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    1. It was lucky that disease was not very contagious, but there was a scare thruout the city for awhile and it turned out quite a few had been infected

    2. Almost a minute went by before someone sniggered, then someone else and it became contagious until, just like in school, the giggling grew to laughter until they were shaking their heads in uncontrollable mirth and wiping their eyes on chaotic squares of cotton

    3. His chuckle was a bit contagious

    4. The people of Lbron't Nevn hadn't when they were discovered and caused great mayhem until a Trenst genetics company developed a contagious vector to spread the Instinct thru their population

    5. So went over to one of those little fabric places and bought in a long enough piece of felt that I could cover the table and then I got another brilliant idea: gee brilliant ideas are contagious! All I had to do was get the piece of felt big enough so I could wrap that baby completely over the 5 foot poker table and have 5 inches of felt underneath the table so I could staple the underneath part of the felt to the back of the poker table

    6. "I thought she once told him the viruses that cure aging have been contagious for the last two thousand years

    7. "And I know enough genetics to know that was spread by a contagious airborne vector and has permeated everyone by now," Nidon said

    8. Doris found his high degree of excitement and agitation to be extremely contagious and little by little she was becoming more frenzied herself

    9. “You’re both contagious, and you made me sick?”

    10. They also warned me that, although she wouldn’t be contagious, if she lived, I’d have to keep Pirate separate from her while she recovered

    11. “Her bite won’t be contagious either,” Carl explained

    12. These are highly contagious and need to be treated by your vet to prevent infection and spreading

    13. To match his playful character he had a contagious laugh that complemented it and once he started laughing it was impossible not to laugh with him

    14. 10 If you’re even vaguely contagious don’t bother getting off the plane in China

    15. Despite that tragedy, Sylvie was one of the most upbeat people Tara knew, and her enthusiasm was contagious

    16. Nevertheless it was somewhat comforting to know that they only wanted to prevent the spread of a contagious and dangerous pneumonia that at the time was threatening the region

    17. The song was so contagious that she had to stop herself before she either began dancing or singing along, but the smile she could not stop

    18. Ebira laughed too, and the laughter was so contagious that none of them could stop again

    19. Mary quietly whispered, “He passed …” Then she sniffed and laughed, so I thought that I had missed a joke or something but really my nervous fake laughter was just contagious

    20. His laughter in spite of his own rough fate was so contagious that the rest of the company too broke into laughter

    21. “Well, that is where they send you if they think you are carrying a contagious disease, so that means we will have to go through quarantine and disinfection,” was my reply

    22. Slowly the large oak trees against the cold dark night, and the whistling wind that would often lose its musical chord to howl a few times, and my uncle’s face, his laugh lines, his twinkling eyes and his contagious smile, all faded into the background unhurriedly, once again altering into my room, and Ishvara’s eyes and the voice of his sister

    23. It is the poisonous refuse dumped into the environment of the mind that is the toxic and contagious weapon of the Civil War

    24. that kind of laughter is contagious and when it happens, people nearby

    25. If I had the power, I would will to everyone in this world a very contagious common sense bug to bite them

    26. I didn’t want to become contagious as well

    27. His smile was contagious, friendly and lit up his face

    28. prevention and therapy of contagious diseases, would be outside the scope of an

    29. Finally the doctor and Lady Leeche after being certain that what she had was not contagious allowed us to see her

    30. She also instructed me to keep you away for fear that the illness is contagious

    31. " He compares the north-men to a contagious disease, and asks if an epidemic can be avoided by flight or fought off with weapons?

    32. tell you to give me a hug but doctors say I’m contagious

    33. The contagious melody that she started to sing from the very moment we stepped on the slope, removed the sadness from our hearts and laughs sprang up like the waters of a strong spring

    34. Stupidity was becoming contagious in his organization

    35. is NOT a disease, it's not something that is contagious, and it's not hereditary

    36. Contagious as most laughter is, My loved Ones laughed along with Me, then stopped and stood in awe with Me of all We saw ahead of Us

    37. " His sturdy and practical optimism was truly contagious; all the children lived in an atmosphere of anticipation of better times and better things

    38. The immune system (bureaucrats) can definitely block this contagious epidemic disease, but cannot do anything against novelty, change, rapid execution and information passed by word of mouth

    39. Love is truly contagious and eternally creative

    40. During this time--commonly forty-five to sixty days--the birds are closely observed for signs of several contagious diseases and are given tests to see if they are carrying psittacosis or other dangerous illnesses

    41. This contagious disease is caused by the bacterium Chlamydophila psittaci, and it is one of the few bird diseases that can be transferred to humans

    42. Just as she held her breath she caught a whiff of the disinfectant gas used to clean out the med ships after off loading potentially contagious patients

    43. She took up the case, entered a code in the touch screen at the top, and opened it to expose four vaccination shots with blue contents; all of the contagious, common diseases that could be cured in minute doses

    44. The urge to yawn is contagious, it is said, and this contagion spread across the City with great speed as the Smug peered over the horizon

    45. Ashley spoke so quickly she couldn’t breathe, “Where are they? What happened to us? Did the creatures hurt us? Do they have a contagious virus like zombies or venom like vampires?”

    46. Her apparent distress was contagious; he could now feel his own eyes filling with tears

    47. Chance then passively jived his head from side to side at the contagious sounding beat

    48. The sorrow almost seemed contagious in that Mitchell, a true victim of circumstance, began working harder on building walls around him, within the prime of his existence, instead of searching for love that would inevitably break them down

    49. Her lovely smile was contagious as both men became quickly aroused

    50. His energy and enthusiasm were contagious, whoever came into contact with him were immediately as enthusiastic as he was

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    catching communicable contagious contractable transmissible transmittable deadly noxious pestilential poisonous infectious spreading epidemic endemic