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    1. Before she could react any further, Scar spun free of her sword and kicked out, catching Silence in the stomach and sending her flying backward

    2. I have found this system to really work in attracting, catching, and killing flies

    3. ’ I promised, catching up with her

    4. "Huh?" doostEr wasn't catching this

    5. ’ I said, catching the eye of the waitress

    6. ‘Why? What’s happened?’ I asked, catching his mood

    7. ’ Stephen said, catching hold of me and pulling me towards him

    8. ’ I said, catching the revealing glance that passes swiftly between the two of them

    9. ’ I started, my brain only then catching up with the last part of his comment

    10. She should have used more time explaining and less time catching up on sex and breakfast

    11. I felt rough fibres catching at the corners of my mouth as though I were being force fed a winding sheet, and then, as stars started to explode across my eyelids, I realised with a flood of relief that my head and shoulders were still covered by the sacking

    12. He’s probably busy catching up on his workload

    13. Catching the wizards unawares and trapped within their compound where they can physically be brought to justice

    14. Sitting behind Nick, catching my breath, I contemplate the back of his head while Rose tells me how warm the beautiful shawl Nick gave her for Christmas is

    15. While they waited for breakfast he tried to convince her there could be some hope of catching that paperwork before Venna did

    16. ’ She said, catching Iain’s eye

    17. evenings catching up on what he had missed till now

    18. of conversations across the grass, catching noise and clattering glass,

    19. catching reflections from the coloured lights

    20. catching swirls of dust on thermals

    21. catching eyes and flies

    22. folded neatly, catching lines of dust in creases,

    23. each flush of the moth’s wings, catching the feather spikes

    24. catching up with Alderfolk Pottypears

    25. The evening mist is gathering over the fields now, catching the last rays of the setting sun

    26. ‘Had a lot of catching up to do

    27. I breathe too, catching snowflakes on the tip

    28. I hadn’t thought about the men catching up with us on the mainland …

    29. Mikri followed from a distance, sometimes catching up but when I reached the end of the lane, he stopped, watched me for a little, shook a paw, then turned and plodded back to the house

    30. "You've got quite a bit of catching up to do," he said, reaching thru the mesh that was still all she wore

    31. I left Aristethes unconscious, sitting upright, head back, mouth ajar, catching flies

    32. Garth blinks in surprise, reaching out and gently catching the stone

    33. ’ I commented, catching up with Berndt, who has got a little ahead of me

    34. Catching his drift quickly, Daniel got up and made a show of taking James and showing him the camp

    35. This would be an incredible method to catching your love in a lie as they tell you one thing and

    36. And then there are the more simplistic methods of catching people in their lies

    37. He suddenly saw that the others were catching up to them, so they continued on quickly

    38. Catching the odd bass is one thing, but I’ve never managed anything other than my own time, and besides, he’s hardly going to take me on in my current state of health, is he!”

    39. He rushed to her, catching her before she hit the ground

    40. Rays of sunlight were catching the diamond teardrop earrings of a stunningly beautiful young lady in the opposite stand and it was these bursts of pure radiance that were catching Terry’s attention

    41. So here he was, sitting in front of the fire warming up and catching up on his notes

    42. I remembered reading somewhere that it was the last rays of the sun catching Mount Hymettos that told Socrates the time had come to drink hemlock and die

    43. 'We will start with catching practice

    44. Keep this tip in mind: fish with two flies since this doubles your chances of catching one

    45. and me, and we had a tough time catching it

    46. C'mon inside,' he said, catching his breath

    47. vagabond strolled through the square, catching sight of the protest

    48. Her only means of catching him would be to stay with him every hour he wasn’t on duty

    49. They spent time catching up on all the events of the past weeks while they waited for their food

    50. “You are advancing very well my love,” she spun and shot out her leg catching him off guard

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    catching contracting detection espial spotting spying communicable contagious contractable transmissible transmittable infectious