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Frasi con circumference (in inglese)

  1. The circumference makes the edge of things.
  2. The steps circled the circumference of the.
  3. You mean the circumference, said Rincewind.
  4. That’s a circumference of twelve-and-a-.
  5. It measured four to five miles in circumference.

  6. Complex grew ever nearer, the high frame of its circumference.
  7. The scanners in front are spinning in a circumference very fast.
  8. It was probably twenty feet in circumference and five feet deep.
  9. It looked to be no more than two hundred yards in circumference.
  10. Various stores and traditional shops marked the circumference of.
  11. The total length of an individual lane (circumference) in case of.
  12. They raced up the stairs two at a time, scaling the circumference.
  13. The large funnel-shaped mouth was big enough in circumference to.
  14. I used the resin and straps to make two 10-meter circumference loops.
  15. White and blue bows and ribbons encompassed the circumference of the.

  16. Param was a rather rounded man, circumference wise that is, and rather.
  17. Trails of vomit were seen everywhere at the circumference of the impact site.
  18. One beach-tree, near the top, measured ten feet nine inches in circumference.
  19. Pi isn't the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter? he asks.
  20. Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, says Arthur.
  21. Or was it a foot? With care and interest she walked the tree’s circumference.
  22. He counted four docking ports spaced equally around the sphere’s circumference.
  23. Beyond the pond there stood an enormous poplar, two men's embraces in circumference.
  24. The mound itself stretched out to a circumference of about twenty yards all around.
  25. Then his men simultaneously staked it off at several points around its circumference.

  26. The moment Aidme entered the Cloud static electricity erupted around its circumference.
  27. Very quietly and not well promoted is the fact we know that the circumference of the earth or.
  28. Its green trunk was laced with white; its foaming crown was thrice the circumference of its base.
  29. Runt stepped into the circle, his place at its circumference immediately taken by another drunken.
  30. The nature of God is that of a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.
  31. Kellaran is over twenty-eight thousand leagues in circumference, that’s eighty-four thousand miles.
  32. Unconsciously her eyes fell from his gaze; trailed over the circumference of his face, fell on his lips.
  33. Seeing what was happening Nikko joined in and they soon had cleared a break half way around the circumference.
  34. I was in a stone dome of some sort and all around the circumference of the dome, was small, dancing creatures.
  35. Their rubber tires were fifteen feet in circumference, weighed a thousand pounds, and sold for $18,000 apiece.
  36. He laid the cane on the largest of the carving tables and slowly walked the circumference of the sculpting room.
  37. On the outside was the logo GOLD COIN and around the circumference was written, For the Prevention of Diseases.
  38. The circumference of the wall was not great, but the number of green stone buildings it contained was surprizing.
  39. A circle of a few hundred feet in circumference was drawn, and each of the party took a segment for his portion.
  40. Sometimes martyrs were bound to the circumference of great wheels, and so hurled from a height over stony places.
  41. In the lives of such moral beings the golden rule becomes the wise center and circumference of all their philosophy.
  42. He covered more than the circumference of the Earth – 40,075 km (24,900 miles) – and finished on 6 October 2007.
  43. The outer circumference spun, locks engaged, and an iris opened to reveal the glimmering quantum flux of the gateway.
  44. The circumference of the base, including the feet of three parapets, measured one thousand one hundred and fourteen feet.
  45. There were high stone walls curtaining a central keep, towers stationed around the circumference, all in battle-ship grey.
  46. I counted the breeze-blocks along the foot of the wall by the mattress and extrapolated a total for the circumference of the room.
  47. The frieze, carved in low relief upon a single block of marble, runs continuously around the entire circumference of the structure.
  48. This was one of the few uses I've ever had for mathematics in my life; knowing that a radius is half their circumference of a circle.
  49. However, he said nothing, but resumed his march, swinging his lantern this way and that, so as to gain a larger circumference of light.
  50. On his hands and knees, he drags the aerial around the circumference of the cellar, as though roping Volkheimer into the golden armchair.
  51. I saw the (stellar) winds of Heaven which swirl around and bring into the circumference of the sun and all the stars into their trajectories.
  52. Mammy pulled and jerked vigorously and, as the tiny circumference of whalebone- girdled waist grew smaller, a proud, fond look came into her eyes.
  53. It was a fuzzy little thing, orange with dark gray stripes, not more than two inches long, and smaller than the circumference of my little finger.
  54. These are the two great luminaries: their circumference is like the circumference of the Heaven and the size of the circumference of both is alike.
  55. These are the two great luminaries: their circumference is like the circumference of the Heaven, and the size of the circumference of both is alike.
  56. The Horse’s Paying Attention and Following Lessons When the horse has learned the pattern, you can start changing the diameter of the circumference.
  57. The rotary motion would prevent any adhesion until the entire band shrinks enough to grab and it welds all around its circumference simultaneously.
  58. A massive stone gateway fully five stories high led into a veritable forest of gigantic columns, each fifteen metres in circumference and 23 metres high.
  59. Also space: the darkened walls seem to have slid back on tracks, like scenery into the wings, leaving the two of them alone in this flickering circumference.
  60. An oak, which was lying down on one of the parapets, measured at the distance of six feet from the butt, without the bark, twelve feet four inches in circumference.
  61. An onion-breathed technician in a lab coat measures the distance between Werner’s temples, the circumference of his head, and the thickness and shape of his lips.
  62. It is a more curious fact, previously referred to, that the achenes or seeds of the circumference and centre sometimes differ greatly in form, colour and other characters.
  63. Stuart was now in a wide semicircle of moorland, with a brown peaty river running down towards a massive lake as radius, and the high hills forming the northern circumference.
  64. As the coil of Ghazahg’s self-ensnaring body reached a critically small circumference, the sea swelled up inside the loop, packed with more pressure than the space would permit.
  65. Among them slithered some sea elephants, a type of seal with a short, flexible trunk; these are the giants of the species, with a circumference of twenty feet and a length of ten meters.
  66. The disc hovered in the air for a moment, then tilted sharply, presenting its circular face to her, its mid-section flashing and shimmering as it expanded outwards towards its circumference.
  67. The weight of this responsibility hung heavy around Mr Snickerty's shoulders tonight, as he climbed down from his cabriolet with the stately ponderousness expected of a man of his circumference.
  68. But their lower jaws lack canines and incisors, and as for their upper canines, they consist of two tusks eighty centimeters long with a circumference of thirty–three centimeters at the socket.
  69. It is just as if one who has no idea of the form of a circle were to affirm that the law which requires that each point of its circumference shall be equidistant from its center, is an exaggeration.
  70. The field had already been "opened"; that is to say, a lane a few feet wide had been hand-cut through the wheat along the whole circumference of the field for the first passage of the horses and machine.
  71. By all accounts, the tree was a vast and powerful life-force; its roots were said to span the circumference of the planet, while its canopy of leaves and branches filled the sky like a never-ending cloud.
  72. Are you not aware that I permeate every inch of this lunar sphere and that I can intercept anything or anyone who comes within ten leagues of its circumference? You’re only here because I’ve allowed it.
  73. The brand new professional horse racing track was almost exactly three quarters of a mile in circumference, and it was set up specifically for both horse and dog races, offering up pedigree animal racing.
  74. Bestowing a word of promise here and a smile there, a whisper on one happy slave and a wave of the hand on another, Monseigneur affably passed through his rooms to the remote region of the Circumference of Truth.
  75. Thanks to the thousands upon thousands of cartloads of earth employed in the hillock one hundred and fifty feet in height and half a mile in circumference, the plateau of Mont-SaintJean is now accessible by an easy slope.
  76. Measuring the difference in inclination of the sun as 1/50th of a circle, he was able to multiply the approximate distance between the Egyptian towns of Syene and Alexandria by fifty to approximate the polar circumference of earth.
  77. And those who speak thus are acting precisely like a man who, having no idea of what a circle is, should declare that this requirement, that every point of the circumference should be an equal distance from the center, is exaggerated.
  78. It had made one complete journey around the circumference, not once entering the space above the clearing, as if an invisible electrified fence had been erected at the perimeter and extended to the tree tops, warding off the flying menace.
  79. He spotted a large dry empty well, about ten foot in circumference and approximately six feet deep, He jumped into the well, His body pulsing with fear and pain, he curled up into a ball and rocked like a child, while his new body recovered.
  80. The whole hill, not less than 100 rods in circumference at its base, is traversed by numerous veins of this ore; and scarcely a foot of the rock is to be seen that does not contain these, varying in width from a mere line to several inches.
  81. And those who say so do precisely what a man, who did not have any conception as to what a circle is, would do if he asserted that the demand that all the points on the circumference should be equally distant from the centre is an exaggeration.
  82. Its ceiling on the main floor at ground level was two stories high with rooms that ran the entire circumference of the hotel, lining the outer walls, with first floor rooms having balconies above that also ran the whole way around the outer walls.
  83. This lake may have been ten miles in circumference, and lay very green and beautiful in the evening light, with a thick fringe of reeds at its edges, and with its surface broken by several yellow sandbanks, which gleamed golden in the mellow sunshine.
  84. After Caesarea-Philippi he appeared not merely as a teacher but as the divine representative of the eternal Father, who is the center and circumference of this spiritual kingdom, and it was required that he do all this as a human being, the Son of Man.
  85. Aristarchus of Samos (310 – 230 BC) placed the planets in order orbiting the central sun and calculated the ratio of earth’s circumference and the distance to the moon, almost two thousand years before the rest of the world would share his opinion.
  86. Just then it scented her blood, and as she watched, its razor sharp blades began to whistle through the air, rotating about its circumference thirty six hundred revolutions per minute—fast enough to butcher any living thing in less than a split second.
  87. Whereas the cove she knew had been a small almost circular area shut in by the ground around it and only open to the sea for a short arc of its circumference, this was a long stretch of sea-washed coast leading off in both directions as far as she could see.
  88. For, in ascending to this primary and aboriginal sentiment, we have come from our remote station on the circumference instantaneously to the center of the world, where, as in the closet of God, we see causes, and anticipate the universe, which is but a slow effect.
  89. It had been next to impossible to dart these drugged-harpoons, were it not that as we advanced into the herd, our whale's way greatly diminished; moreover, that as we went still further and further from the circumference of commotion, the direful disorders seemed waning.
  90. Thou shalt see it shining in the arm that wields a pick or drives a spike; that democratic dignity which, on all hands, radiates without end from God; Himself! The great God absolute! The centre and circumference of all democracy! His omnipresence, our divine equality!.
  91. It is a clear and deep green well, half a mile long and a mile and three quarters in circumference, and contains about sixty-one and a half acres; a perennial spring in the midst of pine and oak woods, without any visible inlet or outlet except by the clouds and evaporation.
  92. In one place they found a spacious cavern, from whose ceiling depended a multitude of shining stalactites of the length and circumference of a man's leg; they walked all about it, wondering and admiring, and presently left it by one of the numerous passages that opened into it.
  93. Here Saturn's grey chaos rolls over me, and I obtain dim, shuddering glimpses into those Polar eternities; when wedged bastions of ice pressed hard upon what are now the Tropics; and in all the 25,000 miles of this world's circumference, not an inhabitable hand's breadth of land was visible.
  94. Jurassic lime-stone; this layer may be represented by a disk five and twenty leagues in circumference; a multitude of rivers and brooks ooze there; one drinks the Seine, the Marne, the Yonne, the Oise, the Aisne, the Cher, the Vienne and the Loire in a glass of water from the well of Grenelle.
  95. Butler had measured the circumference of the tender's wheels and noted that the number of revolutions of the wheel, from the place of the strike to the place of the derailment, was nearly equal to the number of strikes by a fourteen-pound hammer that was needed to simulate the failed axle end.
  96. The foregoing calculations will be rendered much more expeditious and sure, by reducing the theorem, in some sense, to a diagram, as in the first of the following figures; and by applying the successive corrections to the circumference of a circle divided into parts proportioned to the intervals of the enharmonic scale, as in the second.
  97. The delicately festooned rim of this shell, supplied by the biggest mollusk in the class Acephala, measured about six meters in circumference; so it was even bigger than those fine giant clams given to King François I by the Republic of Venice, and which the Church of Saint–Sulpice in Paris has made into two gigantic holy–water fonts.
  98. In like manner twelve doors Uriel showed me open in the circumference of the sun's chariot in the Heaven through which the rays of the sun break out and from them is warmth diffused over the Earth when they are opened at their appointed seasons; And for the winds and the spirit of the dew when they are opened standing open in the heavens at the ends.
  99. In like manner twelve doors Uriel showed me, open in the circumference of the sun's chariot in the Heaven, through which the rays of the sun break out, and from them is warmth diffused over the Earth, when they are opened at their appointed seasons; And for the winds and the spirit of the dew when they are opened, standing open in the heavens at the ends.
  100. Is living on this planet we call Earth, is living on a suspended round rock ball only 8 thousand miles in diameter, 24 thousand miles in circumference, with a stratosphere of only 25 miles before space begins, covered in water, grass, vegetation, mountains, sand, buildings and people, floating around the depths of inner and outer space, really that natural? Does this scenario of reality even make sense, or have we just become conditioned, familiar and used to it, perhaps even taking it for granted?

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