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    1. It’s actually ten times faster, and has built in power for circumventing other computer bottlenecks

    2. circumventing Paul’s directive to honor elders

    3. Modern Society is in the throes of a revolutionary Revolt of Conscience; the solitary by-product of moral and intellectual parochialism that is gradually revealing itself in the vested self-interest(s) and manners of unbridled Individualism that has undermined equalitarian idealism, that once defined the national culture, by rendering every individual the sole arbiter of his or her own conscience and ensuing choices without giving proper pause to how such choices may otherwise impact, for better or for worse, other individuals or to a transcendent authority that each must (inevitably) be held accountable; that is to say, whose (social) consequences existing outside the provincial boundaries of that individual‘s (own) estate are no longer limited by (moral) restraint or prescribed rules of moral and ethical conduct but conditioned rather by circumventing designs contrary to the proportionate interests of a well-ordered society

    4. Otherwise, such (political) pardons constitute a circumventing of law enforcement efforts and judicial due process

    5. Within, he hid fresh fruits, meats and vegetables, circumventing a US Department of Agriculture mandate that his coffers be emptied prior to arrival to avoid carrying potentially harmful pests into the country

    6. Reiterating the jumbling mass of ministry people to adopt new sound practices in a matter of days was just as inconceivable as totally circumventing the antiquated ministry machine in whole

    7. stated, “He clearly is circumventing the Constitution, in my view, …

    8. She disliked so much to be alone that thinking aloud was one of her devices for circumventing unwelcome solitude

    9. Suspiciously she paused, hoping to flush additional information from his circumventing words

    10. business offers us a free pass to circumventing our human values

    1. “But with the Super Chip plugged in, I am able to circumvent all security in a matter of seconds

    2. It was such a small and harmless looking thing, yet Ackers knew that whoever held that Chip had the power to circumvent the world’s technological safeguards

    3. But when he replayed the sensor recording there was nothing visual or on any other frequency, although he could surmise they’d be able to circumvent the sensors by creating a temporal bubble

    4. In the years he’d been supposedly under their supervision, he was learning how to circumvent their security systems

    5. They believe the way to circumvent what they see as the impending doom is through death itself

    6. And how good it would feel to circumvent the Elusivers’ plans

    7. With his hundred or so dedicated band of assistants, a way to circumvent Data gathering had to be devised

    8. enemy managed to circumvent the ships sent to stop it

    9. spending increases, votes to cut spending that actually save no money, and legislative gimmicks that circumvent Congress’s own spending

    10. beach head and subsidiary to circumvent the International Traffic in Arms Regulations because one of their competitors had just done so in NC

    1. As long as the conscious mind can be fooled into thinking that your actions don’t actually injure or use direct force on another, the Instinct can be circumvented

    2. For the Pureblood, the only true solution, the only permanent escape from the Void was to create the living death and thus they circumvented the problem altogether

    3. But somehow he had circumvented the safety cut-offs

    4. The orbital grid was still intact; but as with the enemy, these could be circumvented using cloaking shrouds

    5. Except this process had somehow been circumvented

    6. With Michael Henderson his target, Edgar couldn’t order a back-up team of the OIJ, but that problem could be circumvented by requesting the assistance of customs officers and airport police who reported, not to the OIJ, but to Port Authority headquarters in far-off Limon

    7. circumvented by a tinted glass canopy that

    8. presented with an obstacle, had circumvented it in creative

    9. his freak shows was circumvented by an underhanded showman

    10. The ‘worldwide jihad’ that was ongoing, had successfully circumvented all attempts at discovery

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    thwart outwit dupe deceive trick cheat delude ensnare encircle encompass surround entrap girdle elude dodge evade by-pass sidestep skirt shun

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    circumvent dodge duck elude evade fudge hedge parry put off sidestep skirt beat outfox outsmart outwit overreach beleaguer besiege hem in surround thwart dupe deceive trick cheat delude ensnare encircle encompass entrap girdle by-pass shun