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    1. blares from one corner

    2. For the blares of horns sounded in front of the ranks and summoned all of the officers to their positions

    3. The bell for first period blares

    4. A high-pitch ascending charge blares through

    5. This is the story that blares from the loud speakers, from the talking heads, from the printed page

    6. The tower's warning siren BLARES

    7. Blaring out sounds like an orchid blares out its scent to the world… attracting living things by a sweetness that travels through the air

    8. This blares out the hypocrisy of civilized societies: ‘do as I say… not as I do

    9. Through the drifting fog without the gramophone blares over coughs and feetshuffling

    10. “Wisteria Allgood,” blares a bone-chilling voice, “do you wish to confess to the use of the dark arts for the wicked purpose of undermining all that is good and proper in our society?”

    1. Reality is the sound of a revving engine and the blare of a horn

    2. constant blare of the alarms and the shouted orders that came over the ship-com

    3. origins of the sphere of radiance and blare of club music

    4. A fog horn blare in the distance, the world knows I have been stood up

    5. latch itself onto a blare out any thought of the ceremony

    6. He hears the blare of an approaching siren

    7. could hear the blare of the television giving the evening news from down the hall

    8. The sirens started to blare, and was

    9. But in the city, a mile away, he heard the strident blare of a trumpet

    10. Jensen's rhetoric was rudely interrupted by the blare of an air horn

    1. music was still blaring, but it didn’t have the attention it once did

    2. Usually it was through a blaring radio, or with a phone attached to the other ear

    3. The only barrier between three hundred people, blaring

    4. The music reached a blaring climax and Millicent waved at the crowd around her before she began to dance

    5. He could still hear the alarms, blaring incessantly, shrill voices that now seemed distant,

    6. I became aware of flashing lights and sirens blaring, and somewhat later there was

    7. I was sitting up in bed, the blankets kicked off onto the floor, the alarm of my phone blaring at full volume

    8. The radio was still blaring when he entered their room

    9. The mid-range blaring of its pumps and rotors cut through the late May stillness

    10. At that moment, the officer"s radio was blaring with his badge number to

    1. this time warning lights were on all the recordings of the past, flashing in the background while a siren blared

    2. disco lights blared from the windows I could see

    3. The noise of the crowd, the pounding music and the echoes of the arena blared around her, but she heard nothing

    4. The voice of the station commander blared through the com-Link, ‘OVERRIDE: PATTERN GAMMA – NOW

    5. For several seconds, she sat frozen behind the steering wheel as the panicked tempo of her heart slowed while Pharrell Williams’ Happy blared and crackled in her speakers

    6. Its horn blared, and I yanked the wheel hard to the right, sliding across the intersection and hitting the highway shoulder in a spray of gravel as my car came to a stop

    7. I kind of dismissed that idea when the corn started falling from the sky, while horns and other brass instruments blared in epic fashion

    8. Stars and Stripes Forever blared from the loudspeakers, followed up by the Caisson Song

    9. As the national anthem blared out over the huge speakers scattered all around the circuit, the activity on the grid went on unabated

    10. BEEN LIFTED,” blared the speakers over the wailing of the sirens

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    trumpet boom bellow wail yell

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    blare blaring cacophony clamor din blast beep claxon honk toot trumpet boom bellow wail yell