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Frasi con ivory (in inglese)

1. My dad was an Ivory.
2. His horns were ivory in color.
3. I met Ivory at the same time.
4. The dual-faced piece of ivory.
5. Ivory lived on the third floor.
6. He found me at the Ivory Leaf.
7. She whimpered under the ivory cloak.

8. The Ivory Leaf was situated at the.
9. She shrugged her slim ivory shoulders.
10. Below revolved the ivory bodies of men.
11. The man on the ivory seat had not risen.
12. On the ivory throne-seat Tascela lolled.
13. Carved or engraved images on whale ivory.
14. She touched the little ivory box she had.
15. It was no effigy of stone or metal or ivory.
16. It was Ivory, as pure as the untracked snow.
17. Herds of elephants provided them with ivory.
18. The dresser was draped by an ivory lace doily.
19. The walls were an ivory color with black trim.
20. It wasn't an ivory tower on the inside, though.
21. Where is she now?! this Ivory, Elisha demanded.
22. With ivory teeth, or ploughs it with his snout;.
23. He wore a black suit jacket over his ivory shirt.
24. Ivory Littlefield (of which $25 for Chinese M) 50.
25. She walked up the ivory steps and faced the crowd.
26. I know all that, Ivory Buck, she said, icily.
27. The House of Ivory: They rule over plants and music.
28. The small piece of ivory had the busts of two men.
29. The sheet had fallen off the big white ivory teeth.
30. His bent hand held up a small piece of carved ivory.
31. He wore an ivory crucifix and carried a sledgehammer.
32. They were composed of oddly familiar pieces of ivory.
33. Where was she, the tower of ivory? The great ancestor.
34. Rhone jumped over the intricate ivory railing of the.
35. She raised her lovely chin, exposing her ivory throat.
36. The small piece of ivory hanging at his chest felt warm.
37. Rhone turned the ivory amulet over in his left hand, but.
38. The Ivory Leaf and Vinary Heights formed Neve's two most.
39. Do you remember a box--an ivory box? It came on Wednesday.
40. God, who wears ivory dresses anymore? That's so yesterday.
41. The international ivory trade ban officially began in 1989.
42. The smell of Ivory soap tinged the air just above his skin.
43. It was a beautiful ivory carving; polished to a high sheen.
44. In the middle of these was a small black and white ivory box.
45. Ivory and gold bell-earrings tinkled at every toss of the head.
46. The AECA places major restrictions and quotas on ivory imports.
47. We walk through the foyer and into a hallway with ivory pillars.
48. Her arms were finely shapen, but glossy and yellow as old ivory.
49. Turning, he sprang across the chamber to one of the ivory doors.
50. But do realize that she doesn’t live in an ivory tower anyway.
51. It held bones of finest slender ivory hidden and roundly fleshed.
52. He scoured the reflection—the ivory carpet of the bedroom beyond.
53. Ivory looked up at Elkanah vindictively and then resumed his soliloquy.
54. In his free left hand he holds a slim ivory cane with a violet bowknot.
55. His ivory leg had been snapped off, leaving but one short sharp splinter.
56. His gaze ran along the ivory thigh molded in the close-fitting silk skirt.
57. Olmec hurried on down the corridor, and descended a winding ivory staircase.
58. Several creations were inlaid with ivory miniatures of the Imperial Family.
59. You are simply living in your ivory tower of illusion, under false pretences.
60. A burnished mass of night-black hair set off the whiteness of her ivory body.
61. Champion who was herself the innermost of a number of concentric ivory spheres.
62. She had black hair and ivory skin and was considered a very good-looking woman.
63. The ivory Pequod was turned into what seemed a shamble; every sailor a butcher.
64. What precise purpose this ivory horn or lance answers, it would be hard to say.
65. It was not the traditional white dress of today, but it was a faint ivory color.
66. From it his merry clearwater eyes glowed as did his white ivory slot of a smile.
67. They were pulled back to expose a matching bedspread and pillows of laced ivory.
68. Soft, ivory breasts caressed with the pink-hued peaks hardening as she used his.
69. I didn’t really want to run away with her, Ivory, but she bossed me into it.
70. It had been dark, but he remembered that her ivory skin had been perfectly smooth.
71. Hadrathus leaned to an ivory table and opened a small gold chest which stood there.
72. Then trust what I say, palaces made of gold are always painted ivory – permanent.
73. Her skin once ivory now looks almost bronze - evenly tanned, and glowing in the sun.
74. The bed was covered with a black and ivory damask duvet with matching throw pillows.
75. The window treatments were of ivory lace, trimmed with gold-braid across the bottom.
76. The long v-neck collar with the inserted bodice was decorated in ivory braided trim.
77. The dome itself was of pure ivory, which shone as if unknown hands kept it polished.
78. On his left, ivory, arched doors opened into the corridor, and he tried each in turn.
79. His whole attention was centered on the shape which lay on an ivory dais before him.
80. The ivory colored house was two stories and the flat roof had a balustrade around it.
81. I imagined her rounded ivory keys, the cylinder of her platen, the brass paper finger.
82. When he was done, Joseph was told to give the small ivory skull to the toothless grin.
83. The Ivory Coast is the big hammer of coffee production, supplying 37 percent of the 3.
84. Yet fear ate at the heart of Shevatas as he stood before the ivory dome of Kuthchemes.
85. On either hand, flanking the idol, an ivory door under a gold arch was set in the wall.
86. Rooms cloaked in ivory, marble, amber and even one coated in a thin layer of gold leaf.
87. He was out of his ivory chair and on his feet facing the arched door, all in one instant.
88. There was also a small ivory skull in the bag which was the sign that the rebellion told.
89. Tight curls frame his ivory forehead; he tugs off his leather gloves one finger at a time.
90. Seated on a low chair near the fire, he turned round in his fingers the ivory thimble-case.
91. Some might consider them as ebony and ivory, but I think mahogany and pine are more fitting.
92. She focused on the colour of the mind-ribbon attaching the three of them, gold, green, ivory.
93. He wore a crucifix of walrus ivory and had an armband identifying him as a special constable.
94. I love to hear music, mainly the tunes which you can create upon the ivory keys of the piano.
95. Its bristles came from hogs hair or the mane of a horse that were then put into ivory handles.
96. Her native clime was a land of milk and honey and had its share of apes and ivory and peacocks.
97. When I made the decision to jump off the top of The Ivory Towers, I was re-claiming my freedom.
98. He indicated an ivory table, and after an exchange of glances, the adventurers seated themselves.
99. Halloa! I almost forgot the little oval slate, smoothed ivory, where he figures up the latitude.
100. The Baroness of Coermantyr sat on her ivory Dais in the center of the circle of the Lore Masters.

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