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    1. holy or need to judge us when we sin

    2. "Yes!" with excitement, "A real one! At least he found a rich friend who took it!" She wasn't a good enough judge of expressions to be sure that her excitement was genuine

    3. ‘Why should I be judgemental? What right had I to judge? I had been married and had a family

    4. Judge Al Nafa whispers behind his hand to a court employee, smiles, then turns his attention to John

    5. The judge nods at the prosecutor

    6. It all comes down to one question: how did you treat the least of these my brethren? I quote this from Matthew 25 where Jesus expresses how He will judge the nations

    7. It is translated the valley where God will judge

    8. they are about how they judge you

    9. God uses Babylon as His rod of chastisement, but ultimately says He will judge Babylon for their excitement and over step

    10. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel

    11. 4 And he shall judge among the nations,

    12. Why is it that we have not been willing to be cleansed more thoroughly? Why did we allow ourselves to be consumed with “blind spots” and things of the past that shaped us? This day won’t only be to judge those that have not attained unto the first resurrection

    13. Jesus said to the Pharisees that He would not judge them

    14. Moses would judge them

    15. If we want to hold so highly the words of Paul, then Paul will judge us

    16. be the judge and jury when you

    17. JUDGE: This is the time and place for the trial of Erick Folsom, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge of rape of Samantha Perez on April 12 of the past year

    18. JUDGE: Counsel for the state, you may call your first witness

    19. (The JUDGE nods an approval, COURT CLERK calls in the witness

    20. JOYCE: And after losing that game, did he not get into an argument with the line judge and call him a "blind son of a bitch"?

    21. JUDGE: I don't think so

    22. JUDGE: You keep saying that, Miss Barns

    23. JUDGE: Has the jury reached a decision?

    24. JUDGE: The jury has found Eric Folsom not guilty as charged

    25. (The JUDGE exits, ROBERT and ERICK shake hands, JOYCE remains in her chair with her head bowed low, KELLY and MARIA put their arms around SAMANTHA

    26. After a moment, he gets up slowly and faces the empty chair of the JUDGE

    27. The JUDGE and the COURT CLERK come running in

    28. Not your laws, not your juries, and (pointing the gun at the JUDGE) not you

    29. People judge mental illness through hearsay or the severity of the affects, however mental illness is only as dangerous as the individual behind the wheel

    30. The best seats were on a dais to his left and in these seats sat the bank's chairman and his wife, their daughter, government ministers, the chief judge and the Superintendent of the Metropolitan Police

    31. The director of the live television special whispered into his microphone and the cameras panned in on the hangman, on the judge and on the soldier

    32. He then asked the judge to stand and ask the soldier if he might have any last requests

    33. father! Be careful not to judge prematurely

    34. “He…he should’ve said something”, stammered her husband, as around him one judge after another jeered and called him every sort of stupid ass that their imaginations could conjure up

    35. He even made a special series of videos to show on his body and as he slowly revolved under the hot studio lights, as he turned from judge to judge, each programme was revealed in all of its glory

    36. listen to their story; namely the presiding judge in their

    37. He then asked the judge to stand and ask the soldier if he might

    38. The soldier responded to the judge by asking if he would grant a

    39. means be judge and jury both

    40. Remember the saying “you cannot judge a book by its cover

    41. Catching her gist, and a shrewd judge of character, Alexei made a decision

    42. of others, rather than to judge them

    43. to judge, each programme was revealed in all of its glory

    44. 22And he says unto him, Out of thane own mouth will I judge thee, thou wicked

    45. 2Saying, There was in a city a judge, who feared not God, neither regarded man:

    46. 6And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge says

    47. Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold the judge

    48. He would be the judge, what surprised him as different would score points for Ava, what surprised her when he saw Tdeshi in her scored points for Tdeshi

    49. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete,

    50. 31Because he hath appointed a day, in which he will judge the world in righteousness

    1. Consequently, I found myself regularly judged as being of inferior ability by automotive industry

    2. as she judged her cereal boxes as the winner and she got pride of

    3. She was already being judged,

    4. Two years of academic work binned because of him, and seven years’ worth of Raw Sex Object judged worthless without his even looking at it

    5. Scar judged the distance between him and the throne

    6. And they judged

    7. matter they judged themselves

    8. This has been judged to be in harmony with the Word of God

    9. Some will remain asleep until the judgment seat, and then they will be judged according to their deeds

    10. It is at the Great White Throne, after the nations have been judged, that Babylon, called Magog here, is finally destroyed utterly

    11. They won’t be judged, but they will give an account

    12. ale kegs should be fine as when they landed it was judged to have

    13. People shouldn't be judged for it, because anyone who doesn't find a cure for their afflictions belongs to a permanent mind prison

    14. Once they judged themselves to be safely out of harms way the

    15. it's probably a myth, but is entirely possible if judged on Mum's unerring ability for sticking her foot in her mouth

    16. “You have to understand Duncan; he must be caught in the act before he can be judged,”

    17. The people still believe in the Goddess in all her roles, they still know they will be judged and they still join in cooperation for the common good

    18. Brent looked over the area and judged quickly that if he removed the metal at the rear he

    19. 1Judge not, that ye be not judged

    20. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete,

    21. about nine years and a boy he judged to be seven, were sitting

    22. Tom judged, than the outbound section

    23. The other man had disappeared, but Tom judged the direction of

    24. judged and closed his half-opened mouth abruptly

    25. The dead were judged

    26. ‘The case still has to be judged by a jury, and

    27. They judged what you had compared to the others that had something to play around these streets

    28. While that demand continues the same, therefore, the market price of the commodities is likely to do so too, and to be either altogether, or as nearly as can be judged of, the same with the natural price

    29. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no one

    30. Mr King had judged eight-and-twenty shillings the quarter to be at that time the ordinary contract price in years of moderate plenty

    31. Due to the slow recession of pain, Adros judged his body to be winning

    32. Priests are now being severely judged and sentenced for those very crimes they could not have been touched for, a few decades ago

    33. man, stood at the gates of heaven and was being judged by

    34. The produce was divided equally between the proprietor and the farmer, after setting aside what was judged necessary for keeping up the stock, which was restored to the proprietor, when the farmer either quitted or was turned out of the farm

    35. For some time after the discovery of America, the first inquiry of the Spaniards, when they arrived upon any unknown coast, used to be, if there was any gold or silver to be found in the neighbourhood? By the information which they received, they judged whether it was worth while to make a settlement there, or if the country was worth the conquering

    36. To see a security camera in your dream means that you feel that you are being scrutinized and judged for your actions or behavior

    37. But as the law for the encouragement of coinage derives its origin from those vulgar prejudices which have been introduced by the mercantile system, I judged it more proper to reserve them for this chapter

    38. They had plenty of good land; and as they were altogether independent of the mother city, they were at liberty to manage their own affairs in the way that they judged was most suitable to their own interest

    39. The quantity of land assigned to each colonist was seldom very considerable, and, as the colony was not independent, they were not always at liberty to manage their own affairs in the way that they judged was most suitable to their own interest

    40. What is necessary for the defence and support of the whole empire, and in what proportion each part ought to contribute, can be judged of only by that assembly which inspects and super-intends the affairs of the whole empire

    41. Asdrubal judged it necessary to lead the whole, or almost the whole, of the standing army which he commanded in Spain, to the assistance of his brother in Italy

    42. In general, however, and when the Roman armies were well commanded, they appear to have been very much superior; and if the Romans did not pursue the final conquest either of Parthia or Germany, it was probably because they judged that it was not worth while to add those two barbarous countries to an empire which was already too large

    43. As I looked I judged the beach to be about 300-400yds wide but only about 30-40yds deep and on either side of the beach there were cliffs that must have been around 150ft in height and completely commanded the beach

    44. From that year till their final dissolution, the parliament judged it necessary to allow the annual sum of £10,000 for that purpose

    45. That was a finely judged show of intimidation by Frank, decided Danny, as he pondered over

    46. Jesus, being without sin, became the serpent (sin) that was judged by God on our behalf, so that we could live

    47. In general, there is not perhaps, any one article of expense or consumption by which the liberality or narrowness of a man's whole expense can be better judged of than by his house-rent

    48. These circumstances are judged of, in the one case, by the officers of the election, in the other, by those of the parish; and both the one and the other are, more or less, under the direction and influence of the intendant

    49. I thought we were closer to them but as I looked I judged that we had only made it back about a quarter of the way

    50. History should never be judged by contemporary standards lest we fall off the ―shoulders of giants

    1. Judges walked with God and they knew Him as

    2. Dallas had never established control in the Northeast, instead it was ruled by gangsters calling themselves Judges

    3. “And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your

    4. The Book of Judges is a vivid demonstration of the repeated apostasy of God’s people

    5. God knows all the possible outcomes and where it will lead, and judges accordingly

    6. and that my dear is what judges others… the negative energy

    7. We find in Deuteronomy 17:8-13 that the priests are the judges

    8. Israel was to have a court system where the priest is the one who judges, and never some sort of “official,” or ruler

    9. We replace those false judges mentioned in chapter 3 of this writing (the section on Psalm 82), which are the principalities and powers

    10. be instructed, ye judges of the earth

    11. Everyone else was as an Angel, there was nothing that he had experienced directly was there? "Vic told me about the constables and the judges

    12. As old Ted signed the contract for his new television programme, as the crowds cheered again and again, no one noticed the furious argument taking place between the judges

    13. Each desperate contestant was made to stand in front of the panel of judges on a spot marked with a silver star, and almost without fail the judges poured torrents of scorn and condescension down upon their heads

    14. The weeks passed and the judges ripped contestants to shreds until at last there were only twelve of them left in the competition

    15. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges reached an agreement

    16. But, even if it were true, most of the general population agreed with the judges and so within the hour the stranger came to stand beside the princess in London’s great abbey at Westminster

    17. He was one of the richest and most powerful men on Earth, but he initially chose to make his residence in the hills near Scranton because it would never be suspected, and he had near total control of so large an area, thru the judges and their constables

    18. She told them about the political situation, how the Warlord of Pennsylvania had moved his forces all the way to the Potomac as soon as the Nigerians went home, using the judges and their constables and a tenuous membership in the Commonwealth of Laurentia as a facade of legitimacy

    19. The federal government hasn’t been able to collect any taxes in generations, but the Judges collect the taxes anyway and keep it for themselves

    20. All of the judges assembled next to Ted’s amazing new flower,

    21. judges, all of which were televised

    22. front of the panel of judges on a spot marked with a silver star, and

    23. almost without fail the judges poured torrents of scorn and

    24. The weeks passed and the judges ripped

    25. The judges used every hyperbole in the thesaurus to describe

    26. judges, the technicians and the watching public looked on in

    27. After much consultation and some legal wrangling, the judges

    28. were true, most of the general population agreed with the judges

    29. The panel of judges sitting out in the audience wave the boring little shit away and insist that the show goes on

    30. But he who is spiritual judges all things, yet he himself is judged by no one

    31. When the landlord, annuitant, or monied man, has a greater revenue than what he judges sufficient to maintain his own family, he employs either the whole or a part of the surplus in maintaining one or more menial servants

    32. toppling the idol in his father’s yard, and then went on to lead his people to victory (see Judges 6:25)

    33. The critic selectively judges

    34. They necessarily became the judges in peace, and the leaders in war, of all who dwelt upon their estates

    35. With the judges that were to determine the preference, this difference was perfectly decisive; and thus, for the gratification of the most childish, the meanest, and the most sordid of all vanities they gradually bartered their whole power and authority

    36. God judges the

    37. To the judges who were to decide the business, it appeared a most satisfactory account of the matter, when they were told that foreign trade brought money into the country, but that the laws in question hindered it from bringing so much as it otherwise would do

    38. Lord God who judges her

    39. But if a merchant ever buys up corn, either going to a particular market, or in a particular market, in order to sell it again soon after in the same market, it must be because he judges that the market cannot be so liberally supplied through the whole season as upon that particular occasion, and that the price, therefore, must soon rise

    40. If he judges wrong in this, and if the price does not rise, he not only loses the whole profit of the stock which he employs in this manner, but a part of the stock itself, by the expense and loss which necessarily attend the storing and keeping of corn

    41. If he judges right, instead of hurting the great body of the people, he renders them a most important service

    42. It has generally been confined to what was necessary for paying competent salaries to the governor, to the judges, and to some other officers of police, and for maintaining a few of the most useful public works

    43. The UFC would start with judges

    44. The colony assemblies, besides, cannot be supposed the proper judges of what is necessary for the defence and support of the whole empire

    45. to the test, as judges watched to see which

    46. Whoever reads the instructions (They are to be found in Tyrol's History of England) which were given to the judges of the circuit in the time of Henry II will see clearly that those judges were a sort of itinerant factors, sent round the country for the purpose of levying certain branches of the king's revenue

    47. But when, from different causes, chiefly from the continually increasing expense of defending the nation against the invasion of other nations, the private estate of the sovereign had become altogether insufficient for defraying the expense of the sovereignty; and when it had become necessary that the people should, for their own security, contribute towards this expense by taxes of different kinds; it seems to have been very commonly stipulated, that no present for the administration of justice should, under any pretence, be accepted either by the sovereign, or by his bailiffs and substitutes, the judges

    48. Fixed salaries were appointed to the judges, which were supposed to compensate to them the loss of whatever might have been their share of the ancient emoluments of justice; as the taxes more than compensated to the sovereign the loss of his

    49. The salaries of all the different judges, high and low, together with the whole expense of the administration and execution of justice, even where it is not managed with very good economy, makes, in any civilized country, but a very inconsiderable part of the whole expense of government

    50. Where the fees of court are precisely regulated and ascertained where they are paid all at once, at a certain period of every process, into the hands of a cashier or receiver, to be by him distributed in certain known proportions among the different judges after the process is decided and not till it is decided ; there seems to be no more danger of corruption than when such fees are prohibited altogether


    2. They had been quite sure they would be the ugliest people in town, judging by the tourist channel on TV

    3. what or who is judging you; you just care only about what

    4. Pop had always been this ice-cold presence in his life, just watching him and judging

    5. It was early in the morning, judging by

    6. Judging by the way they both suddenly stopped dead once they realised they were on the verge of arguing about the carpet, they seem to have learned their lesson, for the time being at any rate

    7. The window of my bedroom faces the front of the building so I hear the taxi drive over the gravel and the sound of the two them letting themselves in - judging by the amount of giggling going on, I’d say they have had a good time

    8. "Are you really that confident?" Chief Horcheese wasn’t, judging by the way she’d asked

    9. They are more worried about your judging them than

    10. It is important to create unique hashtags so that your followers know which one to use when posting an image, and so the images they share for the contest will be properly categorized when the judging takes place

    11. And in mercy shall the throne be established: and he shall sit upon it in truth in the tabernacle of David, judging, and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness (Isaiah 16:5)

    12. I know this is a bit extreme; however, it happens, and with a reality check and coaching these people could use this need to be on stage to discover their talents, their strengths and change direction maybe end up presenting or judging a show

    13. Don't you think you're using two different standards for judging Erick and Samantha?

    14. "It looks like they don't have the good stuff in here judging by the size of the bowls on these hookah's

    15. The only problem was that I had Bipolar Disorder and it had been deemed at a type 1, which of course is the more serious kind, judging from this story

    16. The next day, with the show ground full to bursting with every type of plant, with new roses, new fuscias, begonias, hostas and hebe, with the walkways full to bursting with eager competitors and excited crowds, the judging commenced

    17. The Queen and her family, who were sitting on the judging panel for the final, could do nothing but gasp in sheer ecstasy

    18. plate, and judging by the array of padlocks hanging from various

    19. Judging by the look on Jane’s face, Peter is being outrageous to his new sister-in-law

    20. Judging There is a difference between judging and discerning

    21. crowds, the judging commenced

    22. Queen and her family, who were sitting on the judging panel for

    23. judging by their ruddy complexion and rough clothing

    24. Alistair parroted the same words and, judging by his sudden

    25. Judging by the colour of the stains on his shirt he spilled more of the yoghurt then he ingested

    26. Judging by the stain spreading across the front of the man’s trousers it is obvious that he has started to relax already

    27. Judging by the movement of the sun, however, he decided

    28. official channels, judging by the aftermath of the motorcycle attack

    29. himself was still a boy – perhaps eight or nine years old, judging by

    30. ‘What does she do for a living?’ he asked, judging the older woman to be in her fifties

    31. Simon ‘just happens’ to be looking at the gravestones in the churchyard when we get to church and, judging by the way his face lights up when he spots Anna, it looks as though he’s got it as badly as she has; that’s good

    32. Judging by what we've found in her personal

    33. unashamed Zionist, judging by what we found in his belongings

    34. The doorway could only be opened from the outside, and only by passing a bio-cerebral test that was tuned to the Captain in Transit – which, judging by his current predicament, Rafe very much doubted he would pass

    35. And judging by the last reel, it was a miracle she hadn’t been roused to kill him

    36. Only a fool or drunkard would fail to make such a distinction, and judging by the amount of transactions occurring, Brice realized there was no shortage of them in this town

    37. Judging by his height and eyes I'd say this ones an elf

    38. The High Mage Nicola had chosen to personally lead the procession of Death Guards, which -- judging by their numbers -- seemed to be every last one

    39. It had been over a month since Brice and the Death Guards had returned from their meeting with Rafe, and judging by the outcome of their conversation, they meant to defend the city to the end, no matter what that end may be

    40. "Judging by his skill, I would say it's not just arrogance that compels his manner of dress," Brice replied, secretly healing his wounds without Coba's knowledge

    41. But the transcribers of those statutes seem frequently to have thought it sufficient to copy the regulation as far as the three or four first and lowest prices ; saving in this manner their own labour, and judging, I suppose, that this was enough to show what proportion ought to be observed in all higher prices

    42. Screams began filling the night, coming from the wounded bleeding to death in front of him, and from the distant warehouse roof where Alec figured, judging by the shouts of "Long live the Destroyer!", the rest of their squad were fighting for their lives

    43. Trying to turn her away would have been useless, not to mention time-consuming, and judging from the throng of demons arrayed near Tetloan, the three of them had far too little time left

    44. Judging by the dwindling number of servants, he would soon have both things

    45. Judging by their

    46. Not by friends, judging from the grimace that curled briefly on his lips

    47. judging after how crowded and rarely they run in

    48. about the residents of visited cities, judging

    49. Judging from the dead ewe’s stench, it might have been several days

    50. What surprised them even more was that she and Zarko were on speaking terms, judging by the way they laughed and touched each other as they approached the house

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