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    1. Allocate 30 minutes during the day to stay in touch

    2. He also reported there was significant pressure from the outside world for Atlantica to allocate the water resources to surrounding countries without, what the President said, was “adequate security or compensation”

    3. But, how we allocate our saving, as a portfolio matter, isn’t very important

    4. I visited the offices of the TGJTA again this morning to find out if they can allocate us a booth at the September Fair in Bangkok

    5. We are applying to join the Thai Gems and Jewellery Traders Association as an international member and they have been able to allocate us a booth at the September Trade Fair which is really good and positive news

    6. The organizations administer and always conduce all its activities through Usuarist Projects that allocate the resources and tasks dynamicalally

    7. 4 To allocate the organizations and individuals in each Area of Activity 5

    8. “Safety is the first priority, because it is survival, and so our brains allocate as much energy as is required to keep us safe

    9. Then each individual can make the choices that allocate their efforts according to their own priorities

    10. and shall allocate funds for implementation thereof

    11. Food Supply and the Minister of Finance, may allocate funds to implement the

    12. state, as he struggled with how to allocate his energy

    13. This could reveal an unwillingness to allocate resources or the lack of a “Way” or the “Will” to get it fixed

    14. corporation would allocate the resources to each

    15. When he’s finished we can test it then allocate tasks

    16. used to allocate students to university

    17. The simplest way to do this is to randomly allocate people to different conditions

    18. In order to reduce the costs of renewable energy today, governments need to really ponder the issues and allocate funds to this new, more environmentally friendly approach to energy

    19. box for those who wish to have the Government allocate the 5% as they see fit

    20. Parallel early meetings of the FCC with media industry to allocate assets to the public for government broadcasting within the nation and within the states would be held

    21. We had several objectives; The first, was to find, and allocate to our own grids, the camp

    22. It is also possible to allocate additional income to the community spouse for excessive shelter costs

    23. allocate a desk for Miss Ashton, which he did by sending two of the clerks to another room to bring

    24. could allocate the funds to build them?”

    25. • Will allocate the necessary management capability inside the cor-

    26. And there was no denying the fact that he could make quicker progress with greater financial backing, even in the UK if only the Government would allocate more money for research projects like his

    27. It's the part that needs to be given to people in need; and so we allocate and worked our finances, such that we have:

    28. Allocate each entry by who

    29. She was able to allocate

    30. Do not allocate more than a half-hour or so per week to monitor page performance

    31. That’s the score Google uses to allocate position

    32. Markets always generate good outcome and allocate resources efficiently

    33. You can allocate your funds

    34. Others, such as creativity and mental stimulation, can be harder to allocate

    35. This mistake probably set back progress for months, since sometimes Roger’s lack of leadership, planning or how to allocate work would leave his builders frustrated

    36. ‘Can you … allocate some men to help me, some money to

    37. manager that uses a default setting to help Windows allocate hard

    38. However, do not allocate more than a half-hour per week to monitor SE performance

    39. And they allocate, to something they do not know, a share of what We have provided for them

    40. Is it they who allocate the mercy of your Lord? It is We who have allocated their livelihood in this life, and We elevated some of them in rank above others, that some of them would take others in service

    41. The first step in this great family garden project is to allocate a plot if you have the garden space, a planter if there is no garden space for the vegetable garden, or a window box if you live in an apartment

    42. Have the home tested for mold or moisture issues before you purchase it and if these problems arise, ask yourself just how much of your budget can you allocate to getting rid of this problem

    43. When visitors appear, allocate a locker or a specified place where each personal can store their gadgets and describe that everything should be kept in its allocated place

    44. We finally get everyone to agree on something and Congress has to allocate the money

    45. But how was it possible for a book to be as big as life? Such a book would have to allocate 30-odd pages for each hour spent living (because this was how much Mercer could read in an hour, before the marijuana)—which was like 800 pages a day

    46. Under approved profit-sharing schemes the company can allocate tax-free shares to workers, though as you would expect, there is a raft of rules about the details

    47. Emmert to allocate some more money to a project at UConn Law School, which he thought was a terrific idea

    48. A trader the firm can easily allocate more capital toward because you offer them a clear understanding of their risk and demonstrable evidence that you can handle more capital

    49. The most striking thing about Graham’s discussion of how to allocate your assets between stocks and bonds is that he never mentions the word “age

    50. He also wants to see managers who set and meet realistic goals; build their businesses from within rather than through acquisition; allocate capital wisely; and do not pay themselves hundred-million-dollar jackpots of stock options

    1. Almost as an afterthought Smith allocated a small portion of his dream time as

    2. Almost as an afterthought Smith allocated a small portion of his dream time as the equivalent of a galactic closed circuit television system

    3. He spent the day preparing the soil in his allocated spot, mulching, weeding and hoeing, before gently placing his prize specimen in its ornamental pot in the middle of his display

    4. “He is the only mind who’s neurons are allocated to the right bodies to interact with your substrate

    5. lolgy, and has deemed these here places allocated for the sole use thereof

    6. Each crew member had been allocated one large trunk in which to store all the personal effects they wished to bring from Earth

    7. She had returned to Manchester after Rosie had recovered to carry on with her nursing and must have been allocated duty over the Christmas period

    8. “How are you fettling lads I can see just how glad you are to be back, have you seen the amount of equipment that’s been stored round here then you will be able to guess the fatigues and working parties that we have been allocated?” Frank replied

    9. Almost the entire lower complex would be allocated for stasis pods alone

    10. federal government finally allocated these funds to the owners of the vessels lost by the Confederate cruisers

    11. Without allocated space for fights, they had to clear away dinner tables and hold other prisoners back without ropes or barriers

    12. This was done in another workshop and the characters were almost decorative, but told of who and where it was made and allocated to a particular man

    13. time and resources allocated to them in order to ensure high quality

    14. Whenever social costs begin to (marginally) exceed their intended benefits because (limited) resources are either inefficiently allocated or mismanaged or depleting revenue is (simply) unable to keep pace with spending requirements or whenever non-recoverable anti-social attitudes begin to compromise that society‘s quality of life or whenever that society‘s efforts to rehabilitate its economic, intellectual or moral infrastructures or restore flagging morale are no longer effective or have lost their (spirited) momentum or whenever (public) proposals fall short of (private) expectations is that society said to be in a state of decline

    15. Although I am not principally opposed to inter-planetary travel, it would seem that given the number of pressing social and economic issues demanding our immediate attention right here at home, financial resources otherwise allocated to NASA would be put to better use by attending to the requirements of a planet that our progeny will continue calling home for centuries to come rather than exploring (uninhabitable) regions for no apparent reason other than satisfying quixotical designs

    16. We were allocated a large and spacious house, made of stone rendered with clay

    17. We need simply refer to the vast financial outlays (Corporate Welfare) being allocated for ―retraining‖ (reeducating!) purposes, as well as the dramatic rise in ―social costs‖ in order to appreciate the consequence(s) of our failing schools

    18. Once you are at the secure place which can be a house or a boat or any other type of shelter and are allocated a room or seat then stay there and don’t move away from it if you can

    19. Expenditure might come to be allocated more nearly in line with taxes paid by districts

    20. Or, perhaps equity concerns might result in more largesse being allocated to poorer districts, or whatever

    21. Later in the afternoon I learned in a phone call from Kiradit that we had been allocated a booth which was very encouraging indeed

    22. irrigation for farming and have long been allocated water for that purpose

    23. 3 billion was allocated to

    24. It groups organizations of the same trade line so that they only accomplish its principal task and to let the other tasks with its resources for another organizations that are allocated in another Areas of Activities in the Coordenational Structure

    25. The rest of the residents in Karawia allocated due to which brother they liked the best, or rather which brother they hated the least

    26. Besides, it causes the immediate availability of the allocated resources and end products soon after its execution

    27. To understand what we are affirming, see the following example: Make the surveying and valorize all the products that are allocated in million organizations and the residences, such as: computers, stationery, patrimonial goods, domestic utensils, vehicles, money and installations

    28. All the Bank3Sectors are allocated in the Area of Activity FINANCES

    29. RVC allocated me a practise room in the basement of the Res

    30. Everything looked so rosy! They were allocated a separate place to live,

    31. 5* X hours in that way its allocated

    32. In this same method, few organizations add weightage based on, simple work equivalent to 1 unit of size (1 day effort) and as the complexity increases the unit also allocated with higher weightage, and the total is calculated as Unit of Work

    33. The system should have clear roles, responsibilities and authorizes allocated to support the implementation

    34. In a case where requirements activities are allocated with 1000$ (planned value) for 10 tasks, and by the date of expected completion when we check, they have only completed 70% of work (only 7 tasks), then the Earned Value is 700$

    35. At that point the administration had allocated $228 million for that purpose

    36. 3 billion was allocated to the Department from the American Recovery and

    37. The Department of Energy has now allocated $50 million to hydro power research this year although nothing had been allocated before

    38. But even when money is allocated for visible projects, few bother

    39. rule Judea and how the territories of the small states in the area would be allocated

    40. The '105Fs are allocated to the special Wild Weasel mission, and the Phantoms are all tied up and critical because they have so much electronic gear in back

    41. Without realising it, Simon had risen from his stool and was pacing the few steps it took to reach the wall of the small room Ralph had allocated them, back and forth, back and forth

    42. The scribe had said nothing when he entered Ralph’s bedchamber that night after a day when both of them had been busy directing the men and women in the rebuilding of their village and ensuring the little food they had left or which the people could find was fairly allocated

    43. memory that is allocated to the video card, watching DVDs, streaming video, gaming and other graphic

    44. If there were mothers waiting for adopted babies in the system, then they were each allocated a baby, and the records falsified to show that they were the actual mothers

    45. which will be allocated to you

    46. proper amount of capital is allocated to your account, there are four types of stops you may consider

    47. obviously costs more to print, will be allocated the same £185 allowance

    48. This, in turn, means your book will be allocated a

    49. A full-colour book will be allocated the same £185

    50. Funds are allocated and

    1. That methodology dynamicalally allocates all the agents in the diverse Areas of Activities so that its actions occur in an integrated way through Usuarist Projects of other corporations that participate in this innovator Coordenational Structure

    2. The Team of Coordination effects those people’s registration and it allocates them for Area of Activity in agreement with its potential, knowledge, training or professional experience

    3. The Project allocates them dynamicalally in the innovative Coordenational Structure after its acceptance as agreed organization to act through Bank3Sector so that each Area of Activity with its agreed organizations only executes its

    4. This because the unique task allocates the resources dynamicalally when they are required and it turns them available in the market when its execution terminates

    5. our lives but the time He has allocates us to live out

    6. allocates sufficient budget for the above

    7. When your ISP allocates the allotted space on its computer to you for your website files it assigns an IP address

    8. The dragon allocates the individual’s future horoscopes related to constellations

    9. This is best done by setting up a budget that allocates the money you earn to specific payments and a savings account

    10. 0 allocates 12 bits for the host address because the binary equivalent of the mask is as follows:

    11. • ALLO bytes Allocates a specified number of bytes on the server before the client actually transmits the data

    12. " Likewise, a textile company that allocates capital brilliantly within its industry is a remarkable textile company-but not a remarkable business

    13. Whether one likes it or not, how and where Adam Smith’s invisible hand allocates resources through actions by private enterprises will be determined in large part by what government actions are

    14. Once Petainen comes up with a list of 20 finalists, he allocates them to his portfolios

    15. It is interesting that one of the two indicators characterizing return (profit probability) allocates capital most evenly (it has the lowest value of variation coefficient), whereas application of another return indicator (expected return) leads to the most variable capital allocation scenario

    16. One of them allocates capital on the basis of the option premiums received or paid when positions are opened, and the other one is based on the estimations of the stock-equivalency of option positions

    17. The historical record on how management allocates capital—acquisitions, divestitures, buying and selling of shares, etc

    1. I had also questioned the legality of the University’s allocating approximately 80% of the cost of its two libraries to PSL which, in turn, billed 100% of those amounts to its government customers

    2. “We’re thinking we’ll let them out as vacation properties, allocating some of the suites to the needy who most need a vacation, and offering the rest for revenue at an appropriate rate

    3. She was very good at allocating furniture and fittings and why they should be in a certain place with space at a premium

    4. She saw the list that had been prepared allocating tasks to the four teams

    5. So when allocating a task to one of your staff, it

    6. daily lives for the purpose of enriching or allocating advantages

    7. Without reference to the internal dynamics of capital budgeting, allocating capital on the

    8. That allowed the Germans to alert the defenses of the probable objectives in advance and to start allocating and coordinating fighters to attack our bomber formations, thus ensuring that our planes would be under near constant attack during their trip

    9. promotional material produced for world-wide exhibition by allocating the costs in

    10. At the time Mr Zuma was aware that his actions were unlawful and constituted the crimes of theft of state (that is, taxpayers) funds; corruption in that Mr Zuma, both personally and via his private architect, unlawfully and intentionally, instructed and induced state officials to act contrary to their official duties and obligations by allocating state funds to build structures for Mr Zuma's private use, and fraud in that Mr Zuma, in full knowledge of the fact that state funds were misused during the Nkandla project to build structures for his private use at his Nkandla residence, misled the South African public and the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa by stating in in a parliamentary address that Mr Zuma and his family personally paid for all homes built at his residence whereas in truth Mr Zuma knew at the time that state funds were used to build a house and other private structures at the Nkandla residence

    11. They spent the remainder of the day allocating individual tasks

    12. acceptance of appropriate methods of allocating these

    13. OBJRCTS show total indifference to mass positioning or allocating positions? With this evidence do you

    14. allocating the positions of planets as Newton declared it must do

    15. It does not mean allocating separate time for it and executing the same as a ritual

    16. Encouraging them to be responsible with wealth : a parent has to teach their children, money spending management, during their lifetime too they should be an example to their children, observe their spending, when the make mistakes call them to notice, you can even put them to test by allocating money to them and ask them to do anything with it, then you would know where and how you should begin culture their money spending management

    17. By allocating each state two senators, the founders equalized the power of small and large states to a significant degree

    18. I will presume a little to imagine how Graham and Dodd would analyze the likely investment results for those limited partners only now allocating huge sums to the private equity “megafunds

    19. In a current incarnation, a raft of financial institutions across America are trying to emulate the success of David Swensen and his colleagues who manage Yale University’s endowment by allocating large percentages of the capital to “alternative investment managers

    20. Longleaf’s Mason Hawkins looks for corporate managers who are “good partners”—meaning that they communicate candidly about problems, have clear plans for allocating current and future cash flow, and own sizable stakes in the company’s stock (preferably through cash purchases rather than through grants of options)

    21. When the computer has multiple processors, the kernel runs on all of them simultaneously, sharing access to specific memory areas and allocating threads to specific processors according to their priorities

    22. Or, to say the same thing in somewhat different terms, no matter what he is buying, Buffett sees investing as allocating capital

    23. I have been allocating clients’ portfolios at Penn Financial Group throughout 2009 to prepare for the coming rise in inflation, and I suggest you do the same

    24. It is difficult to find CEOs who are both good at operating the business and at allocating capital

    25. The main reason for this is that operating a business and allocating capital are two completely different skill sets; being proficient at one of these functions has no correlation to being competent with the other

    26. The best way to determine if managers are good at allocating capital is to review their historical decisions, whether they are buying back stock or making new investments

    27. Managers will do a poor job of operating the business and properly allocating capital if they are not passionate about what they do

    28. In addition, I recommend starting by allocating $50/month for unexpected expenses

    29. We saw this same approach when we talked about allocating your assets across stocks, bonds, and index funds

    30. Anyway, Swensen suggests allocating your money in the following way:

    31. Analyzing, and allocating to, asset classes has been the dominant approach but I argue that studying investments from perspectives other than asset classes can enhance our understanding of return sources and our ability to diversify effectively

    32. Phalippou wonders why investors keep allocating so much money to this asset class, despite the disappointing performance, and then proposes several possible explanations: learning (experienced funds tend to perform better, but to participate in them investors first need to buy into novice funds); mispricing due to misunderstanding (investors believe the historical track record is much better than it really is); overpricing due to investors’ lottery preferences (VC investors, especially, are enchanted by the possibility of finding “the next Microsoft”; indeed, VC performance data is highly right-skewed); side benefits (the LP may be motivated by a broader commercial relationship with the GP; this may be especially relevant for banks as LPs, which are shown to underperform other LPs); and conspiracy theory (exaggerated reported performance could make the LP investor look good in the near term, with the disappointment to be unraveled by one’s successor)

    33. If the optimal portfolio is a given combination of riskless assets and risky equity, theory advises instantly allocating any new cash income to riskless and risky assets in these optimal proportions

    34. Although diversification achieved by allocating capital among different assets inevitably leads to a certain decrease in expected return (as compared to a single asset with the highest expected return), in most cases this effect is overcompensated by a disproportionally greater reduction of risk

    35. Allocating Capital Inversely to the Premium

    36. Allocating capital using this method means that the position volume for each option combination is determined on the basis of its premium amount

    37. The portfolio is constructed by allocating $100,000 (the volume of funds assigned at the first level of capital management system) among these combinations

    38. The optimality means that allocating capital among this number of underlyings maximizes the potential profit of such investment and minimizes its risk

    39. 2 it was shown that, regardless of the criterion applied, maximum profit could be achieved by allocating funds among a few first underlying assets (Figures 6

    40. In the case of the short strategy and using EPLN and EPEM criteria, utility functions achieve their minimum under allocating funds among the significant number of underlying assets (392 and 325 accordingly, which exceed substantially the Sharpe ratio optima)

    41. Utility functions for EPLN and EPEM criteria suggest allocating funds among a significant number of underlying assets (59 and 155 accordingly), whereas for PPLN and EPLL optimal funds allocations are achieved with fewer underlyings (5 and 8 accordingly)

    42. Most insurance companies choose safe bonds for their investments, usually allocating no more than 20 percent to stocks

    43. But Buffett chose stocks—sometimes allocating over 95 percent of the float to them—and both he and Berkshire grew wealthy because of his picks

    44. If the ROIC is very high, it means management is doing a great job of allocating capital profitably

    45. Practically, when naturalists are at work, they do not trouble themselves about the physiological value of the characters which they use in defining a group or in allocating any particular species

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