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Frasi con barbarian (in inglese)

  1. A Barbarian from the Hills.
  2. But he was no less a barbarian.
  3. What is your name, barbarian?
  4. Must be the Northern Barbarian accent.
  5. They remembered that he was a barbarian.
  6. Barbarian, you look upon a strangler of Yota-pong.
  7. He is a barbarian and no one can understand their minds.
  8. I gazed forward in abject horror as the barbarian hordes.
  9. I was a barbarian too, my hunger voracious and monumental.
  10. This child is as much of a barbarian as her father!.
  11. He was a barbarian of a thousand generations of barbarians.
  12. When the Barbarian Hordes of the North stormed the city the.
  13. You have a barbarian, the monk, and a savage, the lazzarone.
  14. At that moment, a small group of Barbarian warriors who had.
  15. The Barbarian slaver who was carrying Brandela hesitated for.
  16. He became a civilised barbarian and decided to stay in Illium.
  17. I intended to see that the barbarian died, in spite of Xaltotun.
  18. Donovan was willing to bet that this Barbarian was the same man.
  19. There was a wolfish hardness about him that marked the barbarian.
  20. The Barbarian struggled furiously, but he could not remove his foot.
  21. There was a wolfishness about this warrior that marked the barbarian.
  22. Where are my friends? The barbarian and the little man is what I mean.
  23. It stood about twelve feet tall, and was in the form of a barbarian man.
  24. The barbarian was thinking only of the woman moving so supplely beside him.
  25. It would all depend on how much she had control over the long-nosed barbarian.
  26. I understand them better than you, and they, me; because I am a barbarian too.
  27. His barbarian ears had caught the quick tread of soft slippers outside the door.
  28. Now the blazing eyes of the barbarian glared into the bloodshot eyes of the ape.
  29. Maddened at the disappearance of his sweetheart, the barbarian reverted to type.
  30. Thousands who were barbarian in heart and in deed are now true disciples of Christ.
  31. He seemed surprised at the civility he'd received from this most fearsome barbarian.
  32. But they could not stand against these maddened giants, led by the tigerish barbarian.
  33. A barbarian asked of their horrifying-looking leader, "Take this one to the ships too?".
  34. In that mad nightmare of battle, the barbarian never exactly knew how he killed his man.
  35. At this moment, his instinct told him to forget his training and trust this barbarian from.
  36. All the superstitious dread of the barbarian slept in his soul, untouched by civilized logic.
  37. Pfuel alone seemed to consider Napoleon a barbarian like everyone else who opposed his theory.
  38. She would not – she could not – allow herself to be partnered with that ruthless barbarian.
  39. He was more of a Conan the Barbarian type, at least on the outside, but she wasn’t complaining.
  40. Wherever modern civilization without religion has touched the barbarian it has been to curse him.
  41. They had stanched the flow of blood, and the innate vitality of the barbarian was asserting itself.
  42. At last fate brought him to a good barbarian, who asked him for the cause of his constant mourning.
  43. The Thurian civilization was crumbling; their armies were composed largely of barbarian mercenaries.
  44. For an instant the future fate of kingdoms that hinged on this gay-clad barbarian hung in the balance.
  45. When the youth, confided to him the hopes and longings of his soul, the barbarian, a wise man, said:.
  46. Still not facing her, he said, Eilidh, I don’t know what made you think of me as such a barbarian.
  47. Chunder Shan had never seen a man like him; he was not an Easterner, but some barbarian from the West.
  48. And as a husband--yes, my dear Else, as a husband he has not lost it--he is, undoubtedly, a barbarian.
  49. And indeed the giant barbarian seemed as much refreshed as if he had slept the whole night on a golden bed.
  50. Swift as lightning, she flew at him, shrieking a call more terrifying than any barbarian hordes could raise.
  51. He sees in Conan a red- handed, rough-footed barbarian who came out of the north to plunder a civilized land.
  52. Vateesa sank to the floor, speechless with terror, but Yasmela faced the infuriated barbarian without flinching.
  53. There was to be no life spared that might thwart the capture of the barbarian and the return of his bride-to-be.
  54. The area north of this line was either not secure at all or was at risk of barbarian incursions and chronic revolt.
  55. It was a bitter test you gave me then; you couldn't have endured it; neither could anyone, but a western barbarian.
  56. As the ground drifted up he saw the barbarian standing stock still, chest heaving, arms hanging loosely by his sides.
  57. There’s something anciently elegant poured over the beast that is Barrons, Old-World-Mediterranean-basted barbarian.
  58. Hrun the Barbarian crept soundlessly along the corridors, which were lit with a light so violet that it was almost black.
  59. The beard of the barbarian was long and coarse with particles of grass and leaves clinging to it as a permanent feature.
  60. You could say that I have been riding horses since my tender youth as a barbarian nomad 5,000 years ago, Mister Ronash.
  61. Hrun the Barbarian was standing in the passage mouth directly opposite him, a great black sword held in one ham-sized fist.
  62. Let’s forget our political and ideological differences during this trip and cooperate to thwart those barbarian bastards.
  63. They were the last barbarian culture that were better killers, and had not been colonized yet by an older civilized culture.
  64. The barbarian was swaying on his feet, the light in his unsteady hand flinging fantastic shadows back and forth along the wall.
  65. To the barbarian, no such gulf existed between himself and other men, and the animals, as existed in the conception of Valeria.
  66. Uybvahk eyes bulged more than normal, but he shot back,I accept with gratitude the fawning accolade of this northern barbarian.
  67. He was a barbarian, and the terrible patience of the wilderness and its children was as much a part of him as his lusts and rages.
  68. What Ghaznavi had considered animal intuition or some sixth sense was merely the razor-edge faculties and savage wit of the barbarian.
  69. Impulsively, he began to move, with an impulsiveness he knew he should guard against, but what the hell? He was a barbarian, after all.
  70. A barbarian of barbarians, the vitality and endurance of the wild were his, granting him survival where civilized men would have perished.
  71. Sometimes two or three years would go by without so much as a minor police action on the borders of rebellious Wales or barbarian Scotland.
  72. Its fall was unique in that it was not brought about by internal decay, but by the growing power of the barbarian nations and the Hyrkanians.
  73. In the other room, Phillip took his tattered mind out on the futuristic barbarian Mitchell claimed as Viceman, with his video character, Zomba.
  74. There intruded vaguely a wonderment at the mad pranks of Fate, that could make the daughter of a king the companion of a red-handed barbarian.
  75. She was not a selfish barbarian without a heart, and she had, for as long as she could remember, set her duty to kingdom and blood above all else.
  76. But just as Polyphemus is a monstrous barbarian, the Phaeacians have created an evolved, pacific, harmonious civilization that loves games, song and dance.
  77. He is called Conan, and is himself a barbarian, one of those gloomy Cimmerians whose ferocity our soldiers have more than once learned to their bitter cost.
  78. Under the reign of Wou-Ti, the Chinese Empire attained its maximum expansion in history and he also repulsed the barbarian Huns along the border with Mongolia.
  79. What use would I have for an infant mate and what barbarian would do such a thing to a child? Mate-bound is a promise of the future, not a guarantee of the present.
  80. But I am wearied of conversation with you; it is less fatiguing to destroy a walled city than it is to frame my thoughts in words a brainless barbarian can understand.
  81. And Gorm, with the unerring instinct of the barbarian, passed over his words regarding gods and their teachings, and fixed on the material powers thus vividly described.
  82. Men say you sleep in the black heart of Golamira, whence you send forth your ghost on unseen wings to aid Aquilonia in times of need, but I—I am an outlander and a barbarian.
  83. Now we have warlords, they had the same back then, coming from barbarian tribes, coming from remnants of once powerful empires; ruthless megalomaniacs striving to conquer and control.
  84. Foes of flesh and blood he did not fear, however great the odds, but any hint of the supernatural roused all the dim monstrous instincts of fear that are the heritage of the barbarian.
  85. As she tore her tender skin and bruised her soft limbs on the rugged boulders over which Conan had so lightly lifted her, she realized again her dependence on the iron-thewed barbarian.
  86. We shall have nothing to prevent the barbarian cruisers from coming on our coast, and there is hostility enough in Europe against us to set those people, as well as the cruisers from St.
  87. The teenage boy wore contemporary clothes that marked him as a Christian barbarian from the West, while the old, bearded man wore what looked furiously like a rich Muslim robe and a turban.
  88. They have put a statue of that swine in the temple of Mitra, and people go and wail before it, hailing it as the holy effigy of a saintly monarch who was done to death by a red-handed barbarian.
  89. How strange, to move in fellowship with a barbarian, to be cared for and protected by one of a race, tales of which had frightened her as a child! He came of a people bloody, grim and ferocious.
  90. He had studied with them and had learned from them about treating the illnesses from the old country like the Zhen plague and barbarian pox and had taught them quite a bit about the local diseases.
  91. Unaccustomed to battle, they were ridiculously slow and clumsy compared to the tigerish barbarian whose motions were blurs of quickness possible only to steel thews knit to a perfect fighting brain.
  92. Then as he stood, a stealthy sound in the corridor outside brought him to life, and without stopping to investigate, he began to don his armor; again he was the barbarian, suspicious and alert as a gray wolf at bay.
  93. Gorm wore a corselet of silvered mail now, instead of the tiger-skin, but underneath he was unchanged – the everlasting barbarian, unmoved by theology or philosophy, his instincts fixed unerringly on rapine and plunder.
  94. And obeying that peremptory command the page stood still, staring after Conan as the latter climbed a short flight of marble steps, and wondering what connection his master might have with this giant fighting-man who had the aspect of a northern barbarian.
  95. Lerys Canal was one of the oldest on Safehold, carved through the heart of the Kyznetzov Mountains by the Archangels themselves to connect Yu-kwau (although the city had been little more than a smallish town—called New York, or some other uncouth, barbarian name—at the time) all the way to Shwei Bay, fourteen hundred miles to the east.
  96. As this glad ship of good luck bore down upon the moody Pequod, the barbarian sound of enormous drums came from her forecastle; and drawing still nearer, a crowd of her men were seen standing round her huge try-pots, which, covered with the parchment-like POKE or stomach skin of the black fish, gave forth a loud roar to every stroke of the clenched hands of the crew.
  97. Though he sat among the glittering ruins of shattered palaces and clad his hard body in the silks of vanquished kings, the Pict remained the eternal barbarian, ferocious, elemental, interested only in the naked primal principles of life, unchanging, unerring in his instincts which were all for war and plunder, and in which arts and the cultured progress of humanity had no place.
  98. As it advanced, the mender of roads would discern without surprise, that it was a shaggy-haired man, of almost barbarian aspect, tall, in wooden shoes that were clumsy even to the eyes of a mender of roads, grim, rough, swart, steeped in the mud and dust of many highways, dank with the marshy moisture of many low grounds, sprinkled with the thorns and leaves and moss of many byways through woods.
  99. During that time a brother of the forgotten Colonel Magnífico Visbal was taking his sev-en-year-old grandson to get a soft drink at one of the pushcarts on the square and because the child acciden-tally bumped into a corporal of police and spilled the drink on his uniform, the barbarian cut him to pieces with his machete, and with one stroke he cut off the head of the grandfather as he tried to stop him.
  100. But still the question will recur, Redemption from what? If the New Testament is to be the model of preaching abroad as well as at home, the glad tidings were preceded by a 'ministry of condemnation;’ and were accompanied by threatening of 'hell-fire’ from the lips of both Christ and the Apostles, for all who rejected the message; no difference being made in this respect between Jew or Gentile, Greek or Barbarian.

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