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Frasi con companionship (in inglese)

  1. There is a sense of companionship.
  2. But was her companionship worth it?
  3. You need love, trust and companionship.
  4. But without companionship, all is bland.
  5. Only Helen was left without companionship.

  6. He had never been without female companionship.
  7. Seeking attractive woman for companionship, more.
  8. And he craved a little companionship more than ever.
  9. You needed the companionship that other couples share.
  10. Her companionship was like a warm soil about an exotic.
  11. All things lose their interest, save your companionship.
  12. For companionship, he bought a terrier from a neighbor.
  13. He then asked if I wished for some female companionship.
  14. That type of loyal companionship is not easily replaced.
  15. The only problem was he missed the companionship of his.

  16. Brief as such companionship was in every separate instance, Mr.
  17. Not only friendship, companionship, a mutual appreciation and.
  18. The basis of her holiday was this belief in frank companionship.
  19. The trees also play their vital role in the Companionship growing.
  20. His father’s Realm was a desolate place, devoid of companionship.
  21. It evokes a feeling of companionship, which deepens as the letter.
  22. I found most of my intimate friends and did not lack companionship.
  23. Cecilia promptly put her in with them for warmth and companionship.
  24. Every man has the deep seated need for the companionship of a woman.
  25. We had come together in a companionship based on fear and confusion.

  26. They should arrange adequate time for companionship with their child.
  27. They both got lost in the moment, lost in the need and companionship.
  28. Phil had rejected her after twenty years of marriage and companionship.
  29. Friendship and companionship, and perhaps someone to share my life with.
  30. Paul adored her, and the companionship between them was beautiful to see.
  31. Or perhaps you crave the companionship of this flea-bitten hound here?
  32. They tended to enjoy companionship when stealing the life of an innocent.
  33. Yet I could not live alone; so I tried the companionship of mistresses.
  34. We had become great friends during our enforced inseparable companionship.
  35. Much to his surprise he took, indeed, a real delight in their companionship.
  36. She had given me courage, self-confidence and the only companionship I had.
  37. Her demeanour was very pleasant, and her companionship was much appreciated.
  38. There was the strong tie of companionship but, in the end, that was not enough.
  39. I…… I want it to be even more than just companionship between the two of us.
  40. Her as well, he thought, knowing she too suffered at the denial of companionship.
  41. A measure of trust had developed and the companionship was relaxed and agreeable.
  42. The object, needless to say, was not love or companionship but sexual intercourse.
  43. For Bruce, the weekend promised adventure and feminine companionship, something he.
  44. To dream of the month of January signifies loss of love and broken companionship.
  45. As often as her children had rejected her companionship, Anne had thought of Portia.
  46. An alternation of sleep and feverish passion, companionship and soul-consuming love.
  47. This solves two needs at once: buying groceries, and providing dining companionship.
  48. Lack of rum begets tiresome journeys and tiresome companionship, countered Mary.
  49. Unks enjoys a warm homemade lunch and the afternoon companionship of his dear friend.
  50. She was not very well; was run down, and needed the tonic of companionship from home.
  51. By mid afternoon we were aboard the Iona enjoying the affable companionship of Captain.
  52. Meredith felt that he needed a little decent human companionship after his dose of Mrs.
  53. I had a duty to exist because I felt sure that by surviving I would find companionship.
  54. He was just as unsociable, and showed not the slightest inclination for any companionship.
  55. Less intense and passionate, with an affinity based on companionship and common interests.
  56. Windsor found me here, I never knew what love and companionship were, and both of you have.
  57. The master was too gloomy to seek companionship with any people, good or bad; and he is yet.
  58. They looked towards the night sky and started to watch in patient silence and companionship.
  59. In the absence of human companionship, the most interesting thing continued to be the planet.
  60. With a busy schedule ahead, Roger needed Lucille’s companionship, experience and assistance.
  61. Many such might reveal themselves to the higher knowledge gained by her in that companionship.
  62. When she stopped to think about it, she was a little lonely—lonely for feminine companionship.
  63. I was her only friend, the only person that could provide a measure of companionship and comfort.
  64. If they have children, they make no effort to cultivate the pleasures of companionship with them.
  65. Nor did they lose much hereby; in the cabin was no companionship; socially, Ahab was inaccessible.
  66. It was the usual office banter and Malcolm enjoyed the companionship with his new work colleagues.
  67. Did Paige once date Mike? He's never lacked female companionship, but I don't recall him with Paige.
  68. She’s been here for at least three days now—alone, lost, and without companionship or protection.
  69. He brought a shaky hand to his forehead; he remembered her presence, companionship, life, and energy.
  70. But for herself she could not be glad, as nobody should have to face this scene without companionship.
  71. If latent antipathy exists with the revealing conditions of constant companionship it must be discovered.
  72. He missed their occasional companionship, her stimulating, unpredictable and unconventional conversation.
  73. Night was come, and her planets were risen: a safe, still night: too serene for the companionship of fear.
  74. The prophet Jonah, wishing to remain upright and virtuous, retires from the perverse companionship of men.
  75. I could, of course, have ignored the summons, but the sense of enquiry which my companionship with Holmes.
  76. She told Stratos of her meeting with Panos at the beach and their subsequent companionship while he was away.
  77. As sick as he was, her supportive companionship assured him he was right to take the plunge with this person.
  78. There is a companionship of ready sympathy, which might get the advantage even over the longest associations.
  79. It was active, with lots of patrons, some with dates and some looking for companionship at least for one night.
  80. I’m the only guy within a thousand miles and, hell, we both have nothing to lose from a little companionship.
  81. The one thing that our companionship did achieve was the restoration to us of the essence of being social creatures.
  82. Jillian had been so desperate for companionship the other night that she'd succumbed to Gary's invitation to dinner.
  83. I feel it is time to move on once again, although I am reluctant to leave the safety and companionship of this house.
  84. It was simply a man and his girlfriend enjoying each other’s companionship on the weekends with dancing and picnics.
  85. He was still intently thinking, and her companionship had now insufficient power to break or divert the strain of thought.
  86. Then into the silence fell Helen’s laugh from the floor above, a long peal of mirth that spoke clearly of companionship.
  87. Though being single is good when trying to find yourself, they will understand the importance of passionate companionship.
  88. Through this gap rushed his trove of abandoned feelings, his hunger for intimacy, his desperate longing for companionship.
  89. And certainly the companionship of school has had a good effect on him, and he is perfectly well, and making good progress.
  90. Every move towards a girl was assumed a step towards marriage whereas I just needed female companionship and sexual release.
  91. The present might be fun, a romp here, a frolic there, a little companionship on cold nights, but she wasn’t about to rush in.
  92. Surely the thought of such companionship as this should cheer us as we travel on the narrow way! It is a good thing yet to come.
  93. We gave him a home, a family, companionship and most importantly our love and understanding and I agree with him he owes us a lot.
  94. He had not been himself since Kuantan; he had been sullen and depressed, and he seemed to feel the lack of companionship very much.
  95. We all crave love, attention, companionship, power in various forms, and that seems to be the basis in which I draw my sketch from.
  96. The magic, the intensity were gone forever and what remained was companionship and even that was lukewarm for we had traversed the.
  97. His thoughts wandered to his home and he realized he'd been lonely, that he'd had more companionship on this journey than ever before.
  98. Another is the desire for companionship and other things – I’m not talking about sitting down together and watching American Idol.
  99. Crows are very social, seeking companionship and the interaction of others with compulsion, fearing to be alone with their own company.
  100. But in vain did he rack his imagination; fertile as it was, he could not devise any plan for reaching the island without companionship.

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