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    1. Henry turned the knob of the door as slowly and quietly as he could

    2. He noticed that he was still clutching the door knob with a straining hand

    3. From here I can see the village lying snugly in its valley bounded by hills on all sides, the largest lying to the south – Crook Peak with it’s knob of rock on the top

    4. snorting, grazes her knee on the gear knob

    5. Beside it was a big knob that Glayet turned, causing the whole panel to flip over and another similar one to appear

    6. She kept turning that knob until the nicely engraved brass plaque at the top of the panel said ‘Judge’

    7. She turned a knob on the panel and words started going by in the glass covered, brass trimmed window next to it

    8. She set the next similar knob and window to ‘Monday’, the next to ‘Apr

    9. “Alexei, do you see the area to your left, the large black knob on the console mounted against the wall?”

    10. Yes, there, very good, now pull the knob out and down

    11. “The panel in front of you, see it? In the upper left corner, fourth knob - push it

    12. By turning the knob on a

    13. On one of the side walls was set a cabineted sink-basin with attendant knob and faucet, which Mandy immediately went to test

    14. “And the cabinet is for books and stuff,” Hipolyta turned a knob to swing open the cabinet door

    15. ’ Mrs Brown suggested, her hand on the knob of the next room – the one Mickey had used

    16. "Where you going" She insisted taking hold of the cold metal knob

    17. All you need to know is the direction and the elevation you want to go then dial in a new direction or altitude and press the knob

    18. his hands over the knob of the handle and resting his chin above them

    19. He hadn't felt the need to adjust the key knob yet, much less try any alternate key basis other than chromatic

    20. Flickering torches would have looked better with this than these lanterns, but she played it that way anyway, all the way to playing off into the darkness a hundred floors above before the distance knob finally ran out

    21. More knob turning and another swing and it roared into life, moving forward with increasing speed

    22. She pushed it into the knob, turned,

    23. Lowering a slightly shaking hand to the door knob, she turned it quietly as she lifted her gun with her other hand

    24. But he couldn't locate the knob

    25. If only it were that easy, like turning the knob of the shower

    26. The door rolled off to the side to present another, almost identical door, with a turning knob

    27. His hand lowered to the knob

    28. Amaranthe paused with her hand on the knob

    29. walked almost reached for the door knob when she heard a slow

    30. Frank made a grab for the door lock, but his bloody fingers slipped on the chrome knob

    31. He stepped forward, and my hand tightened on the knob again, but I did not twist it

    32. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, leaning to the side as if I were reaching for the automatic transmission knob to put the car in park

    33. Frank froze, his hand on the knob, his heart beating wildly

    34. Reaching out, Freda placed her hand on the door knob

    35. Turning the knob, Freda released the latch

    36. He fiddled around, one-handedly trying to keep track of the torch, while not floating away, and trying to find the silly control knob to the left of his bulging visor

    37. He instinctively yelled at the machine and went for the transparent closet, trying to find a knob or handle to no avail:

    38. As she reached for the door knob she notice it was cracked open

    39. He twisted a knob and the numbers on the radio’s face lit up with a yellow glow

    40. He fiddled with another knob

    41. ” He twisted another knob and now they heard various AM stations from nearby

    42. Knocking on a gargole door knob, another slave answered, a beautiful young house maid with childlike eyes

    43. Suddenly, a hand shot past my elbow and turned on the hot water, then she reached in further and turned the knob labeled cold

    44. He inhaled my scarf, smelling what had covered my body once, and as he twirled my door knob to escape into the natural elements, my brother spoke his perceived last words to me

    45. All you had to do was turn the knob

    46. knob on the side of the gun

    47. down the knob for a low velocity speed

    48. The middle-aged man closed the door and reached for the knob and turned it to lock

    49. Not wanting to show any fear, I grabbed the door knob and opened it

    50. To all except a very few, this news caused little concern; they rolled over in bed and turned the knob until the voice stopped

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