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Frasi con baby (in inglese)

  1. You are but a baby.
  2. He was just a baby.
  3. He ate like a baby.
  4. I have my own baby.
  5. He is still a baby.

  6. How sad for the baby.
  7. I want it all, baby.
  8. Oh, don't be a baby.
  9. The baby or my wife?
  10. The baby is in a.
  11. But, she had the baby.
  12. But there is no baby.
  13. The baby could be a.
  14. The baby is too large.
  15. Son held the baby girl.

  16. And the baby is a boy.
  17. They have a baby girl.
  18. I would have the baby.
  19. I handed her the baby.
  20. It'll be a whole baby.
  21. The baby of the family.
  22. I love you, baby girl.
  23. The baby is born happy.
  24. I looked up at Baby Man.
  25. I have this baby here.

  26. This one was a baby.
  27. You can stop this, baby.
  28. Then the baby was out.
  29. Your Baby once told me.
  30. Have fun making a baby.
  31. A little baby is coming.
  32. I can't do that, baby.
  33. The baby died in infancy.
  34. When the baby is born.
  35. Baby I have to ask why?
  36. You sleep like a baby.
  37. Look at those baby ones.
  38. Don't be that dead baby.
  39. She looked at the baby.
  40. I didn’t kill her baby.
  41. I’m not a little baby.
  42. If he is Baby Face, Mrs.
  44. Julie was a crack baby.
  45. I crashed out like a baby.
  46. My wife is having a baby.
  47. No rain for his baby yet.
  48. She too was still a baby.
  49. Baby Doc, and his father.
  50. I'm going to have a baby.
  51. Not a baby or a child.
  52. A baby can be fussy for.
  53. Paul, I’m not a baby.
  54. We have a baby to save.
  55. Be careful with my baby.
  56. Chotkin had a baby with.
  57. She wants the baby, but.
  58. Sing to me and my baby.
  59. He was my baby, Clayton.
  60. But baby, this is the.
  61. Rose was a bitty baby.
  62. I guess it's for us, baby.
  63. Diaper and dress the baby.
  64. We couldn’t have a baby.
  65. The picture of Baby Face.
  66. He never wanted a baby.
  67. Just then the Baby kicked.
  68. The baby isn’t ready to.
  69. The baby was the last step.
  70. The baby girl could bring.
  71. Was she a pretty baby?
  72. My baby brother is in the.
  73. Nice to have you home baby.
  74. That's a great idea, baby.
  75. Bang bang on the door baby.
  76. In a few minutes the baby.
  77. Baby, don't worry about it.
  78. The tar baby did not speak.
  79. Well they had a baby,.
  1. But while Shana needed to be babied and.
  2. I just always doted on him, I babied him—how could you not? That face.
  3. They babied Hazel and pampered him until his eyes were damp with appreciation.
  4. Even though it was watered, and fertilized, and babied like no other tree has before or since.
  5. After it, he took her home and babied her for a week to make sure she recuperated and was fine.
  6. She babied it with routine aspirin doses to thin the blood and prevent putting any undo pressure on the organ.
  7. He held the stick with a delicate grip as he babied it through the nibbles of a stall waiting for the right second to swing it in the direction he wanted.
  8. You might be nice and show kindness while you’re being pampered, but when you are no longer babied, how do you act? Do the gloves come off in the parking lot? Are you able to show face and be Christian while in the building, but as soon as there is traffic you can’t continue and remain in that peace and joy?
  1. Old Man and his Babies.
  2. The might of thy babies.
  3. Milk is for babies and.
  4. She was tired of babies.
  5. MAYA PEREZ HAD two babies.
  6. Babies were born at home.
  7. But you say… babies laugh.
  8. This holds true for babies.
  10. All babies squall and yell.
  11. Babies fly with bunny wings.
  12. And I had babies on my mind.
  13. Babies are on the receiving.
  14. I raised my babies in a hut.
  15. Herons are killers of babies.
  16. We were all expecting babies.
  17. The babies were still crying.
  18. To see all my babies again!.
  19. She never wanted the babies.
  20. When infants or babies do this.
  21. They are both such big babies.
  22. We heard cries of babies and.
  23. I don‘t have any babies yet.
  24. Everyone else is having babies.
  25. Look at how babies are clothed.
  26. Having more fat babies faster.
  27. You just are happy and babies.
  28. Most babies sleep all the time.
  29. Rats bit babies in East Harlem.
  30. Everyone wants babies and shit.
  31. Babies are born with no circles.
  32. I had never been around babies.
  33. Those babies could be anywhere.
  34. Daughters that were once babies.
  35. The babies suffered no injuries.
  36. Most of us are honeymoon babies.
  37. Babies are born without kneecaps.
  38. Gah, I know nothing about babies.
  39. Having babies seems to suit her.
  40. As babies in Christ, we need to.
  41. She also wants to have your babies.
  42. Maybe the babies had been mixed up.
  43. But not for them; just for babies.
  44. Also, babies grow in the stomach.
  45. All I knew was that babies could.
  47. The training session is for babies.
  48. He volunteered to watch babies in.
  49. Babies die every day of smothering.
  50. That’s one of them big babies.
  51. The sun and wind wear babies out;.
  52. And from the babies to the old men.
  53. Maybe you’ve mixed up the babies.
  54. They were adopted as babies though.
  55. Most of them were women and babies.
  56. You should have given her babies.
  57. Yes, put him on his tummy! Babies.
  58. Mabel managed the babies masterfully.
  59. Babies are powerful beings, as they.
  60. I can’t wait to see those babies.
  61. She could have babies and everything.
  62. This answers why babies are capable.
  63. You know I always loved babies, Anne.
  64. Spent the morning with the new babies.
  65. Babies arrive in the most unexpected.
  66. My babies and sweet peas! How could I.
  67. Some babies had blood on their mouths.
  68. And raised 3 or 4 babies there safely.
  69. Maybe that wil protect the babies?
  70. If that's what's best for the babies.
  71. Babies are hungry for touch: not food.
  72. Inside the eggs, the babies wriggled.
  74. I just won’t have any more babies.
  75. I gathered the babies together and fled.
  76. Women first, unless there’s babies.
  77. Everyone having babies at the same time.
  78. She wants to practice holding babies.
  79. When babies use persuasion to be loved.
  80. I came to retrieve the babies you stole.
  81. The undead babies gathered around Jesus.
  82. It�s worser than with my other babies.
  83. What kind of babies? Willard asked.
  84. Both babies were cute and had brown hair.
  85. Babies bang their heads against the wall.
  86. ONE out of 10 babies is born difficult.
  87. The babies have done nothing to you!.
  88. Marriage and having babies is correlated.
  89. We are two little babies that haven't.
  90. Dead tumor abortion babies sing lullabies.
  91. It came from humans having too many babies.
  92. Suckling babies would be destroyed in Hell.
  93. Most babies sleep constantly, all the time.
  94. Mice with the faces of human babies, with.
  95. Babies cry from pain and coo from pleasure.
  96. She was there when both of my babies were.
  97. You let me know when those babies are born.
  98. But babies have mamas, Jake chimed in.
  100. From Steve: ‘Some babies are in need of.

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