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Frasi con cheerful (in inglese)

  1. Why should I be cheerful?
  2. He was cheerful and serene.
  3. She was cheerful and bright.
  4. Elinor could not be cheerful.
  5. The whole effect was cheerful.

  6. He was not in a cheerful mood.
  7. Then I took a more cheerful view.
  8. They are not a cheerful subject.
  9. He was cheerful and sober after.
  10. There's men who'd do it cheerful.
  11. Merry alone seemed fairly cheerful.
  12. Hey! shouts a cheerful voice.
  13. With a cheerful wave, she goes off.
  14. Vincy, once more of cheerful note.
  15. The cheerful young man smiled again.

  16. And her life was not a cheerful one.
  17. Lucy was up and in cheerful spirits.
  18. The cheerful young man laughed again.
  19. Note its cheerful title—'My Graves.
  20. Cheerful little ditty, Fang said.
  21. They were noisy, vociferous, cheerful.
  22. Farebrother, ours is a cheerful house.
  23. Yes, he is worried and yet cheerful.
  24. But his presence was not a cheerful one.
  25. If you feel cheerful and happy, it is.

  26. His lifelong cheerful mannerisms died.
  27. Cherry was cheerful, thick-skinned and.
  28. That generated cheerful reactions from.
  29. Anyway, Ah Chel was a cheerful diversion.
  30. He felt a little oppressed, but cheerful.
  31. He became brisk, business-like, cheerful.
  32. It is hard to be cheerful at this moment.
  33. Positive thinking means cheerful thinking.
  34. They pushed about, cheerful and chattering.
  35. I will, I will be calm, cheerful, in fact.
  36. You are very cheerful, when I am around.
  37. Cheerful bird songs echoed through the air.
  38. Then a cheerful soldier ran up, begging a.
  39. Alcor was cheerful and high, Oh man, man.
  40. Cheerful voices rang everywhere like music.
  41. Vincy, easily recovering her cheerful smile.
  42. Be cheerful and have a friendly competition.
  43. She appeared her usual cheerful self by now.
  44. Lilly to tell you cheerful things like that.
  45. That he may make the face cheerful with oil;.
  46. Our cheerful faith, that all which we behold.
  47. She half-laughs, but it isn’t very cheerful.
  48. Hey, babe! he said, as cheerful as ever.
  49. The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe.
  50. Not even Bluebell could find a cheerful word.
  51. I could hear her cheerful voice even though.
  52. She refused them, but was as cheerful as ever.
  53. I am of a cheerful disposition myself, and Mr.
  54. He remained infectiously, incorrigibly cheerful.
  55. At the supper table Helga was her cheerful self.
  56. Things were not cheerful in the Rostovs’ home.
  57. Well girls, she said in a cheerful voice.
  58. Still absorbed in cheerful banter, they entered.
  59. Things were not cheerful in the Rostóvs’ home.
  60. His face isn’t nearly as cheerful as Hawke’s.
  61. Send people to us that we may feel more cheerful.
  62. Outside all was bright, fresh, dewy, and cheerful.
  63. When you leave, wave your hand or say a cheerful.
  64. So, how was it? she asked me in a cheerful tone.
  65. I am grateful that I am a naturally cheerful person.
  66. They had always been such a cheerful, happy couple.
  67. Try for some more cheerful news, Stone said.
  68. Doctor Manette was very cheerful at the little supper.
  69. March never had any stamina, was the cheerful reply.
  70. Iain’s car was a small rounded cheerful red vehicle.
  71. Nonplussed, she took refuge in cheerful encouragement.
  72. Hey, Brian, Carol said, trying to sound cheerful.
  73. Whatcha up to? He forced himself to sound cheerful.
  74. A cheerful choir above the forest outside the windows.
  75. It was as if I had left a cheerful housekeeper behind.
  76. Come; let’s leave for a more cheerful destination.
  77. I mark its still tender, civil, cheerful lilac colors.
  78. Their faces glowed, they were hungry and very cheerful.
  79. This environment is meant to be welcoming and cheerful.
  80. Hey, babe! he said, as cheerful as ever.
  81. Think of it as a cheap and cheerful version of the JLPT.
  82. On the other hand if your friends are cheerful, don’t.
  83. Pacifique turned with a grin and a cheerful good morning.
  84. Everyone looked cheerful even if the cheer was strained.
  85. The young man ceased his cheerful countenance as he said.
  86. I’m curiously cheerful despite this twist in the plan.
  87. But she never looked really cheerful and her eyes never.
  88. A dark look came over Thaddeus’ formerly cheerful face.
  89. But this is not at all an interesting or cheerful subject.
  90. As always he was cheerful and his voice full of positives.
  91. She was a plump brown wren of a woman with a cheerful face.
  92. You were sunny and cheerful, always running here and there.
  93. Faith said, 'Let's have something cheerful to wind up with.
  94. I had not of course expected to find them cheerful; but the.
  95. It made me think of my mother again, of her cheerful energy.
  96. In the kitchen, Em was boiling porridge over a cheerful fire.
  97. It is the most cheerful breakfast/lunch that I can remember.
  98. But when I talked to her she was cheerful in spite of this.
  99. After breakfast, Desolé was unnaturally bright and cheerful.
  100. There was a chorus of cheerful greetings welcoming „Touny.

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