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Cheque in a sentence

Bank cheque would be ideal.
He handed me a cheque and.
Cashed a cheque for me once.
He stared at the cheque, he.
By cheque to the landlord/ agent.
Rye used the cheque to create a.
But also a one million dollar cheque.

It was done deal, a cheque for twenty.
He offered a cheque, Duke’s parents.
He showed his colleague the cheque as we.
A bearer cheque can be transferred by mere.
The Bank Cheque would have to fix that problem.
It is included in the cheque for the attached.
It surfaced now with the urgency of a bad cheque.
Then he had to draw a cheque on the false balance.
Paula promised to have the newspaper send a cheque.
A cheque was then sent by NBS to the payee and an.
Jimmy produce a cheque and handed it over without a.
The holder of an open cheque can do the following:.
I bought up that cheque, and a pretty sum it cost me.
He opened the envelope to a cheque for quarter of a.
He offered the cheque to Drew, who took it and read it.
Pub Paddy would put his cheque on the bar telling the.
I will send you a cheque tomorrow he promised her.
And now, your Grace, I'll trouble you for that cheque.
Timms read the cheque with an expression, as if it might.
The payment of such cheque is not made over the counter.
Grant stared at the cheque for several seconds and grinned.
You will find that most business is done by cash or cheque.
A cheque for one hundred pounds was enclosed as a retainer.
This risk can be avoided by issuing another types of cheque.
The missing cheque would force them back to the base records.
Cheque book facility is provided and the account holder can.
The winner would be handed over a trophy and a cheque of five.
For example, a cheque issued on 20th May 2003 may bear a date.
He was left holding in his hand a cheque for one million pounds.
We are all embarrassed when we have no money or a cheque bounces.
I think that it was their way of getting out of signing a cheque.
As a result, the tax credit notified with the cheque would be £6.
Coolidge returned with the counter cheque and handed it to Malcolm.

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