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Frasi con forbidding (in inglese)

  1. It had a forbidding feel to it.
  2. Outside the gates there was a forbidding calm.
  3. The large villa seemed forbidding at this hour.
  4. He didn’t dare speak to the forbidding An Huang.
  5. The rear aspect of the brick houses was forbidding.

  6. He read him the scriptures forbidding fornication.
  7. Although forbidding to most newcomers, the program.
  8. But the forbidding proclamation was even to extend.
  9. It was a sign, forbidding any guy to dance with her.
  10. I gazed out at the forbidding maroon-brick buildings.
  11. They turned and passed under the low forbidding arch.
  12. It had no windows and carried a forbidding air about it.
  13. In 1991, the Government of Korea passed a law forbidding.
  14. The as forbidding part is its so inhibiting utter silence.
  15. Nether World, Holy Water, the rosary, forbidding Priest to.

  16. His face was ugly and forbidding, as Anna had never seen him.
  17. The sister looked as forbidding as a crow and that was a fact.
  18. He hesitated, and she prompted him in a rather forbidding tone.
  19. Yes, laws regarding animals and their care and forbidding animal.
  20. Openly drinking alcohol, while forbidding their children to do it.
  21. Yet, despite his forbidding exterior, he was human and compassionate.
  22. Before him the mock-Roman pillars, grandiose and slightly forbidding.
  23. This is a neat way of forbidding the direct instantiation of a class.
  24. Jaggers hung about him too, forbidding approach beyond certain limits.
  25. The look was so forbidding I couldnt have touched him even had I wished.

  26. His face was pale and forbidding, but it looked, as it were, numb and rigid.
  27. You should not take that passage as forbidding you to make love to your wife.
  28. King's sallow face and forbidding eyes had become more and more hateful to me.
  29. He could have the most forbidding expression and I'd still want to be near him.
  30. It was a place more sad than forbidding, full of shuttered-up memory and regret.
  31. She ended by forbidding him not only to look at her but even to stand facing her.
  32. You see I don't take that passage as forbidding me, but more like it is excusing me.
  33. And he had a very sour look so that I was afraid of him so forbidding was his aspect.
  34. World, Holy Water, the rosary, forbidding Priests to marry, the crucifix, forbidding.
  35. Monks and Nuns, forbidding eating of meat on Friday, and many other teaching; and was.
  36. Heidi did not take this for a summons, for the maid's face was scornful and forbidding.
  37. Mary and saints, Nether World, Holy Water, the rosary, forbidding Priest to marry, the.
  38. Holy Water, the rosary, forbidding Priests to marry, the crucifix, forbidding eating of.
  39. Priest to marry, the crucifix, Monks and Nouns, forbidding eating of meat on Friday, and.
  40. As we entered the black and tan joint, I took another long look at its forbidding exterior.
  41. On this side of the island, at least, the shores were rocky, jagged, and utterly forbidding.
  42. With surprise on their faces they, to a man, looked toward the forbidding gorge ahead of us.
  43. Forbidding the boy clockwork seemed like a vain effort when he already worked in a firework shop.
  44. He remembered the strong phrases in Christine's letter, forbidding him to make any attempt to see her.
  45. The New York Stock Exchange, beginning in 1929, has made stringent regulations forbidding this practice.
  46. He sent this guy to me and now he's forbidding me not only to see him as a client but to see him at all.
  47. He looks forbidding, and with one quick glance at me, he heads into his study and returns a moment later.
  48. The king had been furious, forbidding her ever to come into his presence again, or set foot in the palace.
  49. Esparza was a chronic problem because of not obeying rules forbidding entering into informal commitments.
  50. It was no further than a mile off now, and looked even more black and forbidding than it had from Hampton.
  51. A bona-fide laugh, and I smile, grateful to have lifted a bit of sorrow from that dark, forbidding countenance.
  52. In historic events the rule forbidding us to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge is specially applicable.
  53. The old man looked at her with that stern and forbidding expression with which he was accustomed to receive her.
  54. The Chief Of Police fined the family, and injunctions were issued forbidding the family to go onto Roger’s land.
  55. The prospect was unlimited, but exceedingly monotonous and forbidding; not the slightest variety that I could see.
  56. Incensed, the Seelie King left Faery, established his own icy realm, and became the dark, forbidding Unseelie King.
  57. She made him say it before every meal despite Aaron’s forbidding any forms of religious expression in their home.
  58. He refrained from placing emphasis on evil by forbidding it, while he exalted the good by commanding its performance.
  59. I shall consider defence as a matter of imperious necessity, forbidding all calculation as to means and consequences.
  60. He came from a race of hillmen, accustomed to scaling forbidding crags, and he was a man of unusual strength and agility.
  61. And the forbidding principle is derived from reason, and that which bids and attracts proceeds from passion and disease?
  62. The upper classes jealously guarding the hereditary status of their females; forbidding them to marry below their station.
  63. He was not a popular man, being somewhat cold and forbidding in his manners, but he had, as far as I know, no active enemies.
  64. He looked at me with those blue, blue eyes and darkly forbidding expression that thrilled me yet unnerved me at the same time.
  65. Tim could never resist a feed of crayfish and wasn’t fussed by the laws forbidding him to take the crustacean on scuba gear.
  66. I didn’t blame him a bit for she was a very forbidding woman but I could sense underneath that she was also warm and caring.
  67. I was alone, all except for one sun-worshipper and a polite little sign on a wall at the beach that told me, The Nudism Is Forbidding.
  68. The hall was fifty yards long, ending on the left in a double door in which were set tall crystal panes and a sign forbidding entrance.
  69. She did look like an old witch, this long-dead Scholar; wild, white hair, forbidding bone structure, a thin and unpleasant sort of mouth.
  70. No horse can come over that hill, and the hills to the south are just as forbidding, as we saw when we came through them on our way here.
  71. He cocked his head, listening for the tell tale whistle of slipstream and the dark, forbidding rumble of eighteen inch rims, and then smiled.
  72. He then expressed loud disapproval of the intended movement, and had high words with the King, flatly forbidding the generals to obey his orders.
  73. Prince Andrew remained silent, and his expression was so forbidding that Pierre addressed his remarks chiefly to the good-natured battalion commander.
  74. Many, already smitten, went home only to die: some died at the school, and were buried quietly and quickly, the nature of the malady forbidding delay.
  75. Also a writ was served by the Supreme Court in Athens forbidding all Golden Dawn members, to protest or congregate outside Chania Crown Court in Crete.
  76. He was FORBIDDING her to go on a date with someone? As they approached the elevator, several people turned to look, thinking they made a handsome couple.
  77. Michpili was a grizzled, old veteran who had kept to himself during the trip here and whose forbidding aspect caused the rest of us to give him wide berth.
  78. Still more precise advances were repeated, and have been received in a spirit forbidding every reliance not placed on the military resources of the nation.
  79. To which Father Zossima had answered sternly, forbidding her to do so, and saying that to pray for the living as though they were dead was a kind of sorcery.
  80. Nancy couldn�t help feel despair then: Colditz Castle was a forbidding castle fortress in Saxony reserved for prisoners deemed too high risk for other camps.
  81. As the sun began to set, and the great rocks to take on a more forbidding aspect, the boy’s small fingers slipped into Simon’s and clung to him as they walked.
  82. It suited me, too, I felt, only too well; by which I mean that it suited exactly the particularly deadly view I was in the very act of forbidding myself to entertain.
  83. Those who appeared to the missionaries so wild and forbidding that they were received with fear, came under the gospel power and were clothed and in their right mind.
  84. As I glanced at the storm I wondered, since the sand was so white, why did this spiraling phenomena appear so inky? I looked back as the forbidding storm moved nearer.
  85. His form beside her light gray figure looked black, sinister, and forbidding, and she felt as sarcasm the touch of the jewels of which she had been momentarily so proud.
  86. But before the soldiers could come to the defense of the high priest's servant, Jesus raised a forbidding hand to Peter and, speaking sternly, said: Peter, put up your sword.
  87. Al’lah, the Almighty, is Great in His Compassion and Love for this man, and His ordering or forbidding aims but the absolute goodness for this man beloved and honored at Him.
  88. Then I discovered that Germany, France and England had laws forbidding anyone from printing or saying anything which went against the conventional propaganda of the Holocaust myth.
  89. As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign of a game-cock above the door, Holmes gave a sudden groan and clutched me by the shoulder to save himself from falling.
  90. As we approached the forbidding and squalid inn, with the sign of a game-cock above the door, Holmes gave a sudden groan, and clutched me by the shoulder to save himself from falling.
  91. She had a rather stern, forbidding look, but she was in reality very jolly, with a hearty, gurgling laugh and a deep, mellow, pleasant voice with a suggestion of masculinity about it.
  92. During this time we traversed a barren and forbidding country, which alternated between stony desert and desolate marshes full of many wild-fowl, upon the north and east of the cliffs.
  93. Black workers from the Limon fields were prevented from following their jobs by a racial protection law forbidding them to enter the interior of the country, leaving thousands unemployed.
  94. Therefore, the devil can never approach them nor can he penetrate that Godly Light, so by this revelation they (cpth) have become in an inaccessible fort and forbidding shelter form the devil.
  95. What is it? asked the countess, startled; but seeing by her daughter’s face that it was only mischief, she shook a finger at her sternly with a threatening and forbidding movement of her head.
  96. This violated civil and criminal statutes forbidding retired regular navy officers (Erb had been a CAPT and tin can commander) from selling to SEA 02 for at least two years following their retirement.
  97. Being forbidden to drink alcohol by the government, while the rich thumbed their noses at this law: was recreated later by parents forbidding their children to do it, while drinking alcohol themselves.
  98. For many years there stood in a side street in Kiel an unpretentious old frame house which had a forbidding, almost sinister appearance, with its old-fashioned balcony and its overhanging upper stories.
  99. The suns now stood high in the black sky, the pyrotechnics of dawn were over, and the surfaceof the planet appeared bleak and forbidding in the common light of day – grey, dusty and only dimly contoured.
  100. And in such a case what is one to say? Would you not say that there was something in the soul bidding a man to drink, and something else forbidding him, which is other and stronger than the principle which bids him?

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  1. Yes, he forbids her to!.
  2. The Air Kingdom forbids it.
  3. Don't accept what God forbids.
  4. God forbids that too of course.
  5. Have you observed that who forbids;.
  6. Prayerful worship shuns evil and forbids sin.
  7. I guess we have an instinct that forbids it.
  8. The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath Day.
  9. The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath day.
  10. Her danger forbids a compliance with our demands.
  11. The Great Manitou forbids that a Delaware should.
  12. The Christian Church, however, forbids this thought.
  13. We cannot tell you, the Spirit of the Valley forbids it.
  14. I read in a book about Islam that Allah forbids all alcohol.
  15. Nobody forbids you to have all of this, continued Sensei.
  16. In another surat the prophet especially forbids men to beat their wives.
  17. I included how a past Pope deleted the Second Commandment that forbids.
  18. On the other hand, Islam forbids cremation in the strongest possible form.
  19. Deuteronomy 22: 10, which forbids the yoking of an ox with an ass (donkey).
  20. Alas! I cannot carry one arm that the rest do, the scar on my forehead forbids that.
  21. One of them forbids you to go by the left, the other forbids you to go by the right avenue.
  22. But not long after I received Baptism, I was informed that Christianity forbids masturbation.
  23. John expressly forbids us to suppose that there can be such a thing as dormant or sleeping grace.
  24. Evil and good can’t mix, wars never mix with peace and criminality forbids diffusing into opposites.
  25. He still persists in his refusal, and quotes a certain passage in the Bible that forbids men to take an oath.
  26. The profession of true Christianity not only forbids the recognition of the State, but strikes at its very foundations.
  27. I noticed on several occasions however, that he forbids some of our local soup delicacies: okro, onugbu and egusi soup.
  28. But he started with the words: ‘God forbids… God forbids if the Grand Vizier [36] were to be angry with you… ’.
  29. So is it with what the noble Prophet apprises the believers of; they are also orders, for he (cpth) bids and forbids, too.
  30. Pacific Grove has a law that requires you to pull your shades down after sundown, and forbids you to pull them down before.
  31. A political monopoly comes about through a special government grant that forbids others to engage in this business activity.
  32. Space forbids the horrible details of the trip, which was cut short in Matanzas by an impromptu brawl with a Spanish colonel.
  33. Democracy depends on freedom of thought and discussion whereas Islamic law forbids the discussions of people having critical views.
  34. She said, My mother always told me that ass-kissing was something she forbids me to do, because in the end it never saved her life.
  35. By the way, Lady Shelton told my mother that her people forbids slavery and that slave trading is considered by them as a capital crime.
  36. The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath day journey, which is less than a mile, and others Jews might have stopped them for breaking the Law.
  37. The very nature of our Government, where every thing depends immediately upon the people, forbids the idea that you can effect one or the other.
  38. The mother might say some words of condolence to her perverted offspring, but she has a brain implant that forbids her from speaking unless spoken to.
  39. The Law forbids going more than a Sabbath Day journey, which is less than a mile, and others Jews might have stopped them for breaking the Sabbath Law.
  40. They come to Egypt and Beirut for the nightclubs, women and mainly to consume alcohol, which their religion forbids and is unavailable in their country.
  41. Burdovsky more, however kindly disposed I might be towards him; delicacy forbids it; I should seem to be offering him charity instead of rightful payment.
  42. Speaker, the nature of our Government forbids that the majority should have the power to prohibit all debate on questions which may come before this House.
  43. I may not be an expert on the ways of this planet, but I already know that no one forces you to have more than you want and no one forbids you to have whatever you can pay for.
  44. The law forbids any dubious or unsporting methods, and these regulations have been devised by local people, who know all the problems, and their solutions, that can crop up here.
  45. Also, the involved state of my affairs forbids me to write with any finality concerning those hopes of ultimate bliss upon which, for a long while past, I have permitted myself to feed.
  46. Unfortunately since the Temporal Directive forbids any CC federation fleet from observing from within their solar system, the details of how this led to a full scale nuclear war remain unclear.
  47. In reality, the header and footer can be much more complex, but nothing forbids us from calling functions that can do the header and footer generations instead of just printing simple strings:.
  48. Unfortunately, there is still that stupid law passed by the Congress in 1942 that forbids military women from having children in their care, or from becoming pregnant, on pain of separation from the service.
  49. The doctrine which deprives Congress of the power to establish banking monopolies, equally forbids them in every case, and for every purpose, other than those specified in the clause to which I have adverted.
  50. The evil ancient custom of arranged marriages: has been one way of how human civilization destroys love and forbids young people to fall in love with each other, and tries to turn the positive good of love into a forbidden taboo.
  51. Sir, it is not my wish to go into a strict inquiry; the regard I have for the honor of my country forbids me; but I will suppose seventeen thousand, and, I believe, that is large; then there is left officers for eighteen thousand men.
  52. But the wind was rolling the darkness through the streets of Athens, rolling it, one might suppose, with a sort of trampling energy of mood which forbids too close an analysis of the feelings of any single person, or inspection of features.
  53. In the same sense spoke the Catholic Abbé Defourny: One of the first precepts of this eternal law which burns in the consciences of men is the one which forbids taking the life of one's like, shedding human blood without just cause, and without being constrained by necessity.
  54. A man who believes in God, in the Christ who is coming in his glory to judge and punish the dead and the living, cannot believe in a Christ who commands us to turn the other cheek to the offender, who forbids us to sit in judgment, and who bids us to forgive our enemies and to love them.
  55. She consulted a Russian priest as to the possibility of divorce and remarriage during a husband’s lifetime, and the priest told her that it was impossible, and to her delight showed her a text in the Gospel which (as it seemed to him) plainly forbids remarriage while the husband is alive.
  56. Those who are active in war forget to ask themselves if there is any justification for the numerous manslaughters that take place, whether they are just or unjust, legal or illegal, innocent or criminal, or whether they break the principal law that forbids us to commit murder (without just cause).
  57. Have you ever considered that you are losing your sight for a greater purpose? I say that Most Merciful God has permitted you to be afflicted in this way so that you may gaze with the "eyes of the spirit" on those things which God loves and commands, while seeing less of the things God hates and forbids.
  58. Those who take part in wars do not even think of asking themselves whether there is any justification for these innumerable murders, whether they are justifiable or unjustifiable, lawful or unlawful, innocent or criminal; whether they are breaking that fundamental commandment that forbids killing without lawful cause.
  59. The mistake has arisen from confounding God’s action towards us in grace (and the new corresponding rule of conduct, which forbids vindictive or compensatory behavior to those who offend us) with God's action in law, and His dealings in judgment with those who, having refused His mercy, must feel the weight of His justice.
  60. It excludes from our waters, ports, and harbors, all their vessels, public and private; it excludes from our country all their products and manufactures; and forbids our citizens to debase and degrade their country by a commercial intercourse which would stain and pollute them with the payment of an ignominious tribute to a foreign nation.
  61. But, if it were possible to surmount this fundamental objection, and if that rule which forbids, during the same session of the Senate, the re-agitation of a proposition once decided, were disregarded, your committee would still be at a loss to find any sufficient reasons for prolonging the political existence of the corporation for the purpose of winding up its affairs.
  62. Though so short a period ago—not a good lifetime—the census of the buffalo in Illinois exceeded the census of men now in London, and though at the present day not one horn or hoof of them remains in all that region; and though the cause of this wondrous extermination was the spear of man; yet the far different nature of the whale-hunt peremptorily forbids so inglorious an end to the Leviathan.
  63. The slender Military Establishment of the United States, whilst it consults economy, and favors the genius of the Government, forbids a hasty resort to war, especially extra-territorial and offensive war; time for preparation, after the measure is resolved on, is indispensable; and a disregard of our situation in this respect cannot fail to induce defeat and disaster—to produce such a campaign as has just now closed.
  64. They know they ought to read them, but they are afraid: � �What will people say?" There are knees that would be bent in prayer this very night, but the fear of man forbids it:�"What would my wife, my brother, my friend, my companion say, if they saw me praying?" Alas, what wretched slavery this is, and yet how common! "I feared the people," said Saul to Samuel: and so he transgressed the commandment of the Lord (1 Sam.
  65. What, sir! Shall it be intimated; shall it for a moment be admitted, that the noblest and purest band of patriots this or any other country ever could boast, were engaged in machinating means for the dismemberment of the territories of a power to which they had pledged friendship, and the observance of all the obligations which grow out of a strict and perfect amity? The honor of our country forbids and disdains such a suggestion.
  66. It is not that they have not a conscience which forbids them from acting thus, just as, even three or four hundred years ago, when people burnt men at the stake and put them to the rack they had a conscience which prohibited it; the conscience is there, but it has been put to sleep—in those in command by what the psychologists call auto-suggestion; in the soldiers, by the direct conscious hypnotizing exerted by the higher classes.
  67. Suddenly one man in Perm, another in Tula, a third in Moscow, a fourth in Kaluga, refuse to take the oath and (without preconcerted action) justify their refusal by the same argument,—that the Christian law forbids the oath; but, even were the oath not forbidden, they could not, according to the spirit of this law, promise to perform such evil deeds as the oath requires,—such as reporting those antagonistic to the interests of the government, defending that government by armed force, or attacking its enemies.
  68. If Great Britain can rightly prohibit our trade, because it is her interest to prohibit it, have we not the right to prohibit her trade for the same reason? If she, with right and justice, can stop and seize, and confiscate our vessels because they attempt a trade which she forbids, and only because she forbids it, cannot our Government do the same in relation to her trade? If she can turn our vessels into her ports to pay duty and take out license, what prohibits us from doing the same as to her vessels? England is a nation, so are we.
  69. It cannot be said that they do not have the conscience which forbids them to do what they are about to do, as there was no such conscience in men four hundred, three hundred, two hundred, one hundred years ago, when they burned people at the stake, tortured people, and flogged them to death; it exists in all these men, but it is put to sleep in them,—in some, the ruling men, who are in exclusive, advantageous positions, by means of auto-suggestion, as the psychiaters call it; in the others, the executors, the soldiers by a direct, conscious suggestion, hypnotization, produced by the upper classes.
  70. Thus, the fifth clause in the first article of the Georgia deed of cession, dated April 24th, 1802, stipulates: That the Territory thus ceded shall form a State, and be admitted as such into the Union, as soon as it shall contain 60,000 free inhabitants, or at an earlier period, if Congress shall think it expedient, on the same conditions and restrictions, with the same privileges, and in the same manner, as is provided in the ordinance of Congress of the 13th day of July, 1787, for the government of the Western Territory of the United States; which ordinance shall, in all its parts, extend to the Mississippi Territory contained in the present act of cession, that article only excepted which forbids slavery.
  71. Everything depends upon the strength of conviction of each individual man in regard to Christian truth—But the advanced men of the present day consider it unnecessary to explain and profess Christian truth, regarding it sufficient for the improvement of human life to change its outward conditions within the limits allowed by power—Upon this scientific theory of hypocrisy, which has taken the place of the hypocrisy of religion, men of the wealthy classes base the justification of their position—In consequence of this hypocrisy, maintained by violence and falsehood, they can pretend before each other to be Christians, and rest content—The same hypocrisy allows men who preach the Christian doctrine to take part in a régime of violence—No external improvements of life can make it less miserable; its miseries are caused by disunion; disunion springs from following falsehood instead of truth—Union is possible only in truth—Hypocrisy forbids such a union, for while remaining hypocrites, men conceal from themselves and others the truth they know—Hypocrisy changes into evil everything destined to ameliorate life—It perverts the conception of right and wrong, and therefore is a bar to the perfection of men—Acknowledged malefactors and criminals do less harm than those who live by legalized violence cloaked by hypocrisy—All recognize the iniquity of our life, and would long since have modified it, if it were not covered by the cloak of hypocrisy—But it seems as if we had reached the limits of hypocrisy, and have but to make an effort of consciousness in order to awaken—like the man who has nightmare—to a different reality.
  72. Christianity destroys the State—Which is more necessary, Christianity or the State?—There are men who defend the necessity of the State, and others who, on the same grounds, deny this necessity—Neither can be proved by abstract reasoning—The question decides the character of a man's consciousness, which either allows or forbids him to participate in the organization of the State—Realization of the uselessness and immorality of taking part in the organization of the State, which is contradictory to Christian doctrine, decides this question for each one, regardless of the destiny of the State—Argument of the defenders of the State, as a form of social life indispensable for the defense of the good from the wicked, until all nations, and all members of each nation, shall have become Christians—The more wicked are always those in power—History is but a recital of the usurpation of power by the bad over the good—The acknowledgment by authority of the necessity of struggle with evil by violence is equivalent to self-destruction—The annihilation of violence is not only possible, but is going on before our eyes—However, it is not destroyed by State violence, but through those men who, obtaining power by violence, and recognizing its vanity and futility, benefit by experience and become incapable of using violence—This is the process through which individual men, as well as whole nations, have passed—It is in that way that Christianity penetrates into the consciousness of men, and not only is this accomplished despite the violence used by authority, but through its agency, and therefore the abolition of authority is not only without danger, but it goes on continually as life itself—Objection of the defenders of the State system that the diffusion of Christianity is improbable—Diffusion of Christian truth interdicting violence accomplished not only slowly and gradually, by the internal method, by individual recognition of the truth, by prophetic intuition, by the realizing of the emptiness of power and abandonment of it by individual men, but accomplished also by the external method, by which large numbers of men, inferior in intellectual development, at once, in view of their confidence in the others, adopt the new truth—The diffusion of truth at a certain stage creates a public opinion, which compels the majority of men who have previously opposed it to recognize the new truth at once—Therefore a universal renunciation of violence may very soon come to pass; namely, when a Christian public opinion shall be established—The conviction of the necessity of violence prevents the establishment of Christian public opinion—Violence compels men to discredit the moral force which can alone exalt them—Neither nations nor individual men have been conquered by violence, but by public opinion, which no violence can resist—It is possible to conquer savage men and nations only by the diffusion of Christian public opinion among them, whereas the Christian nations, in order to conquer them, do everything in their power to destroy the establishment of a Christian public opinion—These unsuccessful experiments cannot be cited as a proof of the impossibility of conquering men by Christianity—Violence which corrupts public opinion only prevents the social organization from becoming what it should be, and with the abolition of violence Christian public opinion will be established—Whatever may take place when violence has been abolished, the unknown future can be no worse than the present, and therefore one need not fear it—To penetrate to the unknown and move toward it is the essence of life.
  73. The Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000 forbids bringing in,.
  74. While eBay forbids linking out to other sites in your auctions,.

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1. But that I am forbid.
2. I forbid you to worry.
3. I forbid you to do it.
4. Heaven forbid it turn red.
5. Oh! yes, forbid me to die.
6. Forbad: Past tense of forbid.
7. What the … Heaven forbid.
8. God forbid it that anyone fail.
9. I will not forbid him the house.
10. If God forbid something should.
11. You can ’t forbid it, Mother.
12. When thou wak'st let love forbid.
13. They forbid the men from driving.
14. Our own laws forbid us to do this.
15. Public shame and morality forbid it.
16. The holy father in Rome has forbid it.
17. You know that the Gospels forbid it!.
18. But she could not very well forbid it.
19. Is then our hope in a stone? Forbid it.
20. Heaven forbid! I know what I am about.
21. And therefore I forbid my tears: but yet.
22. God forbid his payroll would have to go up.
23. What does God forbid by this commandment?
24. I absolutely forbid you to go near this guy.
25. The rule of Fontevrault did not forbid this.
26. God had forbid dealing with familiar spirits.
27. Heaven forbid if something more should happen.
28. She remembered how her father had forbid her.
29. You can’t see your father Jazz! I forbid it.
30. Heaven forbid that our lives should ever be dull.
31. Anointed absolutely forbid the use of Sprugs as a.
32. Christianity and Judaism also forbid this practice.
33. Heaven forbid that he should, said a new voice.
34. Ioomi taboos strictly forbid a husband from having.
35. Heaven forbid that we ever consider the possibility.
36. Heaven forbid! he answered, with a forced smile.
37. God forbid it, Lord! This shal never happen to You.
38. In fact, the prerequisite for baptism would forbid it.
39. Before I summon the lot of you, I forbid anyone of.
40. I also found out that Christians do not forbid gambling.
41. I forbid it! Marcus scowled as he shoved Adrian aside.
42. You can’t forbid people to be born—at least not yet.
43. My ethical values as a teacher would forbid me to do so.
44. Corey, I forbid you from drinking out of that hose! I.
45. God forbid, they might not wait for school to open again.
46. Imperial law forbid any vampire to live outside of Necropolis.
47. Heaven forbid that Elizabeth should end up running the hospital.
48. But god forbid anyone try to confront her on any of it, because.
49. Most parents would simply forbid their kids to have such friends.
50. Even, heaven forbid, for the five and a half million local people.
51. Heaven forbid, you still haven’t told me where we’re going.
52. Luke 9:50 Forbid him not because he who is not against us is for us.
53. Rom 11:1 - 11 I say then, Hath God cast away his people? God forbid.
54. For example, God forbid Josh were to pass away young, the payments.
55. Heaven forbid that I should covet your riches; I will rather add to.
56. God forbid! But since I know that there is such a thing as spiritalism.
57. At any rate, they forbid our premature closing of accounts with reality.
58. Heaven forbid that he should only know Catholics, but he must know some.
59. It is only the foul Christian laws that forbid it, replied my father.
60. God forbid that he is dead… anyhow, I promise to do my best to help you.
61. And I can’t forbid the house to a man who thinks what my husband thinks.
62. Neo wants to bring Pam into the fort, but our laws strictly forbid that.
63. Can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptized, which have.
64. Venables in the light of a husband, nor could it forbid me from encouraging.
65. God forbid! But since I know that there is such a thing as spiritalism ….
66. God forbid! However, as I have already pointed, modern speakers have recently.
67. Heaven forbid anyone caught in the beam; also, it could set the jungle alight.
68. Forbid the sale of live animals in pet shops and from non-registered breeders.
69. One way is to use the abc module to forbid direct instantiation of SensitiveInfo.
70. They will destroy other adults, but God forbid if someone takes one little child.
71. So if, God forbid, problems arise, restore the harmony here as quickly as you can.
72. On you? Valentine! Oh, heaven forbid! Woman is sacred; the woman one loves is holy.
73. Heaven forbid that we should lose it! We must devise a plan to make the most of it.
74. I forbid you to speak of The Grand Inquisitor, cried Ivan, crimson with shame.
75. The mayor also said that when the authorities can not control a public event forbid.
76. And even then he did not forbid the exercise of prudence and foresight by the twelve.
77. Why should He forbid? Ivan went on in the same whisper, with a malignant grimace.
78. She’d declined going to the Day of the Dead festivities but didn’t forbid my going.
79. And though Pulaski could always have closed the window, the sound seemed to forbid it.
80. Some IRAs restrict options trading to purchase only and forbid the writing of options.
81. Or God forbid, if you pass early, with a life insurance policy, your heirs win as well.
82. My husband has forbid me and my granddaughter from seeing you or writing you ever again.
83. Also consider the words of Jesus, Let the children come to me and do not forbid them.
84. If we don’t act, the state will or the Congress will or, heaven forbid, some mob will.
85. God forbid that he should share your ideas, Ivan Fedorovitch! his wife flashed back.
86. God forbid, I replied; but may I ask you to consider the image in another point of view?
87. Leftist attempt to have open Gays in the military by removing regulations which forbid it.
88. She could see that he was going to object or maybe try to forbid her from leaving the house.
89. God forbid that she is, but let’s not put her on notice and on her guard, just in case.
90. There is nothing in church or state to forbid it, and I, myself, would favor such a marriage.
91. God forbid that he should be humane, should love, or pity, or think of what is just and unjust.
92. At one point, my wife uttered an emphatic "God forbid" only to receive a typical Stallman rebuke.
93. He also watched as Ravan forbid the harm of innocents, the elderly, infirm, women, and children.
94. How can I, I cannot touch you because the stars forbid you to go out of the line and now I will.
95. Any mistake – heaven forbid there had been a mistake – would have to be explained and corrected.
96. Forbid it every thing that is dear and valuable to us as members of a free and independent nation!.
97. No, no! Heaven forbid that we should bring Nina Alexandrovna into this business! Or Colia, either.
98. God forbid that I should diminish France! But amalgamating Napoleon with her is not diminishing her.
99. But the last thing I want is for the job to become between us, or heaven forbid take you away from me.
100. Heaven forbid that we should act unilaterally, except for fiascos such as the current attacks on Libya.