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Frasi con assume (in inglese)

  1. What I assume is Mr.
  2. I assume you know that.
  3. If we assume that the.
  4. So we can assume that.
  5. Let us assume that the.

  6. Nor can I assume that a.
  7. If we assume a standard.
  8. It was my time to assume.
  9. But let us assume that Mr.
  10. I would assume they are.
  11. It’s from him, I assume.
  12. He has the best, I assume.
  13. Am I to assume that Stoke.
  14. Assume you were on the jury.
  15. She could not assume that.

  16. But let's assume that the.
  17. How should I know? I assume.
  18. I assume that the video.
  19. I assume your wife is alive.
  20. I assume there’s soap in.
  21. Let us assume that even the.
  22. And do not assume that your.
  23. I would assume that they.
  24. That is why some assume the.
  25. Assume that today is July 19.

  26. We have to assume that Lt.
  27. It was wrong of me to assume.
  28. But even so, assume tears.
  29. I assume that, for admission.
  30. We tend to assume we are our.
  31. Assume for a moment that you.
  32. Let’s assume that for now.
  33. I assume you can tell me that.
  34. I could only assume it was a.
  35. Don't assume that because the.
  36. We assume that the person can.
  37. If I assume correctly, I ‘d.
  38. I assume you will be there too.
  39. I assume it is better than.
  40. We have to assume he’s armed.
  41. I assume that the license was.
  42. I’d also assume that because.
  43. Assume Jesus is talking with you.
  44. Are we to assume from this that.
  45. I assume that’s the computer.
  46. Lets also assume that these two.
  47. What titles would you assume?
  48. We should assume they have guns.
  49. Let’s assume Reynolds was lying.
  50. Assume that the index price is 863.
  51. And I assume that you were next.
  52. But these words assume one thing.
  53. It is, I assume, the same hockey.
  54. One can only assume she is hiding.
  55. Assume same position as in Level 2.
  56. So I will assume lying is the.
  57. To assume that death is relaxation.
  58. Never assume the best or the worst.
  59. Assume it’s accurate, he thought.
  60. Assume Company XYZ has a NAV of $10.
  61. Never assume a one-way relationship.
  62. Assume you’re bearish on a stock.
  63. Let's assume that some chimps did.
  64. Should he assume that the mystery.
  65. What you assume to be true is true.
  66. I think we can assume they are.
  67. I assume you’re not on the pill.
  68. I assume that’s why I ’m here.
  69. That’s why you are here, I assume.
  70. Please do not assume that the other.
  71. We should assume he was taken there.
  72. It is logical to assume a terrible.
  73. I assume this is about the BSV?
  74. I would assume to see her brother.
  75. Let us assume that you have always.
  76. Most who plan to marry assume their.
  77. Don't assume that only you can do it.
  78. We have to assume so, Carl said.
  79. Assume no rescue or recovery on this.
  80. So I would assume that would be best.
  81. He will assume he is in for another.
  82. I assume you have had tutors?
  83. So, I would have to assume the worst.
  84. I assume you know how to use it?
  85. He cannot assume his rightful place.
  86. I assume that’s a good thing?
  87. Let's assume you had the 5,000 readers.
  88. The months listed assume that you are.
  89. I had to assume Kate wouldn't lie to me.
  90. I assume the farm is where they went.
  91. They would have to assume the rest of.
  92. I would have to assume they were Reall.
  93. It's safe to assume he's here somewhere.
  94. It made him assume that it was Alex’s.
  95. I assume he is upstairs in the hospital.
  96. The new owner needs to assume that debt.
  97. I assume she is referring to the funeral.
  98. It is also common to assume a mean of 0.
  99. Therefore we can assume that for every.
  100. So I assume that you are staying?
  1. Assuming it was a girl.
  2. I mean, assuming that God.
  3. Assuming that I awoke the.
  4. This is assuming that your.
  5. Assuming a target price of 23.
  6. Assuming you don't suffer from.
  7. Assuming that all galaxies are.
  8. I’m sorry for assuming that.
  9. Assuming the 75% rule, about 30.
  10. Assuming we don't destroy any.
  11. Assuming you did, STEP 11 would.
  12. You’re assuming he was raped.
  13. Prior to assuming his duties as U.
  14. That’s assuming dawn ever comes.
  15. IGRP is assuming that both lines.
  16. And assuming you can find it again.
  17. Assuming you wish to help of course.
  18. Assuming that you have and all is OK.
  19. We’ve been assuming it’s all.
  20. Assuming she follows my instructions.
  21. I’m assuming they are still there.
  22. Assuming I could come up with seconds.
  23. I’m assuming that’s pretty bad.
  24. Assuming that plasma life forms have.
  25. If all that checks out, assuming you.
  26. I am assuming it had something to do.
  27. Assuming there was even any difference.
  28. I'm assuming this one will be critical.
  29. What is it that you’re assuming will.
  30. He laughed, assuming I was making a joke.
  31. I turned, assuming that he was going to.
  32. That is, assuming we can get on with this.
  33. Assuming I worked eight hours with a paid.
  34. I’m assuming that it was after Wu was.
  35. That is, assuming it is okay for me to sit.
  36. I am assuming that the high priest could see.
  37. Assuming that you’ll leave me tears to cry.
  38. This is also assuming somehow that you never.
  39. We’re assuming the other side is identical.
  40. I’m assuming because of the issues involved.
  41. Assuming that the rate of closing is same, no.
  42. I’m assuming it works the same way with Puts.
  43. He hugged me probably assuming we were friends.
  44. Assuming I follow the methods and attain some.
  45. I’m assuming that’s still out of your reach.
  46. His mistake lays in assuming that Romania could.
  47. Assuming of course, the monk hasn't disposed of.
  48. I'm assuming she has a reason for acting that way.
  49. I’m assuming it is the shark’s mate or spouse.
  50. Assuming it was Tess, I didn't checked the number.
  51. Saturn turns around assuming the conversation is.
  52. Garcia nodded, assuming she was a fan of his music.
  53. Assuming anything is the biggest waste of your time.
  54. I’m assuming it’s him, because Phil wouldn’t.
  55. Assuming a 50% recovery rate, investors earned a 0.
  56. I’m assuming he meant they’re one of the sides.
  57. I’m assuming our allies were the cause of that.
  58. It was now six, and assuming that it had taken him.
  59. What was it that I said about once assuming power?
  60. Who’s House? I asked, assuming it was a name.
  61. Assuming you wish to be concrete, without the price.
  62. He was a big poker player so I’m assuming that he.
  63. Similar sized species should be fine, assuming they.
  64. I’m assuming Cam is at least a contributing factor.
  65. Headship is about assuming the responsibility to lead.
  66. Assuming that what I said meant that I hadn’t dried.
  67. Even assuming he knows what it is he most wants to say.
  68. This is assuming that about eighteen holes were played.
  69. There are, however, no grounds for assuming that more.
  70. At length, assuming a singular air of authority, Pearl.
  71. We are only assuming that it will be him at the meeting.
  72. Assuming the operator enters a valid account number of.
  73. So that was the victim's name – assuming this message.
  74. Assuming that some of those invited would not come, but.
  75. Now, I’m assuming that you use local equipment too, as.
  76. Well, assuming David isn’t watching him search the car.
  77. Assuming that I was going to be 'tossed' in a few days, I.
  78. Assuming that Don started with a $100,000 account, Table 6.
  79. I’m assuming that you’ve seen it before, but figure 10.
  80. Assuming that a women entering the porn industry is doing.
  81. I had been correct in assuming that all of my senses were.
  82. Assuming I could even do it, we don’t have time for that.
  83. Assuming all available income is spent, then the pretax $1.
  84. Assuming Mom would follow, I rushed over to the cat cages.
  85. Assuming that was what Clyntahn wanted to prove, at any rate.
  86. And assuming Chang took the hint, she could add another six.
  87. Stirling spoke up, his voice assuming a reverent authority:.
  88. Example: Assuming the IBM accountant had not taken immediate.
  89. And yet not impossible, assuming she’d already done it once.
  90. Oh well, we’ll know better next time, assuming we remember.
  91. That is assuming she was unaware of the effects of the curse.
  92. Did you say, Is Folgers in the cup? I’m assuming most.
  93. DM was incorrectly assuming that his order would be executed.
  94. Assuming that he gave you a proper map, you now can develop a.
  95. Assuming that the desert or the gates didn’t eat them first.
  96. That’s assuming he took this crazy trail in the first place.
  97. Let’s begin by assuming that the underlying contract is stock.
  98. His wife looked at him sternly, crossing her arms and assuming.
  99. I will be assuming the role of a famous musician, heavy on the.
  100. Alex took the lead in slowly descending the stairs, assuming it.
  1. I assumed it was you.
  2. I just assumed he was.
  3. I assumed the role of.
  4. I had assumed that it.
  5. Lucy assumed it was so.
  6. It is assumed that you.
  7. He assumed that it was.
  8. Soon the pose is assumed.
  9. She assumed they had to.
  10. She assumed it was water.
  11. We assumed he got on in D.
  12. She assumed the rule was.
  13. At least, I assumed he did.
  14. He assumed he had passed.
  15. I had assumed that he was.
  16. He assumed that this was a.
  17. She assumed a karate stance.
  18. I assumed it was Valera or Dr.
  19. Its main task is assumed to.
  20. I assumed that she was Molly.
  21. I was dead wrong! I assumed.
  22. The children assumed it was.
  23. Marius assumed a grave tone:.
  24. He assumed it was the balloon.
  25. Ashi assumed it probably had.
  26. I quite reasonably assumed to.
  27. She assumed that the maid had.
  28. It was partly assumed, however.
  29. I assumed he had also perished.
  30. He assumed his and Stokes’s.
  31. I’d assumed that when Candy.
  32. I assumed she had the flu again.
  33. I shouldn’t have ever assumed.
  34. He assumed a studious expression.
  35. But I assumed an air of dignity.
  36. Naturally I assumed he meant rain.
  37. You just assumed it would be you.
  38. Th e mankind is assumed to have.
  39. Lov nodded and assumed his stance.
  40. It is also assumed that an atom.
  41. I assumed this was meant to set.
  42. I assumed this was a county road.
  43. At first it was assumed that the.
  44. At the assumed interest rate of 6.
  45. I had assumed that the reason he.
  46. Lebedeff assumed an air of dignity.
  47. I’d assumed it was the drinking.
  48. He assumed they were on his heels.
  49. I assumed he would follow her out.
  50. I was shocked, but then I assumed.
  51. At least, he assumed it was a menu.
  52. She assumed she was on an airplane.
  53. He tried to believe what he assumed.
  54. Everyone assumed he had been fired.
  55. I just assumed maybe he had cancer.
  56. They assumed the poses of wise men.
  57. And I also assumed he was going to.
  58. Perhaps he’d assumed he could win.
  59. It was assumed that I was a ticket.
  60. I, at first, assumed was sent by you.
  61. I assumed he was taking in my scent.
  62. The deformation f is assumed from m.
  63. I assumed you preferred it that way.
  64. Mike assumed an expression of regret.
  65. The edge? I just assumed it goes on.
  66. Again this will build assumed trust.
  67. No wonder those that have assumed a.
  68. I assumed it was you and now I know.
  69. He assumed it would be the same for.
  70. We assumed he was behind with you.
  71. Stacey assumed it was to the captain.
  72. Everyone assumed she favoured Carlus.
  73. I assumed it would be an easy task.
  74. They assumed that she would save him.
  75. I assumed you must have been out on.
  76. Or what we assumed was a rat problem.
  77. He assumed a non-threatening posture.
  78. He assumed that was where Zeke lived.
  79. I'd just assumed she'd thrown it away.
  80. It must first be assumed that there.
  81. I assumed that to be Victor’s room.
  82. Corey and I assumed that the animal.
  83. He assumed the small quake most have.
  84. Nelson) had assumed the ground he had.
  85. He just assumed that she already knew.
  86. Where the ANC had assumed the mantle.
  87. Initially, my mother assumed that he.
  88. He could be much older than I assumed.
  89. He assumed she was late for work and.
  90. Not really, I just assumed too much.
  91. Venables then, in an assumed tone of.
  92. I assumed that was the Father’s job.
  93. In this kitchen, Colin assumed it was.
  94. They assumed Pete and Harold had just.
  95. That was assumed as a matter of course.
  96. I’d just assumed that brew was a.
  97. I assumed there must be an underlying.
  98. He assumed that the incident would be.
  99. I assumed that’s what this was about.
  100. She assumed that whatever was going on.
  1. His face assumes a meager.
  2. Maybe he assumes she is dead.
  3. It assumes that there is an.
  4. Man assumes that he gets his.
  5. This method assumes that the.
  6. After the Soul assumes a new.
  7. One assumes that the adorned.
  8. The family thus assumes that.
  9. Assumes the radiance of the sun.
  10. And Anna Andreyevna assumes it.
  11. Billy assumes it’s the muscle.
  12. Assumes that to be his YIELD STRESS.
  13. Suffered again? The machine assumes.
  14. This assumes you buy a single ticket.
  15. The thirsty assumes it is to be water.
  16. Unless a pawn who assumes the role of.
  17. Furthermore, this assumes that whoever.
  18. But this assumes volatility in a vacuum.
  19. And it assumes that you would prefer the.
  20. Ten times your income assumes a 10% return.
  21. He assumes you work for the Human Police.
  22. The question assumes there was a single cause.
  23. Twenty times your income assumes a 5% return.
  24. This man assumes the power over the situation.
  25. Everybody assumes this to be an unspoken truth.
  26. I'm telling you that Anna Andreyevna assumes it.
  27. In much of his book he does as many, he assumes.
  28. The changes in variable and fixed costs assumes.
  29. The problem with this question is that it assumes.
  30. Paul to 'live by the spirit', and he assumes that.
  31. But that assumes they are completely unprepared.
  32. This long-run analysis assumes no valuation changes.
  33. Contrary to Mentoring, coaching assumes a formal and.
  34. In much of his book he does as many, he assumes that.
  35. Yan assumes she is not just a cosmic traveler like him.
  36. Freddie has lost all hope, assumes that he will at long.
  37. But that assumes the war ends with US nuclear weapon use.
  38. While the writer of the CBS article assumes that because.
  39. Science assumes that the speed of light is always the same.
  40. This step assumes no other tax deductions except interest.
  41. It assumes you have to be helped before you can help others.
  42. When a girl assumes things about a man without knowing its.
  43. What’s worse is that it assumes that the Creator favors.
  44. But this assumes that the delta is constant, which it is not.
  45. For dollar comparisons, assumes $10 in commissions per year.
  46. That assumes that they’re nothing more than el toro crappo.
  47. After realization, God assumes the body of accomplished sages.
  48. In the eyes of the madrileños this stream assumes importance.
  49. It needs to be used cautiously, however, because it assumes a.
  50. Therefore, optimization assumes that a firm can raise as much.
  51. Yeah, but that assumes that those pauses aren’t helping you.
  52. Evolution assumes that we are nothing more than physical bodies.
  53. But this assumes Mom will be listening to you, which she won’t.
  54. Second: It assumes that there is a deified system of judging this.
  55. When one assumes command of a ship, Commander, it’s always.
  56. I know that the soul assumes many different forms and identities.
  57. Furthermore, it assumes that blaspheme would apply to anyone but.
  58. Allen assumes constantly, which is a direct result of his huge ego.
  59. The following screenshot assumes that you have a hard disk on the 1.
  60. The Greek concept of the immortal soul assumes that an individual.
  61. As the Soul discards his old body, he at once assumes another, and.
  62. This how-to assumes that you already have created your podcast MP3.
  63. This calculation assumes that you wish to keep your principal intact.
  64. Moreover, this hypothesis assumes behavior is the result of activa-.
  65. The preceding function assumes, without checking, that n is an integer.
  66. That assumes they have someone left to send, Elizabeth commented.
  67. It also assumes that the universe started out basically as a point in.
  68. But this all assumes XYZ doesn’t drop back below the 57 strike price.
  69. It assumes that we already have the parsed data in some convenient form.
  70. However, the “top down” approach assumes that a “single index”.
  71. CHAINS: The force that wants to be King, Assumes the radiance of the sun.
  72. The person who sells you that contract assumes the obligation to deliver.
  73. Of course, this assumes that your arm positions are correct, River Mother.
  74. A basic put/call assumes that the initiator of the trade bought the option.
  75. Because it assumes that linear logic, that anything that is linear is okay.
  76. Whenthe father is incapacitated, the son naturally assumes the entireburden.
  77. Jaden can’t see its face, but assumes it’s someone on Bellona’s team.
  78. If STEP value is not mentioned then by default computer assumes it to be +1.
  79. The Greek concept of an immortal soul assumes that the soul already possess.
  80. Here insurrection assumes the character of a plot; there of an improvisation.
  81. This assumes he keeps putting in the same yearly contribution until that age.
  82. This procedure assumes a successful completion of the name resolution procedure.
  83. In many cases this background assumes the form of the ordinary sepulchral stele.
  84. On the other hand, the levered beta technique assumes that beta is made up of a.
  85. Note: this guide assumes that you have already set up your wireless network, but.
  86. This assumes, of course, that you aren’t happy with your present circumstances.
  87. This preliminary stage of the psychology project process assumes that you have a.
  88. To put it very briefly, the presence of inner life in a human assumes an entirely.
  89. That assumes, of course, that the wind allows us to do so, which it probably will.
  90. The mind assumes that the world and the things in it are the sources of happiness.
  91. It assumes that all students are created with equal opportunities for achievement.
  92. These are the only three things in the Universe that Science assumes, never change.
  93. However, that assumes that you have already started to train your subconscious mind.
  94. Krishna then assumes a human form, but is sexually neutral, equally male and female.
  95. He rather assumes that these ideals were fixed before they were expressed in marble.
  96. This assumes that a large drop in the S&P 500 would lead to a large spike in the VIX.
  97. This example assumes that housing prices begin to appreciate, and continue that trend.
  98. The procedure assumes that the test statistic will have an almost normal distribution.
  99. Most of the Time… Science does actually come out and say it: Science just assumes it.
  100. Let’s begin by dissecting the question, as the knowing how to sell something assumes.

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