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Frasi con autumn (in inglese)

  1. It was the start of autumn.
  2. It was a dark autumn night.
  3. And autumn turns to spring.
  4. It was a warm Autumn evening.
  5. Autumn was not her real name.

  6. It was a perfect autumn day.
  7. To foal in the autumn shades.
  8. It was a warm rainy autumn day.
  9. Where I live, autumn is ending.
  10. The autumn of that year was a.
  11. Autumn is the main mulching time.
  12. Autumn would be best, he thought.
  13. Autumn, you should come with me.
  14. And a smell of the autumn leaves.
  15. Doris followed suit with Autumn.

  16. That year the autumn season late.
  17. Autumn coughed from beneath Doris.
  18. Watching the east, the autumn sky.
  19. And held my hand that autumn day.
  20. The dog smelled just like autumn.
  21. The coming of life's Autumn drear.
  22. The smell of autumn was in the air.
  23. Though the wind of autumn mocked;.
  24. Leg it! he shouted at Autumn.
  25. All of them, Autumn insisted.

  26. The autumn season was in full swing.
  27. Late autumn and winter are a great.
  28. The autumn night was fresh and calm.
  29. The autumn sunshine warmed his body.
  30. The autumn came with its long nights.
  31. It was a fine, early autumn lowveld.
  32. Also in the autumn there appeared a.
  33. Rod turned, to see Autumn behind him.
  34. Even in late autumn, they were still.
  35. The third will be ready by the autumn.
  36. The autumn wind sighed about the house.
  37. It’s autumn under the Southern Cross.
  38. Three litters born in autumn -- have.
  39. It was Autumn when I was there and the.
  40. And then comes autumn, he filled in.
  41. He breathed in deeply of the late autumn.
  42. Bunty Autumn! Said the girl plainly.
  43. It was a dark, rainy, windy, autumn night.
  44. The childing autumn, angry winter, change.
  45. I want to buy you out of Autumn Reigns.
  46. The Grand Wizard, King Spartan and Autumn.
  47. It was still autumn and the pipe was cold.
  48. Summer passed, then the autumn; winter came.
  49. In spring and autumn, it marks the equinox.
  50. Back in Lingus’ hut, Autumn was in pieces.
  51. She turns over, the Autumn leaves of Spring.
  52. He is shaking like a leaf in an autumn gale.
  53. It was a warm, rainy, and windy autumn night.
  54. I want me and Autumn to have foals together.
  55. A damp dull autumn morning was just dawning.
  56. In the autumn the Rostovs returned to Moscow.
  57. You were in here last year, in the autumn.
  58. I didn’t know Autumn as well as I thought.
  59. The summer passed, and the warm bright autumn.
  60. Yip, Jeeves was looking after Bunty Autumn.
  61. When last he’d been out it was autumn and.
  62. Me a male witch riding under the autumn moon.
  63. Autumn Leaf into the ground and coldly said.
  64. That twinge of autumn again in my beloved heat.
  65. I felt a heat containing the colors of autumn.
  66. Behind the garden, a full-grown Autumn Cherry.
  67. We’ll get it when we come back in the autumn.
  68. That autumn paints the leaves with somber fire.
  69. To the beeches of Neldoreth I came in the Autumn.
  70. The present autumn season was truly the best of.
  71. Ignoring him, Autumn moved on to the next couple.
  72. The air is crisp and clean with early autumn cool.
  73. There lay autumn leaves around me and I shivered.
  74. By the next autumn she was gay again, gay as ever.
  75. The autumn wind changed its tempo and temperature.
  76. Autumn, which had threatened for a time, was gone.
  77. But Autumn quickly established her domain, inside.
  78. For example, an early autumn, followed by a mild.
  79. In early autumn, berries are converted into fruit.
  80. Autumn led them out of the village, into the woods.
  81. By Wednesday it looked as though autumn had begun.
  82. In autumn the leaves come blowing, yellow and brown.
  83. In fact, autumn is the best time for selling short.
  84. But until Autumn, 1998, this desire had only been a.
  85. There it was cool and quiet, with a scent of autumn.
  86. By late autumn, we were approaching the Mongol River.
  87. I think she wants you to run, Autumn told them.
  88. I wait until the autumn comes And I will be no more.
  89. Autumn was in the cage, bent over the fallen Watcher.
  90. In both woody and grassy places in summer and autumn.
  91. It was a little dry for autumn and warm, but not hot.
  92. In the autumn, new trials and experiences came to Meg.
  93. The river was cold and swollen from the autumn rains.
  94. He had red-brown hair the colour of leaves in autumn.
  95. It was autumn, and, as they say, the peak of foliage.
  96. In every black curl of his dog-hair he carried autumn.
  97. Soon that autumn gave way to the first pangs of winter.
  98. The cold of autumn had come swiftly and angrily that.
  99. An autumn leaf, very crisp, fell somewhere in the dark.
  100. His voice was as dry as the rustling of autumn leaves.

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