abroad less European than he was in reality.
44. You may add that I have surely enough to think of, on my own account, without him; and therefore it is all the more surprising that I cannot tear my eyes and thoughts away from his detestable physiognomy.
45. Jackson, Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of His Britannic Majesty, with impunity, to abuse their Executive Government, and to impute to it with impunity the detestable charge of untruth.
46. You should hear mama on the chapter of governesses: Mary and I have had, I should think, a dozen at least in our day; half of them detestable and the rest ridiculous, and all incubi—were they not, mama?
47. Are not my relations toward Maria Vasilievna base and detestable? And my position with regard to property? Under the plea that I inherited it from my mother I am using wealth, the ownership of which I consider unlawful.
48. Oh, if it were only the Revolution, with which we are frightened, that we had to fear! As I am incapable of imagining a more detestable society than is ours, I have more mistrust than fear for the one which will succeed it.
49. Ah! if all we had to dread were the revolution which is held up as a specter to terrify us! Since I cannot imagine a society more detestable than ours, I feel more skeptical than alarmed in regard to that which will replace it.
50. Thus situated, employed in the most detestable occupation, immersed in a solitude where nothing could for an instant call my attention from the actual scene in which I was engaged, my spirits became unequal; I grew restless and nervous.
51. Yet I cannot believe that the hard hand of tyranny is essential to their well-being; and I regret that in an assembly of freemen, that this, the most if not the only detestable example England has set us as to a navy, should be so much relied on.
52. I hate you, Gavrila Ardalionovitch, solely (this may seem curious to you, but I repeat)—solely because you are the type, and incarnation, and head, and crown of the most impudent, the most self-satisfied, the most vulgar and detestable form of commonplaceness.
53. To save the transition, to soften the passage, to deaden the shock, to cause the nation to pass insensibly from the monarchy to democracy by the practice of constitutional fictions,—what detestable reasons all those are! No! no! let us never enlighten the people with false daylight.
54. I was thinking that you, like every respectable person in similar circumstances, would act openly and candidly and straightforwardly, and not humiliate yourself with comical antics and silly grimaces, and ridiculous complaints and detestable innuendoes, which only heap greater shame upon you.
55. So ignorant are most landsmen of some of the plainest and most palpable wonders of the world, that without some hints touching the plain facts, historical and otherwise, of the fishery, they might scout at Moby Dick as a monstrous fable, or still worse and more detestable, a hideous and intolerable allegory.
56. I represented her as being the stay and the comfort and the darling and the idol of a poor old man, who probably would not live another year at the most! I showed her that thus his last days should be made happy with love and light and friendship, instead of wretched with fear and the society of a detestable woman.
57. It opposed the world’s foolish and degenerate cults, it denounced vile social customs, it made all things new; but we find no record in the Apologies that it was rejected because it was morally incredible, because the God whom it revealed was a Being in character unintelligible, or detestable to the moral faculty.
58. Men may seem detestable as joint stock-companies and nations; knaves, fools, and murderers there may be; men may have mean and meagre faces; but man, in the ideal, is so noble and so sparkling, such a grand and glowing creature, that over any ignominious blemish in him all his fellows should run to throw their costliest robes.
59. I suspected as much as soon as I saw the manner of his living; I was sure of it when he informed me, with detestable glee, that there was to be a big house-warming dance the following evening, at which—well, Morleton, three miles away, had undergone a boom in my absence, and from the houses there and from the city, too, were to come—girls.
60. That atrocious system which, having attained to the fullest measure of detestable injustice and cruelty, was now fast crumbling into ruin, inevitably doomed to be overwhelmed because it was all so wicked and abominable, inevitably doomed to sink under the blight and curse of senseless and unprofitable selfishness out of existence for ever, its memory universally execrated and abhorred.
61. Does the gentleman mean to assimilate a tribute exacted by Great Britain with that paid to Algiers? Or does he mean to be understood as advising us, because we purchase peace with barbarians, involving no honorable consideration, to barter for a pecuniary reward, with Great Britain, our rights, our honor, and our independence? Detestable as this inference is, it results from his arguments.
62. Namely that significant value resided within the property to a much greater extent than revealed, a detestable crime against civil government if proven, and deserving of severe punishment by the court, not withstanding the fact that the person so accused is a minor, who is to be incarcerated at the town jail until brought before the bench, if he fails to post a bond of one hundred dollars.
63. Was not my conduct towards Mary Vasilievna and her husband base and disgusting? And my position with regard to money? To use riches considered by me unlawful on the plea that they are inherited from my mother? And the whole of my idle, detestable life? And my conduct towards Katusha to crown all? Knave and scoundrel! Let men judge me as they like, I can deceive them; but myself I cannot deceive.
64. He, extremely reluctant to take hold of hands he felt he never wanted to touch again, was obliged to help her; and when she was on her feet, standing quite close to him, rather like a little girl forced to say a difficult lesson not yet really learned, to a judge she knows will be severe, he informed her that if this was her last word, this detestable, unchristian _Never_, then he thought he had better go away.
65. Thus says The Lord, to all those who dwell within these detestable walls; to all these who stand inside these undesirable gates, hear The Word of The Lord: Shall you trust in the works of your own hands, O sons of men? How long shall you be wise in your own eyes? For that which you have erected shall be your undoing, and that which you uphold shall surely collapse upon your own heads! For I have seen it! Says The Lord.
66. By that natural understanding which God has given me I know that everything beautiful attracts love, but I cannot see how, by reason of being loved, that which is loved for its beauty is bound to love that which loves it; besides, it may happen that the lover of that which is beautiful may be ugly, and ugliness being detestable, it is very absurd to say, I love thee because thou art beautiful, thou must love me though I be ugly.
67. Did not an immortal physicist and interpreter of hieroglyphs write detestable verses? Has the theory of the solar system been advanced by graceful manners and conversational tact? Suppose we turn from outside estimates of a man, to wonder, with keener interest, what is the report of his own consciousness about his doings or capacity: with what hindrances he is carrying on his daily labors; what fading of hopes, or what deeper fixity of self-delusion the years are marking off within him; and with what spirit he wrestles against universal pressure, which will one day be too heavy for him, and bring his heart to its final pause.
68. If American vessels are permitted to go out at all, most of them will go, if not to British ports, to some particular ports, as has been observed, from whence Great Britain will finally receive their cargoes; and in a short time, perhaps, upon cheaper terms than they could be obtained for in our own ports; and I do not know what is to secure them from capture when bound to other ports, if they fall in with British cruisers, unless indeed they should go into British ports, pay the detestable tribute and accept licenses; and the law will be abundantly evaded by smuggling into the country articles of British manufacture—and no doubt, many of French manufacture too.
69. Now tell me, Anselmo, in which of these two art thou imperilled, that I should hazard myself to gratify thee, and do a thing so detestable as that thou seekest of me? Neither forsooth; on the contrary, thou dost ask of me, so far as I understand, to strive and labour to rob thee of honour and life, and to rob myself of them at the same time; for if I take away thy honour it is plain I take away thy life, as a man without honour is worse than dead; and being the instrument, as thou wilt have it so, of so much wrong to thee, shall not I, too, be left without honour, and consequently without life? Listen to me, Anselmo my friend, and be not impatient to answer me until I have said what occurs to me touching the object of thy desire, for there will be time enough left for thee to reply and for me to hear.
70. The detestable man in wedlock with risk and its perennial hemlock, is like a painted battle,.
71. Neither shall they defile themselves any more with their idols, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions,.

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