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Frasi con coarse (in inglese)

It was coarse and cunning.
All this was almost coarse.
His fur was coarse and matted.
All this was almost coarse….
She rubbed the coarse hair of.
It was so coarse, so unfeminine.
He wrapped it in coarse sacking.

His clothes were old and coarse.
His coarse hand stroked my cheek.
The voices were coarse and raspy.
He was a bluff, coarse gay person.
The texture of the rock is coarse.
By the coarse wit of worldly hate;.
It felt as coarse and dry as straw.
He slithered back down, the coarse.
His head banged against the coarse.
It is always clear, and never coarse.
I saw a coarse, crude-looking blonde.
Moreover, the exhibit is very coarse.
She spoke with force, her voice coarse.
Of coarse, medicines and other devices.
His voice was vexed, weary and coarse:.
This Pearlite is called a Coarse Pearlite.
Both were of the coarse quality that most.
Dan’s ears hurt from Malik’s coarse tone.
This one was coarse haired, shaggy and brown.
It was a coarse little rope, silver and black.
On him! said Blacky in a coarse whisper.
He was wearing his coarse gown girt with a rope.
The hiss grew louder as the ash grew more coarse.
They are clothed in coarse woollen or coarse linen.
Remove from heat, and quickly stir in coarse nuts.
A man in a coarse brown jacket knelt down painfully.
Her brothers were brutal, but never coarse in speech.
She was wrapped in a blanket, on a coarse mat, which.
You can place the hyacinth bulbs on a layer of coarse.
The most utterly loathsome and coarse: I can't tell you.
The merchant laughed and waved a hand toward the coarse.
Beside her sat another woman sewing a coarse canvas sack.
She held the coarse paper in her fingers for some minutes.

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coarse common uncouth vulgar harsh

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