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    1. Vinegar: It bodes nothing good; if it is red, someone will abuse you; if it is white, a friend of yours will have an accident; if you drink vinegar, you will have a bad quarrel with a family member or a colleague at work

    2. If you lose a wheel of your car, you will quarrel with a family member

    3. The only other thing she's said is how quick you were to accept her after her quarrel with your sister

    4. The late war was altogether a colony quarrel ; and the whole expense of it, in whatever part of the world it might have been laid out, whether in Germany or the East Indies, ought justly to be stated to the account of the colonies

    5. The Spanish war which began in 1739 was principally a colony quarrel

    6. The third bounty of this kind was that granted (much about the time that we were beginning sometimes to court, and sometimes to quarrel with our American colonies), by the 4th

    7. Even Aspen was disturbed by his response, which held more than enough malice to start a quarrel

    8. The tenants of the clergy were, like those of the great barons, almost all tenants at will, entirely dependent upon their immediate lords, and, therefore, liable to be called out at pleasure, in order to fight in any quarrel in which the clergy might think proper to engage them

    9. The magistrates of Berne and Zurich, who had no particular quarrel with the pope, established with great ease the reformation in their respective cantons, where just before some of the clergy had, by an imposture somewhat grosser than ordinary, rendered the whole order both odious and contemptible

    10. So small a matter as the appointment of a parish priest, occasioned almost always a violent contest, not only in one parish, but in all the neighbouring parishes who seldom failed to take part in the quarrel

    11. My only quarrel with him to date has to do with his well-grounded observation that we cannot know the future

    12. Saldon snatched up his crossbow and loaded a quarrel

    13. In truth, she suspected the first quarrel would be the only real chance she had

    14. Expertly he slipped a quarrel into the recess, which accepted it silently

    15. Flesh’ailer stood to, now with his father’s sword, not taking his eyes off of the swaying serpent, whilst Saldon tensioned his bowstring and replaced the quarrel

    16. Like the crossbow quarrel, the knife stopped before it sank into his torso

    17. We have to ask though what is meant by winning COIN and as you can imagine this is one unnecessary quarrel

    18. The two Communist nations often did quarrel, but the end of their mutual alliance was almost a decade away

    19. It is to the lawyer's interest that persons should quarrel,

    20. Khevasiah aided in the angry quarrel right in front

    21. alive, that this man does send to me to recover a man of his leprosy? Now consider, I pray you, and see how he seeks a quarrel against

    22. Wilson, was getting supper, there was a clatter of dishes--an angry clatter, for Norman Douglas had just had a quarrel with Mrs

    23. “I quarrel with this doll sometimes

    24. There was a quarrel about these wells, as water was scarce, but Isaac kept on digging

    25. 26 And in those days, in the land of Canaan, there was a quarrel between the herdsmen of Esau and the herdsmen of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan, for Esau's cattle and goods were too abundant for him to remain in the land of Canaan, in his father's house, and the land of Canaan could not bear him on account of his cattle

    26. I tried to reassure Maggie without letting her know about our quarrel

    27. 88 And he said to them, Do not quarrel on the road, for this thing was from the Lord to keep a great people from starvation, for there will be yet five years of famine in the land

    28. 25 And I will bring a sword on you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when you are gathered together within your cities, I will send the pestilence among you; and you shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy

    29. Although Antonio was not accustomed to quarrel with his wife, he thought it necessary to be firm on that occasion

    30. 25 And I will bring a sword upon you, that shall avenge the quarrel of my covenant: and when ye are gathered together within

    31. 26 And in those days in the land of Canaan there was a quarrel between the herdsmen of Esau and the herdsmen of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan for Esau's cattle and goods were too abundant for him to remain in the land of Canaan in his father's house and the land of Canaan could not bear him on account of his cattle

    32. 88 And he said to them Do not quarrel on the road for this thing was from the Lord to keep a great people from starvation for there will be yet five years of famine in the land

    33. “Your quarrel is with the leaders of our city and, therefore, only with me

    34. As he returned to the men who had stood with him in last night’s quarrel, he felt something worse than regret, it was resignation

    35. As he returned to the men who had stood with him in last night's quarrel, he felt something

    36. 2 But let not anyone who has a quarrel with his companion join with you until they be reconciled that your sacrifice may not be polluted

    37. Your father and Zeus are having their worst quarrel in centuries

    38. Both these women had a quarrel over a single baby

    39. funny to eavesdrop on their joyful quarrel about where to

    40. -Cirila, since you are out please try to quarrel if the Book continues in the house – Suggested Drefno

    41. “I cut off one of his heads! He’ll not soon quarrel with a butterfly again

    42. I have no quarrel with its principles, only with the abject ignorance of its people concerning foreign affairs matters

    43. The longer they took to work out their options, the more likely it was that that they would realise that their quarrel lay not with Hubris, but with Reave, their erstwhile employer, and that an unsanctioned murder without payment was a poor business model

    44. He did not quarrel with them, and they were careful not to quarrel with him

    45. The quarrel became a feud, the feud an open war

    46. Facts never quarrel with real spiritual faith; theories may

    47. True science can have no lasting quarrel with true religion

    48. The girl who had mediated many a playground dispute or quarrel naturally hung out her shingle as the community's first lawyer

    49. “Forgive my intrusion,” said the man, his voice more neutral, “I was just wondering the woods, savoring the scent of the night’s air, when my ears happened to stumble upon your quarrel not too long ago…”

    50. because of quarrel or exile

    1. It has been our policy in the past to remain neutral in these regional quarrels but now that stance has appeared to have changed

    2. unison and there were no quarrels

    3. Family quarrels and storming out of houses was not uncommon, either

    4. chicken crate,” the younger of the two said, “and come out with your hands open, or it’ll be crossbow quarrels up the nose

    5. It was as if the last war and the one that swiftly approached were just petty quarrels between siblings

    6. strifes, quarrels, bad feelings, etc

    7. When Andrew came to Jesus with these questions, he would always say: "It is not wise for the host to participate in the family troubles of his guests; a wise parent never takes sides in the petty quarrels of his own children

    8. A volley of crossbow quarrels routed the mob, and a charge of horsemen littered the market with bodies, but Athemides was smuggled out of the city to plead with Trocero to retake Tamar, and march to aid Shamar

    9. The bowmen began loosing as they advanced, without breaking ranks, launching their quarrels with a whir and tang

    10. sox?) and quarrels with

    11. angry that he criticized me: "The kid is so ill and how can you still study Fa and practice it, are you the mother of this girl?" At these words, I argued confidently: "A practitioner will benefit the entire family, our girl will be just fine!" Ever since, our quarrels have never stopped and my husband proposed divorce several times out of anger

    12. After several failed attempts to produce economically viable or satisfactory results and quarrels with the MoD over their design specifications that could not support the purpose of the plane’s mission, her company had been confronted with the possibility that the lucrative contract, a portion of which was concealed behind the well-publicized one that had already been awarded and was part of the scandal involving her husband, could be cancelled, so she resorted to the option she had long considered the most daring—partnering with the famous aviator and oilman, Howard R

    13. That it did is an enormous tribute to the patience of Eisenhower and Churchill stepping in time after time to intercede in bitter quarrels

    14. Wickland nodded even though he could not fully understand quarrels in married life

    15. Another, much smaller sign besides the entrance door said ‘Welcome, whoever you are, but leave your quarrels at the door’

    16. On the other hand, if that gold and silver is going to be used by King Charles to simply buy himself more personal luxuries and to pay for more soldiers in order to pursue his stupid internal quarrels, then we won’t let him grab those chests

    17. Every other day there were heated arguments and quarrels in our house

    18. But all those meaningless quarrels he had had with Sarek now made sense, and why he had always felt better whenever he vacated Sarek’s home and went for a walk

    19. I know that quarrels would never last long,

    20. Violence, fights, quarrels and wars have never helped us in any form

    21. Look where we will, we see confusion, quarrels, wars between nations, helplessness of statesmen, discontent and grumbling of the lower classes, excessive luxury among the rich, extreme poverty among the poor, intemperance, impurity, dishonesty, swindling, lying, cheating, covetousness, heathenism, superstition, formality among Christians, decay of vital religion,�these are the things which we see continually over the whole globe, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America

    22. Family quarrels, and envies, and jealousies break up the peace of many a household, and are a worm at the root of many a rich man's happiness

    23. It is a kingdom in which there shall be no quarrels, no losses, no crosses, no disappointments, no wicked children, no bad servants, no faithless friends

    24. It was thus, the might of the Arab tribes, hitherto misdirected in internecine quarrels, was to become the force of Islam that dared the world to undo the historical wrong done to Ishmael

    25. are often the source of many problems, conflicts and quarrels,

    26. New quarrels arise out of impulse that has the wheel of change

    27. quarrels on petty matters

    28. It is perfectly normal for a mother to have a great desire to see her son married and have a family of his own, and when her son said to her, ‘But Mother! There would soon be arguments and quarrels between you and a daughter-in-law,so why are you in a rush for me to be married?’ She replied, ‘I would truly love her and put all her comforts and needs before mine

    29. You notice that a man who is quarreling does not feel something that befalls him during his quarrels, or any other sudden event, even if it was the stab of a knife

    30. mock tournament with reedspears; #tener toros y —s#, to have quarrels and disagreements

    31. He quarrels with his officers, and doesn't like anything but war

    32. quarrels, and adds any word, with sense or without, thatcomes to his mind

    33. She would unjustly harass students and would pick up quarrels on flimsy excuses

    34. Many time people would argue for the distribution of the food which sometimes led to serious quarrels

    35. Love is the one who quarrels with you, then makes it up again

    36. It is of course lamentable that our writing to each other should have been, as you say it was, so often the cause of quarrels

    37. Has she not got over the conjugal quarrels of the first married years? Has she not filled her nurseries and become indefinite in outline? And do not these things make for content? If thoughts of rebellion enter her head, she need only look honestly at her image in the glass to be aware that it is not her kind that will ever wring concessions from the other sex

    38. Quarrels and fights between country wenches would be incited forher to

    39. But as the food supplies began to dwindle, or parcels become less selective, quarrels broke out

    40. former gives the handle to domestic quarrels; but as they

    41. Alex and his sister Maria grew up in a household of quarrels and tensions, of days when no money was available for even the purchase of food, of days when they were sent away from school because the school fees were long overdue

    42. She had been invited to dinner after all the meetings, conferences, arguments, protestations and quarrels were over, by one of her colleagues and was, now, literally worn out and ready for bed

    43. The pressures and the quarrels went on and on and somehow they heard that a man called Magdi was a sort of busybody alter ego of mine, that he was loaded, and they asked to meet him but wily old Magdi would have none of it

    44. He told me that a week after I left, the situation was so bad and the pressures and quarrels so tumultuous and unending, that he fainted in the factory and gave in his resignation

    45. Theirs was a tempestuous relationship with quarrels every other day and then reconciliations; constant jealousies and I suppose not a few infidelities on both 48

    46. There were no quarrels, no hard words, no arguments, just complete silence between them

    47. But, no, she had to know every detail and of course there were quarrels and recriminations at home and it is a wonder Telly, himself, did not leave the house

    48. She often brooded and tried to analyze past quarrels deep and fading in her memory and this introversion far from helping her, threw her deeper in depression

    49. Their relationship deteriorated and quarrels became the order of the day

    50. Despite the quarrels and the infidelities that followed, on both sides

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