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Frasi con tear (in inglese)

And I was a tear.
I wipe away a tear.
He wipes away a tear.
I wiped a tear away.
She wiped away a tear.
A tear fell: one only.
A tear fell down her.

I will be in the tear.
And shed a bitter tear.
A tear was in her eye.
To tear down all the.
She started to tear up.
But a tear slipped out.
Not even one tear shed.
The tear fed the river.
She wiped a tear from.
She blinked away a tear.
It would tear him apart.
A tear lands on her face.
A tear fell from my eye.
I felt a tear run down.
Do not tear this one off.
And tear down the walls.
She begins to tear them.
He could tear down and.
Go tear that shit up!.
A tear fell onto his arm.
Then she began to tear up.
To build up or tear down.
That he should shed a tear.
A tear slid down her face.
A tear rolled down my face.
Now was the time for a tear.
A tear fell to the asphalt.
Kate’s eyes began to tear.
I saw her wipe away a tear.
It was a tear of happiness.
I could not tear them away.
A tear rolls down her cheek.
There was a tear in his eye.
It is tearing her apart.
He was tearing her apart.
This is tearing him apart.
I felt myself tearing up.
Test by tearing one apart.
It was a time of the tearing.
It was tearing her apart ….
It was tearing up this little.
This does deserve tearing down.
His bloodshot eyes were tearing.
As the guard came tearing around.
Tearing through the cloak of hope.
Not knowing was tearing at his soul.
The tearing down of walls had begun.
I spent all day tearing myself apart.
Both of our eyes were tearing up also.
King Luke is tearing the gibbets down.
The tearing of the canvas led to more.
Sonya had been caught once tearing out.
I felt like my body was tearing to bits.
Angela kept laughing, tearing up a little.
There was a sound like wet paper tearing.
They are no longer tearing him to pieces.
The web was tearing and the net shredding.
Just as he was about to start tearing the.
They resisted tearing and developing runs.
Instead of tearing down, I wanted to build.
Danny wiped at his tearing eyes and yawned.
He comes here every week, tearing my girls.
When I was tearing her apart, I was on fire.
Thank you, Samuel she said tearing up.
I bet he's tearing his and his wife's hair.
I helped him by tearing up the lettuce for.
The sound was like the tearing of thin cloth.
It was like a great tearing of cloth or flesh.
Each time tearing slim strips from his heart.
More wounded fell back tearing holes in the.
Some would say that’s the tearing down part.
Tearing up Mother Earth to line their pockets.
They surrounded him, began tearing him apart.
In a world torn –.
And torn from the sky.
I have been torn to.
He felt torn into two.
I am that torn in two.
And torn at the seams.
It had been torn open.
She had been torn open.
Ben, it was all torn up.
It was torn in a minute.
In a world which is torn.
The monk doctor was torn.
The VP himself was torn.
Torn her away from Elior.
It had been torn in half.
Her heart was being torn.
And it was torn from her.
She was torn, he could see.
Why her clothes were torn.
Brutus is torn up real bad.
The head had been torn off.
The last veil is torn away.
The door had been torn off.
His snout was really torn.
The book was torn and faded.
Though old and torn, it can.
His jeans were torn to shreds.
You are truly torn in two.
The bottom half was torn away.
Thomas face was torn with rage.
You’ve torn the house apart.
Body torn up, limbs missing.
The Temple inner vail was torn.
Rita’s life was now torn to.
They were torn into long strips.
Families have been torn apart;.
She was torn between her duties.
His rock head had been torn off.
To My Tears Of Sap.
In a land sans tears.
Then I saw the tears.
I bit back my tears.
My tears are for you.
Tears came to her eyes.
She had tears in her.
Tears are in her eyes.
Of tears on my pillow.
It would end in tears.
Tears for the past week.
Tears sprung to my eyes.
And see water in tears.
Zeno was close to tears.
My eyes fill with tears.
Tears fell from my eyes.
I brush away the tears.
He was almost in tears.
Tears well up her eyes.
Tears fell down my face.
They that sow in tears.
Clare shed a few tears.
The tears I was denied.
Tears ran down her face.
Her tears began to flow.
She cried tears of rage.
Tears ran down his face.
Tears sprang to her eyes.
Yes tears they did shed.
With tears in your eyes.
Tears of The White Wolf.
It always ends in tears.
The tears on thy cheeks.
My tears are in the rain.
Tears well up in my eyes.
Tears welled in her eyes.
With tears in her eyes.
Till he bowed with tears.
And he tore his hair.
I tore up a rail!.
She tore at his face.
But you tore it more.
A scream tore the air.
It tore a very little.
Nurse tore into the guy.
I tore a corner of the.
They tore it into pieces.
Floy tore out of nowhere.
Raoul tore at his gloves.
The second tore it down.
A WHORE: He tore his coat.
Larc tore his shirt open.
My heart tore into pieces.
We tore across the street.
Richard tore off his coat.
Captain, he tore sein rock.
The blouse tore even more.
David tore his gaze away.
Sobs tore out again and Mrs.
Li-Li tore open the package.
The wave tore through the.
A wave of panic tore at me.
The cuffs tore at my wrists.
I tore up the envelope? Yes.
Bill tore off his ear piece.
His sobs tore at her heart.
Jack tore back up the stairs.
A horrible sound tore from.
As it were, tore himself away.
He tore off the old bandage.
Captain, he tore _sein rock_.
Zayn’s dogs tore him apart.
They tore me apart with the.
She tore you up pretty bad.
A gust of passion never tore.
Maleth tore the side seam of.
A screech tore through the air.
Once inside, they tore apart.

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