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Frasi con bone (in inglese)

1. I am a lazy bone.
2. I can see the bone.
3. He could see a bone.
4. You're cut to the bone.
5. PC bone in his non body.
6. Dry as a bone, actually.
7. Every bone in his body.

8. Scraping it to the bone.
9. Let's bone up on history.
10. He picked up another bone.
11. A broken bone is no joke.
12. You may even break a bone.
13. He just wants to bone you.
14. Not a bone was broken in.
15. Kate was tired, bone tired.
16. He was soaked to the bone.
17. Ready to gnaw through bone.
18. Flesh, bone, sky, and stone.
19. So hand the old bone over!'.
20. He felt his collar bone snap.
21. A heart needs a bone to gnaw.
22. One bone longer than another.
23. Skull, flesh, bone flew apart.
24. It hit the side, not the bone.
25. Too much bone in their skulls.
26. The bone presses into my palm.
27. Situated: Above the pubic bone.
28. The bullet had missed the bone.
29. Ah, here comes my grilled bone.
30. On the other hand, normal bone.
31. It flashed like a bleached bone.
32. These waves travel by bone con-.
33. She was tired, tired to the bone.
34. Everyone was drenched to the bone.
35. A long bone was sticking out of.
36. Bone, 84 Victoria Road, Surbiton.
37. Danny heard the bone in his jaw.
38. I turned as I heard bone popping.
39. She is bone thin and very pretty.
40. The room was bone chillingly cold.
41. The sight chilled him to the bone.
42. The snap of the bone in his leg.
43. The bone is chipped & splintered.
44. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
45. Bone and skull and armour combined.
46. The brake runs along the bone here.
47. New Holland, bone caves in, xx, 380.
48. Next to it was the short white bone.
49. And it's cut to the bone is my toes.
50. Surely you are my bone and my flesh.
51. How much heat can a bone withstand?
52. The smooth bone felt strangely cool.
53. He sleeps alone, chilled to the bone.
54. She was lucky she hadn’t hit bone.
55. Smoking leads to increased bone loss.
56. With the bone he boned from its owner.
57. God’s Wrath - directed at the Bone.
58. The dog's bone that we so carefully.
59. Are they the same as flesh and bone?
60. A beautiful woman stood there bone dry.
61. And the bone he boned from its owner!.
62. Everyone at this table has a bone of.
63. It can only just have missed the bone.
64. Murdo continued like a dog with a bone.
65. Overgrazing one area down to the bone.
67. This is getting too close to the bone.
68. The man said, This is now bone of my.
69. The crows soon stripped it to the bone.
70. The boy’s face was the colour of bone.
71. I think God has got a bone to pick.
72. Luckily the tibia bone was not damaged.
73. There is not a suicidal bone in my body.
74. What marvelous bone structure she had!.
75. As a result, I grew up, al skin and bone.
76. A sack of bone china, cast before bulls.
77. Take a bone from a dog: what remains?'.
78. X rays have found a bone fracture there.
79. The action jarred every bone in my body.
80. He felt a piece of chicken bone hit him.
81. He kisses me on the tip of my hip bone.
82. Bone, muscle, and cartilage met the same.
83. We can cure it by bone marrow transplant.
84. A bone chilling scream, followed by sobs.
85. He doesn’t have a bad bone in his body.
86. And munched and mumbled a bare old bone;.
87. He set his pack down to pull out a bone.
88. He still feel like a dog with a new bone.
89. It appeared to be made of sharpened bone.
90. I’ll use you right down to the bone.
91. The bone of a Wyvern is dense and strong.
92. Blood and bone chips splattered the walls.
93. Bone on bone and the harsh clang of metal.
94. I came back West with a shattered bone.
95. The taste of bone; slippery and wet with.
96. It's a fragment of bone, my Father's bone.
97. And then he heard a hollow crunch of bone.
98. A swing, and the sound of metal and bone.
99. The overall bone pattern at that site had.
100. There isn’t a submissive bone in my body.
1. Aren’t you that fucker that was boning the now deceased.
2. My uncle pulled his long boning knife out of the archer’s belly.
3. Richard digs into his modern physics college textbook, boning up on statistical mechanics.
4. And Kinsela was working him over with the finesse of a fishmonger wielding a boning knife.
5. He used one of the old man’s boning knives, and he took several Polaroid shots as a keepsake.
6. He was renowned for his skill in using a boning knife in the meat-packing plants that had made Sioux City, Iowa, a thriving town.
7. Herbert Morse, would be arriving in a few minutes, if he wasn’t already there in her office, boning up on how to be a medical examiner.
1. Neon tubes boned the marquee.
2. He was a raw boned man with.
3. Karen: I was big boned, I figured.
4. With the bone he boned from its owner.
5. And the bone he boned from its owner!.
6. Kosmo had obviously boned up on this story.
7. Not fat, but huge boned and at least six foot six.
8. She was a big boned woman and the wife of a big boned man.
9. A tall, large boned, extremely thin man with thinning blond.
10. Savannah didn’t flinch when the boned needle pricked her flesh.
11. The boned thigh, stuffed with a ground meat, served hot or cold.
12. A slender fingered, fine boned hand reached up as the blond lay next to him, settling onto his cheek.
13. So she was a Viking! Taller than Jean by a head and shoulders, the woman was big boned and thick muscled.
14. The prospect of meeting the great woman was mouth watering to a degree only secondary to being boned into extinction by Jason Demovic.
15. At last they came to a very down at heel street, where most of the back-to-back terraced houses were either boarded up or bare boned skeletons.
16. Pierre, carefully stretching his neck so as not to touch the quilt, followed her suggestion and pressed his lips to the large boned, fleshy hand.
17. Like certain flocks of birds, whose speed they equal, these tuna swim in triangle formation, which prompted the ancients to say they'd boned up on geometry and military strategy.
18. The shorter man stood at just over 6 feet, in his early 60’s with a still thick head of gray hair, those blue eyes that were a Spencer trait and the fine boned good looks that my father had had in abundance.
19. With these flowers, my love, my thin boned waif,.
1. I jump over the bones.
2. The bones of the body.
3. None of the bones of.
4. Bones used a stand in.
5. All his bones hurt him.
6. Were my bones weak? No.
7. The heat left her bones.
8. A tracery of the bones.
9. Bones and staring at Mr.
10. Blood on the Bones No 9.
11. I came to stir his bones.
12. My bones ache always now.
13. I can feel it in my bones.
14. I see bones in that mess.
15. Wing bones have the same.
16. Bones will still be there.
17. All the bones were picked up.
18. As the bones came together.
19. I could feel it in my bones.
20. They placed the bones onto.
21. Good, no broken bones there.
22. Bones and boys banged a turn.
23. Bones was always a loner-type.
24. My bones held this fucker up.
25. Bones bagged a cool half-mill.
26. He could feel it in his bones.
27. We should consult the bones.
28. I heard his old bones scream.
29. Lots of bones! he added.
30. Soon, other bones would appear.
31. Bones chuckled as they passed.
32. Breathe on these, my dry bones.
33. The bones etc are OK because.
34. Her high, elegant cheek bones.
35. The bones of the horse gallop.
36. He reached over to pet Bones.
37. For Bones, that meant the cash.
38. I would use bones to describe.
39. Man was not aware of his bones.
40. She could feel it in her bones.
41. Bones on the driver, Rocky on.
42. Where are all the bones?
43. As you have advised, our bones.
44. It’s true, you bag of bones.
45. Bones grew tired of the charade.
46. The bones looked very, very old.
47. It’s all Bones could think of.
48. The hatred in my bones was real.
49. I feel it in my bones, Moshe.
50. Bones, Whitey, Rocky, and Shorty.
51. Pretty much all the facial bones.
52. Lydia could feel it in her bones.
53. The bones of valiant fallen gods.
54. His bones cracked with indecision.
55. It means the bones are special.
56. The Bones of Your Online Busines.
57. The bank was littered with bones.
58. My white hair is gone, my bones.
59. It has something to do with bones.
60. Bones cracked and tendons snapped.
61. These lads feel it in their bones.
62. It would have left some big bones.
63. It was a coffin with bones inside.
64. Anstruther, I feel it in my bones.
65. She had a deep chill in her bones.
66. The Bones of Your Online Business.
67. Bones wasn’t afraid of going it.
68. Bones the floor plans and cash news.
69. Squires were always breaking bones.
70. Whitey informed Bones, before the.
71. They have weak bones, your honor.
72. I'm not scared of skulls and bones.
73. Bones crushed and broken to pieces.
74. All bones should be boiled for soup.
75. His bones don’t knit very easily.
76. The hands are just bones and veins.
77. I’d broken the bones in his hand.
78. The cold hand rattled at her bones.
79. And where at last his bones repose.
80. Roy felt his leg bones with one hand.
81. These bones are not of this Earth.
82. The icy touch froze his bones, and.
83. We never should have left the bones.
84. There were many skulls and bones.
85. My bones have already begun to heal.
86. When we have become hollow bones?
87. Bones and Shorty opened up, cutting.
88. Then We clothed the bones with flesh.
89. And grant his weary bones their rest.
90. Yet here now sleep his bones to dust.
91. I’m not scared of skulls and bones.
92. Comes from the bones being calcified.
93. Harder and harder, bending the bones.
94. I found their bones among the rubble.
95. He could almost feel it in his bones.
96. The bones weren’t warped or uneven.
97. Bones and cronies hit the coat company.
98. We are made of the bones of the earth.
99. Then We developed the lump into bones.
100. He felt it in his bones, in his blood.

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