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Frasi con cacophony (in inglese)

  1. The cacophony of cars made it.
  2. He stopped playing in a cacophony.
  3. The nightmare of chaos and cacophony.
  4. The cacophony grew louder by the minute.
  5. The cacophony of trumpets begins to harmonize.
  6. A cacophony of yelps and whines rose in volume.
  7. The sound of metal hinges emitted a grinding cacophony.
  8. The cacophony of the music room filed the whole corridor.
  9. Nobody could here him though, amid the constant cacophony.
  10. I love Stevie Wonder! he shouted over the cacophony.
  11. The cacophony of wind and water whistled through his pores.
  12. It was a mad cacophony of whistling that made her ears hurt.
  13. The animals greeted his words with a cacophony of calls and.
  14. It thundered over the cacophony of gunblasts and human shouts.
  15. Monty’s speech was greeted with a cacophony of cries and shrieks.
  16. A kaleidoscope of colours, a cacophony of sounds greeted his senses.
  17. They smelled of far too much essence or incense: a cacophony of odors.
  18. Even the surrounding cacophony cannot spoil the serenity of the moment.
  19. The Enma flooded the dungeon, with a cacophony of cheering and rejoicing.
  20. The penetrating sound charged the whole Palace with a fervent cacophony.
  21. She kept handing out magic forks, and the class slowly became a cacophony.
  22. In the still and ordered cottage, I endured a dream of chaos and cacophony.
  23. When I took it, there was a cacophony of voices in the background over there.
  24. The aria of choice is joyous, the cacophony of force brutal, ugly, and cold.
  25. The sheriff began to furiously rub his eyes as the noise rose to a cacophony.
  26. Just as Simon was beginning to worry, he was overwhelmed by a cacophony of sound.
  27. I didn’t link my thoughts to him, not wanting to add to the cacophony in his mind.
  28. But within his head his cacophony of questions were silenced suddenly by her voice.
  29. He smiled as he heard the loud cacophony of Kartik’s boisterous antics in the park.
  30. Suddenly, a shadow darkened the sun and a high pitched cacophony of sound filled the air.
  31. It crashed against the back wall in a cacophony that only made him feel marginally better.
  32. The cacophony of sounds that filled the market minutes earlier, the arguments, competing.
  33. A cacophony of bullets riddled the Roller driven by Bonner with flashes of sparks all over.
  34. Under the cacophony of the crowd in front of her, she whispered with anxiety to herself:.
  35. Irrational rationalities, fuelled by a cacophony of hormones, screamed throughout his body.
  36. Curran screamed something above the cacophony, the ear-splitting din of rocks pounding the boat.
  37. He raised the screwdriver, and suddenly the room exploded in a cacophony of fire, noise, and smoke.
  38. The bizarre cacophony of Christmas sounds wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t let up for a moment of relief.
  39. The bullets from above became distant thunder in the background compared to the cacophony of her fall.
  40. Volcan was just commenting that he hadn’t heard such a cacophony shake through the mountain in eons.
  41. The Musicians began to play upon the Fo’c’sle Deck with a raucous Cacophony of Drums and Trumpets.
  42. On the street, the driving is so undisciplined that unavoidably it results in a cacophony of car horns.
  43. She asked her then while the other man was overlooking and the cacophony behind them continued unabated:.
  44. As he peddled away, he could hear a cacophony of roars from the lion, screams from the trio and gun-shots.
  45. The figures tensed as the cacophony reached its boiling point, flooding the expansive space with dread-inspiring noise.
  46. A whole cacophony of emotions marched through Bracken’s mind and body as he watched the group standing only a few feet way.
  47. On the way home, she found herself humming and, at the same time, the cacophony in her head was even louder than hours earlier.
  48. That cacophony of midtwentieth-century machinery could only be coming from the out-of-service elevator—and it was on the move.
  49. And then they suddenly heard a thin, rising wail that rapidly cascaded into a shrieking cacophony that seemed to pierce the skies.
  50. The breeze seemed to bring forth the pale sky while the moon climbed over the cacophony of colorful leaves that painted the hills.
  51. The delegates of The Just Alliance had been listening in avid fascination, but at this they erupted into a cacophony of exclamations.
  52. By then, they’d almost reached the spot where they’d entered the beach, a cacophony of music audible now above the sound of the waves.
  53. Don would change rooms, the sawing would stop for a minute, followed by footsteps, then the insane cacophony would resume, directly overhead.
  54. This strangely I could clearly hear amid the gross cacophony: a hopeless whisper in the dark, Please help Me! Help Me! Please, help Me!.
  55. In that enclosed space, the noise was deafening, especially when Drune added his own ear-splitting howl to the already considerable cacophony.
  56. It was a cacophony of voices quarrelling, conversing and children screaming and laughing, coupled with a few unruly greshkues and mynamathers.
  57. Everyone in the television studio was absolutely mesmerised by the melange of imagery and by the cacophony that rose up from the merged soundtracks.
  58. What if he hadn’t reached the platform when his helicopter returned? He would probably never hear it, with this cacophony of insects and creatures.
  59. This cacophony of sound went on for several minutes and Stu noticed from his cowering position that less bullets seemed to be coming into their room.
  60. A cacophony of smells assaulted my senses: the decaying stench of something organic mixed with the sweet smell of honeysuckle and other swamp flowers.
  61. Bells, whistles, and barking dogs pursue him far behind, their sounds clear to his veteran ears even over the industrial cacophony of the inner harbor.
  62. It was a kennel of dogs, with each animal trying out-bark the others, all struggling to raise the cackle of their own jargon above the general cacophony.
  63. The dreadful cacophony lasted almost forty seconds—forty seconds of the pure, unadulterated rage of Shan-wei herself—and then, suddenly, it was over.
  64. But before the wallet could pass from one hand to the other, the ally was filled with a cacophony of loud hisses that seemed to come from everywhere at once.
  65. Unlike back in the Midwest, where the late summer evenings are a cacophony of night sounds, here above the canyon each cricket expressed an individual voice.
  66. The cacophony of irate shouting and hissing radiator steam slid gently away as the blessed quiet of the side road enveloped him like a cool but soft blanket.
  67. The morning of Festival came along with the usual cacophony from the swifts and swallows larking about on the balcony and the priests chanting in the basilica.
  68. He couldn’t have everyone standing stiff as a corpse every waking minute, and the shouts of Aye, sir were a cacophony his ears and head could do without.
  69. All the chatter in the universe is not reducible to the gibberish of my silly little ego; the cacophony frequencying their perspective in my meditation is more 95.
  70. It almost seemed as if the cacophony over the Anna agitation and the string of scams had forced the government’s key interlocutors to surrender a crucial public space.
  71. The sounds which had awakened him were the stuff of nightmares, and his blood ran cold as the cacophony of gunfire and the screams of the wounded and dying crashed over him.
  72. Isobel turned off the television, filled the bathtub with water just in case it stopped running, cooked some pork chops and drowned out the horrible cacophony with her mp3 player.
  73. What begins as a whisper, barely audible even to the careful listener, eventually becomes a cacophony of communication among the media and its newborn offspring, the investment crowd.
  74. Someone opened fire with a projectile weapon and a soldier next to him hit him, tried explaining something about shooting at suits, but the comment was all lost in the cacophony erupting.
  75. The thunder as they broke the sound barrier was lost in the cacophony of the thousands of spells that exploded all around them, but their Shields protected their sight, their hearing, and their lives.
  76. After a very long half hour the cacophony subsided and, hoping everyone had dressed, they wandered noisily along the hallway into a room full of still naked Mages draped unappetisingly over the armchairs.
  77. Captain, Elenir responded from the science station, the cacophony of radiation is a mess on our sensors; however our scanners are, as Pim said they would be, still cutting through the soupy mess.
  78. Hilderich tried to put his hands to his ears but he was frozen half-way when the world-shattering cacophony ended abruptly and was replaced by a buffeting silence, his ears still buzzing from the loudness.
  79. The cacophony of emotions drove his fragile mind to the edge of sanity where he now teetered dangerously, unsure of where and how he should proceed given the damning evidence in the inspector’s possession.
  80. At first glance, the place seemed to be a chaos of bedlam and cacophony, as some two hundred construction workers from every race in The Just Alliance were busily going about their tasks within the huge cavern.
  81. He had only been born the night before in a damp cave full of strident men, their endless, mirthless cacophony silenced by the sudden and unexpected cries of a child gasping for air and a mother suffering the pains of labor.
  82. Adrift in that realm that made no sense at all, surrounded by the amber mist and the scents of abundant spring vegetation, I heard a cacophony of voices again and images were swirling about in a kind of elemental stew, similar to my nightmare after Lance died.
  83. I GIVE DETECTIVE Yates the address for today’s first reported homicide—838 MacDonough—and he swerves out of the traffic and barrels down the middle of Fulton, his screaming siren and flashing lights barely denting the usual cacophony of a lovely Bed-Stuy afternoon.
  84. Then they all started honking their horns, apparently just for the fun of it … you should have seen the grin on Emanuele’s face as he joined in the cacophony! Getting out of Naples was slow work, it is a busy city and the road system appears to have been built piecemeal, so you may imagine how it was.
  85. Music, and the term is used very loosely here, that is only truly appreciated if you were drunk, on drugs or totally insane, and preferably all three! Mark did not like the noise; he hated the cacophony, like his father, Johnny; he loved the old soul of the Sixties: Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Sam & Dave.
  86. This is the scam… the swindle, the trick they have used to fool millions of unsuspecting souls after they died physically to enter voluntarily and willingly into that vortex of light… only to realize too late that they were trapped forever inside the cacophony of wailing insane ghouls and couldn’t get out.
  87. I not only wanted to see what was going on, I wanted to be part of the action, to hear the cacophony of the horses’ hooves trampling the dirt track, to smell horse sweat as these thousand-pound monsters raced past me, and feel the sudden rush of wind filled with sounds from the horses themselves and the urgings of their jockeys.
  88. Ramasamy’s daughter must have seen him like Meenu’s mother—a person mouthing cacophony of useless knowledge that was far away from reality; a person who dreamt and expressed imaginative concepts; a person who experimented and researched all his life; a person who somehow was lucky to land a working wife and run away to foreign lands leaving behind marriage responsibilities; and a lifelong jerk.

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