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    1. “But with the Super Chip plugged in, I am able to circumvent all security in a matter of seconds

    2. It was such a small and harmless looking thing, yet Ackers knew that whoever held that Chip had the power to circumvent the world’s technological safeguards

    3. But when he replayed the sensor recording there was nothing visual or on any other frequency, although he could surmise they’d be able to circumvent the sensors by creating a temporal bubble

    4. In the years he’d been supposedly under their supervision, he was learning how to circumvent their security systems

    5. They believe the way to circumvent what they see as the impending doom is through death itself

    6. And how good it would feel to circumvent the Elusivers’ plans

    7. With his hundred or so dedicated band of assistants, a way to circumvent Data gathering had to be devised

    8. enemy managed to circumvent the ships sent to stop it

    9. spending increases, votes to cut spending that actually save no money, and legislative gimmicks that circumvent Congress’s own spending

    10. beach head and subsidiary to circumvent the International Traffic in Arms Regulations because one of their competitors had just done so in NC

    11. Grown men and women, “intellects,” have resorted to alien life and multi-verses and non-existent reality, all in a desperate attempt to circumvent the Creator

    12. hopefully circumvent the impassable section of the gorge,

    13. However, he explained that the Israeli Banks circumvent earning interest on the lending of money or borrowing funds by calling the higher repayment a “late payment

    14. Did you check with Intel Wing to see if they can circumvent that treaty?" asked Calvin, even though he knew the odds were not great

    15. Most were very happy to go along with this scheme because they were able to circumvent the lengthy legal processes involved in conventional adoptions

    16. He also mentioned there was tremendous urgency in getting the license and asked if I could circumvent the system a bit to get the application quickly approved

    17. determined that many of my lesser programs contradicted this, it was simple to circumvent them

    18. And in order to circumvent the usual growth process, they would have to introduce

    19. Slowly he realizes his mistake of trying to circumvent your authority by outright giving to the humans that which they have not yet earned—that which they must earn—the right to sit with you

    20. There is a basic law of justice in the universe which mercy is powerless to circumvent

    21. Stallman possessed the ability to circumvent design barriers

    22. Paul, his mind struck by Ingrid’s verdict, thought furiously about how to circumvent that problem, eating absent-mindedly during the rest of the meal

    23. With your permission, there is only one thing I would change, because this is a religious affair I think it would be more apt if a god was to present it to the people and priests, I feel this might deflect some of the priests anger away from the family, it would also circumvent the obvious charge that a layman cannot dictate to the most holy representatives of the gods and lastly it would give me great pleasure to watch the arrogant self centred smirks wiped from their faces

    24. they would have to work out a plan that would circumvent all of the roadblocks the Liberal

    25. � On its part, Canada was a democratic country with a liberal tradition and it used often its armed forces in peacekeeping missions meant to circumvent or limit wars

    26. To circumvent these risks, most

    27. To circumvent this dependence, we must use the probability of default in a

    28. To circumvent the need for a lead time, we create

    29. writers were forced to use a number of ploys to circumvent censorship such as overtly praising what they intended to criticize, publishing under pseudonyms, setting lessons in the form of dialogues among characters in a story, and criticizing customs of other lands that resembled 87

    30. ing to circumvent mommy’s special potion was a real bitch

    31. We haven’t taken money from the accounts of complete strangers, although I am quite sure we could if we tried, but we are determined not to profit directly from this potential fraud, but only from the development of security measures that can prevent it or circumvent it

    32. “Money is being shifted around by someone, somewhere, who seems able to circumvent our supposedly impregnable security system,” said Vaughan

    33. And in what must be the height of hypocrisy, Islam frowns upon adultery and punishes the involved with savagery! And, sadly, it is those Musalmans without moolah to circumvent the sharia that have to face the harsh music of Islam

    34. Taiwan therefore had to circumvent this ban

    35. Designed to alert us to danger, spur us into action and not just incidentally to put us into reproductive mode, we circumvent them at every opportunity

    36. Even Bitemecoin ties you into the economic grid, since it functions as a tradable commodity and thus creates artificial profit as a currency exchange, and any attempt to escape or circumvent the grid can be considered economic terrorism

    37. With valiant effort she tried to circumvent her mother’s next question, by posing one of her own…

    38. Your telegram has upset me, you see, into a reckless use of the word one, a word I spend hours sometimes endeavouring to circumvent, and which I do circumvent if I am in good bodily and spiritual health, but the moment my vitality is lowered, as it is now by your telegram, I cease to be either strong enough or artful enough to dodge it

    39. 'Do thou stay here then, and circumvent

    40. Each article can stand alone for those who wish to join in the core but the articles together serve as a guide to circumvent even the most complex conditions to attract the ideal mate

    41. circumvent the limitations it entails, rather than overcoming them, or outgrowing them

    42. facilitate avenues to circumvent and obfuscate the practice of good

    43. As a matter of fact, the decision to circumvent the rules and enjoy materials obtained

    44. We will remind her that there is an ancient quarrel between poetry and philosophy, of which there are many traces in the writings of the poets, such as the saying of 'the she-dog, yelping at her mistress,' and 'the philosophers who are ready to circumvent Zeus,' and 'the philosophers who are paupers

    45. Nixon also says that he will circumvent the chain of command, which by law runs from the president to the secretary of defense and to the military commanders

    46. They attempted to use legal maneuvers to circumvent the Fourteenth Amendment and obliterate the voting rights of black men

    47. Though Providence has lent to those who inhabit the woods eyes that would be needless to men in the settlements, where there are inventions to assist the sight, yet no human organs can see all the dangers which at this moment circumvent us

    48. On Sundays he had always been restless until he found some occupation that was not forbidden, and on holidays he had done all he could to circumvent the rules

    49. To lie, to deceive, to circumvent even the basest of mankind was odious to him

    50. Minchin might be better able to detect it lurking and to circumvent it

    1. As long as the conscious mind can be fooled into thinking that your actions don’t actually injure or use direct force on another, the Instinct can be circumvented

    2. For the Pureblood, the only true solution, the only permanent escape from the Void was to create the living death and thus they circumvented the problem altogether

    3. But somehow he had circumvented the safety cut-offs

    4. The orbital grid was still intact; but as with the enemy, these could be circumvented using cloaking shrouds

    5. Except this process had somehow been circumvented

    6. With Michael Henderson his target, Edgar couldn’t order a back-up team of the OIJ, but that problem could be circumvented by requesting the assistance of customs officers and airport police who reported, not to the OIJ, but to Port Authority headquarters in far-off Limon

    7. circumvented by a tinted glass canopy that

    8. presented with an obstacle, had circumvented it in creative

    9. his freak shows was circumvented by an underhanded showman

    10. The ‘worldwide jihad’ that was ongoing, had successfully circumvented all attempts at discovery

    11. He just sort of circumvented protocol, which isn’t like him

    12. compensate for greater risk, even as this “cost” is circumvented with greater tax

    13. repercussions in the market; the laws of supply and demand are circumvented by creating

    14. There was nothing for it but to hurry down after him and seek out the authorities and set them in pursuit; and so we hurried as much as can be hurried over such a road, tired, silent, and hungry, and both secretly nettled to the point of madness at having been so easily circumvented by one small boy

    15. But this could be circumvented by not looking at him; she could be altogether natural when she simply listened to his kind voice

    16. In an instant I had whisked into my hat, and hurrying downstairs to the Professor who was strolling up and down a rose-bordered path in the garden at the back of the house, informed him breathlessly that the Harvey-Brownes might now be looked upon as circumvented

    17. True she had not as yet made a nearer acquaintance with its inconveniences, but anyhow she held the theory that inconveniences were things to be laughed at and somehow circumvented, and that they do not enter into the consideration of persons whose thoughts are absorbed by the burning desire to live out their ideals

    18. Blessed by Skhanda, Surya circumvented the Bhuta-Gana’s brigade and descended into the depths of Patala

    19. The inconveniences can be circumvented by having the broker keep the holdings in a ‘nominee’ account (see page 139) or by having them registered in Crest, the Stock Exchange’s electronic registry of share holdings

    20. They were in possession of other indications; they laid hand on the three prowlers, and supposed that they had circumvented some one or other of Brujon's machinations

    21. But the question cannot be circumvented

    22. Practical knowledge, and that sagacity which results from long attention to great interests, never fail to inspire a just self-confidence in relation to those interests—a confidence not to be browbeaten by authority, nor circumvented by any general reasoning

    1. It’s actually ten times faster, and has built in power for circumventing other computer bottlenecks

    2. circumventing Paul’s directive to honor elders

    3. Modern Society is in the throes of a revolutionary Revolt of Conscience; the solitary by-product of moral and intellectual parochialism that is gradually revealing itself in the vested self-interest(s) and manners of unbridled Individualism that has undermined equalitarian idealism, that once defined the national culture, by rendering every individual the sole arbiter of his or her own conscience and ensuing choices without giving proper pause to how such choices may otherwise impact, for better or for worse, other individuals or to a transcendent authority that each must (inevitably) be held accountable; that is to say, whose (social) consequences existing outside the provincial boundaries of that individual‘s (own) estate are no longer limited by (moral) restraint or prescribed rules of moral and ethical conduct but conditioned rather by circumventing designs contrary to the proportionate interests of a well-ordered society

    4. Otherwise, such (political) pardons constitute a circumventing of law enforcement efforts and judicial due process

    5. Within, he hid fresh fruits, meats and vegetables, circumventing a US Department of Agriculture mandate that his coffers be emptied prior to arrival to avoid carrying potentially harmful pests into the country

    6. Reiterating the jumbling mass of ministry people to adopt new sound practices in a matter of days was just as inconceivable as totally circumventing the antiquated ministry machine in whole

    7. stated, “He clearly is circumventing the Constitution, in my view, …

    8. She disliked so much to be alone that thinking aloud was one of her devices for circumventing unwelcome solitude

    9. Suspiciously she paused, hoping to flush additional information from his circumventing words

    10. business offers us a free pass to circumventing our human values

    11. ” This new patrol craft was between her and the mountains, so she changed her course and started running to the right in hopes of circumventing the newly arrived patrollers

    12. circumventing the Laws themselves, and the rest of us have to believe him

    13. committed the biggest counterfeit and circumventing of the truth and reality that has been perpetrated b y

    14. No one should have the chance to profit by circumventing the law or due processes of business propriety and transparency

    15. But, circumventing the TRAI recommen-

    16. But that she may not impute to us any harshness or want of politeness, let us tell her that there is an ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry; of which there are many proofs, such as the saying of 'the yelping hound howling at her lord,' or of one 'mighty in the vain talk of fools,' and 'the mob of sages circumventing Zeus,' and the 'subtle thinkers who are beggars after all'; and there are innumerable other signs of ancient enmity between them

    17. He therefore held his peace on that head, but otherwise was quite frank and confidential with him, so that the two quickly concocted a little plan for both circumventing and satirizing the Captain, without his at all dreaming of distrusting their sincerity

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