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Frasi con label (in inglese)

  1. Card & label Press $3.
  2. What does the label mean?
  3. This statement at the label.
  4. It sounds like such a label.
  5. Look at the address label.

  6. Even the record label was a.
  7. I label it the C-P BRP.
  8. Gary read the name on the label.
  9. What now? It depends on the label.
  10. Let’s see what the label says.
  11. Label the pockets with categories.
  12. We have a label for it--ambivalence.
  13. There was a small label on the back.
  14. We have a label for it—ambivalence.
  15. While the label may be correct when.

  16. Evan picked at the label on his bottle.
  17. Label the vertical axis with the key.
  18. From the label, you will see that 1 oz.
  19. Follow the label directions precisely.
  20. Look for Price's Tropikid on the label.
  21. The label said OWG Non-Alcohol Bourbon.
  22. We have a label for it — ambivalence.
  23. I had never put a proper label on them.
  24. If found at that location we may label.
  25. Very interesting label, fun to read! Dr.

  26. Also known as PLR, Private Label Rights.
  27. His heart quickened as he read the label.
  28. This label will probably last all of one.
  29. The label has been torn at the top though.
  30. Designer label clothes are very expensive.
  31. Label intervals along the horizontal axis.
  32. Each person will give it a different label.
  33. By the way, the giant flag is my own label.
  34. Shan’t need these, said the label.
  35. Now, he had a label and a context for his.
  36. Banks’ put label clothes on his fat old.
  37. Blake laughed when he printed out the label.
  38. What is suggested by the euphemistic label.
  39. Willie handed her his label and said nothing.
  40. Zoe took it off her and read the German label.
  41. It’s a label we picked up over the years.
  42. If you keep guzzling those blue label Chimay.
  43. As with any product, read the label carefully.
  44. You pretend to read the bottle’s glossy label.
  45. Always check the label to see if PB is present.
  46. Six weeks of concentration slapped with a label.
  47. All the girls he knew would label him friend.
  48. Note though that we can never get to the label.
  49. My record label said my album sales are dropping.
  50. There was a Marks and Spencer label on the front.
  51. If you look at the ingredients label on a box of.
  52. It wasn't the style of his hair or the label on.
  53. If you have ever read the label on a bottle of Dr.
  54. Please put a label on your forehead FB and.
  55. Is it your intention to label them as selfish?
  56. He licked his lips and read the label on the bottle.
  57. She worn a tailored designer label pantsuit in navy.
  58. Well, with Drop Factor you get what is on the label.
  59. The label of a theory is analogous to the physical.
  60. You know it really is true that all fags are label.
  61. Remember, for a record label it is an investment to.
  62. He waits patiently behind a large gravestone, label.
  63. Our hosts were what you might label the bookish type.
  64. The label identified them as Nitrale Chemical Gloves.
  65. These cards were intended to label batches of samples.
  66. These look out warnings won’t be on the label.
  67. The Irish label was all people needed to know about me.
  68. After such a transition is witnessed we may label one.
  69. With respects to American poetry, the label of New.
  70. Screen readers will be able to read the label attribute.
  71. It had something to do with an older label or something.
  72. Each bore a printed label carrying the name of the owner.
  73. Look so real she has to label them 'Repros' or something.
  74. Promotes hair growth, he said, staring at the label.
  75. He read the label and could make no sense of what it said.
  76. He’d rather be in chains than stuck with that damn label.
  77. After reading the directions on the label I placed both TV.
  78. Regardless of the label, however, all I can say is, Thank.
  79. She took the label off the guitar and wrote out an invoice.
  80. The band had picked up a manager and record label by ’97.
  81. And label me a crazy demon because of the way that I think?
  82. The label clearly stated that the fruit came from Homestead.
  83. Holds the bottle in the right hand, label facing the guests.
  84. Afraid that fans might label them pretentious, they try to.
  85. The sneakers that had been altered, the label maker, a box.
  86. Libby glanced at the label sewn into the shirt, then at the.
  87. It’s a way to label and to distort what is really going on.
  88. The ADA members assumed the label liberal, and it stuck.
  89. That way Celia managed to avoid the worst of the Freak label.
  90. The Enterprise wasn’t even a dot, but he could see the label.
  91. However, neither of the two numbers on the label corresponded.
  92. For the first time, Bohdan embraced the label he had been given.
  93. She was carrying a box file with a label on it that read SONGS.
  94. Still tattooed in my pathetic brain was the label, married man.
  95. What more could we do to isolate this population and label them.
  96. So what label you with? Manny asks once our orders are in.
  97. I sit back on the bed, pull up the collar and look at the label.
  98. A New Testament church will not have any denominational label.
  99. Unrestricted Private Label Rights: This is the most flexible of.
  100. As Warren Buffett says, Bonds should come with a warning label.

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  1. He looked at the labels.
  2. That the labels were ever there.
  3. Labels are followed by a colon.
  4. Follow instructions on all labels.
  5. I did warn you earlier about labels.
  6. You only need to use labels where you.
  7. All he had to sort were the labels now.
  8. Record labels and eternal fame is ahead.
  9. Learn to read labels so that they tell.
  10. There were several labels of this sort:.
  11. But the record labels have seen the light.
  12. Growing up, labels were placed on all of us.
  13. Jason had been switching labels as he spoke.
  14. There are federally mandated labels on all.
  15. I recognized one of the names on the labels.
  16. On bigger labels you are likely to receive.
  17. It’s the same products with different labels.
  18. Bill Miller also ignores growth and value labels.
  19. The visibility labels are of two major types viz.
  20. And there were no labels on his clothes, either.
  21. I have medication bottles and labels to order.
  22. It is also important that you learn to read labels.
  23. The labels of the (horizontal) X-axis in Figure 5.
  24. Read the labels carefully – most of the shrimp.
  25. These things had seals and labels attached to them.
  26. There are a lot of small labels that do everything.
  27. There is much energy associated by labels and terms.
  28. Learn to read labels so that they tell you what’s.
  29. They should refer to labels for children’s dosages.
  30. Ilona had been assigning disparaging labels on Trini.
  31. Sharon, they’ve even got the caffeine labels above the.
  32. Start getting into the habit of reading labels and then.
  33. In this way, we can avoid using the labels "good" and "bad".
  34. Michelle was fond of things with Louis Vuitton labels on them.
  35. A lot of record labels want a properly mixed and mastered track.
  36. He spent a while reading labels and thinking, his face serious.
  37. She soaked the labels off of every bottle of Cava before it was.
  38. I glanced inside and noticed several colorful bottles with labels.
  39. Labels such as heterosexual, homosexual, bi-sexual, exhibitionist.
  40. In this instance, you will want to look at the nutritional labels.
  41. These labels are also standardized and contain certain information.
  42. My main problem with these is the box labels the set complete.
  43. It’s very important to look at the labels on hair care.
  44. All of them are encased in plastic and paper and have white labels.
  45. Then, we may have a more easy time of it to go look at those labels.
  46. The names on the labels, however, were of everyday, common substances.
  47. Food labels can make it difficult to determine which fats are good fats.
  48. They have invoiced the Coffee Company for labels which is a stupid move.
  49. WAY100635, which labels the pre and postsynaptic 5-HT1A receptors, used.
  50. Quickly, Charlie started reading some of the labels alongside the buttons.
  51. We apply the good and bad labels to what is simply the process of growth.
  52. I know there are a lot of record labels that say they are there for the.
  53. It's obvious that years back I had pasted two gummed labels on my Underwood.
  54. My husband is an executive at one of the premier boutique labels in this city.
  55. But with God, there are no labels, nor concepts, or hidden agendas of control.
  56. Top quality sound and seamless tracking are a must, as are printed labels and.
  57. I won’t bore you with any more as I mentioned this in the section on labels.
  58. The above is just an example of what most all labels will tell about the paints.
  59. It labels birth years instead of birth months (Zodiac signs), and uses animals.
  60. After you have found a couple of record labels you like where you would want to.
  61. In all cases though, conceptual thinking uses the labels, and labels are based on.
  62. Also, when youre considering which foods to buy, concentrate on the product labels.
  63. Wars have been going on forever with the labels great war or the war to end all wars.
  64. Toys, bald tires, and beer bottles with peeling labels littered unkempt front lawns.
  65. I remembered that Sava's crate was brown and covered with lading and customs labels.
  66. Where is the label releasing the track in the world? A lot of labels just release in.
  67. A crate of Semtex? he said as he casually checked the labels on the other crates.
  68. Check the labels, if it says, “Less Sugar” it may just mean, “More Aspartame”.
  69. Amy had deliberately selected the best labels to travel in, to show Carla she had style.
  70. I saw a big red lever with lots of warning labels around it, now that was more like it.
  71. During our conversations she constantly labels others and then accuses them of labeling.
  72. The labels of the chemicals were all in Japanese, but she knew what she wanted by smell.
  73. You can't heave them into categories with labels and say they'll act one way or another.
  74. He unwrapped two bottles and looked closely at the labels on their cardboard containers.
  75. Christian labels in order to satisfy the apostate followers of Christian traditions.
  76. He moved gradually to the liquor shelves, and he stood studying the labels on the bottles.
  77. The observations are exchangeable, that is, each rearrangement of labels is equally likely.
  78. Mother of Harlots–Refers to the Vatican and labels all of its daughters as harlots as well.
  79. Mr Hawk had attached the magnetic labels to both the vehicles, now they looked very official.
  80. On a pragmatic account, true and belief are labels we apply to theories that we support and.
  81. Thom had attached captions to the labels on the impactors and Heymon was scrolling thru them.
  82. There are sandwiches—several of them, and he doesn’t even bother to glance at the labels.
  83. The first would print all the field labels and the second would print the actual field values.
  84. It is important to not be caught up in the terms, words, and labels that are used on your plane.
  85. She looked at the stuff spread over the bed; jeans, tops, tee-shirts, all with the latest labels.
  86. The Mother of Harlots–Refers to the Vatican, and labels all of its daughters as harlots as well.
  87. One of the soap labels became a magazine ad for the campaign, even featured in Mother Jones Magazine.
  88. Two vials of insulin clearly marked with professionally preprinted identifying pharmaceutical labels.
  89. There are a total of , 24 choose 10, ways you could hand out the gender labels man and woman.
  90. They called it, audio identification labels, Star paused because of the chuckles from the audience.
  91. Also, once you can let go of your ego, you will no longer be attached to labels nor hurt by criticism.
  92. Even if those who are labeled do not give credence to such labels there is still energy attached to it.
  93. Until they cannot even tell who they are without identifying themselves by brand labels and preferences.
  94. He recorded forty-nine albums on six different record labels, with a top ten hit, The Candy Man in 1972.
  95. This process serves to create labels for ourselves, and we use it to create and enforce labels on others.
  96. The exchange of labels as a means of starting the discourse except that we have already started discourse.
  97. My dining room often looks like a warehouse, piled high with merchandise and tape, labels, bubble wrap, etc.
  98. He paints them with his color of choice, labels them and throws them into the space of his subconscious mind.
  99. The difference between the extreme right and the extreme left amounts to no more than a difference in labels.
  100. Also try to substitute healthy fat for unhealthy fat where you can, and remember to read food labels carefully.

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