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Frasi con borrow (in inglese)

  1. If I may borrow the.
  2. Borrow if you have to.
  3. Most of us could borrow.
  4. You can also borrow one.
  5. But then he let me borrow.

  6. You can borrow my spirit.
  7. She wants me to borrow it.
  8. If you don't, don't borrow.
  9. I need to borrow your car.
  10. You can borrow it if you want.
  11. Stock was impossible to borrow.
  12. I could borrow from Aunt Sally.
  13. Can I borrow that stick?
  14. I didn't beg, borrow, or steal it.
  15. I'm going to have to borrow a hat.

  16. They borrow from the Svidrigailovs.
  17. He won’t mind if I borrow his car.
  18. I have tools and can borrow others.
  19. What you want to borrow? You can.
  20. We'll try to borrow that from a bank.
  21. Ever borrow money of the prisoner? Yes.
  22. I need to borrow that, Rykus said.
  23. Can I borrow a candle? she asked.
  24. Homeless predators ask to "borrow" money.
  25. You'll borrow from her spiritual energy.

  26. Neither borrow nor lend money, because.
  27. Rather than borrow, he went without food.
  28. I sent my son to borrow it from somebody.
  29. I say, I couldn’t borrow that antenna.
  30. Remember to check the meaning of borrow.
  31. I would gladly borrow from him his phrase.
  32. He, uh, wanted to borrow the Ute again.
  33. Mind if I borrow it? I’ve got to rush.
  34. Interest: The cost you pay to borrow money.
  35. Members could borrow this from the co-op.
  36. Do you have a shovel I could borrow?
  37. The hungry dog will borrow buns from a.
  38. Ulysses’ brother) if he could borrow US.
  39. Firms can lend and borrow at the same rate.
  40. The government there borrow at two per cent.
  41. What You Should Know BEFORE You Borrow Money.
  42. You cannot borrow it even for a little while.
  43. So to have wisdom, don’t borrow money, save.
  44. Even they scarce ever borrow merely to spend.
  45. They borrow on their hundred roubles pension.
  46. He couldn't speak finer if he wanted to borrow.
  47. Having designed the four tables, we will borrow.
  48. We have to borrow that money to give it to them.
  49. Trustees have no implied authority to borrow or.
  50. You haven’t told me why you want to borrow it.
  51. For instance a board may resolve to borrow funds.
  52. To borrow money on the credit of the United States.
  53. I soon managed to borrow a chair from the beer tent.
  54. I really need to borrow yours for a couple of hours.
  55. The photos I will use for this story I had to borrow.
  56. This does not mean that one can always borrow stock.
  57. Let's wake up George and ask to borrow his carriage.
  58. Borrow DVDs from friends and family instead of renting.
  59. He only told me because I wanted to borrow his car.
  60. I’ll have to borrow a sledge hammer, Gary said.
  62. That is, you can borrow funds to buy futures contracts.
  63. To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;.
  64. He was £90,000 in debt - just £10,000 left to borrow.
  65. She knew of one at the biosphere that she could borrow.
  66. I have three thousand here and I can borrow another ten.
  67. Raf let me use his shower and borrow his mom’s clothes.
  68. He had resolved to borrow three thousand from that lady.
  69. I would be willing to let you borrow it, if you like.
  70. He had to borrow a pen and a piece of paper from a waiter.
  71. I need to borrow your computer for a couple of minutes.
  72. The next evening, Chloe asked to borrow my pearl necklace.
  73. They spend MORE than they earn and BORROW the difference.
  74. I need to borrow this, he said to the lab technician.
  75. I only ask that you let me borrow it from you, someday.
  76. I’ll borrow this, he whispered to the snoring dog.
  77. Amy’s parents had to borrow money from us to stay afloat.
  78. Because that cashiered fellow has asked to borrow it of me.
  79. The Board took advantage of that to borrow several million.
  80. If he was a fixed asset, I’d borrow to acquire it…’.
  81. The most inexpensive option is to simply borrow the jewelry.
  82. She asked if she could borrow my phone and call her sister.
  83. Instead, if they need funds, they would rather borrow the.
  84. They asked to borrow my disc man which was also in the bag.
  85. He could leave his squad car hidden there and borrow her car.
  86. Sorry to bother you, but I was hoping I could borrow a broom.
  87. Eagerly I wished the morrow;—vainly I had sought to borrow.
  88. Ashi borrow her Mukluks when she went to care for the animals.
  89. And find out where they are and whether I can borrow them.
  90. Corporations could not borrow in the commercial paper market.
  91. Rather mean to borrow under those circumstances, I should say.
  92. I need to borrow your car, said Mikhail almost inaudibly.
  93. I’ve been known to borrow one though, he said laughing.
  94. Chepe took the cake to the porter and asked to borrow his knife.
  95. Maybe I could borrow another book; I quite enjoyed the last one.
  96. I not only use all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow.
  97. What Investment Options Do You Have With the Funds You Borrow?
  98. I trust this will not be the only idea they will borrow from me.
  99. No whatever, you borrow half an inch from me and add that to.
  100. People of the best credit there seldom borrow under five per cent.
  1. Yes, borrowing is one thing.
  2. He was borrowing Kyle’s Uzi.
  3. He's only borrowing it for awhile.
  4. He had no qualms borrowing money.
  6. Why is our government borrowing money.
  7. It was more than just borrowing energies.
  8. There’s too much borrowing in the country.
  9. I'm only borrowing your car for an hour or two.
  10. He's continually borrowing money for the purpose.
  11. No more borrowing space in Great-uncle's bags!.
  12. Great, man, I told him borrowing his ‘man’.
  13. The parent was borrowing from the child to feed the.
  14. My wife was always borrowing something of mine to wear.
  15. Margin means borrowing money from a broker to buy shares.
  16. In addition the total cost of their borrowing has reduced.
  17. Interest is the amount you are charged for borrowing money.
  18. Overall the interest charged on Janet and John’s borrowing.
  19. How about this one: holy borrowing bibliophile, let’s book.
  20. The criteria for borrowing money weren’t that strict either.
  21. Even Jesus told a parable involving lending and borrowing (Luke.
  22. When it comes to borrowing clothes, girls should set strict rules.
  23. They may tell themselves they are only borrowing the money, not.
  24. These types of borrowing stores can be useful when all else fails.
  25. In the real world, traders do not have unlimited borrowing capacity.
  26. I decided it was a good time to call Malik about borrowing the money.
  27. The discount suffered is part of the cost of borrowing the money, i.
  28. Thus, our growing dividends are discounted by one plus the borrowing.
  29. He began testing himself with long hikes, borrowing a dog for company.
  30. I hope you understand what trouble you’re borrowing, General Warlow.
  31. In this exigency, government can have no other resource but in borrowing.
  32. Assume the company can incur senior debt of four times its borrowing base.
  33. In paral el with borrowing of religious practices that is characteristic.
  34. This plan of borrowing a suitable body is always adopted by the Great Ones.
  35. Any amount in the future is discounted by a factor of (1 / (1 + borrowing.
  36. Until the baby made it here safely, there was no point in borrowing trouble.
  37. The confusion may seem to be the result of borrowing from different sources.
  38. We are not factories for death profiting from wars, living on borrowing time.
  39. In effect, the act of borrowing actually results in the company earning more.
  40. China, borrowing almost a trillion dollars every year to keep this propped-up.
  41. Housing, banks and utilities will benefit from lower cost borrowing, and the.
  42. Finance extended should be against the security of the assets of the borrowing.
  43. Long story short, the money that the funds are borrowing has to be put to work.
  44. WorldCom could cover those bond payments only by borrowing more money from banks.
  45. I watched that clip so many times, I was in danger of borrowing a British accent.
  46. We have also ignored the cost of borrowing money to pay for storage and insurance.
  47. You get life for nothing, you leave it with nothing, you are only borrowing it here.
  48. Here I have just been borrowing money of you, and you have the right to despise me.
  49. The difference between the long and short rates represents the borrowing costs rbc.
  50. Aggressive public-sector borrowing is partly offsetting private-sector de-leveraging.
  51. Another simple method to limit borrowing is to lower the debt to equity ratio of loans.
  52. They are borrowing property, not money, and can short only through a margined account.
  53. Along the same lines, but at the international scale, whereas borrowing and repayment.
  54. However, the wholesale borrowing of foreign religious traditions posed challenges that.
  55. One pattern that is worth noting: both consumers and businesses follow similar borrowing.
  56. I hope the women of THE VIEW will excuse me for borrowing their tagline, but I just have.
  57. Borrowing to invest adds significant risk and is only recommended for advanced investors.
  58. My mom’s due in a month, Charlie told the teacher, borrowing his dad’s phrasing.
  59. In 1695, an act was passed for borrowing one million upon an annuity of fourteen per cent.
  60. Another way is by having JV partners who customers associate you with, so you're borrowing.
  62. Selling the box at a lower price is equivalent to borrowing funds at a higher interest rate.
  63. They days of borrowing money easily and running up credit cards beyond your limits are gone.
  64. He offered me a loan, but on my modest pay, borrowing would only put off the hardship until.
  65. Borrowing from the scientific perspective, one could further argue that the supposedly white.
  66. The lack of business borrowing and individuals’ hoarding cash caused GDP to move negatively.
  67. It foresees the facility of borrowing, and therefore dispenses itself from the duty of saving.
  68. LOL! I was just borrowing your newspaper, he replied as if this were just business as usual.
  69. There can be rules about visitors, decoration, borrowing clothes, eating food or anything else.
  70. A few more observations from the Reverend Condry, borrowing from the wisdom of the apostle Paul.
  71. Your ability to attract outside money – either through borrowing or investment – is enhanced.
  72. There is a spread, and perhaps a fairly large one, between a trader’s borrowing and lending rate.
  73. These methods are those of (1) borrowing, (2) imitating, (3) striking (effects), and (4) interesting.
  74. Why? Borrowing money is the equivalent of selling it; paying it back is the equivalent of buying it.
  75. In fact, you cannot analyze without looking at all the terms and conditions attaching to a borrowing.
  76. High common stock prices provide insiders with opportunities to realize values by selling or borrowing.
  77. To compensate, management starts borrowing money and trying to open new restaurants as soon as possible.
  78. Now we will go into some of the other options you have for borrowing money when it is for your business.
  79. All the same, there are limits to how much a company may borrow, and borrowing makes a business vulnerable.
  80. Typically, lower interest rates means more borrowing, which means people have more money to purchase things.
  81. Typically, higher interest rates mean less borrowing, which means people have less money to purchase things.
  82. Leasing companies will allow you to rent the assets you need as opposed to borrowing the money to rent them.
  83. Borrowing by high risk borrowers is also now controlled and the market is opened for new low risk borrowers.
  84. The chief reason for the indirection has been the debt limit imposed on government borrowing by the Congress.
  85. First, the investor who believes the cost of borrowing will increase may forgo a Source Preferred investment.
  86. As traders initiate new positions or close out existing ones, they are constantly borrowing and lending money.
  87. But how on earth is Greece expected to pay back all the billions it keeps borrowing? asked the presenter.
  88. In the last case, the rate that the trader receives will often depend on the difficulty of borrowing the stock.
  89. If we did not own the stock, we would need to sell short by first borrowing the stock and then making delivery.
  90. You can use that higher stake to put a greater downpayment on your next home, keeping your borrowing costs lower.
  91. In the following year, the deficiency was made good, by borrowing upon annuities for lives, at fourteen per cent.
  92. You can save money on any equipment items needed by either borrowing or renting them instead of having to buy them.
  93. In most cases, though, companies will lack enough cash or borrowing power to undertake meaningful buy-in programs.
  94. If it commonly brings along with it the necessity of borrowing, it likewise brings with it the facility of doing so.
  95. I am in a ludicrous jxisition ! And what grounds has he for lending me money, and me for borrowing in that case ?
  96. I called it borrowing, because that was what pap always called it; but Tom said it warn't borrowing, it was stealing.
  97. The facility of borrowing delivers them from the embarrassment which this fear and inability would otherwise occasion.
  98. I'm sure Pavel Pavlovitch was borrowing a handkerchief from you, wasn't he? He forgot his handkerchief last time too.
  99. I accused my friends of borrowing my tools and messing up the place and not returning them when I couldn’t find them.
  100. It is not the being that is giving you the capacity but it is You from where the being is borrowing its capacity.
  1. I have borrowed his time.
  2. I said only borrowed Anna.
  3. I borrowed it from Matt.
  4. We were living on borrowed.
  5. He borrowed again on interest.
  6. No, I borrowed an Apple TV.
  7. You once borrowed books here.
  8. He is using all borrowed money.
  9. He was living on borrowed time.
  10. I borrowed it for the occasion.
  11. But this morning, she borrowed.
  12. The trader has in fact borrowed.
  13. He borrowed his dads old Chevy.
  14. I have certainly never borrowed.
  15. You could have borrowed that, too.
  16. I even borrowed it for a few weeks.
  17. I knew that if I borrowed his main.
  18. Ray and Will had borrowed a bunch of.
  19. He had a pair of headphones borrowed.
  20. They could have borrowed subway fare.
  21. He from whom a thing or money is borrowed.
  22. Jack borrowed the use of a telescope on.
  23. He smiled and borrowed one of her phrases.
  24. So we borrowed; the patients don't pay us.
  25. The sum borrowed upon it was £922,029:6s.
  26. His ideas, he stated, were borrowed from.
  27. Martin was happy with his single borrowed.
  28. To put it in another way, he borrowed the.
  29. They borrowed an extruder from their Chex.
  30. The name Anti is borrowed from Linda Raschke.
  31. They had borrowed some items from Betty and.
  32. Yes, it cannot be bought, borrowed or stolen.
  33. The sum borrowed upon it was £925,176:9:2¼.
  34. They borrowed a jeep and drove over to see it.
  35. The sum borrowed upon it was £983,254:11:9¼.
  36. The ones who never borrowed books, never read.
  37. The borrowed diggers had the concrete rubble.
  38. There were no economies, instead he borrowed.
  39. Smith had borrowed Bridge’s old Ford Escort.
  40. Richard had his office, and we borrowed space.
  41. He had borrowed from somewhere a long-handled.
  42. The question is, from whom it has been borrowed.
  43. I borrowed it from Guardon, the Daemon Lord.
  44. I exited and climbed back into my borrowed car.
  45. Whomever it borrowed from; its many creditors.
  46. So Amy could have borrowed that to get in?
  47. I had actually borrowed the money to buy the ring.
  48. He borrowed his dad’s sports car, an antique.
  49. He had borrowed a suit from Paul for the occasion.
  50. I borrowed three thousands rupees from my friends.
  51. I borrowed the money afterwards from Prince Sergay.
  52. I borrowed a lot of money and built a perfect seat.
  53. Crowley borrowed the crowbar, and Adriano found a.
  54. Allen had no car, so he borrowed one from a friend.
  55. Ian's office was a small section borrowed from an.
  56. In the end, he shot himself using a borrowed pistol.
  57. He didn’t have a penny that wasn’t borrowed.
  58. I wondered if Santa would miss it if I borrowed a.
  59. Whoever placed that one there was on borrowed time.
  60. They had the number of the cell phone I had borrowed.
  61. He was reading a Mad magazine he’d borrowed from.
  62. But as to the suit, I borrowed it from the Wayfarer.
  63. I borrowed the idea from memories of the Mel Gibson.
  64. They simply borrowed the resources of a big firm.
  65. And here’s something old and something borrowed.
  66. His eyes sparkled with heat borrowed from the forge.
  67. I borrowed of Prince Sergay, from what was owing you.
  68. So I borrowed the extra that he never makes any use of.
  69. I borrowed that trick from a surveyor I once assisted.
  70. And I’ve borrowed you for the next twenty four hours.
  71. You never want to make excessive use of borrowed money.
  72. Ark as they could, they agreed and Jim borrowed the PA.
  73. Wade borrowed Peters torch and started looking at the.
  74. I should have borrowed or stolen Aunt Pitty’s gloves.
  75. He borrowed a copy of Josephy’s Five Hundred Nations.
  76. She stood completely still, staring at his borrowed eyes.
  77. A business has to pay interest on money it has borrowed.
  78. Jensen was yelling into the cell phone Morse had borrowed.
  79. I jumped in with, I borrowed it my first night at the.
  80. The total amount borrowed has only reduced because Janet.
  81. I borrowed from what Prince Sergay owes Andrey Petrovitch.
  82. A woman had been ordained as a priest in a borrowed Unity.
  83. It took Hal years to pay back all of the money he borrowed.
  84. Will you repay me, then, what you borrowed in the argument?
  85. I also know that both our souls are living on borrowed time.
  86. People borrowed huge sums to buy homes that crashed in value.
  87. I borrowed this car from my friend and have to return it by.
  88. He had not borrowed money in that way, for excellent reasons.
  89. The borrowed money is not called a loan, it’s called margin.
  90. I looked my best in borrowed clothes from my sisters, who had.
  91. Before the late war, the government borrowed at three per cent.
  92. And it gets harder every day to keep floating that borrowed and.
  93. Iratus stepped to the side as indicated and opened his borrowed.
  94. He borrowed it off me all the time, but it was bourgeois anyway.
  95. Pa borrowed money from the bank, and now the bank wants the land.
  96. The "church fathers" borrowed from the heathens (mostly Greek and.
  97. Its in better condition now than when I borrowed it, Levi said.
  98. So in 1988 he borrowed the money and bought the billboard business.
  99. Good credit is the use of borrowed finances to generate more cash.
  100. They had borrowed Aunt Janet’s car and picked Cali up at school.
  1. A friend borrows money from you for the third.
  2. Over 7 years Don borrows $560,000 from the policy.
  3. Notice that the federal government borrows about $1.
  4. Here the policy holder borrows $80,000 a year for each of the 7 years.
  5. To obtain the money it wants, the government borrows from outside powers.
  6. The broker then borrows the stock from one of their other clients or themselves.
  7. In a loan, the borrower initially receives or borrows an amount of money, called.
  8. And what was it only one of the smutty yankee pictures Terry borrows off of Corny Kelleher.
  9. In the latter, an investor borrows money from the brokerage to purchase more shares of stock.
  10. A French word, used as a substantive and as anadjective both in French and in Spanish, which borrows the.
  11. Plus, he borrows against his policy and achieves a 10% return per year, in outside investments, (in his bucket B).
  12. The client borrows money that is paid out of his building account at the bank to a builder to have his house built.
  13. Consider a trader who borrows 900 shares of stock from a brokerage firm in order to sell the stock short at a price of $68 per share.
  14. The man who borrows in order to spend will soon be ruined, and he who lends to him will generally have occasion to repent of his folly.
  15. When the bride to be borrows something from a happily married woman the symbolic meaning is that similar happiness will come to the bride.
  16. A trader who borrows margin money at one rate will almost certainly receive a lower rate when he deposits this money with the clearinghouse.
  17. I have to admit that my feelings are bruised, for the whole concept borrows quite a bit from my universal machine without giving me any credit.
  18. So when someone borrows my car And they plan to take it far You can take it with certainty That my Yoga will have more intensity And I’d like.
  19. Ney borrows a horse, leaps upon it, and without hat, cravat, or sword, places himself across the Brussels road, stopping both English and French.
  20. Then the Yogi destroys this blank mind also by identifying himself with the Supreme Purusha or Soul or Being from whom the mind borrows its light.
  21. How about munis? When a state, city, or county needs to raise funds for a big public works project (sewer systems, hospitals, mass transit), it borrows money by issuing a bond.
  22. A firm that borrows funds at a variable interest rate has a short interest-rate position—falling interest rates will reduce its cost of borrowing, while rising interest rates will increase its costs.
  23. When more bidders began to show up at the RTC auctions, he shifted his focus toward buying single pieces of real estate from banks and insurance companies that wanted to get rid of the properties they had ended up with from defaulted borrows.
  24. Whoever has a credit of this kind with one of those companies, and borrows a thousand pounds upon it, for example, may repay this sum piece-meal, by twenty and thirty pounds at a time, the company discounting a proportionable part of the interest of the great sum, from the day on which each of those small sums is paid in, till the whole be in this manner repaid.

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