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Frasi con carefully (in inglese)

  1. I carefully blew up my.
  2. He picked it up carefully.
  3. I had to listen carefully.
  4. It was a carefully drawn.
  5. Very carefully, she sat up.

  6. I looked at them carefully.
  7. I chose my words carefully.
  8. He carefully picked it up.
  9. He had to think carefully.
  10. He had to tread carefully.
  11. Ben eyed the coin carefully.
  12. Listen carefully to me Olin.
  13. Listen to me very carefully.
  14. He looked at her carefully.
  15. He looked at them carefully.

  16. I looked carefully into the.
  17. He carefully removed the lid.
  18. She chose her words carefully.
  19. She carefully chose her words.
  20. Carefully, I crawl out of bed.
  21. I thought this over carefully.
  22. Notice carefully what is said.
  23. Molly looked at me carefully.
  24. Anne looked at him carefully.
  25. As carefully as possible he.

  26. Josh carefully chose his words.
  27. We have been carefully taught.
  28. But to be done more carefully.
  29. She washed her face carefully.
  30. Drive more carefully then too.
  32. But I heard it very carefully.
  33. To study carefully the first.
  34. Mike chose his words carefully.
  35. Lyra carefully brushed it off.
  36. Carefully she reached up and.
  37. Listen carefully to the unsaid.
  38. He carefully folded up the map.
  39. You think about this carefully.
  40. He wrote little and carefully.
  41. Rub it in gently and carefully.
  42. Then I carefully replaced the.
  43. Kevin studied the man carefully.
  44. Foot notes were carefully added.
  45. I carefully considered my reply.
  46. Carefully lift chicken from pan.
  47. She thought about it carefully.
  48. He carefully observed her face.
  49. This makes you think carefully.
  50. And when you listen carefully.
  51. Slowly and carefully this time.
  52. He raised the blanket carefully.
  53. The guards watched her carefully.
  54. Bruce cut open the box carefully.
  55. He hands her the baby carefully.
  56. Carefully note those three words.
  57. She dressed carefully for dinner.
  58. I’ve carefully wrapped them up.
  59. I had already rechecked carefully.
  60. And till then, hide it carefully.
  61. Miles looked at her carefully now.
  62. I had to carefully insert an 8-.
  63. He carefully crawled by her side.
  64. His eyes scrutinized me carefully.
  65. He measured his answer carefully.
  66. Thomas looked them over carefully.
  67. He brushed his clothes carefully.
  68. She carefully stepped aboard the.
  69. I carefully descended the building.
  70. Very carefully? he would say.
  71. He carefully buttoned her up and.
  72. We have carefully traced all Ms.
  73. Mother hoarded our coins carefully.
  74. Then I carefully spread it around.
  75. One had to look carefully in the.
  76. Smith looked carefully at her face.
  77. The old slave eyed Tarac carefully.
  78. You also need to listen carefully.
  79. Checking the item over carefully.
  80. Carefully he crushed them to powder.
  81. You boys listen to me carefully.
  82. He weighs things up very carefully.
  83. I went over the list carefully, Mr.
  84. The Encala watched Emily carefully.
  85. But if you look carefully into the.
  86. What is it? I asked carefully.
  87. Please read this section carefully.
  88. Lifting Sari carefully, he placed.
  89. Dvalinn ate his portions carefully.
  90. I listen to his directions carefully.
  91. Oh, and Jim – drive carefully, eh.
  92. He did, and she carefully shaved him.
  93. He studied the documents carefully.
  94. Carefully he unwound the rubber band.
  95. He carefully removed his hand from.
  96. Carefully, careful, the rose awakes.
  97. He looked at me very carefully, then.
  98. His features were carefully neutral.
  99. Wren studied the formation carefully.
  100. Be carefully selective in criticism.

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