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    1. Using his exceptional brilliance, which unfortunately everyone had to admit he had or they would hear about it for days, Ackers tended to put on an air of entitlement

    2. For Smith, without access to heaven’s as yet empty libraries, the darkness was beauty beyond description, solitude was a cruel mistress who only ever tasked without instruction, and silence was the wonder, the brilliance, the radiance of an eternal symphony half remembered

    3. And what music! He swaggered through the tunes, stamping his boots on the ground to keep time; from the simple, delicate knees-up beginnings through mad gushing flashes of brilliance before returning to the nursery-rhyme tempo of the start

    4. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in earnest

    5. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in

    6. 11It shone with the glory of God, and its brilliance was like that of a very

    7. But Argos also underestimated the man’s determination and brilliance

    8. Something about the brilliance of the midday sun warmed him and reassured him that his appeal was heard

    9. The brilliance did well to mask, however fleetingly, the depth of the darkness to follow

    10. three floors of high-Tec brilliance

    11. The brilliance of red poppies that survived in the mountains overshadowed everything else

    12. Or perhaps it was just one of my team who got carried away with his own brilliance

    13. Staring intently at the horizon, Broshee silently studied the stars, their brilliance reflecting in her eyes

    14. Both the color and the brilliance they recognize,

    15. The individual in question feels an inflated sense of his own importance, and can’t figure out why the world has ignored his brilliance

    16. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at passing on the narrow twisting road, he gave up and backed off to a more comfortable distance where the brilliance didn’t burn his eyes

    17. He could fake the delivery and throw the whole damn load in the sea! ‘It’s where the shit belonged anyhow,’ he told himself in a momentary flash of brilliance

    18. On her own, all she ever saw were stars, beautiful points of brilliance, by the million

    19. “Your father? Well, yes you have, but what made you start thinking about him?” He looked good with aviator sunglasses; Beth admired him in the brilliance of the sunlight, pondering the thought

    20. What had become of his cousin that he’d run his life into such a quagmire that each choice was grimmer than the last? The nets were pulled free and all three stepped back, squinting into the dazzling brilliance: five hundred eighty-seven snow-white kilos of cocaine reflected the full midday glare of Caribbean sunshine

    21. He, for all of his brilliance, cannot be a light unto himself

    22. It was blinding in the sudden brilliance of its ignition

    23. But this Presence has been persistently forgiving of the well-intentioned façades erected that only served to diminish the light of each of these kernels of brilliance

    24. Through the gleanings of the many ways that direct Man’s inquisitive search for his roots, these gems of cognition might still be regained, to shine again as they once did with the eternal brilliance they were intended to reflect

    25. Lynn goes silent, like she recognizes that as a spark of brilliance but can’t bring herself to admit it

    26. Perhaps his teachers had spotted his innate brilliance and had some special advice

    27. that started that war years ago! His own brilliance

    28. yourselves to the intellectual brilliance of Fuhito

    29. The brilliance pulled into itself and dis-

    30. At first the brilliance of the light was almost painful and

    31. The day dawned serene, graced with smiles and great brilliance

    32. 222 Clearly, at this time, I had not yet considered the brilliance of turning

    33. A minute after that, only an occasional mote could be detected, and the light began to increase in brilliance

    34. As the five participants departed Reuben’s domain at the close of a spirited exchange, they were startled by the unexpected brilliance of the northern sky on what should have been a dark moonless night

    35. Sol, in his first gleaming glance across the water of the new lake, struck Moshe’s newly opened eye with a brilliance more than equal to the bright messenger that had streaked across the sky the night before

    36. Striated bands of clouds, thin and lancelike streamed southward offering Aten’s brilliance the stairs with which to climb into his heavenly domain

    37. “We must also remember that many more lives were saved than lost, and they were saved by acts of bravery, of brilliance, and of sacrifice

    38. “Many of those acts of bravery, brilliance and sacrifice were of such significance that no one could deny that they are deserving of public recognition and a token of our appreciation

    39. Every one of the thousands who performed such acts of valor will receive one for bravery, all who were wounded will receive them for sacrifice, and all who contributed important ideas or research will receive them for brilliance

    40. The next four presentations were of a similar pattern, and all were of awards given for brilliance

    41. Somonik was honored for his communications brilliance, and it was pointed out that at one point he had been conveying or participating in over eighteen hundred different conversations simultaneously

    42. “You are presented with The Medallion of Service for Bravery, Sacrifice, and Brilliance, for your actions in the battle, for participating in training that involved far more suffering than any warrior endured in the real fighting of the war, for your part in the infiltration of Zarkog’s senior officers, and for your contributions to creating the solutions that won us the war on it’s final day

    43. “Princess Talia, we award you The Medallion of Service for Bravery, for Sacrifice, and for Brilliance

    44. Furthermore, due to the brilliance of the battle methods that your squad introduced, only you two, of all our fighters, needed to take direct and personal risk in the final battle of the war, though most of the world took part in the fight

    45. were startled by the unexpected brilliance of the northern sky on what should have been a dark

    46. brilliance more than equal to the bright messenger that had streaked across the sky the night

    47. thin and lancelike streamed southward offering Aten's brilliance the stairs with which to climb

    48. He could see Potter had all of the prerequisites: brilliance in Political

    49. Occasionally punctuating his observations with admiring exclamations at the brilliance of his mentor

    50. The fire was nearly burnt to embers, casting a red glow as the sun lost its brilliance behind low clouds

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    brilliance grandeur grandness magnificence splendor splendour blaze glare genius intelligence distinction eminence acuteness excellence fame gaiety brilliancy glory effulgence polish gleam profundity penetration