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Advertisement in a sentence | advertisement example sentences

  1. Which then flicked to an advertisement.
  2. Put out an advertisement where?
  3. I read the advertisement in one of the.
  4. The main stage dance was the advertisement.
  5. Put out an advertisement? Marlon says.

  6. He looked like an advertisement for boredom.
  7. Please state where you saw this advertisement.
  8. This was free advertisement, and helped a lot.
  9. This advertisement will appear in each of them.
  10. Think of it as an advertisement for your piece.
  11. You have come in answer to my advertisement, Dr.
  12. The advertisement was to be answered by letter only.
  13. He placed an advertisement in the southern newspapers.
  14. I read an advertisement in the press which said that.
  15. Cut out this advertisement, as it will not appear again.

  16. Cut out this Advertisement, as it will not appear again.
  17. I saw an advertisement for shark steaks – wild caught.
  18. I need you to print a certain advertisement for my band.
  19. Your old bombs no advertisement for a successful business.
  20. Morley, in The Haunted Bookshop: No advertisement on earth.
  21. It was all in preparation for a shampoo print advertisement.
  22. We only heard that advertisement on the radio that one time.
  23. An advertisement published in both the Times of Tibet and the.
  24. Here is an advertisement which will interest you, said he.
  25. Never create posts that are nothing more than an advertisement.

  26. His eyes alighted on an advertisement for a lecturer in Chinese.
  27. It was an advertisement of a jewelry store on the Lincoln Avenue.
  28. On the back of the flyer, there was a jewelry auction advertisement.
  29. Th e character of advertisement, including the social one, is very.
  30. Finally, I was driven to the airport, where I saw your advertisement.
  31. What else could animate this derelict and worn out advertisement for.
  32. Advertisement prices during Johnny's show went for millions per second.
  33. What public advertisement would divulge the occultation of the departed?
  34. Ideally, the only way it can be recognised as an advertisement, is by the.
  35. But we must see through the exaggerated advertisement on the functions of.
  36. She saw an advertisement in the local paper to join the local Reserve Unit.
  37. Painted finger-tips, it had too; each tip a separate advertisement of vice.
  38. We had responded to the same recruitment advertisement and were both lucky.
  39. Red Murray's long shears sliced out the advertisement from the newspaper in.
  40. The advertisement was located on the back of the stamp for various products.
  41. Instant Payments With Paypal would be a strong advertisement title that.
  42. The Torray Fund has never run a retail advertisement since its launch in 1990.
  43. This is not to say that every scholarship sweepstake advertisement is legitimate.
  44. I shall do nothing more to-day, unless I have an answer to my cab advertisement.
  45. I visited the head of the firm who had placed the advertisement and for over an.
  46. She had opened the suction mail tube and there was the metal foil advertisement:.
  47. She looked in that direction of the advertisement and seemed genuinely interested.
  48. What! They innocently used Diane and girls’ name in their advertisement?!.
  49. The advertisement carried a cut out coupon which was required to be returned with.
  50. It was the best advertisement a circus ever had; and most of it was not paid for!.
  51. Clixsense is one of the oldest and largest international advertisement sites online.
  52. You never want to try to sell the product within the advertisement title, but rather.
  53. And it is SACRILEGE to have it degraded to the level of a baking powder advertisement.
  54. If you can change the meanings of words as the advertisement industry has learned to do.
  55. Why not offer them something for free in your advertisement? A Website free for 30 Days.
  56. We have no problem with a religious group running an advertisement promoting abstinence.
  57. The advertisement read: THE #1 TUMMY TICKLER takes the #1 prescribed Alzheimer’s drug.
  58. The three thugs carried her into the hall and left a paper advertisement flyer by her side.
  59. He picked up his next assignment which was a fifteen second animation for a TV advertisement.
  60. The publisher will broadcast your advertisement "solo" only your promotional material period.
  61. Pay-per-click campaign, you have to create an advertisement that is relevant to your product or.
  62. That, however, I shall determine by a very simple test if we have an answer to our advertisement.
  63. Bridget had placed another advertisement in the local newspaper under the title of house clearance.
  64. You looked like an advertisement for the Red Shoe Diaries by the time you arrived on campus.
  65. He had had no answer to his advertisement, he said, and no fresh light had been thrown upon the case.
  66. Within five minutes of my having read the advertisement I was in a cab and on my was to Brook Street.
  67. Most systems can update their routing tables with information from ICMP Router Advertisement messages.
  68. He was actually invited to sit in when the advertisement was shown to the client who had commissioned it.
  69. One of those Indians featured in a Congress advertisement was a young party activist from Goa, Hasiba Amin.
  70. It is this kind of ego advertisement that is increasingly speeding up the de-evolution of the human species.
  71. This strategy turned out to be very successful with 50 per cent of the advertisement coming from the US alone.
  72. She went to a newspaper and put in an advertisement at once : she offered lessons in all subjects and in arithmetic.
  73. As I was informed by an advertisement posted up all over the city of Athens, a famous lama has just arrived in Greece.
  74. I ought to know its size and shape, seeing that I have read the advertisement about it in The Times every day lately.
  75. Just because an advertisement states that a product is heart healthy, that does not necessarily mean that it is.
  76. The Christian Publishing Company eulogizes the essay as noted above, in their advertisement of it in said catalogue.
  77. To do this, we must try the simplest means first, and these lie undoubtedly in an advertisement in all the evening papers.
  78. He’d been lookin’ at the crowd, and I cal’late he saw that here was the chance for the best kind of an advertisement.
  79. As the advertisement jingle went, ‘Pappu paas nahi hua!’ It was now time for Modi to show his young rival how it was done.
  80. Routers receiving the message respond with Router Advertisement messages that the host system uses to update its routing table.
  81. On the other side of the road were several empty houses, bristling with different house agents' advertisement boards and bills.
  82. He took the classified sections of the newspaper and carefully scrolled his eyes for a job opening in the advertisement section.
  83. Well these guys told me and your Uncle Charles that they innocently used Diane and girls’ name in their advertisement!.
  84. Instead, I stared at the bank’s advertisement for their newest checking account and hoped the process of closing the accounts.
  85. The easygoing stuff generally concludes with a reprinted advertisement or one that was created specifically for the annual report.
  86. Even the beauty of the landscape was an abstraction, like the beauty of a man in an advertisement for a cologne you could not smell.
  87. If they have been living in the same place during this time, it is probable that we shall have some answer to Mycroft's advertisement.
  88. The client was very happy which in turn made management very happy and the advertisement was sent off to the publishers with no changes.
  89. What do you think a mother would feel like if she found her child tattooed over with a baking powder advertisement? I feel just the same.
  90. His advertisement was well accepted, it was merely a one page magazine layout but Chris had managed to make it eye catching and informative.
  91. Then, the room being at last empty, he would hastily copy an advertisement on a scrap of paper, then another, and slip out in immense relief.
  92. There was an advertisement for an auction, mainly bric a brack but some jewelry and five pocket watches, and it was these that caught my eye.
  93. When father died we were left very poor, but one day we were told that there was an advertisement in the TIMES inquiring for our whereabouts.
  94. That would explain the advertisement Spalding had received in his e-mail though how it could help with the investigation was far from apparent.
  95. He told me all about how I could have all the books if I would sign a contract letting his company use my name in their advertisement campaign.
  96. With earliest day, I was up: I had my advertisement written, enclosed, and directed before the bell rang to rouse the school; it ran thus:—.
  97. When father died, we were left very poor, but one day we were told that there was an advertisement in the TIMES, inquiring for our whereabouts.
  98. Other ICMP packets, called Router Solicitation and Advertisement messages, can enable workstations to discover the routers on the local network.
  99. The Abraham Clinic advertisement for Research Scientists was offering a good salary and conditions that were ideal so he applied straight away.
  100. Stock Trader was looking through all of the strategies when something caught his eye – an advertisement for a credit card with bonus airline miles.

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