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    1. After that, he confided in me he intended to buy a house in Glyfada (meaning he is wealthy) and then he asked: “When I read the classified ads, looking for a house to buy, I often see an advertisement saying ''Naxiotis real estate''

    2. So OK, we're trying to keep it secret, so there wouldn't be a lot of advertisement about where the female universes were getting their flow of electrons to run their logic with

    3. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    4. As I was informed by an advertisement posted up all over the city of Athens, a famous lama has just arrived in Greece

    5. The bus had passed her within a few steps of the bus stop and she’d watched it as it continued down the road, reading the advertisement stuck on the back

    6. If you had checked with the advertisement you would have found a small note at the bottom advising that the hotel was closed this week for maintenance

    7. There was an advertisement for an auction, mainly bric a brack but some jewelry and five pocket watches, and it was these that caught my eye

    8. The three thugs carried her into the hall and left a paper advertisement flyer by her side

    9. in this advertisement are not typical

    10. The publisher will broadcast your advertisement "solo" only your promotional material period

    11. He told me all about how I could have all the books if I would sign a contract letting his company use my name in their advertisement campaign

    12. Instead, I stared at the bank’s advertisement for their newest checking account and hoped the process of closing the accounts

    13. If you though we have exhausted the shocking events with regards our remains, then I apologise, because like the advertisement on TV says: But wait, there’s more…

    14. Clixsense is one of the oldest and largest international advertisement sites online

    15. With 4 million members and operating for 14 years to date, they're known for both being an advertisement for webmasters and "GPT" site for publishers

    16. horizon states that a router cannot send an advertisement for a route out the same

    17. She saw an advertisement in the local paper to join the local Reserve Unit

    18. If the bio has no personality whatsoever and is nothing but a blatant sales pitch or an advertisement for products or services, this can be a good indication that the user is a spammer

    19. Yes, you may only see him once in your lifetime, but his lips are a free advertisement, and with the cost of advertising today, any free help must be considered invaluable

    20. You looked like an advertisement for the “Red Shoe Diaries” by the time you arrived on campus

    21. more than just the house they saw in the advertisement picture

    22. Since then he had had to take whatever work was available and because he was without any other qualifications, such jobs were few and far between - until he saw an advertisement in a newspaper for somebody who could assist with grizzly bear hunting in Alaska

    23. Many times he wished that he had never seen the advertisement in the newspaper but then realized that to stop what he was doing, would mean his own death; as he knew too much

    24. Which then flicked to an advertisement

    25. The Weekend Australian newspaper carried an advertisement for a research scientist with skills in microsurgery so he sent for the full position description

    26. The Abraham Clinic advertisement for Research Scientists was offering a good salary and conditions that were ideal so he applied straight away

    27. small for the advertisement)

    28. This strategy turned out to be very successful with 50 per cent of the advertisement coming from the US alone

    29. She looked in that direction of the advertisement and seemed genuinely interested

    30. " excuse me, about that advertisement for a waitress and kitchen hand is there still a vacancy?" Peter asked

    31. Also, because you’ll never hear unbiased information in an advertisement, you should only listen to those people—if that is the way you’ve chosen to go, rather than figuring it out for

    32. Your old bomb"s no advertisement for a successful business

    33. Like an advertisement for a wrecker’s yard the car remained propped on its nose, the exhaust pipe pumping carbon monoxide vertically into the air

    34. What else could animate this derelict and worn out advertisement for

    35. It is this kind of ego advertisement that is increasingly speeding up the de-evolution of the human species

    36. His advertisement was well accepted, it was merely a one page magazine layout but Chris had managed to make it eye catching and informative

    37. He was actually invited to sit in when the advertisement was shown to the client who had commissioned it

    38. The client was very happy which in turn made management very happy and the advertisement was sent off to the publishers with no changes

    39. He picked up his next assignment which was a fifteen second animation for a TV advertisement

    40. He hadn’t even been his responsibility to make up the idea for the advertisement, he was just doing the animation to order for one of the junior execs

    41. He worked well and was really satisfied with his advertising copy and the three different styles of advertisement he had come up with for the same product

    42. One day a man from Blennerville, on the other side of the town, came to view the car in answer to the newspaper advertisement and told Bridget he was interested in buying it

    43. Bridget had placed another advertisement in the local newspaper under the title of house clearance

    44. notes like the claims made in this advertisement are not typical should

    45. advertisement in the local paper called the Slough Observer that he saw an

    46. I visited the head of the firm who had placed the advertisement and for over an

    47. advertisement by a woman led off with a description of her appearance, while virtually

    48. When you check out the job advertisement that the company you want to work for has posted, it would actually provide you with lots of helpful information

    49. Pay-per-click campaign, you have to create an advertisement that is relevant to your product or

    50. No advertisement told

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