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Frasi con designate (in inglese)

  1. I like the idea that green designate.
  2. I will proceed to designate the proper.
  3. The hunters use them to designate their kills.
  4. The word "appoint" as found in (Acts 6:3) means to designate.
  5. Five, six, eight and a half? That must designate the posting relays.

  6. The way of the kings of the east is therefore used to designate the.
  7. Navy to designate the second in command of a ship, or Executive Officer.
  8. The poet, and the artist who, with profound understanding, would designate M.
  9. Colombia is probably used somewhat figurativelyby the poet to designate the land of.
  10. They will designate one route of communication only to minimise the risk of being caught.
  11. I will however need you to designate an artillery unit to be in support of my ground force.
  12. I think, he said, that we may fairly designate him as the imitator of that which the others make.
  13. Three pillars on each side and one in the back and center, where some would designate it as the holy.
  14. And Somerset found in this neglected little sham princess what his youth was pleased to designate a flower-like soul.
  15. They did designate a separate room that stood on its own for us, but never even suggested that she should stay there by herself.

  16. If an individual dolphin was called on for a specific task, the leader could call it by name, designate the task, and it was done.
  17. To designate what this little is, would be no difficult matter, but it would be superfluous; every one who hears me understands it.
  18. To formalize the notion of equivalent, we designate by C a combination consisting of different options on the same underlying asset.
  19. Family does not designate a clan of Us versus Them, but rather the smallest unit necessary for the perpetuation of a culture of love.
  20. It might be useful if some descriptive adjective were regularly employed, when care is needed, to designate the particular meaning intended.
  21. Under price "DRIP" appears to designate that it is a reinvested dividend, and the price itself appears in the second line under description.
  22. According to Arakiel, Uronians built a marker over 3,000 years ago in the region to designate a point of contact between his planet and ours.
  23. Care, however, should be taken to designate the money as for the American Missionary Association, since undesignated funds will not reach us.
  24. Name: Notability; designate; rank or status; individualism; jurisdiction; notoriety; personage; look up what the name means; could be about the.
  25. Narendra, who had left home as a teenager to become an RSS pracharak, had now returned, if only for a photo op, as the prime minister designate.

  26. Campbell of Tennessee, a committee was appointed to examine the documents above referred to, and designate such as may be necessary to be printed.
  27. It is important to designate, by the same mark, all the petrifactions unquestionably found in the same stratum, or at least in the same formation.
  28. Adams kept up, but you maintain them at one-fourth greater expense, when not a man who hears me can pretend to designate the service they perform.
  29. Rogers lived to see Congress designate the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail in 1968, but he died in 1992, a year before the trail was finished.
  30. The state of Michigan was scheduled to designate and extend the Preserve area that housed 25 other wrecked vessels (Tucker, Coast Guard to Sink….
  31. He said an internal investigation determined that the roadblock had been set up in the same spot a month earlier and was routinely designate to conduct.
  32. The bandwidth delivered by an ATM network is also readily quantifiable, making it easier to designate the appropriate amount of bandwidth for a specific application.
  33. Men repudiate every science, the very substance of science,—the definition of the destiny and the welfare of men,—and this repudiation they designate as science.
  34. Each tier was named; indeed, the people of Xuchotl had a name for each chamber, hall and stair in the city, as people of more normal cities designate streets and quarters.
  35. And finally, high above them all, an airborne early warning system, the Boeing E-3 Sentry, scanned all that happened below, a god itching to designate thunderbolt strikes.
  36. As the proceeds from the sale of the Park Communications began to flow into the estate in 1995, the decision to designate the trustees for the Park Foundation had to be made.
  37. In this type of VLAN, the network administrator either selects certain switch ports to designate the members of a VLAN or creates a list of the workstations’ MAC addresses.
  38. Nobody seemed to notice when the Queen tensed up at the mention of the number 46, which was one of the codes used to designate Cardinal Mazarin in their secret correspondence.
  39. To do this experiment, they designate a set of outlets in different areas—two in the inner city, two in the suburbs, two in small towns, and two located along major highways.
  40. The presence of the interceptors was enough to designate the limousine as Mobutu’s vehicle to Sergei Koslov, who then called Greta Holtz to join him at the strike command station.
  41. Capernaum was a strong Roman military post, and the garrison's commanding officer was a gentile believer in Yahweh, "a devout man," as the Jews were wont to designate such proselytes.
  42. It is well understood here, that by the words Venice, England, we designate not the peoples, but social structures; the oligarchies superposed on nations, and not the nations themselves.
  43. However, I would designate Formo-systems in these similar processes as “mutual effects”, and I would designate skrruullerrt systems as “mutual causes” of these creative dynamisms.
  44. For these and other reasons, the Master thought best to designate the spiritual brotherhood of man as the kingdom of heaven and the spirit head of this brotherhood as the Father in heaven.
  45. Not a Chinese peasant—it is Eckberg who says this,—goes to town without bringing back with him, at the two extremities of his bamboo pole, two full buckets of what we designate as filth.
  46. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts should dispense with its farcical practice of holding mock elections and simply designate its Senior Senator Senate Pro-Consul for life and be done with it!.
  47. The best way to organize user profiles on the network is to designate a single machine as a profile server and create subdirectories named for your users, in which the profiles will be stored.
  48. The term “conversion parity,” or “conversion level,” may be used to designate that price of the common which is equivalent to a given quotation for the convertible issue, or vice versa.
  49. The Chairman shall select the initial Defense Fund board officers and post his selections in a handwritten, dated, signed (or notarized) letter to the Defense Fund Secretary designate, Denise Wallenhurst.
  50. This diapason represents the focal point of Information that pertains to the collective Consciousness Levels of a Stereo-Form, which I subjectively designate as a deeply unconscious state of Energy-Plasma.
  51. No man can designate the extent of such an official malversation, demonstrated, as it has been here, in the presence of us all, who are the lawful custodiers of the kingly dignity in this his majesty’s royal burgh.
  52. Now frankly puzzled, but never having faced anything in his life that he could have called a security threat, Shoumak went in the cabin with the man and Kovar, with the man pushing a button to designate his destination.
  53. I designate all this in whole, which is individually and “very specifically” expressed at one and the same nominal instant, by such notion as “a Formo-system of Worlds” which is more objective than “a World”.
  54. This happens approximately in the same way like in our everyday Life, when we use some universal system to designate some small differences in a large group of similar Forms (for example, numbers, alphabet letters, dots and dashes).
  55. This zero growth case is nothing more or less than the EPV, so we will designate it (E)PV Whenever cash flows increase at a constant rate, it is possible to calculate the present value (PV) of this stream with the following formula:.
  56. At the Kinswomyn Bar, in Shinjuku District, the exclusively female patrons and staff watching the match on television exploded in wild cheers as the judge was shown raising Nancy’s right arm high to designate her the winner of the fight.
  57. In addition to selecting the initial Defense Fund board officers, the Chairman, Michael Toney, shall indicate his acceptance of this Constitution and bylaws via a handwritten, dated, signed (or notarized) letter to the Defense Fund Secretary designate.
  58. Within a given account you can only hold one of the funds, however you can designate your non-registered, TFSA, and RRSP to hold different funds if they have different purposes by changing your responses to the risk profile questionnaire as each is opened.
  59. With no population to enlighten, no known forces arrayed against us, what objectives should I designate? What provisions will I require? What manner of equipment should I gather, what should the disposition of our forces be? How will our forces move? What, exactly, will we be going up against, Arch-minister?
  60. If you look at it, you will see that there are digits on the screen that designate several orders of magnitude, each of which changes depending on the quantity of revolutions made by the rotating wheel [in an old model of the meter], which is firmly connected with the internal mechanism with wheels for the digits of other orders.
  61. We would suggest to all ladies connected with the auxiliaries of State Missionary Unions, that funds for the American Missionary Association be sent to us through the treasurers of the Union, Care, however, should be taken to designate the money as for the American Missionary Association, since undesignated funds will not reach us.
  62. What, he asked of the House, was settled by the passage of this bill? Nothing was, or could be settled by the present Congress, unless the returns were made from the different States of the number of inhabitants in each State, before the bill became a law; for Congress alone could designate and specify the number of Representatives which each State should send.
  63. And we have always held the opinion that, in some way not revealed to his immediate associates, during these weeks of decreased participation in the affairs of earth he was engaged in the direction of those high spirit intelligences who were charged with the running of a vast universe, and that the human Jesus chose to designate such activities on his part as being about his Father's business.
  64. In many cases it is possible to designate a trade several ways: Was that a pullback trade? Did you buy at support? Did you buy a failure test against support? Was it a selling climax trade on a lower time frame? What matters is what you thought it was at the time you made the trade, not some decisions you may make weeks or months afterward, so beware of making revisions to these designations after the fact.
  65. And notwithstanding the rights claimed on the score of ancient memories, and of the clumsy assertion which only proves its loss of its calling, that art serves art, it has become a trade, providing men with something agreeable; and as such, it inevitably comes into the category of choreographic, culinary, hair-dressing, and cosmetic arts, whose practitioners designate themselves as artists, with the same right as the poets, printers, and musicians of our day.
  66. The independent-house (which I shall, in contradistinction to the “flat,” designate as the “tower” to mark its prominent point of difference from the “flat” in form) contains a kitchen, pantry, furnace-room, fuel-cellar, laundry, dining-room, china-closet, parlor, eight bed-chambers provided with suitable closets, two bath-rooms, a trunk-room, a front staircase extending from the first floor to the attic, and a back staircase extending from the basement to the third floor.
  67. And that is why the word does not merely designate an object as a present-on-hand entity, but also expresses by its intonation (an actually pronounced word cannot avoid being intonated, for intonation follows from the very fact of its being pronounced) my valuative attitude toward the object, toward what is desirable or undesirable in it, and in doing so, sets it in motion toward that which is yet-to-be-determined about it, turns it into a constituent moment of the living, ongoing event.
  68. I use the term “Continuum” not to designate the “objective” part of Creation “known” to physicists, but to define the “wide-rezonation area” of Space which I distinguished very subjectively and very notionally (by way of analysis, comparison, artificial differentiation and integration of something) in Time and which is formed by strong energy-information interactions between Configurations of Self-Consciousness of Forms that belong to a certain Time Flow and structure by themselves many different types of subjective realities.
  1. A term designating one of the sections.
  2. She is designating you as the messiah by anointing you, Master.
  3. We are in the habit of designating these realities as thing, meaning, and value.
  4. In essence, we are measuring how correlated income is with sales, and designating the.
  5. Captain Des Ouches reacted at once, turning around and designating the door to his men.
  6. The appropriate criteria is functional, in the sense of designating according to what the.
  7. There is at least one rationale for not formally designating at all – it is the claim that on-.
  8. That may be, but you have failed to file the proper paperwork designating her as a home schooled.
  9. The United Nations announced they were designating 10 November, one month and a day after the shooting, Malala Day.
  10. Siegemunde repeated the process three more times, designating a set of waiting parents to raise and educate the child.
  11. For the first time, also, he was conscious of some irreverence in designating that stranger, even in his secret thoughts, by the sobriquet of M.
  12. Examples: Gimbel Brothers included the sum of $167,660, proceeds of life insurance policies, in income for 1938, designating it as a non-trading item.
  13. In fact, the lack of a fundamental experience in the progression(23) of Spirit designating a new student was the giveaway omen of Josh’s precarious position.
  14. The group soon got to a row of wooden stalls, with their two guides then designating to them seven stalls to be used by the merchants for their chariots and oxen.
  15. He stopped his car a couple of houses short of Doyle’s house and noticed that the police had strung up their tape around his front yard, designating it as a crime scene.
  16. The laws heretofore passed, designating the number of Representatives, had, at the same time, declared the ratio, and specified the number of Representatives of each State.
  17. Legitimist tricks were hinted at; they spoke of the Duc de Reichstadt, whom God had marked out for death at that very moment when the populace were designating him for the Empire.
  18. This should clearly demonstrate the fallacy of the more common way of beginning a re/organization by designating work groups or by any of the previous means first described in Chapter 1.
  19. For now, let’s leave that structure behind for a minute and simply consider two time frames, a higher and a lower, in relation to each other, without designating one specific trading time frame.
  20. The work is now being done by special departments of large trust companies, by a division of the statistical services, and by private firms designating themselves as investment counsel or investment consultants.
  21. By formalizing the game and by designating The Lord of Serminak as official referee, our oaths of justice will allow us to continue to play the game among ourselves as we played under the reign of Zarkog, ourselves being only those who are qualified and registered players.
  22. To the southwest dwell scattered clans of degraded, cave-dwelling savages, whose speech is of the most primitive form, yet who still retain the name of Picts, which has come to mean merely a term designating men—themselves, to distinguish them from the true beasts with which they contend for life and food.
  23. In designating the power against whom this force was to be employed—as had most unadvisably been done in the preamble or manifesto with which the resolutions were prefaced—they had not consulted the views of the Executive; that designation was equivalent to an abandonment of all our claims on the French Government.
  1. Some have been designated as.
  2. It was designated for prostitution.
  3. The moon base then designated their.
  4. Each would have a designated guest.
  5. The USRCS was officially designated the U.
  6. It was designated a festive occasion to.
  7. Mornings were always his designated day.
  8. These sieves are designated by sieve size.
  9. It was a Barrett M82, designated in the U.
  10. The rest of the space was designated for.
  11. Harry moved quietly to the designated chair.
  12. The Old Testament Jews are not so designated.
  13. The Church has also designated prayers for.
  14. It has been designated the highest priority.
  15. The designated evacuation zone was situated.
  16. The team designated him the franchise player.
  17. Louisiana designated the LCLD as the state dog.
  18. I thought that I may have been the designated.
  19. Druids had designated it sacred many years ago.
  20. Each major recruiting centre has a designated.
  21. His designated driver was clearly turning down.
  22. He wanted his designated driver to confront his.
  23. Weapons are designated by the ammunition they use.
  24. Today, 70% of all areas the EPA has designated as.
  25. What we here call combat may also be designated as.
  26. Both were designated national scenic trails in 1968.
  27. It is a festive occasion designated for reflection.
  28. I turned away and advanced into my designated space.
  29. You cannot leave the path designated to you only.
  30. God never designated himself as the cure for laziness.
  31. Hap looked at the sections designated as delegates’.
  32. Holographic numbers float above each designated block.
  33. As soon as we arrived to the designated spot I got the.
  34. He designated about half the scouts as infiltrators.
  35. As soon as we reached a designated spot I pointed to a.
  36. In OSPF, the hub must become the designated router (DR).
  37. Anne stepped up and took her place on the designated spot.
  38. It was wide, much like a road, with two designated lanes.
  39. Stan designated the doors on the left side of the hallway.
  40. England, is designated the prime meridian, and all points.
  41. Capture was an option but not a designated plan of action.
  42. Thankfully, we arrived at the designated spot in the nick.
  43. As soon as we arrive at the designated site I’ll convince.
  44. I went to the restaurant he designated and chose a booth in.
  45. Both kana and kanji have a designated stroke order ( kakijun).
  46. Grand Haven was officially designated Coast Guard City, U.
  47. When the designated day came, Izio arrived without the money.
  48. I bowed to my faux master, designated to me by my true master.
  49. Chantal, not yet as competent, was designated her sister’s.
  50. All camping will be done in designated areas only, and it is.
  51. None of them can be designated as the unique optimal solution.
  52. At the start of the steel problem, I was formally designated.
  53. She turned into the living room and sat in the designated chair.
  54. Diana Rivers had designated her brother inexorable as death.
  55. Reta and I discussed how slaves were designated as "house" or.
  56. MIQAT: Designated stations where pilgrims put on the Ihram garb.
  57. The next day, I reached the Ramada hotel at the designated time.
  58. I’ve designated sector three for them to drop out of warp.
  59. Gig: a ships boat designated for use by the commanding officer.
  60. Finally, you should put things in their designated storage areas.
  61. Expats seldom drive themselves and is issued a designated driver.
  62. It was the area designated for teaching and training new wizards.
  63. It's important that the ski area has a designated area for FDBs:.
  64. In response, Vyyn designated the Oriental man standing beside her.
  65. Some GN staff were standing in groups in the designated safe areas.
  66. He sat the convicted vampire on a seat designated as a witness box.
  67. Streetcars roll from the roundhouse and lineup on designated rails.
  68. There is no other designated place on the planet that God will rule.
  69. Ditherer trudged dejectedly back to his designated corner of the cell.
  70. The 3 countries can be designated in agreement with the sponsors’.
  71. So the head, the one person that is not designated head, is the woman.
  72. Its resting place is designated here in this cavern, amongst the rock.
  73. The two 20’ shipping containers arrived at the designated site –.
  74. A plaque besides the door designated it as the Warsaw Jewish Orphanage.
  75. I eat from a disposable paper plate, which has been designated as mine.
  76. It is the individual and the group in the designated paved the easy way.
  77. He had his men deployed all along the area of the designated landing site.
  78. The system at Homestead was designated by the Admiralty as such a system.
  79. There was a completely deterministic pathway that was designated by fate.
  80. I think this news is much more appropriate to be designated as headline.
  81. Such honors are reserved for those who have been designated by my Father.
  82. The next file to be released, designated R-12, was scheduled for Thursday.
  83. Stock Trader got home, and as always, went to his designated computer spot.
  84. Obolensky, who did deliver it, as was designated, after Tolstoi’s death.
  85. Yuff watched his designated driver leave a tip at the table and disappear.
  86. Those some were designated as terrorists for aiding and abetting the same.
  87. Receiver and giver are not designated for two different persons separately.
  88. One hour became two, and still no sign nor word from the contact designated.
  89. Prince Len ‘B’, who was the designated mission historian, raised a hand.
  90. Congress Heights was one of MPD’s designated hot spots for violent crimes.
  91. He was the designated driver of the armored Humvee (HMMWV, or High Mobility.
  92. Henri was, in fact, away on the evening they had designated for the exorcism.
  93. By competent authority is meant the authority designated by the member State.
  94. He was designated as maximum custody, at the top end of the restricted grade.
  95. Adding to the mystery, there was also another area designated for habitation.
  96. If tribes did not move to designated land by choice, they were taken by force.
  97. Save around 6% in some states by shopping on designated tax free shopping days.
  98. Established in 1946, Station Bayfield was designated as part of Group Sault Ste.
  99. Sophia and Dorini and Faria are now protected as Designated World Heritage Sites.
  100. A tablespoonful or a teaspoonful of any designated material is a LEVEL spoonful.
  1. The book value designates debt of.
  2. To see how this works, we set up a chart that designates.
  3. Why may not this man be the same whom Diodorus designates satrap of Cappadocia?
  4. This designates that it is used as a characterization or a likeness symbol for another symbol and not a.
  5. Paul describes the position and qualities of the regenerate man, whom he designates as one who is not in the flesh, but in the spirit.
  6. Kings of the East (, the way of)–The East designates the way of ascending truth, knowledge, wisdom and justice as symbolized by the sun.
  7. Since this is a sight symbol and related to the symbols, air, see and eyes, it designates both a knowledge and character hurdle to acquiring a crucial.
  8. Which Plato characteristically designates as a number concerned with human life, because NEARLY equivalent to the number of days and nights in the year.
  9. In the ancient sense it carries the same connotation as laws of the universe and designates axiomatic rules and understandings that organize, summarize, and describe larger bodies.
  10. Regarding the word Satan or devil, it designates one that is far from the truth, who will be burned and vulnerable to destruction when trying to institute aggression against the believers.
  11. Each of the other bridges then determines which of its ports can reach the root bridge with the lowest cost (called the root path cost) and designates it as the root port for that bridge.
  12. The acting moderator noted in closing that the office of President was still open but would be announced at the next Board meeting after the Chairman designates a person to fill this office.
  13. The reader will have no difficulty in understanding that Javert was the terror of that whole class which the annual statistics of the Ministry of Justice designates under the rubric, Vagrants.
  14. And the most remarkable thing of all is, that this same identical positive science recognizes the scientific method as the sign of true knowledge, and has itself defined what it designates as the scientific method.
  15. When asked how the ideal polity can come into being, he answers ironically, 'When one son of a king becomes a philosopher'; he designates the fiction of the earth-born men as 'a noble lie'; and when the structure is finally complete, he fairly tells you that his Republic is a vision only, which in some sense may have reality, but not in the vulgar one of a reign of philosophers upon earth.
  16. Kings of the East (, the way of)–The East designates the way of ascending truth, knowledge,.

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