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Carefully in a sentence

I carefully blew up my.
It was a carefully drawn.
I chose my words carefully.
Very carefully, she sat up.
He had to think carefully.
I looked at them carefully.
He carefully picked it up.

He picked it up carefully.
I had to listen carefully.
He had to tread carefully.
Ben eyed the coin carefully.
Listen to me very carefully.
He looked at her carefully.
He looked at them carefully.
Listen carefully to me Olin.
Notice carefully what is said.
She carefully chose her words.
I looked carefully into the.
She chose her words carefully.
Anne looked at him carefully.
As carefully as possible he.
Carefully, I crawl out of bed.
He carefully removed the lid.
Molly looked at me carefully.
I thought this over carefully.
She washed her face carefully.
Drive more carefully then too.
But to be done more carefully.
But I heard it very carefully.
We have been carefully taught.
You think about this carefully.
To study carefully the first.
He wrote little and carefully.
Listen carefully to the unsaid.
He carefully folded up the map.
Lyra carefully brushed it off.
Josh carefully chose his words.
Carefully she reached up and.
Mike chose his words carefully.

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