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Frasi con cd (in inglese)

  1. I have the CD now.
  2. She handed him a CD.
  3. The CD he was lis-.
  4. That CD will prove it.
  5. The Anatomy Of A Mix CD.
  6. A CD was on, Tori Amos.
  7. I then pulled out a CD.
  8. No thank you for the CD.
  9. CD4033 (or CD 4026) alone.
  10. Back on went the thrash CD.
  11. Uncle had given me a CD of.
  12. In this CD, you'll discover:.
  13. The CoRT Thinking Program CD.
  14. I‘ll have CD reimburse you.
  15. This is a CD of my singing.
  16. So here is a mix CD for you!.
  17. The bad news is that the CD.
  18. He was playing Mozart on a CD.
  19. Casey and Robert gave me my CD.
  20. I copied your emails on a CD.
  21. Danny took the CD from its slot.
  22. I passed a CD store in Mylapore.
  23. I might send the CD up as a gift.
  24. The only one was a Johnny Cash CD.
  25. How to Burn the Tracks to Your CD.
  26. The young tech opened the CD drawer.
  27. Cookery and sent the CD to Infinity.
  28. What’s the cost of the first CD?
  29. I opened the CD player in my laptop.
  30. Danny reached for the CD holding the.
  31. When she looked back down at the CD.
  32. That music he played on the CD player.
  33. The cats are ____________the CD shelf.
  34. Each time she gave her a new CD that.
  35. But you are here! the CD laughed.
  36. Our lead guitarist knows that whole CD.
  37. I recorded a CD with my former high.
  38. Type cd /usr/X11R6/bin in your terminal.
  39. The dog is _______________the CD player.
  40. I gave him the heart shaped CD in my bag.
  41. After the CD was over, we rode in silence.
  42. So the CD and News Letter are completely.
  43. Now we have the CD, and music has reached.
  44. Gone were the days when a CD was required.
  45. Say bye-bye to jewel boxes and CD stands!.
  46. The third CD was nursery rhymes in English.
  47. Place the CD in your computer’s CD drive.
  48. Ivana then handed me a CD in a special case.
  49. However, the CD did arrive in the mail –.
  50. The idiots had the CD player on full blast!.
  51. The first CD was non-stop Hindi remixed hits.
  52. This is when you should insert the CD that.
  53. CD case was on the floor of the drivers side.
  54. I had been waiting for the CD for over a month.
  55. It should be something like 58,000 counting CD.
  56. Ramkumar got her to record her singing on a CD.
  57. As I write this, the average one-year CD pays 0.
  58. Yer why not I said passing her the CD case.
  59. He was so dumb, he thought M&M peanut was a rap CD.
  60. The CD had accumulated interest, a lot of interest.
  61. One 2002 CD is American Dreams with Charlie Haden.
  62. They can put up signage with a slip to win your CD.
  63. He put the CD into the machine and played the song.
  64. Madame CD just celebrated her seventy fifth birthday.
  65. He skipped a track on the CD then gave us a thumbs-up.
  66. I ran my finger along the small note taped to the CD.
  67. So you going to buy this CD, or you loitering?
  68. Powders’ new CD I Think I’m Brain-dead?’ he asks.
  69. Thank you for the maps and for ordering the Mapsco CD.
  70. The pre-release buzz for their first CD was tremendous.
  71. Paul put a CD into the walkman he listened to, and John.
  72. Jill turned down the CD player and extended her long legs.
  73. The road became bumpy as the last track to the CD came on.
  74. He put the first CD in the machine and put on track four.
  75. Not finding anything to please her, she turned on the CD.
  76. Tucker’s replacement and the performance of the new CD.
  77. Jeanette got up and grabbed a cd case and handed it to Mac.
  78. Would a customer buy a hand wrapped CD when the industry.
  79. In the letter he told him to watch the CD he had enclosed.
  80. The only thing not packed was a CD and Derrick's necklace.
  81. I could do it by title of the CD, but that would be futile.
  82. CD and even though I was really impressed with Matthews’.
  83. Jim slipped the CD across the table as their drinks arrived.
  84. However, the futures quotes on JY, CD, and SF are inverted.
  85. These will be found in Appendix Note 66 on accompanying CD.
  86. The ‘holes’ in the CD do not at all resemble the music.
  87. Derek continued his journey and popped in a CD for the last.
  88. Smith took a Robert Johnson CD out and put it in the machine.
  89. Burn the pictures on a CD and have it as a gift or souvenir.
  90. I was amazed he took Ian into the studio for the third CD.
  91. CD drive in front of me and Cubasis on a CD - Cubasis and a.
  92. This chart shows leg CD as a 127 percent extension of leg AB.
  93. Your room, Andrina said, watching her and the CD closely.
  94. Harmonic patterns all contain one basic structure, the AB = CD.
  95. Bill: An angel came into Michael‘s life--Madame CD in France.
  96. He turned on the CD player and found the CD he was looking for.
  97. Although the money will be safe in those instances, a CD or a.
  98. Old Schultz switched from the CD to watching a porn DVD in his.
  99. Look out for the bone, therefore, between the points CD and AF.
  100. We can simplify the RSI equation if we substitute RSI = CU / CD.

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