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Frasi con margin (in inglese)

  1. The Reg-T margin is $9,010.
  2. You free up valuable margin.
  3. It is called the SPAN margin.
  4. The margin they have between.
  5. Growth as the Margin of Safety.

  6. The margin was a near-record 5.
  7. The recall won by a small margin.
  8. The Upside of Margin Fluctuation.
  9. Your margin is your equity in it.
  10. Pretty narrow margin of error.
  11. This is known as buying on margin.
  12. That’s a high margin of error.
  14. The average net profit margin is 27.
  15. The margin of safety will also vary.

  16. Beware of trading too much on margin.
  17. That difference is the safety margin.
  18. But the August 7 put requires margin.
  19. Limit margin usage to no more than 7.
  20. He has a negative margin of safety.
  21. Thus, there is little margin of safety.
  22. You leave yourself an enormous margin.
  23. All science has a margin for error.
  24. A margin call could be a wake-up call.
  25. The average pre-tax profit margin is 32.

  26. Leverage is the precursor to a margin.
  27. This gave you a return on margin of 15.
  28. Rookie traders should avoid using margin.
  29. As she penned in the margin, B-O-D-Y:.
  30. Attractive margin requirement (high ROI).
  31. Cross had written something in the margin.
  32. P Singh, eventually losing by a big margin.
  33. It’s a pretty good safety margin to have.
  34. Margin is discussed in detail in Chapter 6.
  35. My God, a Margin Call! I’m ruined!.
  36. The profit margin, however, was much thinner.
  37. When his slim margin of victory in the 1862.
  38. Others beat the market by a substantial margin.
  39. This is just the positive side of margin usage.
  40. There are also margin requirements to consider.
  41. She was the eldest of the three by some margin.
  42. This can be seen as Lynch’s margin of safety.
  43. His margin requirement is calculated in Table 6.
  44. But you already violated the margin requirement.
  45. Just to give us an even bigger margin of safety.
  46. Business secrets give a premium margin in trade.
  47. You won’t require portfolio margin for TOMIC 1.
  48. This deposit is known as your margin requirement.
  49. A street lantern reddened the margin of the quay.
  50. Limit margin usage on short stock positions to 7.
  51. Margin: Required only on the calls sold or written.
  52. In this case, the margin of safety would not exist.
  53. Does the Company Have a High Pretax Profit Margin?
  54. The margin call selling would take place on Monday.
  55. Recall that you margin off the fly, not the hedges.
  56. This is where the margin of safety comes into play.
  57. Third, a company should have a high net profit margin.
  58. Ideal: With net profit margin, bigger is always better.
  59. A leveraged ETF provides investors with instant margin.
  60. The higher the margin, the more valuable the franchise.
  61. In the latter case, the firm may have a profit margin.
  62. This formula operates with a pretty high profit margin.
  63. Why? Because it would destroy their huge profit margin.
  64. This is Buffett’s use of Graham’s margin of safety.
  65. Average pretax profit margin for the last 10 years is 26.
  66. We have little margin for error, mused the Captain.
  67. Margin means borrowing money from a broker to buy shares.
  68. The result is a higher profit margin and a lower asset.
  69. The big question was what would be the margin of the win.
  70. And along the edge of the sky in the horizon's far margin.
  71. This is related in spirit to Graham’s margin of safety.
  72. And in the margin were these words, scrawled by someone:.
  73. They were found floating near the margin by a park-keeper.
  74. New option traders tend to live in fear of the margin call.
  75. Then he would have a small but important margin of safety.
  76. As we discussed earlier, margin calls are nothing to fear.
  77. Margin: Required only on the calls or puts sold or written.
  78. Sometimes you’ll have large cash reserves and no margin.
  79. Maniatis responded that his margin calls were irrelevant.
  80. Be sure to read Chapter 9 for more on margin and leverage.
  81. Margin requests, pricing history, records from the trusts.
  82. Or that it’s difficult to calculate the required margin.
  83. You can make a killing, you, think, if you use the margin.
  84. This was essentially the largest margin call in the world.
  85. You doubled your return because you used a margin account.
  86. In addition, the operating income margin decreased from 31.
  87. That is what Ben Graham meant by having a margin of safety.
  88. This will give you a margin of safety in your investment:.
  89. Pioneered the concept of investing with a margin of safety.
  90. It’s a straightforward use of Graham’s margin of safety.
  91. Brokers charge you interest for the money you use on margin.
  92. KO’s average net profit margin for the last 10 years is 19.
  93. Mary put up an initial margin requirement to enter the trade.
  94. Such an assumption creates a margin of safety for a creditor.
  95. The margin of safety is always dependent on the price paid.
  96. In that case you had a margin of safety of over 100 per cent.
  97. This is a straightforward use of Graham’s margin of safety.
  98. The best you can do it always invest with a margin of safety.
  99. We note that the trade must be maintained in a margin account.
  100. The borrowed money is not called a loan, it’s called margin.
  1. In the United States, the Options Clearing Corporation has developed its own risked-based margining system for stock and index options.
  2. The most widely used margining system on futures exchanges is the Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk (SPAN) system developed by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  3. Both margining systems create an array of possible outcomes with respect to both the underlying price and the perceived speed with which the underlying price can change.
  4. A: As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend margining no more than 60% to 70% of your account at any given time unless you are willing to meet a margin call should you get one.
  5. Unlike futures margining, where the clearinghouse sets a fixed margin deposit for each open futures position, there is no single method of determining the margin for a complex option position.
  1. You don’t have to be fully margined all the time.
  2. They are borrowing property, not money, and can short only through a margined account.
  3. If you speculate in small-capitalization or high-tech stocks fully margined, a 50% correction can cause a total loss.
  4. For margined traders, much like with the condor, the call time spread and the one-by-two ratio spread work wonders in repairing an iron butterfly.
  5. Margined stock should not be lent to short sellers without the express approval of the client because it may be contrary to the owner's interests.
  6. If your portfolio is in nothing but high-tech stocks, or if you’re heavily margined in tech stocks, you are asking for serious trouble if you don’t cut your losses quickly.
  7. But it is certainly very distinct by other characters, and strikingly so in its perfectly annular black and red bands; the latter are margined with yellowish and spotted with black.
  8. That calm and rosy countenance, margined with light like a lovely full-blown flower, rested the mind, held the eye, and imparted the charm of the conscience that was there reflected.
  9. Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) is widespread on dry ground in forests of tropical South America, 30-40m (100-130ft) high, with long, crinkly margined, oval leaves and yellow flowers.
  10. If your portfolio is fully margined, with half of the money in your stocks borrowed from your broker, a 20% decline in the price of your stocks will cause you to lose 40% of your money.
  11. You must understand that when the general market declines and your stocks start sinking, you will lose your initial capital twice as fast if you’re fully margined than you would if you were invested on a cash basis.
  1. Gross margins were down 1.
  3. Margins had continued to decrease.
  4. We need to put margins in our lives.
  5. Their profit margins would be reduced.
  6. Sales were up and margins up even more.
  7. Tears lined up on the margins of her eyes.
  8. These are called minimum exchange margins.
  9. Can’t find those margins anywhere else.
  10. By 1997, Compaq began to see margins decline.
  11. Won 44 Only 13 won by margins of over 1 lakh.
  12. Civilized bloodsucking, called profit margins.
  13. Well, they are forces for a pin, on the margins.
  14. Calculations of Margins of Safety for Income Bonds.
  15. That suggested further possible upside for margins.
  16. We did, but it was only by the narrowest of margins.
  17. That is, the inside margins are the same width, and.
  18. You make lower margins on the initial sale, but you.
  19. Chapter 6 taught us how margins work on short options.
  20. That's why they used to call margins honest money.
  21. Why do you think profit margins are so ridicilously.
  22. These were Mystery, Manipulation, and (thin) Margins.
  23. That's because of their simplicity and profit margins.
  24. These were growing, and profit margins were improving.
  25. The size and stability of operating margins is paramount.
  26. Exceptional Margins of Safety as Insurance against Doubt.
  27. Its margins are thickly covered with pencilled comments.
  28. Always look for companies with high pretax profit margins.
  29. That has helped to preserve profit margins and cash flow.
  30. Such parity would not be destructive of margins if.
  31. Gross / Net Margins Are Best (near best) In The Industry?
  32. Stable operating margins lead to the proper use of leverage.
  33. Private houses, the dachas, were planned for the margins of.
  34. Brenda the same number that Brenda wrote down in the margins.
  35. McDuff reports that the company has healthier margins than U.
  36. Let’s first explore how stock option margins are calculated.
  37. Futures kill traders by seducing them with paper-thin margins.
  38. YET, AS WITH HIS OLD FAMILY, his new one kept him on the margins.
  39. The profit margins, both before and after taxes, remain constant.
  40. The fine line between cost, risk, and higher margins translates.
  41. Banks should ensure maintenance of stipulated margins at all times.
  42. In the margins, Simon made notes of his daily activities, such as:.
  43. Compaq needed to increase margins and could not rely on sales alone.
  44. If the company has high pretax profit margins, that is a good thing.
  45. How does this data affect the average investor? Only at the margins.
  46. Came second in 223 157 of these were lost by margins of over 1 lakh.
  47. Investors need to look for companies with higher gross profit margins.
  48. The corners were folded over, and there were notations in the margins.
  49. They believe that this is one of the best ways to raise profit margins.
  50. Being the cheapest may just give you low profit margins and poor quality.
  51. As she flipped further in the book, she found images drawn in the margins.
  52. He flipped through, fingers tracing the notes she’d made in the margins.
  53. Margins can contract and expand with product cycles and the pricing curve.
  54. The product was clearly a commodity product with margins soon to collapse.
  55. Different industries should have different ranges of gross profit margins.
  56. If they misjudged their direction, even by the slightest of margins, they.
  57. The solid way you’re operating will transfer to very good profit margins.
  58. A lance thrust past me by the barest of margins and I reacted aggressively.
  59. By chance or by fate he was still alive, although by the slimmest of margins.
  60. The price of the product you are promoting will determine your profit margins.
  61. Okay, Setne said, but my original notes would stil be in the margins.
  62. Rick asked, So, what did she see in Paul? He wasn’t exactly in the margins.
  63. Over time, operating margins rise when the percent change in sales exceeds the.
  64. However, what if Fed-Ex’s margins decline as Staples’ rise? For that very.
  65. He came close and missed a young inexperienced Badger by the closest of margins.
  66. In other words, they should have the same font, text size, margins, and headings.
  67. Although margins increase when we implement our method, there is still the chance.
  68. Every company is helped by high profit margins, lots of cash, and little or no debt.
  69. In the face of declining net interest margins, depository institutions have entered.
  70. Prices first closed above the neckline of the H&S bottom by the smallest of margins.
  71. Two things happened that changed the margins within the advertising-agency industry.
  72. Companies with low break-even points and high profit margins can survive hard times.
  73. In fact, the operating margins for the advertising industry used to exceed 20 percent.
  74. Within that framework, management can maximize potential margins, but must counter its.
  75. Sunday watched CNN as he doodled in the margins and along the top and bottom of the—.
  76. Heinz’s’ margins are as steady and slow as its catsup, which is why the company has.
  77. While operating margins can increase over time, they usually move cyclically, pushed by.
  78. Indeed, margins and leverage are closely related and more leverage will contribute to a.
  79. Sometimes I thought he was writing more in the margins than I was writing in the article.
  80. Perhaps it is a higher quality com pany, with better profit margins or lower debt levels.
  81. The only thing that struck her as funny was a phone number that was written in the margins.
  82. As a consumer, you love low profit margins because they mean less money out of your pocket.
  83. With few barriers of entry, the industry invited intense competition; margins declined, and.
  84. This is important because it impacts the tools that they offer and the margins they provide.
  85. Bulls gulped and regrouped; shorts said, I told you so, and the book margins are shot, too.
  86. After Intel established its dominance, its operating profit margins were double those of AMD.
  87. This information will help you better understand the company’s business and profit margins.
  88. Their stock prices are rising, their profit margins are big, and their expectations are high.
  89. My first reports received C+’s and low Bs with a massive amount of commentary in the margins.
  90. Less competition, or no competition at all, allows prices to rise and profit margins to expand.
  91. Volatility is a consideration in the margin calculation, but many other factors determine margins.
  92. Use MSF’s Search, Evaluate, Execute strat-egy (SEESM) to increase time and space safety margins.
  93. It would also destroy larger businesses that rely on larger profit margins in order to even exist.
  94. In a high-demand/low-supply wholesale market, it is easier to pass along costs and protect margins.
  95. Stocks with great earnings gains and high net profit margins are basically high-expectations stocks.
  96. Bryan would have to win all five of the states with the closest margins of defeat for him, under 5%.
  97. Even now, he still makes elaborate changes in the margins of the scripts his speechwriters give him.
  98. Colling looked at the banknote and saw that someone had written Dwiespestka in one of the margins.
  99. We obtain this protection by insisting upon margins of safety, or values well in excess of the price paid.
  100. Sales were up 101 percent in the most recent quarter, and after-tax quarterly margins were at a peak of 18.

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