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    1. we must learn, that characterize Levi relationship with

    2. that seems to characterize the Greeks and that

    3. Such thinking ultimately promotes amoral attitudes that typically characterize all forms of behavior as ―morally‖ neutral

    4. These defining aspects typically characterize a nation by keeping it Whole

    5. “That’s exactly how I would characterize it,” she agreed, in the cool monotone she affected at meetings

    6. He gave me another odd look, too odd to characterize, and sent me to the reception hall

    7.  Data structures are designed such that they characterize the objects

    8. • Characterize the maturity of their workforce practices

    9. characterize their experiences as ineffable, i

    10. He is totally frustrated by his father’s intrusions and resents being kept in an infantile role, always the little boy in his father’s eyes, with the accompanying contempt, condescension and lack of confidence that characterize the father’s attitude

    11. explained that love and hate as decisions reveal and characterize the existence

    12. All the ideas and values that characterize 'I' and 'me', -

    13. He could only characterize this operation as a costly failure

    14. Ask a Greek to characterize Africa and invariably he would reply, Porinia my boy, Porinia

    15. Therefore, memory of past lifetimes will not necessarily characterize your experience in the present lifetime, but your experience in the present lifetime will necessarily reflect or express the remaining tendencies of all past lifetimes and causes that directly preceded or caused the present lifetimes

    16. How would you characterize the internal dialogue you conduct within

    17. However, I reviewed his file and I would tend to agree with those that say that he is relatively clean and doesn’t do crimes, unless you want to characterize sponsoring strip dancing as a crime

    18. characterize the didact as telling his students what to think

    19. Diversion and distraction characterize fads

    20. While I would not characterize Canada as being fully behind the United States, it is growing more and more apart from Great Britain and is not ready anymore to automatically endorse and support British foreign policies

    21. In continuing, he states: ―Two other qualities of action characterize the life of the aspirant whose method is self–surrender: faithfulness and sincerity

    22. Yeah, that’s it; I’ll characterize David as an insane high-tech dope fiend from the Triangle area

    23. and base of the strength that characterize the adversaries

    24. the qualities that characterize the way of divine contemplation

    25. of the traits that characterize pious men

    26. The moon represents the qualities of connection and relationship that characterize the Maternal Eros (Jung, Aion 12-3), for water is cold (joining) and wet (yielding)

    27. In contrast the sun represents the qualities of discrimination and cognition that characterize the Paternal Logos (loc

    28. Arlen Moses is permitted to characterize that in the degrading manner of implying that the good man acted as my "accomplice" then before us all, he slanders every person that practices before the bar

    29. Of course, this retransmitted projection of the VVU-Information will not accurately correspond to the fruit I just ate (the carrier of the original Information), which really (to you and me!) no longer exists in this Formo-system of Worlds, but, on the other hand, the VVU-Configurations of some ODS “niches” have forever recorded particular subjective data (sensations of the form, taste, smell, texture, enjoyment) that characterize in detail the initial original Information

    30. There cannot be an absolute resonance between Forms manifested in different Formo-systems of Worlds (otherwise, it would be one and the same wave Configuration that occupies one “point” in Space!), because in each case the manifestation of very close wave combinations of Aspects of Qualities is opposed by “the factor of Time” — the difference of the values of “inertial Coefficients” that characterize the dynamics of each quantum frequency-rotation Shift

    31. In conclusion, if the ongoing crises which characterize the global landscape are indeed

    32. It’s just “one” Formo-system of Worlds (in fact, such discrete notions as “one”, “two”, “three”, “ten”, or the ones that characterize any other limited quantity are totally unreal due to the simultaneous dynamics of duvuyllerrtness and slloogrentness typical of all Formo-systems, each of which is formed by the specific joint activity of the Formo-Creators and SLUI-SLUU-Creators that organize the synthetic dynamics of all types of Collective Intelligences of our slloogrent Universe)

    33. What we characterize as pressure (or temperature, chemical reactions, radiation, or something else), with an increase of the qualitative state, also continuously weakens, comes to naught and completely loses its current meaning in flakglaass Realities

    34. Practicality and efficiency: these are the two criteria that characterize hunters who require food, rather than trophies

    35. I would not characterize the intersection of two alleys as crossroads that might be guarded by hellhounds; however, the four hellhounds that were waiting for us at the end of the alley must have had a broader interpretation of the term “crossroads

    36. You could characterize the human need for distraction as a fly buzzing around the reflective emptiness of an insulated, insular human awareness

    37. illicit unions between religious and secular organizations that characterize the Vatican and its

    38. the name of gold and riches that characterize the entire existence of the Vatican and Christianity

    39. true paradise where most of the negative things that now characterize Planet Earth could not exist

    40. characterize a corporation in human terms, much as we would characterize

    41. Assuming that one's desires are positive, the items at the top of the outline characterize the nature of

    42. The original zodiac symbols were used to characterize and model this, within a cyclic system

    43. characterize a wider topic, concept, or more complex body of knowledge

    44. current zodiac house to characterize their neters and related symbolism

    45. There is simply no other truthful way to characterize it

    46. Due to the great lies and injustice that characterize the Vatican’s reign, Truth

    47. and obfuscation that characterize Christianity’s founders, the Vatican, and the history of Judeo-

    48. and characterize the spiritual perceptions and viewpoints of souls, as verified by The Apocalypse

    49. color (characterize) the interpretation of the decoded meaning

    50. that characterize money, religion, and politics are poisonous to the mind

    1. It is characterized by the state of ecstasy and the feeling that you and the universe are one

    2. Here was a King of Judah who was characterized as being “evil

    3. Physical abuse is characterized by beating, hitting, punching, biting, burning,

    4. Schopenhauer characterized him, had the naivety of

    5. Cracks are characterized by a length, width, radius, and front

    6. Elastic properties of concrete can be characterized by static modulus of elasticity (E) and by dynamic modulus of elasticity (E ) which taking into d

    7. The standardized method of an estimation of frost resistance of concrete is characterized by number of cycles of freezing and thawing of specimens under standard conditions of test without essential strength decrease

    8. These materials can be subsumed to lightweight concrete are characterized by low density (300-800 kg/m3) and heat conductivity (0

    9. That period of my life was characterized by changing jobs, trying to find that perfect niche, but never finding it

    10. In the last few years in these United States it would be more accurately be referred to, in all too many instances, as the art of the reprehensible, and can be pretty well characterized as a combination of Gnosticism and Millennialism, even though the great majority of its practitioners wouldn"t have the foggiest idea as to the meaning of either of those terms

    11. An early 1960"s novel by Catherine Ann Porter that pretty much characterized, unbeknownst to the author, who had no crystal ball, just where our ship of state is currently headed

    12. Is the Tea Party racist, as characterized by most of the major media? I don"t believe so

    13. Many have characterized her as merely a social climber

    14. In whatever manner many have been unfairly characterized by virtue of their group identity; the majority of otherwise law-abiding citizens are oftentimes viewed with suspicion because of their ethnicity or the color of their skin or because they are simply poor

    15. The total number of people impacted by famine or characterized as malnourished in the world is over one billion people

    16. NATO is unsuited for rogue nations lest it (too) devolves into a meaningless and (utterly) ineffective organization similar to the United Nations, for example, that has transformed itself over the years into an assembly characterized by corruption and (political) intrigue, parochialism, (national) self-interest, political posturing, factionalism and unstable alliances with openly hostile, refractory nations opposed to Freedom

    17. Although this ―group‖ is routinely characterized by the ―mainstream‖ media as right-wing fanatics, this enigmatic contingent, commonly referred to as ―swing voters,‖

    18. Substance Abuse has been characterized in some circles a ―victimless‖ crime whose illegality is the result of questionable laws

    19. Hilderich was smiling with what could only be characterized as smugness

    20. After the two removals have been completed, the remaining inhabitants of the earth have been purified, and the heavens and the earth have been renewed, the earth will begin an “age of newness” characterized by joy: The whole earth is at rest and is quiet; they break forth into shouts of joy

    21. For the first time, she began relating parts of what had happened to her, discussing them in such an objective way that Colling characterized it in his mind as forced indifference

    22. In the beginning of any paradigm change, there are always more questions than answers, but the quest for answers should not be characterized as confusion concerning the validity of the premise that developed them

    23. It really works like a browser, exploring areas of my behavioral system in chronological order to recover thousands of events characterized by my usual symptoms

    24. characterized as a mistake

    25. labeled by some as “junk” or “pseudo” science, it’s best characterized as an official recognition of a directive supernatural force which lies outside science, since science is the study of the natural world

    26. Elements of the main media had characterized our efforts to defend ourselves in the

    27. In a universe characterized by intelligence, design, harmony, and love, all pain has a purpose

    28. ▪ Characterized by being driven by instincts, and is a reflection of the type of behavior that is largely responsible for rebirth as an animal

    29. characterized by difficulties with verbal and

    30. At the Eleventh Circuit Court Conference in Hollywood Florida on May 17, 2005, Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh characterized Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Steven Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, John Paul Stevens, and Sandra Day O’Connor as enlightened “transnationalists

    31. The EU is run by what former Czech president Vaclav Havel has described as the type of “layered bureaucracy” that characterized the tyranny of the former Soviet Union

    32. Perhaps this genre could be characterized simply as a war against feeling

    33. This type of identity politics is characterized by columnist Tunku Varadarajan as “part of a battle over moral terrain

    34. ” Prominent Democrats have characterized protesters as fascists, un-American, and worse

    35. During the Christmas vacation, the pipes for the school heating system were frozen, and morning classes had to be held in various nearby bars, a unique experience, particularly for students from the United States where bars are totally devoid of the public socializing atmosphere and purpose that has always characterized the bars in Spain

    36. transformations in society and the world that characterized the 19th century

    37. We never did get around to buying window A/C units, so the drag racing that characterized EB’s shift changes kept him awake along with his later diagnosed, but never untreated, sleep apnea

    38. It is characterized by a non-

    39. fact, our information age is characterized by easy access to information; it is understood as the making of information effortless and quick

    40. Memory, for instance, is characterized by the sequence

    41. There were values that characterized and distinguished them from evil spirits

    42. He constantly characterized me as “creative,” argumentative, and lacking financial awareness

    43. ) As reported in the Raleigh News & Observer on Wednesday, October 27, 1993, “Raleigh friends of 50 and 60 years standing who mourned his loss Tuesday characterized him as a steadfast friend and a workaholic who took far more pleasure in working and doing business than in money

    44. Thomas, said, “Roy Park’s life has been characterized by a high degree of integrity, motivation, and discipline, a trait finely honed by a demanding regimen in the busy realms of advertising, newspaper, radio, television, and corporate leadership

    45. Postdrome is often characterized by tenderness of the head, neck,

    46. Insomnia is characterized by the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep, or

    47. ” It’s a fitting hue, given that the violence that characterized much of the Old Testament is just about to give way to a much more gracious era under God’s Messiah

    48. state of grace, and how today it is characterized by existential emptiness

    49. Ulysses’ actions all throughout the Odyssey are characterized by very

    50. Infection is usually characterized by a wet, sore-looking skin area

    1. It‘s ultimate effects what matter the most! A striking feature that characterizes both institutions lies in the conspicuous manner that both Slave and ―Unborn‖ were/are denied citizenship rights, equal protection under the law, and judicial redress of grievances, not to mention their Natural Rights endowed by God

    2. In other words, the organ employed in the apprehension of spiritual truth characterizes the man

    3. Characterizes the vicissitudes in the inner man is gentleman's gentleman, so before the storm, they did not produce any

    4. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk characterizes the arsonist as a

    5. ” The FBI characterizes ELF as one of the most active U

    6. These e-mails also show that climate researchers in other think tanks and universities have also engaged in similar “unscrupulous and thuggish behavior,” as the National Review characterizes it

    7. Manzi characterizes the precautionary principle as an idea that results in a “bottomless well of anxieties

    8. He characterizes civilization as “an elaborate invention… for abolishing fierce passions

    9. Steele characterizes tribal leadership as “apoplectic” over any program, such as welfare reform, that would encourage individual growth

    10. Both intentional and attentional fields possess stability and instability, although stability characterizes intention and instability attention

    11. sensitivity and a new awareness that characterizes the present generations

    12. And no amount of piety or creedal loyalty can compensate for the absence in the life experience of kingdom believers of that spontaneous, generous, and sincere friendliness which characterizes the spirit-born sons of the living God

    13. 8 The mortal remains of Jesus underwent the same natural process of elemental disintegration as characterizes all human bodies on earth except that, in point of time, this natural mode of dissolution was greatly accelerated, hastened to that point where it became well-nigh instantaneous

    14. characterizes his transition from weekend hacker to full-time

    15. then, put into an analysis that characterizes the probability of future actions of those specified

    16. historical investigation, characterizes the customas a legend and

    17. In other words, breaking out of the rut of the atomistic view of the world, that characterizes

    18. However, what characterizes illegal file sharing is that it is not consensual, insofar as

    19. the takers economy that characterizes the global social landscape

    20. While in resonant processes there is a mutual amplification of the creative dynamics due to joint “efforts” on the basis of common Aspects of Qualities peculiar to both systems, tensor tension characterizes that part of Configurations of systems which are in notional “antagonism” (as if “opposition”)

    21. This dual nature characterizes the Alaska of today: total remoteness co-existing with luxury living; both extremes being separated by vast distances

    22. It characterizes itself by total acceptance and total surrender to the will of the higher

    23. meaning) always colors (characterizes and influences) the inner meaning (its translation)

    24. Therefore, having the mark (character) of the Vatican’s empire describes those who participate in the evils of Mystery Babylon ( money, religion, and politics) and the great injustice, great greed, and arrogance that characterizes western civilization and by extension, all

    25. that defines and characterizes the whole, represented by the circle

    26. the Vatican and its cohorts through the greed, falsehood and injustice that characterizes (marks)

    27. injustice, great greed, and arrogance that characterizes western civilization and by extension, all

    28. A steadfast silence as to the endless duration of the lives of the ungodly characterizes this book

    29. 229-335,—a work published four years before Butler's Analogy, and the reprinting of which would supply an effectual answer to much of the 'magnificent contempt’ for the Bible which characterizes the naturalistic writing of the present day

    30. Thus, the quality of elementary particle - is the ratio in the particle two units, one of which characterizes the speed of creation of the Ether in it, and the other - the speed of destruction

    31. Expectation characterizes the belief system of the individual and

    32. that characterizes its infl uence

    33. Mais, monsieur, is it not time to begin to take more counsel of humanity, and less of your courage? The one as strongly characterizes the hero as the other

    34. On the other hand, the scout was obscure; because from the lingering pride of color, he rather affected the cold and artificial manner which characterizes all classes of AngloAmericans when unexcited

    35. The reluctance to sell one good thing and buy another, which characterizes the typical investor, is one of the reasons that holders of high-priced convertibles are prone to convert them rather than to dispose of them

    36. In this chapter we will discuss the refinements that we have incorporated along with basic O’Neil concepts of upside market follow-throughs and downside market distribution days to produce what we consider to be the refined framework of a market direction model, and hopefully clear up some of the confusion surrounding the precise price/volume action that characterizes potential turns and reversals in the direction of the general market direction

    37. in addicts, although the high motivation to obtain drugs that characterizes

    38. —When a man has no longer anything but rags upon his body and vices in his heart, when he has arrived at that double moral and material degradation which the word blackguard characterizes in its two acceptations, he is ripe for crime; he is like a well-whetted knife; he has two cutting edges, his distress and his malice; so slang does not say a blackguard, it says un reguise

    39. Thenardier, raising his right hand to a level with his forehead, formed with it a shade, then he brought his eyelashes together, by screwing up his eyes, a motion which, in connection with a slight contraction of the mouth, characterizes the sagacious attention of a man who is endeavoring to recognize another man

    40. This steepness characterizes the speed of the forecast quality deterioration occurring due to the passage of time (approaching the expiration date)

    41. Historical volatility HV of an underlying asset characterizes the variability of its price during the period preceding the current moment

    42. Theta characterizes the speed of time decay

    43. 2) characterizes absolute price deviations from the current value

    44. (…) / With regard to the definition of Gogolian skaz as “representational”, Eikhenbaum characterizes Gogol’s style as an organization of words and sentences based mainly “on the principle of expressive speech, in which a special role belongs to articulation, mimicry, sound gestures, and the like

    45. 80 8 étoupe: aptly characterizes the hair of a camel's hump

    46. "What characterizes the slave is this, that he is in the hands of his master like a chattel, a tool, and no longer a man

    47. Happily many of the accidents may be attributed to the want of knowledge which always characterizes a new manufacture, while numbers of them are also due to the hasty and careless methods of erection adopted in America

    48. Kamiros ware shows just such an admixture of oriental and geometrical designs as characterizes our pediments

    49. 110 The whole composition exhibits freedom and elasticity, not so indulged in as to produce discord, but peculiarly appropriate to the element of mirth and comedy which characterizes the story, and upon which the sculptor has laid especial stress

    50. It was remarkable that there should be the degree of spiritual fruitage through all this period of Indian removals and Indian wrongs, which characterizes the labors of those who often, at peril of life, labored on for the red man's salvation

    1. Instead of characterizing his conception, it is

    2. where X- ratio between volume of cement hydrate gel and the sum of volumes of cement gel and capillary space; A- coefficient characterizing strength of cement gel; n- constant (from 2

    3. Amount of creep depends on the technological reasons and reasons characterizing conditions of loading

    4. And as far as the Tea Party has become slandered by „Progressives" to the point of characterizing them as a bunch of uneducated, know-nothing, racist bigots, such is always the fallback position of progressive/liberal know-it-alls who can"t compete with opposing ideas

    5. It would seem Theodore was right in characterizing the Khakhan as being overly cautious

    6. pairs characterizing plausibility are at the opposite ends of a parameter

    7. the pairs characterizing preferentiality are at the opposite ends of a parameter

    8. Bush a free ride to the White House by overlooking his lies and unfairly characterizing Al Gore as the bigger liar

    9. Just as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes an action on the part of the weather vane, so does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce within your subconscious mind action in exact proportion to the depth of feeling characterizing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged

    10. Seriously though, if an individual finds Christmas (and more importantly) the Christ inspiring this particular celebration so odious, why are they accepting gifts anyway? If this charity is being thrust upon the recipients against their will in the same spirit of “we’re doing this for your own good whether you want it or not” characterizing many of the programs directed at manipulating those targeted into accepting their status as “underprivileged”, perhaps its is Toys for Tots that needs the cliched lecture about not imposing its values on others rather than the American people receiving a lecture on the matter from Toys for Tots

    11. There is a huge range of values for the quantity characterizing the speed of destruction in the various particles

    12. Palamas in his characterizing the task of the Hesychasm

    13. There is a far simpler way of characterizing these turning points in the market

    14. “Calls for speculation on the part of the witness, and furthermore, I strongly object to the way counsel is characterizing my client

    15. But within the investigation, we were all in agreement: there would be no goading, no lines in the sand, and no public characterizing of the killer—or killers—until we knew more about who we were dealing with, here

    16. Of particular interest would be characterizing how the responses of

    17. Although the number of calculations required by this algorithm was superior to other methods, all indicators characterizing its effectiveness have very low values

    18. It is interesting that one of the two indicators characterizing return (profit probability) allocates capital most evenly (it has the lowest value of variation coefficient), whereas application of another return indicator (expected return) leads to the most variable capital allocation scenario

    19. These procedures produce additive deltas and vegas that enable calculation of risk indicators (by summation of additive deltas and vegas) characterizing the whole portfolio

    20. Actually, the variable calculated as inverse to the correlation coefficient can serve as an effectiveness indicator characterizing the forecasting qualities of criteria pairs

    21. The latter was the eternal, living principle or soul in him; and in sleep, being for the time dissociated from the characterizing mind, which at other times employed it for its outer vehicle or agent, it spontaneously sought escape from the scorching contiguity of the frantic thing, of which, for the time, it was no longer an integral

    22. I believe, with Darwin, that vehement struggle is the law governing all being, and I believe, with Joseph de Maistre, that it is a divine law,—two different modes of characterizing the same principle

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