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Frasi con candle (in inglese)

  1. Then we lit a candle.
  2. The candle of my heart.
  3. Look at this long candle.
  4. And blow out his candle.
  5. She was holding a candle.

  6. No candle was now wanted.
  7. He stared at the candle.
  8. Gilbert put out the candle.
  9. Can the candle help it?
  10. He took his candle closer.
  11. The candle is a dead body.
  12. Q: Who lights the candle?
  13. The candle bobbed beside me.
  14. Now we'll light the candle.
  15. A small liquid candle was.

  16. I’m putting out the candle.
  17. The candle was lighted again.
  18. You put a candle on a table.
  19. A candle burned in a saucer.
  20. Efím placed a candle there.
  21. I am going to light a candle.
  22. But he had to get the candle.
  23. Like a candle lit in the wind.
  24. A curse produces candle light.
  25. Hold the candle, said Mr.

  26. It was lit by a single candle.
  27. Well, the first candle appears.
  28. The candle was nearing its end.
  29. He hastily relighted his candle.
  30. The second candle forms a Doji.
  31. This is your mind and my candle.
  32. The candle flame had turned blue.
  33. They blazed in the candle light.
  34. You can't hold a candle to them.
  35. The universe is a candle holder.
  36. The candle only shone over Katsu.
  37. Light a candle and look out the.
  38. Lighted Candle in Stick borne by.
  39. A candle stand between them was.
  40. We call that a candle in context.
  41. He burnt his candle to the snuff;.
  42. Liputin went nearer to the candle.
  43. Put your hand in the candle, Ms.
  44. Pat was still staring at the candle.
  45. What do the candle tails tell us?
  46. Her skin shone in the candle light.
  47. The tiny birthday candle had been.
  48. I examined the pink sparkly candle.
  49. He held his candle aloft and said:.
  50. He took a candle and went upstairs.
  51. She burned the candle at both ends.
  52. Because the candle was not guttered.
  53. Because the candle has not guttered.
  54. A whole candle is burnt every night.
  55. On the table a lighted candle stood.
  56. Plenty of syrup and a candle on top.
  57. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.
  58. There was a small candle at the end.
  59. While candle catches shadow of my hat.
  60. Woman, wine and candle as the trinity.
  61. The second day is a white candle line.
  62. Snuff that candle! said a voice.
  63. A candle flickered on the nightstand.
  64. He couldn’t light a candle there;.
  65. I blew out the candle and joined him.
  66. She struck a match and lit the candle.
  67. Just go back and get the other candle.
  68. Let me go--I want to light the candle.
  69. Rex silently sat in front of the candle.
  70. Don’t put your candle under a bushel.
  71. Ralph climbed down, carrying his candle.
  72. Can I borrow a candle? she asked.
  73. If this candle appears after a strong.
  74. Wait a moment, I’ll light a candle.
  75. The candle illuminated her countenance.
  76. Jeff lit a candle and doused the lights.
  77. He did, and the candle sparked, then lit.
  78. A tiny head appeared in the candle flame.
  79. What the—I did not mark that candle.
  80. Sakata’s Method and Candle Formations.
  81. He found the matches and lit his candle.
  82. Close the doors, and light the candle.
  83. A solitary tallow candle burned in the.
  84. The candle went out; I could no longer.
  85. The candle flickered on the small table.
  86. He drew near to a candle in the tap-room.
  87. A louis d'or has been stuck to a candle.
  88. A novice knelt by her bed with a candle.
  89. He repeated, Stay close to the candle.
  90. The candle had burned down to the socket.
  91. I'll get a candle, Shatov cried faintly.
  92. In one a candle had been left flickering.
  93. A snuffed candle sat frozen in dried wax.
  94. Aanya lit the candle and asked Senada to.
  95. The porter, candle in hand, lighted them.
  96. AHHH! The candle! She felt shocked.
  97. The theatre was lighted with candle ends.
  98. Where was Moses when the candle went out?
  99. Charlotte went away slowly, candle in hand.
  100. The same points apply to the hammer candle.
  1. Candling devices can be made at home, but the light can be too hot and could damage the embryo--even with just a few seconds of use each day.
  1. From off a thousand miles in the candled darkness, he heard a high fluting voice; that was Ellen.
  1. The candles snuff ed out.
  2. He blew out the candles.
  3. As fire on candles, as shy.
  4. The Candles in Our Hearts.
  6. Many dozens of candles and.
  7. One of the candles went dark.
  8. Candles of corpses, yes, yes.
  9. Shine of candles of universe.
  10. Around the well were candles.
  11. I lit two candles, and waited.
  12. We spend a fortune on candles.
  13. You light your candles for me.
  14. The candles had all burned out.
  15. And you see the candles?
  16. The park sparkled with candles.
  17. Lighting incense candles and a.
  18. The candles continued to flicker.
  19. The candles were still on at Mrs.
  20. Candles serve other purposes also.
  22. From the candles around the coffin.
  23. The wicks of the candles flickered.
  24. No lit candles and no crystal ball.
  25. Let the candles correlate with the.
  26. Candles were lit on the golden altar.
  27. You gotta blow the candles out, boy.
  28. There was a centre piece of candles.
  29. That’s the reason for the candles.
  30. Notice the three candles behind the.
  31. You will require a number of candles.
  32. The lamp is not wanted, only candles.
  33. Ther's six CANDLES gone—that's what.
  34. A birthday cake wafted by, candles lit.
  35. Angela appeared with lit candles, and.
  36. Find some candles while you’re at it.
  37. Most kangaroo tails are longer candles.
  38. They had taken the candles out of the.
  39. In the pools when the candles were lit.
  40. These two candles cast no gleam outside.
  41. If they put our candles out it will be.
  42. I said your name when I lit the candles.
  43. Hopes blown out like candles in a storm.
  44. Imagine your heart is filled with candles.
  45. When you are done, extinguish the candles.
  46. Look relative to the surrounding candles.
  47. It makes us look like candles in the wind.
  48. Morel brought candles and a bottle of wine.
  49. The candles all went out at the same time.
  50. We’ll need some candles, Kevin said.
  51. The curtains lifted; the candles flickered.
  52. Candles are everywhere and music is playing.
  53. Put out the candles, she asked softly.
  54. I lit the candles on the cake and you said.
  55. Where two or more candles close above the.
  56. Julia and I watched him between the candles.
  57. Imagination and candles will do wonders to.
  58. Shut off the lights and light a few candles.
  59. She had made her own candles for the scent.
  60. Candles and lighters were raised in the air.
  61. There were only eighteen candles on the cake.
  62. One of the candles flickering in the socket.
  63. He brought candles and a tray full of plates.
  64. I will have the replacement candles sent over.
  65. Candles flickered on a polished oak bar table.
  66. Cindy bent over the table and lit some candles.
  67. The boards blazed with candles, white and yellow.
  68. The candles were lit, but they did not seem to.
  69. He shrugged, and took one of the candles from me.
  70. I…I was going to buy candles, Manda lied.
  71. Candles flickered in sconces on the stone walls.
  72. Candles around the coffin? Someone's uncle died.
  73. Here’s some candles, Hunting Sticks said.
  74. He lights two candles, then turns out the light.
  75. By its size relative to the previous 10 candles.
  76. Have you ever blew out your birthday candles and.
  77. Light the candles in my apartment, if you please.
  78. In the chart above there are several Doji candles.
  79. From the case he produced two candles in holders.
  80. The maids lit incense, candles, and oil lamps as.
  81. Why is the house so dark, Pork? Bring candles.
  82. Invocation of the Dark Goddess • Black candles.
  83. The music stopped and the candles seemed to dim.
  84. Andy took it from me and held it near the candles.
  85. The soft scent of the candles wafted on the breeze.
  86. Sixteen delicate pink candles were lit on the top.
  87. Having earlier lit dozens of candles, put on some.
  88. Candles apply differently to investing and trading.
  89. It was lighted by a few candles, and the bed had.
  90. For a short time candles were the order of the day.
  91. I did that and was able to light the candles again.
  92. Bring me a couple of candles as well, please Prof.
  93. Looking at the four candles in the example in Fig 4.
  94. To my left were a couple of lit candles and Roman.
  95. Will lights some candles and starts opening windows.
  96. Candles glowed from sconces along high wooden walls.
  97. Now this same room was dimly lighted by two candles.
  98. There were also a few boxes of large church candles.
  99. She accompanied him downstairs and lit a few candles.
  100. Warden Markham blew out the candles and slammed the.

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