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    1. Duncan gave a slight bow and as he started to ascend the steps he heard an altercation behind him

    2. minor altercation the previous week between two groups of

    3. was still in foul humour after the altercation with

    4. Cardinal because of the altercation with his wife? Yes, I

    5. 'Were you aware that your wife had an altercation with

    6. 'Did you tell him about Sandini's altercation with

    7. He told us about the altercation between

    8. After Hogan had left, the Prof turned to a group of scholars that had watched the altercation and he grinned

    9. Sebastian suspected he was a little embarrassed about their altercation earlier and wisely said nothing

    10. altercation was an essential part of a decent night out, and he was pleased that the evening had

    11. But I was not the only one looking at the landlady through new eyes all the war workers at the bar had watched the altercation and were now staring at Anne

    12. The confused pirates who had been putting out the fire turned their attention to this new altercation, while Lt

    13. She hoped Sicarius hadn’t had some altercation with the man that required

    14. Boxing, bleeding, shivering, and blocking they survived this altercation

    15. And I was the one who told you about that altercation in the bar

    16. was one of the men that was there with him during the altercation

    17. Haydar after an altercation attributed to alcohol consumption

    18. With her name later being a reminder of an altercation that actually became a turning point for better days, Forbes grew up as a devoted, playful and trea

    19. In displays of over the top self-defense and defense of her cell mate, Ren has broken the noses of 3 guards, permanently blinded 5 inmates in an altercation prompted over reading material and left another seven of the class six violent inmates in critical care facilities after a riot Monday morning, the morning of Dorece’s disappearance

    20. One of the prisoners named El Fuego had a problem with Loco since they had a small altercation in the prison yard where they go out for recreation a month ago prior

    21. That altercation ended with Loco slicing El Fuego's face with a sharp blade he had concealed in his jail uniform

    22. The two policemen had already had an altercation with a belligerent pensioner

    23. 1970s), her brother, had an altercation with their father

    24. The two suspects ran into the crowd after the altercation

    25. I received notice from the outside that one of the jury members had been part of an altercation that me and Mr 2 had also been involved in, to put it plain the dude got his ass kicked

    26. He went on to tell me that during an altercation at Charnwood shops his partner had been stabbed seven times and had died as a result of the wounds

    27. She had no contact with the outside world since the violent altercation she had had with her husband over her having decided Memes fate without his con-sent

    28. She suddenly heard loud voices in the column of vehicles, prompting her to walk quickly in the direction of the altercation

    29. “They hang out in Russell in the Bay of Islands, but they were involved in an altercation in Mt Eden on the Saturday night in question, to which the police were called

    30. Ordinarily, he loved it when an altercation erupted between cave mates, especially if one of the participants was Brumvack

    31. Ferdy Chicken, through the course of the altercation, had been a little surprised to see the stop sign

    32. off at Spencers where Bridget had a lil altercation with cashier dude because

    33. “Why did Diane D and her cousin Dana’s Aunt Patricia get into a physical altercation?” Gwendolyn asks

    34. “Because of all this scandal of Diane D’s husband getting horny when he saw Dana laying on the bed sleeping, then woke her up and had sex with her and accidentally knocks her up, getting her pregnant! According to this police report and rumors at the hospital where Diane D works at, Diane D flips out when she allegedly finds out, that her own husband accidentally gets her own cousin pregnant a second time, then allegedly tries to abort the unborn baby out of her own cousin herself a second time, then later gets arrested for it! Later on, Dana winds up getting an abortion by a real doctor, then Dana’s Aunt Patricia down in Jamaica hears about the abortion and comes all the way up from Jamaica, she later comes along with breast pumps and milk storage bottles planning to collect breast milk from Dana so she can sell it to a milk bank, but Diane D stops her, then Dana’s Aunt Patricia and Diane D wind up going at it getting into a physical altercation inside the grandparents‘ house, then Dana’s Aunt Patricia goes behind her family’s back with the breast pumps and milk storage bottles and collects breast milk from Dana anyway and winds up succeeding in selling it to a milk bank and actually gets paid for it, then later comes in the house with shopping bags of new milk storage bottles and runs right into Diane D inside the house

    35. Diane D sees the milk storage bottles inside the shopping bags realizing, that Dana’s Aunt Patricia is planning to collect breast milk from Dana, then Diane D and Dana’s Aunt Patricia go at it again getting into another physical altercation! The rest of the family burst into the house and try to break Diane D and Dana’s Aunt Patricia apart causing the shopping bags to rip apart, causing everything inside the bags including a soda bottle to fall and drop on the floor! Then Dana’s Aunt Patricia picks the soda bottle off the floor and clobbers Diane D right on the head with the soda bottle causing Diane D to fall out on the floor!”

    36. Aunt Patricia was supposed to stay here in New York another two months when she and I had that physical altercation and fallout

    37. But since she and I had that physical altercation and fallout, my grandfather Mike cut her visit short and made her leave sooner

    38. There was a furious altercation outside my taxi as the drivers surrounded

    39. In the car back to town an altercation

    40. fore engaging in any type of altercation

    41. “Your Excellency, there was an altercation between Joshua and Syd

    42. During the course of the altercation, Syd ran from Joshua, and we could see him racing up the mountainside with Joshua and two of the Warriors in pursuit

    43. “Has Henri been notified of his wife’s death? Or that his baby survived despite the dreadful altercation that claimed her life?” She knew that he was full of tricks and stories and she, for one, would not fall prey to his manipulations

    44. It will be strong just as God wants it to be, and the worldly life between husband and wife will take its course without any altercation, disturbance or estrangement at all

    45. license plate I had my hand in a splint due to an earlier altercation

    46. Morrison's voice below, in altercation apparently with him

    47. Morrison or any other decent woman look upon her flight from her father's home? Would they not turn away shuddering from what she now saw was a hideous selfishness and ingratitude? The altercation going on below rose rapidly in heat

    48. It had been Flanagan again who had called the police when he had that altercation with the reporter

    49. In December of 1987, there was an altercation – it doesn’t say who started it or what it was about – that ended up with Dr

    50. “Of course! Let’s save the day, young one,” he exclaimed, charging in the supposed direction of the supposed altercation

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