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Frasi con competitor (in inglese)

  1. TO is the ultimate competitor.
  2. The competitor іѕ facing forward.
  3. The competitor is now facing forward.
  4. TO: The Ultimate Trading Competitor.
  5. One competitor died, the other lived.
  6. It would be a big loss for this competitor.
  7. Taj needed an ally, not another competitor.
  8. Paste the Twitter handle of the competitor.
  9. Which competitor sets the industry standard?
  10. Which Competitor Sets the Industry Standard?
  11. The competitor is also flexing his abdominal.
  12. Many have experience of competitor products and.
  13. Even though no competitor tried to settle in the.
  14. Each competitor takes the part of Toshu and Tanto.
  15. It is no different than me sabotaging a competitor.
  16. A bottle of rose oil, also bought at the competitor.
  17. Robert was a good competitor, which without any rea-.
  18. He would come out the triumphant competitor of Moscow.
  19. The competitor is turned so judges can see his profile.
  20. Cierra looked on for a while at her supposed competitor.
  21. What is worse, Reddit had become Digg's main competitor.
  22. You should offer better incentives than your competitor.
  23. Thunderbird with the license plate of a competitor of his.
  24. Hey now, my Kurt is a great competitor, joked Darci.
  25. Here, you can ignore tweets that may contain a competitor.
  26. And when a competitor took a piece of business from me, I.
  27. The competitor is facing the rear of the stage away from the.
  28. Go to Twitter and select the competitor you're interested in.
  29. The competitor is in the same basic position as the side chest.
  30. However, as soon as a competitor finds a way of pushing their.
  31. A competitor then enters the market and improves on my product.
  32. Every competitor has their own way of standing relaxed, but in.
  33. Step 4 Complete solution maps the same way your competitor would.
  34. The competitor is in the same basic position as the Back Double.
  35. Arms are out to the sides with biceps flexed and the competitor.
  36. What you, as their competitor can learn from this is rather minor.
  37. Or rather than sell your users directly to a competitor, you can.
  38. The competitor, she said, though she already knew the answer.
  39. It is not as if they are losing sales to a competitor with better.
  40. Basically, you can rarely be certain that the competitor hasn’t.
  41. Most of the tools listed below have a competitor somewhere online or.
  42. BIW was Ingalls’ major competitor for non nuclear surface warships.
  43. The first called competitor will wear the red sash and commence the.
  44. When I started the business I was motivated by being a real competitor.
  45. It means that you won’t be in any danger of a competitor trying to.
  46. It must have been gratifying to beat out your competitor, WWW Company.
  47. Each had a violent competitor to negotiate with, and each was successful.
  48. General Dynamics owned both EB and BIW—Ingalls’ major DDX competitor.
  49. If a competitor at any time after two minutes has a total score of ten or.
  50. Here you can compare that company’s debt level with a direct competitor.
  51. Over the past 10 years, an important competitor to the print media has arisen.
  52. But I was thinking the idea of a competitor to them needed to be planted at.
  53. Rocky was beaten and battered by the enemy (his competitor) in the boxing ring.
  54. But in this case, no outside competitor can compete with the railroad business.
  55. The first competitor to reach ten points at or after the second change will be.
  56. The result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring.
  57. The more evenly developed the competitor is, the higher he or she will be placed.
  58. The competitor is facing the rear of the stage away from the judges and audience.
  59. You can have your friend or your spouse as your competitor when it comes to this.
  60. She joins me in the competitor area, sits next to me on one of the wide platforms.
  61. I have them convinced that there is a competitor seeking the same drug inside.
  62. When Taku left Exbrus he called the competitor and told them the whole story and.
  63. Money leverage (or games) in business to hurt a competitor should be made illegal.
  64. Love is not greedy nor isolationist; it does not see other as enemy or competitor.
  65. You can analyze @Mentions to find out what people are saying about your competitor.
  66. The Romans fought the church only when they feared it as a competitor of the state.
  67. Eventually, GPA was rescued by its larger competitor GE Commercial Aviation Services.
  68. My success in convincing them that there was a competitor out there would play a big.
  69. Then I turn toward the competitor area where she is on her feet, eyes wide and dancing.
  70. Then in November, a competitor, Media Vision, filed a deal and priced the stock at $15.
  71. He made a wide curve to avoid me, as though he feared I might prove a fresh competitor.
  72. The Kassikan would hardly want me releasing something from our stores to a competitor.
  73. Every competitor has their own way of standing relaxed, but in reality it is semi-flexed.
  74. Are there any negative comments being said about your business, competitor or industry?
  75. Or the vacationing golfer who wants to beat his buddy because he feels he is a competitor.
  76. His competitor was a man of large fortune, extensive connections, and inoffensive manners.
  77. To get market share, the new competitor has to price its product lower than the innovator.
  78. This went towards part of the overall score, which would test the skill of the competitor.
  79. I think he’s a competitor, he’s making a list of all our prices so he can undercut us.
  80. Who’s behind this, a competitor? Alex asked when Cami got him on the phone the next day.
  81. The reason is simple; why tell you the absolute truth when you'll end up as their competitor?
  82. She is intently focused on her match as she takes her place across the mat from her competitor.
  83. Your USP tells your reader what differentiates you and your product/service from your competitor.
  84. Baker Hughes isn’t the biggest company in the group, but it’s certainly a nimble competitor.
  85. Corn farmers, however, do not have to contend with a large worldwide competitor as far as exports go.
  86. The competitor is in the same basic position as the side chest except his arms are clasped behind him.
  87. The savings of switching to a lower-priced competitor would be outweighed by the additional training time.
  88. One of the people I talked to was a client and former competitor who operated a motor reconditioning workshop.
  89. Historically, Four Seasons’ pricing premium was 50 percent greater than its closest competitor, Ritz Carlton.
  90. From the responses to the question, you can gauge how influential the competitor is on Twitter with its audience.
  91. Arms are out to the sides with biceps flexed and the competitor is facing forward towards the judges and audience.
  92. For Carmine Cicciaro’s chief competitor, I knew, was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hamilton-Sweeney Company.
  93. Krypton Software is Titan’s Industries biggest competitor, Tim answered before Paul had a chance to reply.
  94. That compares to 12 analysts listed for competitor Pepsico and 15 for much smaller companies such as Kraft Foods.
  95. As it turned out, Blockbuster never made a go of the DVD-by-mail business and never became a competitor to Netflix.
  96. Common examples would be things like the loss of a giant customer, or market incursions from a powerful competitor.
  97. The stock was also trading at twice the forward-earnings multiple of competitor GTech and four times Video Lottery.
  98. The battles to start a business, beat a competitor, or engage in a political campaign will make a man feel fully alive.
  99. Start by doing a search for your competitor using the search box in the top right hand corner of your Twitter home page.
  100. None of the above are true statements for the simple fact that: Anything a competitor could do to harm your website will.

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