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Frasi con censure (in inglese)

  1. There was no censure or.
  2. In censure of his seeming.
  3. She had censure or approve.
  4. Nothing was done to censure Sen.
  5. Of censure for the same incurred;.

  6. His reply to this censure argues.
  7. Norah glanced at him but saw no censure.
  8. It was censure in common use, and easily given.
  9. Censure is the desire to destroy the imperfect.
  10. She bowed again to her flowers at his censure of her praise.
  11. But she hoped he felt the cold censure coming from her eyes.
  12. John Chrysosotom, who would not hesitate to censure the imperial.
  13. Winter's poems, and the critics, we suppose, will censure him for it.
  14. I mean not to censure the wide range which this discussion has taken.
  15. The boldness of my words gave me fear of censure, but I felt none given.

  16. And even so, women often manage to censure their men and criticize them.
  17. Alison strained her ears to catch any hint of censure in his question, then.
  18. And therefore philosophers must inevitably fall under the censure of the world?
  19. She didn’t need the censure in Mother’s eyes to know the fault was hers alone.
  20. What is called for, in consequence, is not so much censure as sound interpretation.
  21. Sir, on this occasion, I feel no disposition to censure the conduct of the President.
  22. However, few details were known publicly about that attack, thanks to official censure.
  23. Ensuring that no censure of Watanabe was implied, Colonel Sakaba promoted him to sergeant.
  24. While partly predictable, that request for presidential censure came at a very bad moment.
  25. Few women know that the censure of her man is exaltation above him, in other words, pride.

  26. He was thrown out of the High Council and sent to the Northern Temple, a place of censure.
  27. Do not, my dearest Elinor, let your kindness defend what I know your judgment must censure.
  28. But if you call society inhuman you imply that the young girl is made to suffer by its censure.
  29. If he now incurred Natasha’s censure it was only for buying too many and too expensive things.
  30. If he now incurred Natásha’s censure it was only for buying too many and too expensive things.
  31. But this entire process is nipped in the bud and aborted by the public censure of all emotionality.
  32. What would make someone want to kill this man’s widow? There wasn’t a single censure on his record.
  33. Fear of Censure held back my Hand; ’twas not the Fashion of the Time to write one’s own Life History.
  34. Elinor sighed over the fancied necessity of this; but to a man and a soldier she presumed not to censure it.
  35. He did not censure the Secretary of War or the President; very far from it; the defect had been in the law.
  36. I advocate removing from office any who'd pass such laws and the censure of any government supporting such a plan.
  37. Louie and the others filed into the barracks, waited for the guards to rush off to censure someone else, then stole out.
  38. If a person should at any time exceed in it, he can easily reform without exposing himself to the censure of the public.
  39. There were no video recorders in the interrogation area for fear of public censure should footage be leaked to the media.
  40. Instead of the censure she half expected to receive for her impudence, she received looks of commiseration from them all.
  41. For mankind censure injustice, fearing that they may be the victims of it and not because they shrink from committing it.
  42. I avoid, therefore, all questions of censure or reproach on either the British Minister or the American Secretary of State.
  43. There have been others, too, that knew nothing of the love token—others whose ignorance of it was less deserving of censure.
  44. Mister Speaker, I thus transmit officially to you this request for censure, to be passed to the Judicial Committee of the House.
  45. Elinor kept her concern and her censure to herself; and was very thankful that Marianne was not present, to share the provocation.
  46. Believing in his own self he was always exposing himself to the censure of those around him; believing others he had their approval.
  47. It is important to react to people's praise and censure in the same way as the people who you communicated to last two days reacted.
  48. Most would support Caris, almost whatever she did, such was her reputation; but there would be some who would censure her behaviour.
  49. He was sensible that he should hazard the censure of his associates in the Republican cause by the observations he proposed to submit.
  50. Your committee are happy to observe, on a dispassionate view of the conduct of the United States, that they see in it no cause for censure.
  51. They shall strive hard in Allah's way and shall not fear the censure of any censurer; this is Allah's Face, He gives it to whom He pleases.
  52. The French censure Marshal Davout for the fearful losses sustained at Smolensk, holding that these sacrifices were due to his want of foresight.
  53. The storm like this raged outside his Senate office the night of his censure, calling for him to surrender and accept the unstoppable darkness.
  54. It is the system of government, the situation in which they are placed, that I mean to censure, not the character of those who have acted in it.
  55. Every violent reform deserves censure, for it quite fails to remedy evil while men remain what they are, and also because wisdom needs no violence.
  56. But, as Alford bravely says, 'This whole passage has been tampered with, as supposed to involve indirect censure of Elias, and to stand in the way of church-censure.
  57. Rostopchin is open to severe censure for his inactivity during the stay of the French army in Moscow, and for not having used his influence to organize volunteer corps.
  58. Do what is necessary, including forcing admirals to testify under threat of Congress censure, but find why the Navy is now stuck with planes inferior to the Chinese Migs.
  59. There was no want of respect in the young man's address; and Fanny's reception of it was so proper and modest, so calm and uninviting, that he had nothing to censure in her.
  60. These gentlemen make their way in the world through the fact that all their instincts are bent in the direction of coarse sneering, short-sighted censure and immense conceit.
  61. There was no want of respect in the young man’s address; and Fanny’s reception of it was so proper and modest, so calm and uninviting, that he had nothing to censure in her.
  62. Also in some cases he appeared to praise or censure the movement of the foot quite as much as the rhythm; or perhaps a combination of the two; for I am not certain what he meant.
  63. From the insolence of office, too, they are frequently indifferent how they exercise it, and are very apt to censure or deprive him of his office wantonly and without any just cause.
  64. Protective agency personnel and heads alike are way too busy protecting their own asses from well-deserved censure to dare admit the horrors still going on under their protection.
  65. God says, Among the Believers there are men who have been true to their covenant with Al’lah, and in establishing the truth they have never been afraid of the censure of those who find fault.
  66. If the request for censure against Truman was eventually voted by the Congress, forcing Truman out of the White House, power then would pass automatically to the Speaker of the House, a Republican.
  67. Now this overdone, or come tardy off, though it make the unskilful laugh, cannot but make the judicious grieve; the censure of the which one must in your allowance o'erweigh a whole theatre of others.
  68. If they said yes, then the House would vote on the request and, if it was accepted, would then pass the request for censure to the Senate, which would put President Truman on trial in front of the Senate.
  69. But let me add something more: There is another side to Glaucon's argument about the praise and censure of justice and injustice, which is equally required in order to bring out what I believe to be his meaning.
  70. I thought that this was a common report of one of our ordinary committees, which I had a right to canvass or to slight, to applaud or to censure, without raising any extraordinary concern, either here or elsewhere.
  71. The clergyman who persists in using these illegal ceremonial acts, in defiance of his bishop's monitions, causes divisions, offences, strife, and controversy in the Church about things not essential, and is justly deserving of censure.
  72. Besides, wouldn’t censure directed against those whom we tend to abhor sound music to our ears? The Quranic accounts of the verbal tussles that Muhammad had with the Jews, the Christians and the idolaters invariably colored its divine message itself.
  73. As I have said, I not only had sought to avoid censure of the religion of the Church; I had done my best to see only its most favorable side; and knowing its academic literature from beginning to end, I had paid no attention whatever to its popular literature.
  74. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, a formal request for censure by a House member had, according to the constitution, to go either to the House Judiciary Committee or to the House Ways and Means Committee, which would then decide if the charges were valid.
  75. He hoped that the example of these petitioners would tend to counteract those strenuous and unremitting exertions of passion, prejudice, and party feeling, which had attempted to stamp upon the majority in Congress the foul and unjust censure of being enemies to commerce.
  76. No censure ought to be attached to the American shipper, for, by the usage of trade between the United States and Europe, the American merchant is entitled to draw for two-thirds the amount of his cargo on transmitting invoices and bills of lading with orders for insurance.
  77. It is the peculiar misfortune, sir, of this system, if again to be revived, that the right of approbation fully implies the right of disapprobation and censure; and during the same Administration of which we are speaking this right of disapproving and censuring was also attempted to be exercised.
  78. There were considerations of personal feeling which gave to other parts of the Union, and to certain individuals therein, a bias on that subject; and I should be extremely sorry to be considered as passing any thing like general censure upon the advocates of that measure in or out of this House.
  79. And as it was in their power to take possession whenever they might think that circumstances authorized and required it, it would be more to be regretted, if possession should be effected by any means irregular in themselves, and subjecting the Government of the United States to unmerited censure.
  80. That a girl of fourteen, acting only on her own unassisted reason, should err in the method of reform, was not wonderful; and Fanny soon became more disposed to admire the natural light of the mind which could so early distinguish justly, than to censure severely the faults of conduct to which it led.
  81. However painful it may be to censure the conduct of our own Government, yet a sense of justice obliges me to say, that to every overture made by Great Britain to accommodate this unpleasant affair, our Administration attached some exceptionable condition which closed the door to an amicable adjustment.
  82. He was about to censure Mariette in his mind for her levity when, noticing the serious and even slightly dissatisfied look in his eyes, she suddenly, to please him, changed not only the expression of her face, but also the attitude of her mind; for she felt the wish to please him as soon as she looked at him.
  83. It has been said that no member would be thanked for his vote in favor of this bill—and, fearless of censure, I shall oppose this attempt to lay the foundation, and to pledge the property of the people for naval systems, as ruinous to the finances of the country, as it will be destructive to the peace of the nation.
  84. This enumeration, it is alleged, fell considerably short of the actual population of the Territory at that time; and, without casting the most remote censure on the officers who were employed in that service, such a suggestion is strongly supported by the vast extent of country over which the settlements are dispersed.
  85. The gentleman from New York, more nice in distinctions than myself, may, perhaps, satisfy himself and the people that these two cases are marked by lines so strong as to render the conduct of the Executive in the one case an object of applause and approbation for himself and his friends, and in the other of suspicion and censure.
  86. Yet as she was convinced that Marianne's affection for Willoughby, could leave no hope of Colonel Brandon's success, whatever the event of that affection might be, and at the same time wished to shield her conduct from censure, she thought it most prudent and kind, after some consideration, to say more than she really knew or believed.
  87. There could be no harm in what had been done in so many respectable families, and by so many women of the first consideration; and it must be scrupulousness run mad that could see anything to censure in a plan like theirs, comprehending only brothers and sisters and intimate friends, and which would never be heard of beyond themselves.
  88. Crawford with either sister without observation, and seldom without wonder or censure; and had her confidence in her own judgment been equal to her exercise of it in every other respect, had she been sure that she was seeing clearly, and judging candidly, she would probably have made some important communications to her usual confidant.
  89. Yet as she was convinced that Marianne’s affection for Willoughby, could leave no hope of Colonel Brandon’s success, whatever the event of that affection might be, and at the same time wished to shield her conduct from censure, she thought it most prudent and kind, after some consideration, to say more than she really knew or believed.
  90. I, Leslie Arends, Republican Representative for Illinois, thus demand formally to this House that the following charges be brought against President Harry Truman and be registered before being passed on to the Judicial Committee of the House, with the goal of conducting a vote of censure by the House and the Senate against President Truman.
  91. And it is the highest policy of this Government, in order to obtain the advantages of the free judgment and decision of the President, so to conduct towards him that he should learn to act without fear of the censure of Congress on the one hand, and without any hope on the other, that their countenance shall shelter his measures from scrutiny.
  92. But the time came when the savage, on one hand, felt, though vaguely, the value of the social conception of life, and of its chief motor power, social censure, or social approbation—glory, and when, on the other hand, the difficulties of his personal life became so great that he could not continue to believe in the value of his old theory of life.
  93. Let others praise justice and censure injustice, magnifying the rewards and honours of the one and abusing the other; that is a manner of arguing which, coming from them, I am ready to tolerate, but from you who have spent your whole life in the consideration of this question, unless I hear the contrary from your own lips, I expect something better.
  94. Thus a man who under the influence of passion has committed an act contrary to the truth he recognizes, remains none the less free to recognize it or not to recognize it; that is, he can by refusing to recognize the truth regard his action as necessary and justifiable, or he may recognize the truth and regard his act as wrong and censure himself for it.
  95. And shall we still, with all this information and experience, adhere to this system, and still think we can legislate France and England into a comitance to do us justice, and bring them to the bar of justice in this way? Far be it from me to censure any one for the part they have taken in endeavoring to maintain the rights of our country, and giving security to the interest of our citizens.
  96. If I was disposed to censure, it would be for not making an effort to chastise some of the British armed vessels which lay in our waters after the affair of the Chesapeake, in open contempt of the President's proclamation; if a single vessel had been driven out or compelled to strike her colors, it would have healed the wound inflicted on the national pride and feeling, committed by the Leopard.
  97. Without shutting herself up from her family, or leaving the house in determined solitude to avoid them, or lying awake the whole night to indulge meditation, Elinor found every day afforded her leisure enough to think of Edward, and of Edward's behaviour, in every possible variety which the different state of her spirits at different times could produce,--with tenderness, pity, approbation, censure, and doubt.
  98. Without shutting herself up from her family, or leaving the house in determined solitude to avoid them, or lying awake the whole night to indulge meditation, Elinor found every day afforded her leisure enough to think of Edward, and of Edward’s behaviour, in every possible variety which the different state of her spirits at different times could produce, with tenderness, pity, approbation, censure, and doubt.
  99. Maybe, adoration is borne out one’s perception of his being the object of appreciation, which the sense of deprivation of the same results in a state of disaffection, but censure is an inimical product of one’s sense of superiority over the other that is afflicting, oh how these things come to shape the fates of men; though I let censure steel my nerve, I let applause weaken my will, but that was much later.
  100. And I did hope, when the gentleman went into this eulogium on the one hand, and inference at least of censure on that which he has been pleased to term "The Staff of the Navy"—but which I suppose I may as well call the civil branch, who have the control and management of the civil service; not the men who fight the battles, but who pocket the greatest part of the emolument—that he would have been more particular.
  1. Such is their manner of praising the one and censuring the other.
  2. The rest remained outside, and presently the whole crowd was censuring those who had accepted the invitation.
  3. He who knows this psychological law will never indulge in censuring others or in finding fault in the conduct of others.
  4. I advocate removing from office any who would pass such laws and the censuring of any government supporting such a plan.
  5. Meantime the game of shove-ha'penny proceeded merrily, the majority of the male guests crowding round the board, applauding or censuring the players as occasion demanded.
  6. It is the peculiar misfortune, sir, of this system, if again to be revived, that the right of approbation fully implies the right of disapprobation and censure; and during the same Administration of which we are speaking this right of disapproving and censuring was also attempted to be exercised.
  7. I want to hear justice praised in respect of itself; then I shall be satisfied, and you are the person from whom I think that I am most likely to hear this; and therefore I will praise the unjust life to the utmost of my power, and my manner of speaking will indicate the manner in which I desire to hear you too praising justice and censuring injustice.
  8. Now I call upon the advocates of this bill to point out, in all the debates of that period in any one publication, in any one newspaper of those times, a single intimation, by friend or foe to the constitution, approving or censuring it for containing the power here proposed to be usurped, or a single suggestion that it might be extended to such an object as is now proposed.
  9. Macon,) claim the right of censuring in matters equally within his sole and peculiar province? If, then, we are to interfere with Executive duties, not merely as sycophants, applauding his every act, but as freemen condemning what we do not approve, the inevitable consequence must be, a conflict between the Executive and Legislative Departments, in which the wounds of either can only be inflicted through the constitution; or (an issue equally fatal) the advantages intended to be derived from separate deliberation, distinct responsibility, and mutual jealousy and watchfulness of the separate departments disappear, in a miserable complaisance of acting by previous concert, and thus propping each other before the people.
  1. For he censured not his sons.
  2. I knew he would get himself censured eventually.
  3. The Vice-President agreed and Senator Keller was censured.
  4. It is first applauded, and then censured by the opposition.
  5. They strike out so as not be struck and censured themselves.
  6. The Almighty censured those who shun Him for their conduct and deprecated their behaviors.
  7. Senator Hardin and I had gone to his office, after Davis finally was censured for his behavior.
  8. Has not the intemperate been censured of old, because in him the huge multiform monster is allowed to be too much at large?
  9. I thus recommend that Miss Laplante be censured and dismissed from the Time Patrol for creating social instability and disturbing the peace.
  10. But this much I will say, it was an event which no human foresight could have anticipated, and for which the Administration cannot be justly censured.
  11. If a reporter is allowed on the scene and reports what is actually happening, his coverage may not only be censured but he could also be booted out of the country.
  12. Marianne severely censured herself for what she had said; but her own forgiveness might have been more speedy, had she known how little offence it had given her sister.
  13. She was severely censured among us for ambition; but Varvara Petrovna's well-known strenuousness and, at the same time, her persistence nearly triumphed over all obstacles.
  14. I know, I said, that this is their manner of thinking, and that this was the thesis which Thrasymachus was maintaining just now, when he censured justice and praised injustice.
  15. The alternatives presented by the report—war or suspension of our rights, and the recommendation of the latter, rather than take the risk of the former, I expressly censured.
  16. The party of the old and dissatisfied, who censured the innovations, turned to him expecting his sympathy in their disapproval of the reforms, simply because he was the son of his father.
  17. In the very district where Pyotr Stepanovitch had been having a festive time a sub-lieutenant had been called up to be censured by his immediate superior, and the reproof was given in the presence of the whole company.
  18. The universal voice of mankind is always declaring that justice and virtue are honourable, but grievous and toilsome; and that the pleasures of vice and injustice are easy of attainment, and are only censured by law and opinion.
  19. Willoughby imagine, I suppose, when his looks censured me for incivility in breaking up the party, that I was called away to the relief of one whom he had made poor and miserable; but had he known it, what would it have availed?
  20. His one desire was to know what was happening and at any cost correct, or remedy, the mistake if he had made one, so that he, an exemplary officer of twenty-two years’ service, who had never been censured, should not be held to blame.
  21. The average annual expense of this establishment, so much censured for its wasteful and improvident management, has but little exceeded $1,500,000, which is not much more than twice the amount of the usual annual appropriation for our economical Civil List.
  22. As a record of a former state of things, I have retained in the foregoing paragraphs, and elsewhere, several sentences which imply that naturalists believe in the separate creation of each species; and I have been much censured for having thus expressed myself.
  23. I may be permitted to ask why, if we had no title to this territory, the President was urged to take possession by force, and censured for not doing it? If my recollection is accurate, all parties agreed we ought to have the country—they only differed as to the mode of acquiring it.
  24. Are the gentlemen from Georgia and Kentucky the only Senators who have had their feelings wounded by the conduct of the press upon this subject? Sir, if the gentleman's opinions and sentiments have been censured by one description of presses, he may find consolation in having been greatly eulogized in others.
  25. Under the circumstances in which it found itself, without experience, either in itself or others to guide it, Administration ought not to be censured for the bad military appointments it may have made, however much it may deserve, if it shall retain men in employ, when found incapable to discharge the duties intrusted to him.
  26. But art transmitting feelings flowing from antiquated, worn-out religious teaching,—Church art, patriotic art, voluptuous art, transmitting feelings of superstitious fear, of pride, of vanity, of ecstatic admiration of national heroes,—art exciting exclusive love of one's own people, or sensuality, will be considered bad, harmful art, and will be censured and despised by public opinion.
  27. Sancho had hardly uttered these words when two gentlemen, for such they seemed to be, entered the room, and one of them, throwing his arms round Don Quixote's neck, said to him, "Your appearance cannot leave any question as to your name, nor can your name fail to identify your appearance; unquestionably, senor, you are the real Don Quixote of La Mancha, cynosure and morning star of knight-errantry, despite and in defiance of him who has sought to usurp your name and bring to naught your achievements, as the author of this book which I here present to you has done;" and with this he put a book which his companion carried into the hands of Don Quixote, who took it, and without replying began to run his eye over it; but he presently returned it saying, "In the little I have seen I have discovered three things in this author that deserve to be censured.
  1. Quincy,) been so severe in their censures upon the conduct of the Administration.
  2. Aristotle censures the community of property much in the spirit of modern political economy, as tending to repress industry, and as doing away with the spirit of benevolence.
  3. He asked the master, "Tell me, wise master, I have been with you for many years in search of wisdom, but I could not find the answer to one question how to behave when you are praised, flattered and when someone takes offence or censures?".
  4. But there is this difference, that while public opinion censures and condemns all the acts opposed to the moral law, including the most varied cases in its reprobation, the law which rests on violence only condemns and punishes a certain very limited range of acts, and by so doing seems to justify all other acts of the same kind which do not come under its scope.

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