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Frasi con banning (in inglese)

  1. The wisdom of banning the blood:.
  2. The wisdom of banning the meat of carrion:.
  3. Banning this is also the conclusion reached by His Holiness.
  4. Banning only was not enough, theories of right faith should.
  5. Lying and deceiving others as to the reasons for banning the.
  6. The Dalai Lama has given two reasons for banning the practice.
  7. Guns sometimes prevent crime, but not as much as banning them does.
  8. In 1980, before I was allowed to sue the Navy, Ed Banning, Assistant.
  9. Last year as Bush signed the bill banning the torture of detainees he.
  10. Banning the slave trade was an issue Jefferson devoted decades of his life to.
  11. I wished their outrage extended to the Taliban’s banning of girls’ education.
  12. Banning the US international slave trade may have saved up to 200,000 African lives.
  13. The Wisdom of Banning the Meat of Carrion, Blood, the flesh of Swine and Strangled Animal:.
  14. Some inquirers asked him about the wisdom of banning the flesh of swine in Islam legislation.
  15. She did not advocate banning DDT, but only that reasonable regulations be applied to its use.
  16. The European Union, however, has maintained a closed-door policy, banning their use since 1998.
  17. The judges looked at each other, and said, There are no rules banning dolphins from a surf contest.
  18. Save the Bay has been working for banning the use of plastic bags so they don’t wind up in the bay.
  19. The banning of the Jewish Helvetia Rowing Club in 1933 is mentioned in Geschichte des Wassersports.
  20. They have very strict rules concerning sexual relations and Norm is currently considering banning it all.
  21. Along with a legal restraining order banning him from visiting her or the children before the divorce hearing.
  22. The EPA, against its own scientific evidence, issued orders banning both the use and manufacture of DDT in the United States.
  23. The clear and present danger of her predictions led eventually to the banning of DDT, the most effective mosquito killer known.
  24. If I had my way there would have been an Act of Parliament banning RFPs for anything more complicated than the purchase of paperclips.
  25. The Wisdom of Banning the Meat of Strangled Animal, those Beaten or Gored to Death, those Killed by Fall or Mangled by Beasts of Prey.
  26. Jefferson's compromise was to pass first the Embargo Act and then the Non-Intercourse Act, banning trade between the US and both Britain and France.
  27. The subsequent banning of DDT that began in the 1970s was inspired by a willful misinterpretation of Rachael Carson’s book Silent Spring published in 1962.
  28. Now we are going to reveal a side of the Godly wisdom beyond banning the flesh of swine, and we shall touch on the most important side in the proper site later.
  29. Even a cursory reading of the Quran would bring to the fore the paradox of banning books perceived as offensive to the religious sentiments of a community in a country.
  30. The League did achieve some very important breakthroughs, such as banning the use of lead in paint and establishing a proper law of the sea, but its political work proved a flop.
  31. Out of his love to the religion and wishing to ascertain the wisdom behind banning the meat of swine, this man set cutting the flesh of swine into pieces as small as the grain of barely.
  32. Then I found there is a worldwide network of laws and censorship concerning the Holocaust banning free speech and banning anyone from saying anything that went against the conventional version.
  33. Most of the people here had been to Alan’s universe and most agreed that he consumed an undue share of cherub space for his rank, but none was advocating shutting it down or banning his cherubs.
  34. Furthermore, all gibbon species are counted in Appendix 1 of the Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), banning all international commercial trade in the species.
  35. That she knowingly broke the rules banning insider trading needs to be properly dealt with lest her illegal investment activities encourage a pattern among other investors who may otherwise place themselves above the law.
  36. For example, when it hears the forbiddance to deal in usury or committing an adultery and when the verses related to the veil and the banning of intoxicants and gamble are recited to it, it recognizes that and believes in it.
  37. With his headlights materializing the world from the night, Truman imagined justifying himself to her by pointing out that it was foolishness for the government to think it could prevent the populace from indulging in its vices by banning them.
  38. In most states, laws were passes banning sex shop employees from freely demonstrating the practical use of the sex toys to customers during business hours, and women in general stopped thinking that blowing themselves up to prove a point was a good idea.
  39. Jesus goes to that place where the moneychangers are collecting money and banning Gentiles and says, My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations, but you have made it a den of thieves! This same mentality runs deep within all of mankind.
  40. Take-Back Laws: Through banning the disposal of landfills by burning, and implementing laws that require companies to take back products at the end of their useful lifetimes governments can help to minimize waste and the consequences of the disposal of used products.
  41. The Trilateral Commission on Hearings of Importance ruled it an activity that must be permitted, due to Abducted Ship Mazing being the official sport of the entire sector of the galaxy, which means banning or restricting it would be a gross affront to The Treaty of Manderbatt hammered out at the infamous Haurunbistle Tribunal.
  42. No one in America expected banning the sale, production, and consumption of alcohol to lead to wholesale racketeering, mob violence, and corruption on an unprecedented scale, but really, when you see the smuggling industry that arises just from customs duties, it wouldn’t have taken the greatest of minds to predict some sort of trouble if you took away people’s tipples.
  43. Does he niver say nowt of his fine living amang us, when he goes to t’ Grange? This is t’ way on ’t:—up at sun-down: dice, brandy, cloised shutters, und can’le-light till next day at noon: then, t’fooil gangs banning und raving to his cham’er, makking dacent fowks dig thur fingers i’ thur lugs fur varry shame; un’ the knave, why he can caint his brass, un’ ate, un’ sleep, un’ off to his neighbour’s to gossip wi’ t’ wife.
  1. All walls should be banned.
  2. High heel should be banned.
  3. All news papers were banned.
  4. He banned the use of Daivi.
  5. That stuff should be banned.
  6. The Chamorro language was banned.
  7. But now he has banned the worship of.
  8. The Hawaiian religion was also banned.
  9. They banned her from the meeting?
  10. It is a banned weapon! Kitara said.
  11. The book was a banned children’s book.
  12. In 1933, his book was banned by the Church.
  13. Music that can be heard outdoors is banned.
  14. But she never banned me from doing anything.
  15. He has banned a prayer which he himself.
  16. The Hawaiian language was banned until 1986.
  17. So is that why I got banned? she asked.
  19. The sale of Cholestin has been banned in the.
  20. They banned dog fighting in the country during.
  21. You are hereby banned from further contact!.
  22. But if that’s the case, we’ll be banned from.
  23. He banned the demons from entering this area, and.
  24. A few weeks later, the Taliban banned kite fighting.
  25. Case in point, the USDA banned downers on December.
  26. First published in1930 but was banned by the British.
  27. In China, video game consoles were banned in June 2000.
  28. It is a banned book in most if not all of our public.
  29. It needs to be permanently banned in the United States.
  30. Then why is it banned? Emily yelled over the music.
  31. Any book that suggested democracy was completely banned.
  32. They kept asking about banned books hidden in the manor.
  33. He tolerated nothing and banned even children’s books.
  34. It probably still contained chemicals long since banned.
  35. The Government of India banned Sati in the mid-1950s and in.
  36. Other parties were often banned, and opponents assassinated.
  37. Aren't they banned from doing that? a young woman asks.
  38. While the government has also banned the sales of cigarettes.
  39. On November 2, 2007, the Willington municipality banned the.
  40. We banned costumes at the school for over a decade after that.
  41. Then the government announced that Falun Gong was banned as a.
  42. Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh banned forced marriages within his.
  43. Falun Gong was defined as a cult and banned by Chinese govern-.
  44. Germany even permanently banned the Nazi Party and its symbols.
  45. Banned the ham from the brain concert concept is not acceptable.
  46. On July 22, 1999, after the Chinese government banned Falun Gong.
  47. The Genesis technology was banned by a Federation Klingon treaty.
  48. So why were the three of you banned from the house? I asked.
  49. This totally caught him by surprise as I was banned from the city.
  50. The CO is banned from punishing or influencing members in any way.
  51. She has to do all of that while she’s banned from performing.
  52. Olsen had been banned from the card tables, but that didn’t matter.
  53. They were often banned to the playroom, without much coercion from Li.
  54. The Northwest Ordinance banned slavery in new northern states in 1787.
  55. I remember my sisters and brothers sometimes smuggled banned books home.
  56. Also the Vatican accused her as a sinner, who would be banned from.
  57. Most other northern states banned slavery after the American Revolution.
  58. Although such cruel games are now theoretically banned, they are still.
  59. What it showed was that in that country television was banned till 1975.
  60. Since the beginning, the OWG banned the Masses from that continental area.
  61. Church but was banned in the time of King Constantine - END OF PSALM 151).
  62. Having children with non-Readers gets you banned from the Reader community.
  63. Anyhow, the end result was that in 1989, Alaska banned open-net fish farming.
  64. Power is abused then you will require that the character be changed or banned.
  65. I think this type of fishing is banned in Hungary, but it is quite legal here.
  66. By unanimous vote, we banned anyone over nineteen from serving on the Council.
  67. Sex was forbidden by law, except for procreation, even the word sex was banned.
  68. You told Diane D that she is banned from performing at the next concert?
  69. The upshot was that dissection was banned in principle and tolerated in practice.
  70. Many Americans were strongly opposed to slavery long before it was finally banned.
  71. Political parties were banned, with usually only a single candidate on the ballot.
  72. Later they marched in large numbers to enter territory that was banned for Indians.
  73. Members found breaking these rules, were then banned from further use of that site.
  74. Linda was secretly pleased that Golden Dawn supporters were banned from the island.
  75. If the Google toolbar is completely gray, this means you have been banned by Google.
  76. I think the book was banned all over the place, like libraries and such.
  77. But Al-Khidr (one of God’s saints) banned him from entering Baghdad for seven years.
  78. Short-sellers shouldn't be reviled or banned; most should be celebrated and encouraged.
  79. If he's feeling generous, I might just get away with being banned from entering the US.
  80. Banned the use of Super Soldiers, and from that point on, they were only used in.
  81. After Falun Gong was banned by Chinese government according to law in 1999, he went to.
  82. Finally, procedures such as partial birth abortions should be rightly condemned and banned.
  83. America doesn’t torture anybody, right? We didn’t use torture before Congress banned it.
  84. She forsook her babybot when she was eleven, six years before they were banned and collected.
  85. Derrick suspected this was mainly because she didn't want Plovert to get banned, but whatever.
  86. The stage act that everyone paid money to see was banned in Queensland, being classed as lurid.
  87. No scientific hypothesis had been banned or suppressed by religious teachers or kings in India.
  88. The practice of the Tithe, or taxation by the Church, will also be banned in those territories.
  89. The RSM banned the Hyena’s platoon to the rear, where they were less likely to embarrass him.
  90. Not only was he chatting on a banned programme but he’d closed several of her word documents!.
  91. For the past few weeks, I have felt like an author whose book was fortuitously banned somewhere.
  92. In 1987 at the Montreal Protocol the conference decided that Freon should be banned and President.
  93. Weapons were banned by the Global Council for the last 400 years and none thus existed until 3384.
  94. Note: Black Hat SEO is simply doing all of the things that can get you banned by the search engines.
  95. All parties were banned, universities were closed, and several thousand Bolivians murdered or fled.
  96. He took out his cigarettes and was about to light up when he remembered that smoking was banned in pubs.
  97. If you notice any websites with a Google Page Rank of 0, this "could" mean they've been banned by Google.
  98. With this system individuals could be banned or restricted to some areas…the permutations are unlimited.
  99. Since a member that had been banned, merely signed up at another free dating site and carried on as before.
  100. Further travel through time has been banned ever since and all the pertaining equipment has been dismantled.
  1. Our government bans it, but shouldn’t.
  2. Long term bans would be placed on fishing in the.
  3. He’ll have the bans at the church drawn up before their return.
  4. Th e need of safety is frustrated in al religions that impose bans.
  5. Love bans together, familially, communally, nationally and globally.
  6. He took a quick look around him, the sun glinting off his black Ray Bans.
  7. Nearly a decade after the bans, the world has recovered some of its balance.
  8. France throws out the Gypsies, bans the burkas, and stops trains from Italy.
  9. It works in any number of nations with lower far lower death rates from both crime and suicide thanks to gun bans.
  10. His eyes were concealed behind dark Ray Bans, but she felt them upon her as she turned her attention back to the road.
  11. Why not replace California’s Proposition 37 with a new one that bans GMOs in food or any food having GMOs completely.
  12. Why not replace California’s Proposition 37 with a new one that bans GMOs in food completely or any food having GMOs.
  13. Several EU member states actively pursue nuclear programs, while some other member states have bans on nuclear energy use.
  14. She’d sent them distressed 501s with leather jackets and a selection of classic sunglasses, such as Aviators and Ray Bans.
  15. These bans an' wafts an' boh-ghosts an' bar-guests an' bogles an' all anent them is only fit to set bairns an' dizzy women a'belderin'.
  16. The idea was to get round bans on private armies by claiming these outfits weren’t proper military uniforms at all, honestly, officer.
  17. She hated public transport now that the buggers in the government, lead by that cigar chomping public school twat, had introduced all these smoking bans.
  18. As for the chance episcopal perquisites, the fees for marriage bans, dispensations, private baptisms, sermons, benedictions, of churches or chapels, marriages, etc.
  19. I am proud you are because it is important for us both to be cool I said as the FM instantly informed me that UN has warned of strict economic bans on any nation that falls in war.
  20. A number of jockeys have found themselves having to hand back winnings from races and suffering riding bans for what the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) deem to be excessive use of the whip.
  22. For example, according to a Daily Mail story entitled, Christian charity bans Christian themed children’s gifts, Samaritan’s Purse has expressly banned war-related items such as Action Man-type figures.

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1. There is a ban on any.
2. Th is ban was exploited.
3. This ban continued in 1942.
4. This included a total ban.
5. Some offices ban their use.
6. He had excepted from the ban:.
7. With this ban he has total y.
8. The ban was struck down in 2004.
9. Congress not only passed the ban.
10. Reasons for the Ban on the Practice.
11. Gaby: It only happened after the ban.
12. Though the ban was lifted the agony.
13. India) tried to ban the practice of Sati.
14. A decent religion would ban such nonsense.
15. The Ban on the Practice of Dorje Shugden:.
16. Taiwan therefore had to circumvent this ban.
17. The Queen had wanted to ban the sad songs.
18. At the present moment, I have broken my ban.
19. They protested against the ban on the wor-.
20. We haven’t tortured anybody since that ban.
21. Both sides finally agreed to the ban in 1962.
22. The ban failed to pass by only a single vote.
23. He also told me that the ban on Shugden prac-.
24. Unfortunately the ban affected The Ether Dispute.
25. There would have been an earlier test ban treaty.
26. There are a number of good reasons to ban these.
27. The ban on hunting with dogs officially went into.
28. He who wants to ban war must also ban mass poverty.
29. I’m going to ban basic training once this is over.
30. The most important laws are those that ban crimes.
31. I, probably, should know nothing about their ban;.
32. From this point of view, the ban against the practice.
33. I certainly would not want to ban planes and parachutes.
34. What? Diane D’s family lifted the ban off her?
35. She had always wanted a cat, but Rose had a ban on pets.
36. I resigned myself to the fate of accepting a ban, but I.
37. Would that mean we have to ban Red Cross services, Cross.
38. Harry Edwards) took it upon themselves to overturn the ban.
39. And I was facing a driving ban for one year and I was the.
40. The international ivory trade ban officially began in 1989.
41. The ban only applied to those not playing ball, of course.
42. I must admit, as it could have been a year’s ban or even.
43. Using his political power he has now imposed a ban on the.
44. In 1977, CITES ordered a ban on trade in rhino products, to.
45. When the Search Engine discovers your game, it will ban you.
46. The ban on exports will be lifted shortly, Edmund said.
47. Church is to ban the use of artificial birth control methods.
48. Along with better pay, improved safety and most likely a ban.
49. On her head sat a blue canvas hat with a "Ban the Bomb" decal.
50. Medical Association Journal a ban on indicating the sex of the.
51. Sure that the convict who had broken his ban could not be far.
52. Reagan overturned the ban and worked with the apartheid regime.
53. As Kundeling Rinpoche points out, the ban and the wish to inte-.
54. Shortly after expressing concern about the Dalai Lama’s ban on.
55. Lama used his political power to ban the practice of Dorje Shugden.
56. It is true that any ban causes accumulation of intrapsychical ten-.
57. The effects of the DDT ban are undisputed, and the results are known.
58. Even though the mayor’s office in Athens had issued an official ban.
59. Because of its ban, malaria incidence has skyrocketed in recent years.
60. Because of this ban, the actual military value of superheroes was not.
61. Private Office as shown in Chapter 5 that there is a very real ban and.
62. There had even been an attempt to ban slavery from all future US states.
63. The FDA also warns that they could ban Apotex drugs from entering the.
64. He didn’t actually ban Islam, but he made it very hard to practise it.
65. When the petition for the ban of personal weapons received only three.
66. The bitching and moaning didn't seem to have any effect on the ban, though.
67. On the one hand, the ban that Confucius placed on the study of this book.
68. In 1953, he received another ban again restricting him to Johannesburg for.
69. There is a ban on the town that We had destroyed-that they will not return.
70. And religions, in particular, felt the full force of the State's brutal ban.
71. You should also ban crime novels in case someone emulates one of the crimes.
72. The size of the US coast and small US Navy made the ban difficult to enforce.
73. He overturned Portugal ‘s 76-year-old ban on ‗death bullfighting‘ when.
74. But as president he followed through with the bio-chemical ban begun by Nixon.
75. Perhaps Will Ladislaw, having heard of that strange ban against him left by Mr.
76. The virtual ban on the trafficking in tax losses is a relatively new phenomenon.
77. Eisenhower agreed to a nuclear test ban treaty in 1958, but it was not his idea.
78. In 1806 Jefferson proposed and passed a ban on the US international slave trade.
79. The Constitution blocked any ban on the slave trade for twenty years, until 1808.
80. I had only been a month under the ban of the law, and it was quite enough for me.
81. In 1926, the Boston Watch and Ward Society tried to ban Lady Chatterley’s Lover.
82. The Barre-Montpelier Times Argus reported that Vermont has no ban on public nudity.
83. The head of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, called it a ‘slow-motion tsunami’.
84. And even that after you did not try to lift the ban or to relax Karaqi Nation a bit.
85. Erickson thought that it was just this power that made the establishment ban its use.
86. The OL ban on genetic manipulation made it that much easier, he joked with you.
87. But what if she blames me for causing her to be ban and want to come after me?!.
88. A Michigan judge used the versatile device to end the state’s ban on assisted suicide.
89. In the next week or so, he had to try to change that, but with this damned ban in place.
90. Louie did not seem to appreciate the ban on cigars and chomped down harder on his Cohiba.
91. Because of the horrendous results of the ban, countries are going back to the use of DDT.
92. The passage of the slave trade ban was the high point of abolitionism until the Civil War.
93. The test ban was undermined by the scandal over an American U-2 spy plane being shot down.
94. As you are probably aware, the recent smoking ban has had a profound impact on our business.
95. Christian churches have brainwashed the public and actually ban the truth from other sources.
96. The end result of this logic would be to ban car chase movies in case someone drives at 100.
97. In turn it I believe was the gaol holding the course that first recommended my ban from Berra.
98. Both the US and USSR hoped the test ban would pressure China to not develop its nuclear weapons.
99. Restrictions such as a ban on surface occupancy tie up 46% of the onshore federal oil and 60% of.
100. So getting full advantage of the occasion government imposed ban on all outdoor activities of ZTA.

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