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Frasi con cheque (in inglese)

  1. He handed me a cheque and.
  2. Bank cheque would be ideal.
  3. Cashed a cheque for me once.
  4. He stared at the cheque, he.
  5. By cheque to the landlord/ agent.

  6. Rye used the cheque to create a.
  7. But also a one million dollar cheque.
  8. He offered a cheque, Duke’s parents.
  9. It was done deal, a cheque for twenty.
  10. He showed his colleague the cheque as we.
  11. A bearer cheque can be transferred by mere.
  12. It is included in the cheque for the attached.
  13. The Bank Cheque would have to fix that problem.
  14. Then he had to draw a cheque on the false balance.
  15. It surfaced now with the urgency of a bad cheque.

  16. Paula promised to have the newspaper send a cheque.
  17. A cheque was then sent by NBS to the payee and an.
  18. Jimmy produce a cheque and handed it over without a.
  19. The holder of an open cheque can do the following:.
  20. I bought up that cheque, and a pretty sum it cost me.
  21. He opened the envelope to a cheque for quarter of a.
  22. Pub Paddy would put his cheque on the bar telling the.
  23. He offered the cheque to Drew, who took it and read it.
  24. And now, your Grace, I'll trouble you for that cheque.
  25. I will send you a cheque tomorrow he promised her.

  26. The payment of such cheque is not made over the counter.
  27. Timms read the cheque with an expression, as if it might.
  28. Grant stared at the cheque for several seconds and grinned.
  29. You will find that most business is done by cash or cheque.
  30. A cheque for one hundred pounds was enclosed as a retainer.
  31. The missing cheque would force them back to the base records.
  32. This risk can be avoided by issuing another types of cheque.
  33. Cheque book facility is provided and the account holder can.
  34. The winner would be handed over a trophy and a cheque of five.
  35. For example, a cheque issued on 20th May 2003 may bear a date.
  36. He was left holding in his hand a cheque for one million pounds.
  37. I think that it was their way of getting out of signing a cheque.
  38. We are all embarrassed when we have no money or a cheque bounces.
  39. As a result, the tax credit notified with the cheque would be £6.
  40. Coolidge returned with the counter cheque and handed it to Malcolm.
  41. Holmes folded up his cheque and placed it carefully in his note-book.
  42. The last Payable/Creditors' cheque run was on Friday morning, the 23rd.
  43. The application form along with the cheque on your account or cash is.
  44. Inside the envelope was a stonking huge cheque, every penny he owed me.
  45. He gropes in a pocket and hands me a folded piece of paper … a cheque.
  46. The cheque arrived in the mail, and that’s how I bought this property.
  47. Mutilated Cheque:- In case a cheque is torn into two or more pieces and.
  48. Basically, the CEO gave him a blank cheque to make his problems disappear.
  49. But if a cheque is torn at the corners and no material fact is erased or.
  50. Actually, a cheque is an order by the account holder of the bank directing.
  51. If you gave us the required amount as a Bank cheque, it would be a lot faster.
  52. The cheque must bear a date otherwise it is invalid and shall not be honoured.
  53. A Traveler`s Cheque is a printed piece of paper that you sign and use as money.
  54. Stale Cheque:- A cheque which is issued today must be presented before at bank.
  55. Tom took the cheque, thanked him, left the office, mounted on Bess and rode away.
  56. In such a cheque the word ‘bearer’ may be cut out or cancelled and the word.
  57. Stop payment : An order to a bank not to honor the payment of a cheque after it.
  58. The books he received for review were almost more welcome than the paltry cheque.
  59. Ante-dated cheques:- Cheque in which the drawer mentions the date earlier to the.
  60. Cheque truncation – : It stops the flow of cheques thru’ the banking system &.
  61. There’s one envelope: in it a cheque for twenty-five rand - a lot in those days.
  62. Therefore, a cheque may be regarded as a bill of exchange; the only difference is.
  63. One of Magdis former collaborators paid me with a post-dated cheque which bounced.
  64. What is it? she asked, opening the envelope and pulling out the cheque inside.
  65. When the sole proprietor of the firm deposits cheque payable to the firm for credit.
  66. Less than one-third of all businesses had access to a separate business cheque account.
  67. They are ready to give you the cheque right now and you can start your shoot at once’.
  68. Only a few business houses have set up official electoral trusts to give money by cheque.
  69. It's not a pressing problem, but that bank guy says I'm wasting money in the cheque account.
  70. Blood money? Or had justice been served? Drew put the cheque in his wallet and set off home.
  71. He had finished making copies of the portrait parle and had called for a cheque for the lunch.
  72. We just keep the receipts and cheque butts and that’s all there is to running this business.
  73. Ideas of a debator should be displayed under the principle of honesty not just for a pay cheque.
  74. She slumped on the sofa and stared at the cheque in hand; all that was for her to spend and keep.
  75. After the PM presented me with the award and cheque, I presented him with a long list of demands.
  76. The money will need to be in the bank when the cheque is drawn up, but not when it’s deposited.
  77. She has a carriage and a pony and a maid, and I've paid for all of them since the last cheque came.
  78. When she recovered she had to actually count the number of zeroes on the cheque with trembling hands.
  79. If the cheque was a correction of an earlier transaction, most of those validation steps were bypassed.
  80. The cheque, or notification of payment into an account, shows the size of holding and rate of dividend.
  81. Shirl did the same at her bank, leaving enough money to keep the account open to process Jerry’s cheque.
  82. Cheque or payment requirements were bundled up in a batch, before they came to Computer Operations at all.
  83. I was presented with a cheque for half a million rupees, about $4,500, for my campaign for girls’ rights.
  84. I went into that miserable little bank to cash the wages cheque and you know how full of flies it always is.
  85. Shot straight down and banked that cheque first thing yesterday morning and spent the rest of the day trying.
  86. Philip talks to Charles out of the side of his mouth, "Did Vince sign the cheque for them villa's last night?".
  87. First, there had been Plan A, the set of programs that re-addressed a cheque to him from the Accounts Payable run.
  88. So it was easy: his cheque drawn on the Adelaide Regional Centre account would have to be entered as a correction.
  89. That’s the one where you put your fake name and someone else’s real account number on the cheque re-order form.
  90. Where had Rich got these from? Surely not from the Cheque job years ago, he thought that they’d just been cheques.
  91. He paid by cheque - on the new personal account, - and arranged to have the mountain of parcels delivered next Monday.
  92. A cheque at that point is quite acceptable of course, but you'd need to allow time - say three days - for it to clear.
  93. It was warm and they were among the lucky ones who had succeeded in getting something besides a cheque from the waiters.
  94. KK who was sent all copies of correspondence with hotel and hospital in London sent Phokion a cheque for the last demand.
  95. After Churchill received the cheque he suddenly changed his politics and dedicated himself to being an anti-German war monger.
  96. Sergio grinned, Perhaps we should try the Bank of Brazil in Ponta Negra as that is where your cheque book and statements are for.
  97. Then he pulled out the cheque for the twenty-seven thousand dollars the sheriff had written out for him and handed it to the banker.
  98. So, for instance, someone owning 400 shares in Quilp & Heep Intercontinental, which pays a 15p dividend, would get a cheque for £60.
  99. For example, we use 40 hours of time, to create a pay cheque (space/stuff); and we spend time fellowshipping to produce relationship.
  100. It is common sense that the party writing the big cheque is going to get a fat bill and end up with a big bag of problems to sort out.

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