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    1. “Have you found that sales report yet, Clinker?” his boss boomed

    2. His boss scowled at him

    3. Still, he had to say something to let his boss know that he was hard at work trying to fulfill his wishes

    4. Henry had just delivered a sales report to his boss that was over a year old

    5. Slowly, he looked back up at his boss and tried to smile

    6. "Well, that would hardly be very official now would it? To use a mobile phone to call the boss up in HQ, like

    7. I also reasoned that if I could get local politics on board that this would give the Gardai and my worm of a boss Peter Dooley pause for thought before they tried to shut me down

    8. It was Peter, my boss

    9. I told him what had happened and he said not to worry about it, they would speak to the boss and see if they could organize a loan for me

    10. "He made a phone call to the boss

    11. "What about your boss Da? Would he lend you that kind of money?"

    12. certainly not the boss

    13. I was asked to leave by the boss

    14. The ringtone identifier let him know instantly that it was his boss and that it was urgent

    15. Still, however, Joshua was the boss

    16. "I'm the boss mate

    17. The question was though, would the heavy come back with his boss, with a baseball bat, or with both? Either way it wouldn't be easy

    18. The ironic laughs of children on the road; this evening, as soon as they saw me, they shouted “here comes the vampire!” Everybody thinks they are my boss! I can't stand them anymore!

    19. It could be his boss or another officer in the technical corps

    20. During the beating that I had taken that previous night, the words of Robbie’s boss stuck firmly in my head, words about Crusades and vengeance

    21. The Boss, well, he’s got dreams of holy war

    22. By Monday morning, Iain had worked out what he was going to say to his boss – that James had been offered a revolutionary treatment for his migraines somewhere abroad that meant Iain had to resign from his job, asking for compassionate leave to follow James to where he was to receive this ‘special’ treatment

    23. My job is shite, the boss is a wanker,

    24. is shite, the boss is a tosser who you want to stuff,

    25. 'Hey boss - I can call you boss, can't I? - let's have a cold drink

    26. Others may think you’re getting preferred treatment if you end up dating the boss

    27. I hope her boss is feeling better today

    28. 'Hey boss, we don't have the Cornish pasties in Sophia

    29. 'Hey boss, you know of Barbarossa? He lived on Faria

    30. then there was the thrill - I was making money, not earning it under some boss or

    31. 'All set then Boss? We're with you,' those words told me they really were together, and had been since they were kids

    32. Alexis had some blankets stashed under a bush and threw us one each, 'You OK, boss? You look all in

    33. 'Hey Boss? You know what I think? I think, “bravo boss

    34. But, if that man thinks he can boss around his entire family …

    35. My boss, brave man that he is, comes into my office late in the afternoon, closing the door behind him, he goes straight into the attack,

    36. 'Don't worry boss, she is with us,' was all he said, pushing open the door

    37. Listen now boss, when it's sunset I'll begin the solemn rites asking Athena help us get rid of the looters

    38. 'Believe me boss, we will defeat these pirates

    39. Alexis turned and pointed to the blackening sky in the west, breathless he screamed, 'Did you hear that boss? Did you hear the snorting of her holy horses? She washes the flecks of sweat from their mouths as they champ the bit and cleans the clotted foam

    40. Boss, the Goddess is ready to come and slay this many headed monster as she did Medusa

    41. Alexis placed a hand on my shoulder, 'Come Boss

    42. Ken did just that, croaking down the phone to his boss to complain about a twenty-four hour bug

    43. Continuing with the displeased boss example, you could change your belief about what his stern expression means

    44. To my surprise, my boss is standing there

    45. ‘Not as such, though there is a man on the horizon – it’s Anna’s boss, Gary

    46. ‘As her boss, I was given the enjoyable task of presenting her with the cheque we’d collected for her – Sally, they raised nearly £200! Claire, the girl who works in the office with Anna, had elicited the information by some means or other that Anna wanted money to buy linen and crockery when they get to Italy so in the end we’d decided to just give her the cash

    47. It had been a strange experience making the transition between Dave the boss and Dave the man

    48. Who is the one and only in my life that would fire the Big Boss upstairs?

    49. their father’s ex boss hurried back to his car and the comfort of

    50. When the susurrus that caused died down, the boss asked her, “So are we to believe you didn’t come down here with the intent to turn yourself in

    1. Refusing to be bossed, I stick my tongue out at him; if nothing else that raises a smile from him

    2. She’d seen from the dominant adults around that her mother counted for nothing, and her older cousins had bossed her around in the usual way of children

    3. of Children and Families who bossed the young lady social worker who had Mike’s and my case

    4. His wife and innumerable children were there with him, and his Dad had not bossed him around for a long time

    5. Jai stared at the Dangler, not wanting to be bossed around in front of Ceder, then lost his nerve and looked down

    6. Drug use appeals to a lot of people simply because society makes such a big deal of it, and the government tells them they can’t do it, so they think they’re missing out on something special, and they try to show the man that they can’t be bossed around

    7. Because in middle youth he had often sat observing through a rondel of bossed glass of a multicoloured pane the spectacle offered with continual changes of the thoroughfare without, pedestrians, quadrupeds, velocipedes, vehicles, passing slowly, quickly, evenly, round and round and round the rim of a round and round precipitous globe

    8. I don't like to be bossed

    9. “I didn’t really want to run away with her, Ivory, but she bossed me into it

    1. She almost ran to her bosses office

    2. “They are losers, who stupidly make do with 140,000 drachmas a month; they are cyphers, all of them!” she cries pompously and goes on with an air of profundity: “A businessman wants to earn as much as possible, this is natural! He will pay you as little as he can, unless you prove to him you deserve to be given something more!” … “A clever businessman will hire a secretary who will work for him for a month or so ''on trial'', then he will tell her she is incompetent and he will fire her without paying her a dime; then he will hire another stupid chick who will work for him for another month without payment, then another one will take her place, and so on, until he finds the one who will satisfy him fully” harangues Diana, showing her admiration for bosses

    3. This was why the techs were kept apart from each other off duty, so they would not know who was who and could be pitted against each other by their bosses

    4. One of the local bosses bought me and took me away to Vlore on the Adriatic

    5. Later, of course, it wasn’t surprising that when I began to work, my bosses were Latinos and Spanish was the language of the work place

    6. “I thought I was helping you and the other lads but all we are doing is lining the pockets of the bosses who cut corners and use condemned machines to make even more profit at the expense of our lives

    7. his bosses, an hour or two in the hotel catching up on his emails

    8. I pointed out the economics to my bosses but they were unimpressed

    9. “Hey, you need some happy juice boss,” being as irritatingly happy as he himself could muster, bosses were fair sport in his opinion

    10. My Costamex bosses

    11. “We’re getting close to the encampment, and our bosses will be waiting for an inventory

    12. He asked me, ―What the hell did you say to Chuck when he was back here?‖ Don said that Chuck had called a meeting for all the section heads, yard managers, and any other bosses for the weekly business meeting

    13. This was put there by the angry crime bosses who suffered the drug losses because of the dogs

    14. Dena had still not told her colleagues or her bosses as she claimed that should something go wrong, well, then at least no damage was done

    15. They had told us all that our bosses had been given some creditable story about why we had to quickly leave our jobs

    16. If not, we’re back to where we started: to keep you from being extradited, I need a case to present to my bosses

    17. He would be redeemed with the bosses, particularly when the fingerprint ID came in confirming his identity as a wanted murderer but undoubtedly, Edgar would be shuffled back to obscurity, listening to scum inform on scum, while being locked out of even those inglorious arrests

    18. Gordon could imagine the frantic activity on the other end of the line, as he sent secretaries scurrying for their bosses and the bosses to the task of closing files and redirecting officers in the field

    19. Bosses called the kid‘s number

    20. He was of the opinion that his current bosses were undoubtedly the worst

    21. 26 He runs onto him, even onto his neck, on the thick bosses of his bucklers;

    22. One of the biggest mob bosses in the city

    23. Dan Seligman, a contributing editor of Forbes magazine, wonders whether the media bosses behind such mind-bending use of words in their reporting of pedophilia in the Catholic Church really believe in what they are saying

    24. Are they “Coloring the News,” as William McGowan demonstrates they do in other respects as well in his book of that title? Perhaps, Seligman speculates, the bosses fear lawsuits

    25. Heading a teacher union monopoly, union bosses have more interest in work rules, wages, and benefits for their teacher members than in educating children

    26. care, that her bosses harassed her for raising the concerns and that she was a given

    27. bosses, almost from the time of submitting her first report, including: repeated and

    28. his bosses and government bureaucrats, he says he "arrived at the opinion

    29. My bosses with the DPW unit of AG were Mike Flam who died long ago of blood cancer and Jim Feely

    30. identifying the areas where our bosses could improve in terms of their

    31. where our bosses could improve in terms of their management style and capabilities

    32. He’s got half the mob bosses trying to find out how

    33. He had warned me via phone before my interviews that many of the lab’s Hispanic females were very prone to filing EEO claims versus Anglo male bosses

    34. The Wall Street Journal article pointed out that in 1969 an organization known as Sons of Bosses International was founded with chapters in twelve states

    35. The spokesmen for Sons of Bosses, Stephen Klein, said, “Many sons of bosses have trouble proving themselves to their dads and taking their place in the business

    36. The bosses complained that she was leaving the field too

    37. She stared at her bosses

    38. The recommendation of a peer is a strong one: “If they are impressed with you, they communicate that to their bosses,” he says

    39. The bosses always insulated themselves from the public

    40. He is controlled by BOSSES

    41. This is one of the main weapons used by politicians, bosses, and religious 'priests' (understood in the wider sense)

    42. Those greedy bosses call it downsizing - but I don't notice any downsizing in their fat wallets

    43. There may not be any bosses looming over your head most of the time, but you

    44.  Six out of ten managers felt their bosses failed to demonstrate trust, show respect for their teams or even manage to produce results

    45. The game places you in control of one of the two gung-ho super action-star heroes as they face hordes of bad guys, dodge screen-fulls of enemy bullets and take on the most gigantic sprite based bosses a side scrolling game has ever seen

    46. The hours are too long and your bosses are too cruel

    47. We have Christianity to thank for making the sale of sex a dirty, criminal activity, thus handing it to crime bosses to profit from

    48. He probably had several plausible denials ready for his bosses if things went bad

    49. time for speculation, but everyone had questions on their minds, and the bosses sure weren‘t

    50. “Remind Barry to keep his and his bosses lips sealed or they’ll be slapped with a gag order because of the national security aspects of the case,” he unnecessarily added to probably annoy me

    1. "You sound lucky! I wish I didn't have any parents, they're always bossing me around!" Matt said

    2. “Oh same as usual, bossing everyone about, getting on mum’s nerves and still wrecking the house in the name of DIY

    3. His voice was rising in anger and firming in self-assured conviction – top cop bossing an underling

    4. She’s always bossing me around when she’s here

    5. Dominion means not that you're bossing everyone around

    6. “Good to see you alive and bossing folk about, Lady Renegade,” he said

    7. bossing things rather in naval circles, with flag-lieutenants trotting round and young

    8. bossing at Aunt Fanny's, so it put her rather at ease to have me there as the black sheep

    9. There’s Michelle in the living room, still fiddling with her oversized glasses, bossing around a bundle of kids who roll their eyes at her but do what they’re told

    10. But what does he care? He is bossing everybody

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