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Frasi con upbeat (in inglese)

  1. A positive upbeat.
  2. His hyperactive upbeat.
  3. He seems upbeat this morning.
  4. He tried to be upbeat, after all.
  5. He’s upbeat and tries to educate.

  6. I wished I felt upbeat about this one.
  7. The president is upbeat and optimistic.
  8. She’s tried to stay positive and upbeat.
  9. This was upbeat news considering what I’d.
  10. Try to stay upbeat to a very negative question.
  11. When she hung up, she was her usual upbeat self.
  12. She was always upbeat and positive, and loved all.
  13. The mood at the office too was upbeat for them all.
  14. The voltage of her upbeat smile dimmed as she al owed.
  15. You and me both, he said, trying to remain upbeat.

  16. I couldn’t but help ask, Why are you so upbeat?
  17. I wasn’t sure what they were upbeat about, but they were.
  18. Things stayed upbeat until I turned the last corner, and as I.
  19. She was upbeat as usual and very glad to see me after all that time.
  20. When the song ended, the evening ended, but on an upbeat note of Hope!.
  21. Bane, Hanor tried enjoying the sunshine to stay upbeat, its warm rays medicinal.
  22. As a signal to the end of the conversation he began whistling an upbeat sea shanty.
  23. Marilyn was cheery and upbeat, recalls a friend of Lawford’s who was present.
  24. I found her standing off to the side of where many had begun to dance in an upbeat spirit.
  25. And he has that look to say he is ready for work, Hallen added, upbeat that they would.

  26. This will project a positive and upbeat image to anyone searching through the profiles of an.
  27. Delvin shared some of his concern, though he was decidedly more upbeat – at least outwardly so.
  28. The mood was upbeat with the party having done well in the December assembly elections in four states.
  29. Deane, an upbeat man with a big shaved head, has a background in civil engineering and fluid mechanics.
  30. It’s not that difficult to describe your deal, keep it upbeat, and all within a couple of sentences.
  31. The mood after the funeral was remarkably upbeat considering they had just bid farewell to a good friend.
  32. Despite that tragedy, Sylvie was one of the most upbeat people Tara knew, and her enthusiasm was contagious.
  33. The song was upbeat, filling her chest with happiness, and she recognized the melody as the tune, Maiden Dance.
  34. Her long depression seemed to have finally lifted, a change I could only attribute to Angel’s upbeat company.
  35. That evening in the bungalow, although we had a tough day, the mood was upbeat and the guys joked with each other.
  36. Though he was feeling the pinch, my father was still upbeat, saying that, in many ways, he was enjoying the recession.
  37. Jags tuned the radio on the stereo, a classic Bollywood, upbeat song graced their ears and lifted their moods even higher.
  38. If Ronald Reagan’s first day in office is any indication of what is to come, the United States of America is in for a far more upbeat presidency.
  39. Cruel fate kept my friends safe and upbeat and I continued to hurl obscenities at any creature that had the misfortune of appearing in front of me.
  40. A few sentences structured in an upbeat description will be more than adequate to pique the interest of the buyers who are interested in fixer-uppers.
  41. Claire always maintained an upbeat side, even in the grimmest of cases, but it was clear from her expression that she didn’t like what she had found.
  42. She had been upbeat the last few times he had visited; her belly was getting big and there was a strong possibility of her being discharged early to have the baby.
  43. However, on this night, it was as if she had dug deep within and found a character that Gladys responded to—an upbeat personality that seemed to ignite a flame of life in her mother.
  44. It had been five days since the attack at Brian’s house and although misleadingly upbeat, Sophie still showed the physical marks of the tragedy, her skin coloured with bruises and her shoulder thickly padded with bandages.
  45. The financial industry has limited incentives to emphasize this needed skepticism beyond printing required disclaimers, while our innate tendencies for extrapolation and optimism make most of us too easy prey for the upbeat marketing of past performance.
  46. As negative thoughts threatened to destroy his positive, upbeat mood Ben delved deep into his memories, relishing in the reality of the memory as her words flooded his head once more, those precious words of hope that made his dream of having a family that much easier to grasp.

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