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    1. indulge herself within the joyous pain of bestial desire

    2. I hoarded my daily ration of cigarettes, denying myself the luxury of nicotine relief for hours on end, until, like a binge drinker I felt compelled to indulge in some weird chain-smoking ritual, gorging on tar and smoke until I was physically sick

    3. " In fact Jalloo was a good portion of the variety he was supposed to indulge in and she considered that an important fringe benefit to this job

    4. She was the spider, this place and time her hunting ground, and with the primeval urge satisfied she would then indulge herself within the joyous pain of bestial desire

    5. I shall indulge my hunger there, and return in several days

    6. tools where they have indulge in personal one-to-one conversations with profiles that match

    7. The point is, significant reasons exist for me not to indulge in

    8. Indulge in the past! Glory the future by acting upon it! Act on

    9. He had regular business to conduct that detained him in some of those offices and many of the ladies with private workspace delayed him for the skills of his hands, one fringe benefit of life at the Kassikan he still allowed himself to indulge in

    10. I don't indulge in any of those myself and will not offer you any

    1. He looked at her to see any signs that she indulged herself in this also

    2. Dalton told me the story one night, about how her sister Lizzy had disgraced the family name and had been sent off with the culprit, whom she’d, indulged

    3. Sometime later I indulged in an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with a friend of mine, who was residing in a neighboring country

    4. The Princes (par nobile fratrum!) had serious thoughts, when in London, of bringing an action for slander against Governor Griffith and Sir Francis Scott, for stating that Prempeh indulged in the mild dissipation of occasional head-chopping; and thereby casting a reflection on the character and the integrity of the Ashanti Embassy then in London

    5. What was there that a royal prince, indulged as

    6. But he indulged the Patriarch, who seemed to be trying to veer him off course nevertheless:

    7. It would not serve God if they tarried and indulged themselves

    8. Hilderich indulged the avatar with a smile and took his seat

    9. Hilderich indulged the machine, taking a couple of steps back absent-mindedly while at the same time his head was turned upwards, his stare fixed on the unbelievably ugly and misplaced metal object which seemed to be the size of a large wardrobe or closet

    10. There was a bath down the hall, and Colling indulged himself with a hot soak before putting on fresh clothes before he would join the Countess for dinner

    1. Bolt indulges them, a vacuous grin on his face - click, whir, click, whir

    2. indulges in his love; not realizing what awaits them,

    3. It is a meaningless hodgepodge of (disconnected) images that courts subconscious impressions and private interpretations of what an observer believes he or she sees or tries to see or believes is seen that is oftentimes something other than what is actually seen; that is to say, it indulges an uncertain mood at an uncertain moment of consciousness that produces an uncertain effect on the mind

    4. teacher indulges in opinions

    5. Here, as part of the group’s activity, Roger indulges his literary curiosity with a visit to Juliet’s house (for Romeo and Juliet supposedly lived in Verona), and Lucille satisfies her musical itch by going to the opera at the city’s majestic “Arena”, a centuries-old Roman amphitheater with a gigantic stage that lends itself to the massive numbers of persons and animals in the production of “Aida”, a frequent summer presentation

    6. He who indulges in luxury and is deceived for one day and who does what he wishes is clothed with much foolishness and does not understand the act which he does until the morrow; for he forgets what he did the day before

    7. " "What kinds of luxury sir" I asked "are hurtful?" "Every act of a man which he performs with pleasure" he replied "is an act of luxury; for the sharp-tempered man when gratifying his tendency indulges in luxury; and the adulterer and the drunkard and the back-biter and the liar and the covetous man and the thief and he who does things like these gratifies his peculiar propensity and in so doing indulges in luxury

    8. She constantly indulges in the most infamous revelries, in which the unfortunate ladies of the court are forced to join, young married women as well as virgins

    9. “Therefore a man who indulges his animal passions, who lives by violence

    10. These are other powers as well in the world, but except Zulimistan and its allies, no other power indulges in such tumultuous and wicked activities

    1. And have connections to move freely after indulging in violence

    2. The natives of the world ahead of them live lives of ease and sloth, constantly intoxicated, constantly indulging in indiscriminate intercourse with strangers

    3. I started going there when I first moved to the area and would’ve become a member of the choir there had the whole Alastair thing not happened … my conscience just would not stomach me becoming a regular church member when I was indulging in breaking the seventh commandment

    4. ‘I don’t have time to waste indulging my curiosity in

    5. I should have just killed Psyche myself instead of indulging myself with the game of cat and mouse

    6. It is surely now time that our rulers should either realize this golden dream, in which they have been indulging themselves, perhaps, as well as the people ; or that they should awake from it themselves, and endeavour to awaken the people

    7. Land) Excessively indulging a child‘s every fancy and whim must further weaken a parent‘s standing as a teacher and proper role model

    8. compensate trauma by indulging masculine fallacies

    9. With his headlights materializing the world from the night, Truman imagined justifying himself to her by pointing out that it was foolishness for the government to think it could prevent the populace from indulging in its vices by banning them

    10. But I got the impression that Henrietta was indulging me in something that she did not totally

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