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    1. entire aperture had been sealed with chicken wire to stop pigeons roosting

    2. Bending down on one knee, he tried to spy her through the keyhole, so as to try to ascertain her present mood before beginning, but found the aperture blocked by one of her nightgowns hanging on the other side of the door

    3. He reeled drunkenly, and then, with a splintering of bones, a rending of flesh and muscle and a snapping of mail-links, his breast burst outward with a shower of blood, and through the ghastly aperture something red and dripping shot through the air into the Master's outstretched hand, as a bit of steel leaps to the magnet

    4. When Zabibi was jerked head-first through the aperture which opened in the wall behind the idol, her first, dizzy, disconnected thought was that her time had come

    5. The aperture was empty, and it did not look as if it had ever served as a crypt for treasure

    6. Even as he fell he spread wide his arms and caught the edges of the aperture that gaped beneath him

    7. Conan's sword was lifted as he peered into the aperture beyond, but he saw no shape of menace

    8. A quick glance across at the aperture where the stars shone, a glance down at the chest that still blazed open on the blood- smeared altar, and he saw and seized the desperate gamble

    9. Growling an objurgation in her ear, he snatched her up under his free arm and swept her, in a flutter of limply waving arms and legs, across the arch and into the aperture that opened at the other end

    10. Without bothering to set her on her feet, he hurried through the short tunnel into which this aperture opened

    11. When the fierce countenances looked over the ledge of the aperture, it was to see the Cimmerian and the girl disappearing into the forest that surrounded the cliffs

    12. Quickly he lifted it, and without hesitation lowered himself into the aperture beneath

    13. work, they had enlarged the aperture to allow the others to cross over to

    14. Apparently if they can squeeze their head through an aperture, they can get their entire body through

    15. I started breathing, same as usual, making my mouth aperture smaller, gearing up my breath, zinging it up, feeling the current, both eyes focussed on the dot on the wall

    16. In the strained light of the street lamp she checked the address once more before forcing its bulk through the aperture

    17. protruding rock to discover that entry could be gained through an aperture of

    18. and stared through the tiny small aperture

    19. the shower water aperture to split into two for Sue and I as Sue came over

    20. With a shot of pain to his forehead, the world's aperture opened upon Johnny Potato's head, lungs and mind

    21. And then, in whatever state she was in at that point, she somehow shielded us from the ravages of the spaces Between while that construct died,” he paused, “And then, brought us here – I can only assume through whatever aperture Bathory tore open for her own escape

    22. I waited instead, eyeing the activity as if before the aperture at the tip of a needle, so when the truth at last came sweeping down, it was far too to vast absorb all at once, and I leaped back to claim shelter from the apocalypse it revealed

    23. The reason of the phenomenon is, that each point in the sun’s disc sends forth a pencil of rays, which depicts on the ground a tiny image of the aperture, and an infinity of these little polygons makes up a little round, or image of the whole surface of the sun

    24. Thus, too, the Divine Image is formed on the hearts of men of many persuasions, and of various beliefs, notwithstanding the figure of their receptive faculty; the Holy Beams, when they come direct to the soul, having a power of depicting the likeness of God, even when they enter through the smallest aperture of intelligence, or through the most jagged peculiarities of opinion

    25. Men fear that if but a single window be opened into a world of mind, in at that aperture will glare the frightful blaze of the Divinity of Rome and Geneva, under whose terrors so many generations of our ancestors have groaned and died

    26. He kept his word; twice a day he cast out, through the barred aperture, the provisions his jailer brought him—at first gayly, then with deliberation, and at last with regret

    27. In a moment that part of the floor on which Dantes was resting his two hands, as he knelt with his head in the opening, suddenly gave way; he drew back smartly, while a mass of stones and earth disappeared in a hole that opened beneath the aperture he himself had formed

    28. Edmond was obliged to assist him, for otherwise he would not have been able to enter by the small aperture which led to Dantes' chamber

    29. At length they spoke together, earnestly, in the Delaware language, when Uncas, passing by the inner and most concealed aperture, cautiously left the cavern

    30. Duncan seized a pile of the sassafras, which he drew before the passage, studiously concealing every appearance of an aperture

    31. The explosion soon followed; the upper rock was lifted from its base by the terrific force of the powder; the lower one flew into pieces; thousands of insects escaped from the aperture Dantes had previously formed, and a huge snake, like the guardian demon of the treasure, rolled himself along in darkening coils, and disappeared

    32. " He remained motionless and pensive, his eyes fixed on the gloomy aperture that was open at his feet

    33. Then he descended, a smile on his lips, and murmuring that last word of human philosophy, "Perhaps!" But instead of the darkness, and the thick and mephitic atmosphere he had expected to find, Dantes saw a dim and bluish light, which, as well as the air, entered, not merely by the aperture he had just formed, but by the interstices and crevices of the rock which were visible from without, and through which he could distinguish the blue sky and the waving branches of the evergreen oaks, and the tendrils of the creepers that grew from the rocks

    34. The aperture of the rock had been closed with stones, then this stucco had been applied, and painted to imitate granite

    35. The aperture was already sufficiently large for him to enter, but by waiting, he could still cling to hope, and retard the certainty of deception

    36. Scarcely, therefore, had the reflective Franz walked a hundred steps beneath the interior porticoes of the ruin, than, abandoning Albert to the guides (who would by no means yield their prescriptive right of carrying their victims through the routine regularly laid down, and as regularly followed by them, but dragged the unconscious visitor to the various objects with a pertinacity that admitted of no appeal, beginning, as a matter of course, with the Lions' Den, and finishing with Caesar's "Podium,"), to escape a jargon and mechanical survey of the wonders by which he was surrounded, Franz ascended a half-dilapidated staircase, and, leaving them to follow their monotonous round, seated himself at the foot of a column, and immediately opposite a large aperture, which permitted him to enjoy a full and undisturbed view of the gigantic dimensions of the majestic ruin

    37. Some few minutes had elapsed, and the stranger began to show manifest signs of impatience, when a slight noise was heard outside the aperture in the roof, and almost immediately a dark shadow seemed to obstruct the flood of light that had entered it, and the figure of a man was clearly seen gazing with eager scrutiny on the immense space beneath him; then, as his eye caught sight of him in the mantle, he grasped a floating mass of thickly matted boughs, and glided down by their help to within three or four feet of the ground, and then leaped lightly on his feet

    38. In an instant Beppo, a skilful workman, made a small hole in the wet plaster, dropped in the pearl, and with a few touches covered over the aperture once more

    39. It was almost as narrow as a corridor, with a small square aperture, barred by a heavy grating, at the distant end

    40. It was indeed the full moon which shone straight down the aperture which opened upon the cliffs

    41. The outline of the Malvinas or the Falkland Islands had been cut out of the metal sheet, so the visitor might view the beauty of mountains and the waters of the harbor through the jagged aperture representing the lost territories

    42. Raoul turned to the luminous aperture

    43. 95-m (3-ft 1-in) aperture and 1

    44. The window blind blew back with the wind that rushed in, and in the aperture of the broken panes there was the head of a great, gaunt gray wolf

    45. He approached the hut; its door consisted of a very low and narrow aperture, and it resembled those buildings which road-laborers construct for themselves along the roads

    46. any cost, to enlarge the aperture still further

    47. third arch of the Pont de Jena, the new stone with which, the two years previously, the mining aperture made by Blucher to blow up the bridge had been stopped up, was still recognizable on account of its whiteness

    48. He fumbled in his pocket, drew out his purse, opened it, and took out a small key; he inserted the key in a lock whose aperture could hardly be seen, so hidden was it in the most sombre tones of the design which covered the wall-paper; a secret receptacle opened, a sort of false cupboard constructed in the angle between the wall and the chimney-piece; in this hiding-place there were some rags—a blue linen blouse, an old pair of trousers, an old knapsack, and a huge thorn cudgel shod with iron at both ends

    49. At the bottom of this plate, an aperture had been pierced exactly similar to the orifice of a letter box

    50. The plaster which should have filled this cavity was missing, and by mounting on the commode, a view could be had through this aperture into the Jondrettes' attic

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